You gun grabbing liberals are literal moral scum. Your brains are trash because your souls are trash. You care about mass shootings but not about children in the womb. You want to legislate safety by infringing upon other's rights to protect themselves from tyranny, but you don't give a flying fuck about the fact that BIG PHARMA pumps poisons into children on the daily. You liberals are morally rotten and deserve every ounce of disdain and hatred thrown at you cause there is nothing good in your heart.

There are almost 230,000 babies under the age of 1 on psychiatric medication. Poisoning babies you look over, but you care about Gun Rights. Fuck your degenerate, loathsome, bankrupt souls.
You have the morality of beasts. I hope from the smallest atom to the largest super-nova to the powers beyond bear witness to how depraved and selfish and arrogant and brutish you truly are, and then crush you for all eternity for the shameless disgusting aberrations you are.

Fuck you for not caring about or fighting the REAL PROBLEM.

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I love zit popping videos
Anyone else?


Those are nigger worms from africa.

those are maggots user


The flies can lay eggs inside human skin too but you'd have to be sleeping or drunk to not notice it.


this hurt my heart.
that poor dog.

Yup. This world is hell.

Satisfying but makes the skin itch at the time.

Next time post a picture of a chicks ass and I’ll read your post OP

there's something strangely satisfying about those mango worm extraction videos.

>Doctor removes filthy infesting flesh-eating grubs with bare hands while preaching clean habits !
That face when he forgets to wash hands and scratches his balls afterwards !

More like horrifying and disgusting

you should get banned for this

What the living fuck is that

Larva don't lay eggs, retard.

I know they are maggots
But i actually like how that looks now.
Zit popping, cists, blackheads, bot flies, that phobia of holes art

must be my autism

you should get banned for being a pussy


Off topic here. How does one come back from maggots? Because i don't think you do.

This is a case of evolution taking 2 different pathways. One is a dopamine response from perceived social grooming, the other a disgust response from disease and parasites. These 2 divergent psychologies are at the core of all political differences today.

>video thumbnail
Some asshole made sure to get this fucking money shot front and center, I need to go lie down.

My do is prettier than your crater creatures.

"Oddly satisfying."

>But i actually like how that looks now.
u sick fuck

Speaking of parasites ---

> Cares about child in the womb.
> Puts it in the garbage as soon as it is born because no gibs.


Jordan Peterson has a terminal case of boomerism... But that doesn't mean a lot of what he says isn't right.

I don't know what to say

I can't stop watching it, it's oddly satisfying, I'm 10 maggot removal videos in now, I feel like I'm going to puke, I can't stop watching

fuck you for making me watch that

jordan peterson is no /oneofus/ but he is /ourfriend/ he is not of Cred Forums but he is a friend of Cred Forums

if that makes sense, I don't know how else to describe it

>licking the holes


Niggers don't have the agency to stop their own dog from being eaten alive by parasites. Typical. This German vet is doing a great job.

why is he not using gloves?

The thing I enjoy most about this video is how the vet is grilling the owner. Fucking making him admit or at least imply this is his fault and this didn't just happen it was his fault. Then all the anger breathing and sharp inhalations of air. The vet is fucking pissed and rightfully so.

Got a special treat for you faggots. Have some hydatid cysts.


He's experienced and know he doesn't need them? I imagine gloves put a damper on dexterity, so it allows him to do his job more efficiently if he forgoes them.

>But i actually like how that looks now.
You disgust me.

What's all the yellow goo?

poor doggo

Now i'm hungry

Probably pus and whatever is being filtered by the liver.


There were around 650 people killed in shootings in Chicago in 2017 alone. The amount of people who died in school shootings since the year 2012 is only 138. In Washington D.C. where it is not permitted to have a fire are in you own home for defense, the murder rate is around 15 times what it is anywhere else in the country. There is NO liberal argument that can stand up to ANY of these facts.

I'd like this job.

this is fucking awful

Would you like to cut open shit like

My cat had a bot fly in the neck removed. Fuckin freaky, I didn’t think that happened in the Midwest.

Poor thing is rotting alive. Fucking subhumans.

Bullshit sources, faked numbers, ignoring that Trump already prohibited attaching mental health as a condition of gun ownership, and refuses to actually sign anything for universal background checks, just promises of 'extreme checking'. Because he's a liar.

But relax, Thoughts and Prayers are fine. The dead children are the real cause of the problem, not the victims, because they interfered with the natural path of the bullets.

Besides, dead kids are just the price of our glorious freedoms.

This is why Niggers shouldn't own pets at all. Why do they anyways, to make them feel better than they really are? So they can look down on something smaller than them?



fuckin niggerland man

I bet those niggers ate those maggots afterwards.

awww, poor crybaby faggot. No one's coming for your guns, we just don't want kids dying in schools when it's preventable.

High protein when cooked. But if the guy that was infested did it, would it be cannibalism?


This, he sounds like he wants to punch the guy.

this bullying needs to stop


>Having a child when you cant care for it
>Wants other to do so
Nigger hypocrite

Quit feeding you kids McDonalds

My Trypophobia goes trough the roof with that pic

Me desu

This video make me think

Why the fuck is this third world veterinarian not wearing gloves?

They're the cause because they pushed the shooter too far. There's no awareness of mental health taught in schools, so all the little niglets and roastie jrs. just think it's funny to make the quiet white kid spaz out. Then he comes back with a rifle because he's been stewing on it for a few years.

Agreed American teens are cunts to each other

As long as he thoroughly washed it hands before he started, why does it matter?

Most doctors use gloves when touching, but I've noticed that ACTUAL DERMATOLOGISTS rarely do. I've been to dermatologists for a few different skin things over the years. Every time they examine and touch and feel with their bare fingers, to assess properly. Thoroughly wash their hands with antibacterial wash before and after.

Nice strawman

I watched a video of mango worms coming out of a dogs sack and it was more disturbing than watching Mexicans getting flayed alive by cartels.

KYS, leaf

Btw I've got this electric tingling all over my body now. Chills? From when you see something horrifying. But it's not going away. Been over 5 minutes now. Can't shake it.

Fucking hell just put the poor thing out of its misery.

The Shooter was MK-ULTRA’d


You're seriously arguing that the response to being unpopular is murder?
Autist. he going to be alright?

Yeah he'll be fine.


You're a true degenerate if you like watching those

- Bring him back every few days and keep squeezing new ones out
- At the same time, super strong antifungals/antiwhatever every day for a long, long time. Either pill or injections
- Supplement that by strong topical antifungal/antiwhatever application. Probably in the form of a wash/shower
- Maybe antibiotics as well because those are basically hundreds, maybe over a thousand, open wounds all over his body

Doggo will be fixed :)



Like Martin Bryant?

lmfao how can Trump have the gaul to call this bueatiful place a shit hole.