Something is fishy

So let me get this straight about this guy:
1. Despite everyone getting shot at and him apparently wearing a gas mask. They were able to get a positive ID on him in an hour.
2. They say that he planned it out, but after shooting the school up he just sauntered off to Subway for a drink and then Mcdonalds. You would think that the exit strategy is the most important part of the plan and he would lay low afterwards.
3. After everything is said and done... time to demolish the school (Even though Columbine High was left standing after its shooting).
4. Finally, courtroom setting comes around and in the end there will be no investigation.

It was a false flag

>mass murderer is non-white
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>mass murderer is white
>f-f-false flag..

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You will never now and it will be buried. Just lie vegas shooting we will never know and everyone will just forget it. Remember the shooting in the gay nightclub in flordia a few years ago? Never brought up since.

>sauntered off to Subway
>for a drink
>and then Mcdonalds

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>mass murder is a Jew mutt
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We still haven't heard a word from him. I'm willing to bet he'd love to tell us his motives, and a lot of families would like to know why their kid died.

Fucking ask him why he did it already!

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> Lay low

he left his gun at the school while trying to blend in with the crowed to escape. Not the best lay low exit strategy.

But Cruz isn't white? He's Jewish.

Actually it was. I don't think they used the gun to identify him or anything. He did get away from the school. That's why his pit stops at the two fast food restaurants make no sense.

No Pulse was memory holed because it was a gay Muslim doing jihad to make up for being gay.

It shows just how wrong liberals are when they say refuges can be domesticated and cured of their barbarianism. It was all shown to be a lie when the gay ackmed decided to make up his sins towards Allah by killing infidels.

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Legit question. Why can't they show us a video of him doing the shooting on the video surveillance? All schools have cameras everywhere.

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How so? Are you canadian?
You would think the question would be how I knew.

at least a live leak eh

Obvious false flag is obvious. Don't give up your guns if you value your freedom and life.

Why didn’t we see the evidence of the guns he used? All i see are “muh AR-15”


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I'm sure the security footage is conveniently missing of course. Just like in the pic.

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That one was amazing how fast they turned that one into a NRA WHITE MALE issue out of thin air. It was so astroturfed and the NPCs went right along with it.

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Did they release a picture of the gas mask?