Female Degeneracy General

Post pics that portray the absolute destructive state the Western female is in.

Best ones that expose hypocricy or that have immediate bad consequences.
Before and now pics also appreciated.

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Calling Bullshit user.


What the fuck is a shacker?


Is that the Shivarra Coven?


That obese man in the background doesn't have a shirt on either, user. Stop being so sexist against empowered women.

It's still better than having a population of muslims fuck goats and little boys because they aren't allowed to masturbate in their Islamic society.


>tfw I’ll never go to the pussy palace

Considering it says that they have to leave by 10 a.m., I'm assuming a guy who ends up sleeping over after fucking them.

In Islam you marry a loyal wife while you are both young.




I hate these thinly veiled shill threads.


Sure. I'd be 18, she'd be 6. Fuck off pedophile.

>Visiting the beach alone and pondering the sea as is a man's place
>Sitting on a rock which is a hard thing that isn't her husband penis
>Visible arm/torso division which suggests female form


Lol that's a picture that can in no way come back to haunt you in high school.

mom was in on it. typical.


>pearls are formed when a grain of sand irritates the inside of a clam, causing them to cover it in endless layers of mucous to quell the irritation, that gradually harden and form into a solid sphere

*thinking sounds*

i'm going to have to assume they're talking about people who are 'shacking up for the night', i.e. staying/sleeping over.



We need to bring change. Whining does not help.

Let's start by killing dads who let their daughter go out like this

It's a shoop. She's actually holding a nintendo switch


What are you talking about? I live for places like this faggot.


you're part of the problem, faggot

kissed a girl doing this on her 21st. Don't sperg about it

how'd my dick taste?

dem digits tho


how's the herpes treating you?


I have herpes and I fucked her the night before her 21st.

>choke me daddy make me your cumslut
the one thing that makes me want to go back to highschool

>Le STD boogeyman

I’ve had unprotected sex with more than fifty girls and have never contracted an STD of any kind. Fuck off puritan. Only gays and niggers catch STDs.

I'm really beginning to believe Islam is the only hope for society.

Go back to you goat and underaged boys ahmed

These filthy rapist deserve to die.
Read the actual quran. With sharia these men would be killed for their crimes.

There is hope. Don't be a sheep and find the truth brother.

Easy to listen audiobook of the Quran


You better starting killing yourself in mass. What you mudslimes do is kidnap underaged girls, sell them as slaves, then rape them. Take your filthy desert slaver religion back to the wastes of your desert shithole.

>make out w/ 2 army goys



the cops faces say it all

the cops faces says it all


stupid spoiled whore, video play set

Holy shit, I'm more disgusted by how old she looks at 27

period pancakes. pussy yeast bread. i think those are the worst for me


Feminazis age like milk.

Thank you. I'll give it a listen.

>women are all sluts and whores, that's why they won't sleep with me and I'm a 20+ year old virgin!!
Do you faggot even listen to yourselves.......?