Wouldn't it be nice

Could you imagine if white men just gave in and let Islam take over completely, thus allowing us to kill all fags, blacks, and jews as well as finally giving us enough leverage to put women back in their place again?

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Fuck off with this shitty meme Muhammad I'd rather live in this dystopia than a shitty shariah hellhole

Be stubborn all you want. Enjoy being surrounded by fags, niggers, jews and women that are constantly trying to dominate you instead of being in their place where they belong.

Toughen up you fucking pussy

Oh you must be a leftist who enjoys the direction America is headed. Where you tell everyone to "toughen up" so you can be surrounded by the shit most men agree is terrible, but that you actually love. Big fan of niggers, jews and fags are you?

>Islam the most pro-race mixing religion of all time killing blacks.
I don't think you understand how Islam works.

Typical Muslim, all you dogs know how to do is murder.

I think you don't realize that blacks are slaves and are killed in the middle east. Blacks are "muslims" the same way blacks are "christians" in America.

Shitty troll. I'm done.

Typical Westerner. All you know how to do is fight FOR your own destruction.

Lost the argument, cries troll and runs away. You know I'm right.

Get the fuck out of my country sand nigger.

You are ABSOLUTELY HELPLESS. All you have is sadness as the seeds the European people's of the Americas give in to their own self inflicted troubles. Islam is going to take over, either willingly or through force. And the white women and white beta males will help it happen.

i used to think islam was based
i even almost converted, but then i found out they are all just a pack of fags, literally homosexuals, who will fuck anything, even goats and stuff, not too mention little boys

its one of best kept secrets of islamic world, rampant faggotry, way worse then the west

even mohamud was a faggot

The truth is Islam is weak and has always been weak.

Islam is thriving. It's invading all of the West. We have our women in check. We kill fags in violent, public ways. We still keep niggers as slaves and kill them when they annoy us. And we are the only ones to openly fight the jews. Islam is the religion of the strong.

like this guy

Yes photoshops are cute. The reality that we are real men is better. White men are ACTUAL fags and do what the jews and niggers make them do. Even your own women run you.

>gets exposed as anti American Islamist shill
>point completely invalidated
>tries convincing me the religion of goat fucking and pedophilia and cheating on university exams is "strong"
How new are you?

what about this, also a photoshop

or this

how about this

>no more alcohol
>no more pork
>pray 4 times a day
>has to visit Mecca
>has to welcome our Muslim brothers all over the planet

then theres this one

face it
islam is full of rampant faggotry, has been all down through the ages, maohamed was gay (and thats ok)

stop repressing your latent homosexual tendencies my arab friend, just roll with it

it ok to be gay

Great, you wouldn’t get to even lay eyes on a woman unless it was you mother or sister so it’s not like you’d get to walk around putting attractive teenage girls in their place. You’d forget what they even looked like

Go on, I'm listening, OP.

I love how you conveniently ignore the nigger/jew/sjw culture that is destroying the West. It shows how I am stronger than you.

I didn't ignore it though, Mohammed. I explicitly said I'd rather live in this shithole than your caliphate. Do you understand English?

Keep posting the drawings and photoshops done by non-muslims. I'll be laughing myself to sleep as Islam consumes more of the world, and as the white Europeans defeat themselves. You are eradicating yourselves you fucking fools.

I know. And I called you for the leftist beta male you are. It's all good. Your relatives will be the slaves of my offspring soon enough.

>muh future
Live your life faggot lmao Islam is degenerating into secularism the same as everything else.

I almost WANT Islamic law here to shut these newfags and Jews up. After they have been shut up then we can get on with life and remove Islam from the country. White people IQ >>>>>>>>> Islam IQ so it shouldn't be hard.

I'm living my life with no worries my friend. It is you and your people who are coming to a pathetic end.

Is this what that book catch 22 was about

Dude you don't scare anyone. No one wants Islam it's not popular. Like I said I prefer degeneracy to Islam, it's a built in defense mechanism and it works.

Fuck off, I’d rather put a bullet in somebody’s turban than let them throw our gays off a roof. I don’t give a rip about gay rights but if those guys want to puff the occasional pole that don’t concern me. What pisses me off is these fucking Muslims coming in here trying to tell everybody what to do...here’s an idea: go the fuck back to Iraq!

You do not need to be scared for the reality to occur. White people are ending themselves.

That's literally what the chechens in russia did

HA. How big of a faggot are you? It's tolerance of faggots like this that ensures the West is doomed.

Yeah it's only a matter of time. Oh my god the sky is falling I better be worried!

You do not need to be worried. Only men who care about the future of their children and their people need to be worried. You can continue to be a weakling and allow your people to die off. It does not matter to me.

I'm not worried about Islam it's like a blip. Try to take the things I say within context. Ok I'm out later.

I have not had to change anything I said. Islam is the dominant ideology of the world today. We keep fags, niggers, jews and women all in their place. The west is falling. White men may be able to save themselves by allowing Islam to be their weapon against the jews and sjws.

dont make me laugh
islam is full of rampant homosexuality
mohamed sucks cocks in hell

its really quite sad

dont you have a goat to butt fuck or something

It's sad to see the desperate squirming you do to avoid the obvious downfall of Western civilization. Saying Mohammed sucks cocks does nothing to me because it's not the truth. The actual truth to this conversation is the the West is being destroyed from within. The white female and the jew have empowered themselves as well as empowered the faggots and the blacks to all work together for your destruction. It is happening as we speak. You can't deny this is happening. The white women will yell at a christian and then allow a muslim to do the exact same things that were denied to the christian. In short, you and your children are fucked.

>Kill all blacks
Half the Muslims are black

Oh wow, and then whoever goes along with your shitty plan gets to burn in hell! No thanks.

Significantly less than half of muslims are black. And to the muslim kingdoms, these muslims are known as lessers. They would not even be allowed to immigrate to some of the sacred kingdoms. They are our slaves to use at will. Just like whites are slaves to the jew.

You know nothing of heaven and hell. God will judge you negatively for your cowardice in this life as you watch your people rot.

Living under a theocracy of any stripe might actually be more peaceful in the short run. BUT, I've read the Assassin series by Robert Ferrigno.
It might appeal to some, but not me.

There will indeed be a religious war like your picture. But it will be Islam against the jewish propped up christians. Christians in America fight for the jew.

No one goes to the Father except through Jesus.
Following a false prophet pedophile Arab whose cultists openly hate Jesus Christ is not going to score you points with God.

Not with that satanist religion in the back. Islam is Satanism and if you work for the Devil you will get your just reward in Hell.

Never going to happen, we will have Civil War in the West loooong before that.

70 year old recently knived a bunch of Sandniggers in Germoney, seriously making Kebab out of them. That is where we are at now, realistically. Lokal Press goes full Nazi on the old man, kek. Awesome shit... People are taking their rights back into their own hands and its GLORIOUS.

Tbh if we could use pisslam to destroy jews and gays and get white women under control it wouldn't be too bad. The bad part is associating with smelly brown people. Christianity is already a sand man religion what's the difference. As long as race mixing isn't involved I could be convinced.