CANADA YES! White Leaf Europeans are at 53% in 2016, 49% in 2019


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As of 2016, only 53% of Canadians had European origins.

Here is data from StatsCan showing Canada's White Europeans being genocided.

Canada is creating a new refugee class, the medical refugee.

Catch AIDS, HIV, Black Death, Typhus, Cancer etc in your 3rd world shithole country with no health care and get into Canada on medical grouns GUARANTEED AND GET FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE!

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Literally fucking terrifying
They won't stop until we're erased. An ethnostate is the only solution.

Since Trudeau has come into power, the StatsCan head quit because Trudeau was asking him to hide statistics on White Genocide.

>pic related

Some Leafs are going to counter and say that visible minorities % that is reported is not that high. But the statistics are (((deceiving))). If we open up the StatsCan 2016 Census guidelines and look for this gem:

>In contrast, in accordance with employment equity definitions, persons who reported ‘Latin American’ and ‘White,’ ‘Arab’ and ‘White,’ or ‘West Asian’ and ‘White’ have been excluded from the visible minority population. Likewise,
persons who reported ‘Latin American,’ ‘Arab’ or ‘West Asian’ and who provided a European write-in response such as ‘French’ have been excluded from the visible minority population as well. These persons are included in the ‘Not a visible minority’ category.


What this means that if somebody is a visible minority, but also writes in another European ethnicity, they are NOT considered a fucking visible minority. Mega kikeology.

>Be Cameroonian Muslim French speaking nigger
>Write in African and French
>Automatically considered White and NOT a visible minority on census

This also applies to any visible minority that considers themselves "White".

Pic related. This would NOT be considered a visible minority in Canada if he claimed to be Pakistani and British.

However, since he would claim Pakistani and British roots, he would NOT be counted as Canadians of only European heritage (aka White Canadians). The visible minority statistic is a blatant manipulation of the % of Canadians are White, and is the statistic that is always shilled in the media.

What the fuck

>Graph with missing data extrapolated

I made this.

polandbro hitting leafs with solid bantz

>"It's time we recognize that anti-black racism and unconscious bias does exist," Trudeau told the reception Monday.


>Over seven million Canadians identified as a member of a visible minority group in the 2016 Census, accounting for 22.3% of the total population.

So they're using this bullshit stat where they consider most visible minorities White if they consider themselves from a White country or identify as White. In reality 47% of Canada 36.9M population was shitskin in 2016 as this excludes HAPAs, mongrels, etc which are not counted as visible minorities.

>pic related

She would not be counted as a visible minority using the census methodology, but would be excluded from White European Canadians as she would claim Pakistani ethnicity plus a few others.

>White Canadians were a 90%+ majority until the 2000s and Canada was conservative, no LGBTQ+ bullshit
>All of a sudden, start seeing Africans, Muslims, Pakis, Chinks, etc everywhere
>Multiculturalism expands to hyper levels, every school/university/work place/govt agency starts ramming diversity down our throats
>House prices start accelerating
>Wages start decreasing
Fast Forward 2017
>Toronto 30% white
>Vancouver Syrian Refugees 24/7 on TV/news
>White people can't find work, it's all non-whites getting jobs
>Average house price is $1M+ while salaries are 50K-60K max
>Refugees driving BMW and Mercedes
>Most Universities have non-white majorities
>Whites down to to 53% in 2016
>Whites will be Nobody really knows why this is happening so fast, govt always touts (((250-300k))) "reasonable" immigration a year
>But nobody has ever heard of a white person immigrating in the last 20 years
>Turns out Canada is letting in 750K on permanent residency a year via various immigration schemes not publicized
>Canada lets in 1.2M a year on "temporary immigration" that's 10 year work/live visas that lead to citizenship that aren't even counted in public statistics
>Turns out secret GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus) program is forced down every govt decision maker including immigration officers to discriminate against straight whites
>Turns out 97% of immigrants are poor non-whites
>Turns out there is a secret organization called the Metropolis Project that holds an annual conference of 1,000+ govt bureaucrats with the sole objective of letting in as many poor non-white migrants a year
>Turns out this organization started in 1996, around the time of the change
>Turns out George Soros started and funded the Metropolis Project through his Open Societies Foundation
>govt passed M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion, setting road to criminalize any criticism of migration policy
You are here.

Reminder of the Jewish effort, since the end of the first world war in particular and ramping up significantly after the second world war, to undermine the power of western European culture, including in its child nations, via mass non-European immigration into these countries. White Europeans and their descendants are Jewish enemy number one and the United States of America, and by way of proximity Canada, has been and is target number one for destabilisation. Jewish-first politics and Jewish-controlled media want you to believe that Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand are not European nations when they were in fact founded on white European principles of culture and morality. Blacks, Arabs, Indians, and Asians are tools and pawns of the Jewish elite in their game of politics and the only thing they fear, and what will defeat them, is global uprising against them.

>George Soros

When will that fucking piece of shit die already

JUST a friendly reminder that Syrian refugee families get the equivalent of $893,626.31/year in gibs thanks to Cuckdeau. They also get free Dental (Canadians do not get this), Vision and Platinum health care with everything covered, no fees and immediate access to a family doctor— the doctor can even meet them at the airport! (Canadians have to wait 5 years to find a family doctor). They also get free Rx, Daycare, University tuition, and free food/clothes/job training $$ from government funded settlement organizations (just more free gibs) but I'll exclude it from the Gibs Matematics model for now. Many also work on the side in kebab shops.

Model Input: Mohammed, 4 Aishas, 20 Mohammeds (25 members)

>Refugee Gibs Matematics

Gib Housing: $10,000/month (for accommodation in Toronto to house 25 family members)
Gib Government Refugee Money: $700 per adult/month
Gib Canada Child Benefit: $533.33/month/kebab
Gib Ontario Child Benefit: $113/month/kebab
Gib GST/HST Tax Refund: $875/quarter/family
Gib Ontario Sales Tax Credit: $542.66/month/family
Gib Free Dental Platinum Plan: $2000/kebab/year
Gib Free Platinum Health Care: $2000/kebab/year
Gib Free Platinum Vision Care: $1000/kebab/year

Total Annual:
Gib Housing: $120,000
Gib Government Refugee Money: $42,000
Gib Canada Child Benefit: $128,000
Gib Ontario Child Benefit: $27,120
Gib GST/HST Tax Refund: $3,500
Gib Ontario Sales Tax Credit: $6,511.84
Gib Free Dental Platinum Plan: $50,000
Gib Free Platinum Health Care: $50,000
Gib Free Platinum Vision Insurance: $25,000

>$207,131.84/year cash + $120,000 housing benefit + $75,000 in luxury health care
>Assuming a tax rate of 55%, 215142/(1-0.55)=893626.31

That’s a pre-tax equivalent of $893,626.31.

They also get a non-repayable, tax-free one-time start-up allowance of $65K, and can bring up to $62.5K cash without it affecting their gibs.

Soros literally controls Canada's Immigration policy/ministry.

Immigration Minister John McCallum revealed that Canada is about to announce a new partnership with the American billionaire George Soros and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to promote an initiative that will help Canada and other countries to resettle greater numbers of refugees. The following are excerpts from McCallum’s interview with Rosemary Barton, host of CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, on September 19, 2016:

“We are also offering assistance on our privately sponsored refugees… Well, let me first talk about privately sponsored in the international context.

“We are having a joint initiative and tomorrow [September 20, 2016] we will announce it between Canada, George Soros and the UNHCR, which is an initiative to sell our privately sponsored refugee program to other countries. I know of at least thirteen countries who have a potential interest.

>between Canada, George Soros and the UNHCR


Now for the "controlled" and "reasonable 250-300k" immigrants. This is a lie by omission, and in fact we let in 1,231,041 3rd world migrants on 10-year unlimited stay/work VISAs that count as "temporary immigration" which is never publicized.

>We will also continue to welcome those who come to Canada temporarily. Canada has always been a popular destination for students, workers and visitors from around the world, and this popularity is growing at a remarkable rate. In 2015, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada processed more than two million temporary resident applications and extensions. Temporary immigration represents a significant contribution to Canada’s labour market and to our economy in general. We are committed to improving processing times and meeting the challenge of more and more people applying to come to Canada.

>As of December 31, 2015, citizens from 149 countries and territories required temporary resident visas to visit Canada. In 2015, IRCC processed applications (new and extensions) from 1,588,590 persons seeking temporary resident visas to come to Canada, 82.3% of which were approved. IRCC continued to be successful in promoting the use of multiple-entry visas, which are valid for up to 10 years and allow applicants from visa-required countries to travel to Canada more frequently and on their own schedules. In 2015, a total of 1,231,041 multiple-entry visas were issued, which was a 21% increase from 2014. Effective February 6, 2014, a policy change automatically considered visitors to Canada eligible for a multiple-entry visa. IRCC also introduced a single fee for the processing of a temporary resident visa applicable to both single-entry and multiple-entry applications.

Canada gave 10-year unlimited stay duration with full work privileges (=PR) to 1,231,041 3rd world shitskin migrants.People from rich countries dont need visas.

*genocides your race*

Still making this thread, slav(e)nigger?

Can confirm, just poo-in-loos everywhere here.
Now guess where I am from.

You are no longer the lowest denominator Mutt. The Le 49 Leafmutt has taken the crown. How does it feel?

Canada is officially the least White Western nation on earth.

>1961 ((US)) commands Germany to take in millions of Turks
>1965 job done by ((Mafia)) takeover of the US
>1970s ((US)) commanded repeal of White Australia and White Canada
>1980s ((US)) commanded destruction of White South Africa
>1990s Dictator Soros places puppet Clinton accelerating multiculturalism/globalism throughout the Empire
>1990s UK is officially a nigger/poo banana republic
>2000s Bush opens flood gates to Asia/Mexico. 60 Million Mexicans take over the US. 20 million Chinks/Poos/Arabs invade US.
>2000s Canada/Australia officially under Chink/Poo ownership.
>2000s France, Sweden become part of the Caliphate.
>2010s Germany becomes capital of Eurabia
>2010s British resistance fails to defeat the shitskin invaders
>2010s US (30% White) elects anti-Globalist as a last stand against shitskin locust horde

Brazil or Pakistan

>Now guess where I am from.


Brazil, studying for a post-grad degree and hoping to get my permanent residency in this cold ass land.




>permanent residency in this cold ass land.
What's the point? After the whites become a minority it's just going to slide into a colder Brazil.


Are you the leaf that immigrated to Poland? Back now to rub it in rather than stay and fight? I can see why this country is in such a sad sate, because it is full of spineless faggots like you who would rather run away than fight to preserve it. Kys



What's wrong with slav(e)s subhumans?

War Plan Red literally can't happen soon enough. Day of the Rake imminent.

Fallout timeline when?

JUST a daily reminder to kys before Trudeau doesd

This is why we can't have nice things.

This explains a lot about the handful of Canadians I've met. I've never met just an ordinary acting canadian. Only hyper liberals who dress like clowns


Will Trudeau go down as one of the worst leaders in history?

how many white european americans? 10%?

To go from 93% to

North america is doomed

Holy shit dude you're on a crusade against Leafs. You're the same Polish guy who's been in all the other threads saying Canada's minority white aren't you?

>leafs steal our mutt meme
At least we still shart in marts.

It was likely still 90+% up through the late 90s tbf. Which only makes the change ever more drastic and nauseating.

What's so sad and depressing about all this is that Canada was >90% white just 15 years ago. How in the hell did they fall so far so fast?

It's fact. I've cracked the kikeology of the visible minority statistics


Article 2 of the Convention defines genocide as

...any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
—Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

Honestly where do you see Canada by 2025? Do you think they'll be below 40% by then? Do we need to start seriously planning for a Canadian invasion/annexation?

8.5% drop in 5 years, top kek

Wait til all these Haitians,El Salvadorans, and Somalis cross into Canada. Thats about 200,000 right there.

I' am very aware of this. My wife asked me today "How do you feel about living here?", to which I replied "meh". If the Canadian gov continue to import useless people en masse, it is just a matter of time until taxes go up to support the gibs me dats and to screw the economy.

Trudeau already welcomed them


Who made this shit infographic? Some retarded boomer from ptg?

I live in Montréal, in the Côte-Des-Neiges neighbourhood. I'm literally the only white person in my building unless you count Chassidic Jews as "white". I couldn't care less.


He went to India to selfies with Rohingya Muslim Rapefugees and is planning on bringing them to Canada

Did you hop on that proxy jut to avoid the shame, leaf?

>increase begins around 1971
>who was PM
>it was Pierre (((Trudeau)))
>he leaves office in 1979
>he becomes PM again in 1980
>dramatic increase in shitskin invasion begins 1981
>his wife's son is now trying to fudge the numbers

Which one to go down first? Swedcucks or canadanistan?

Also do you think because Canada is literally a nation of gibs right now that some shitskins will leave America for Canada?

it was 90+% up until 2001 nigga. by 2005 they went to 80%

things done change around bush's shift

fuck i was in Auckland, NZ in the 90s, the city was all fuckin white. and really comfy. then around 2001-2 a FLOOOD of locusts. housing went from $100k to $500k literally overnight. the streets went from empty and peaceful to beijing locust swarm and smog. fuck this gay earth.

So what? It's not like we're running out of space. There are high-rises being built down the block from my apartment. Just house all the Rohingyas there.

The real question for me is how did native canadians become so brainwashed and neutered? They actually like the trudeaus, amazingly enough

That picture makes me unconfortable

It's over gents. We had a good run, maybe we can go out with a bang, but I hope you believe in the afterlife. Cuz that's where I and everyone else is going.

Sieg fucking Heil.

>Finance Minister’s key advisers want 100M Canadians by 2100

And by Canadians he means 90M shitskins and 10M white. But before that would happen it would a culling of the remaining Whites South Africa styles.

Economy is going to collapse soon. World's largest housing bubble, no manufacturing, as whites flee the economy will continue to collapse.

In reality? We're actually higher than you by a couple percent. 53% is just a meme, we're really 63-70%