Quick somebody disprove this

quick somebody disprove this

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How about you prove it

why destroy guns if they are still in the kangaroo war

Australia is also an island with most of its population spread out.

>But muh immigrants
>But muh mass stabbings

*Autistic screeching ensues*

why don't all the liberals go move there then?

Australia doesnt have a literal third world country attached to it where drug kartels ship drugs north and execute people on the daily

Your right in the basis of your argument but almost all of the Aussie population is concentrated around the coasts, it's not spread out at all.

>why destroy guns if they are still in the kangaroo war

Mate, it was the bloody emus


>Cartels commit mass shootings

Or maybe you're calling the USA the 3rd world country attached to Canada...

Nice meme image.

Here you go senpai

When will liberals realize that we don't care whether or not more mass shootings occur in our country due to a lack of gun control laws? We are willing to accept the dangers of a country full of gun owners even if it means that we have a higher chance of getting shot.

They don't have the same immigration numbers, and they don't have the same number of kids on psychiatric medications


> Australia's violent crime rose exponentially after 1996
> America's violent crime fell 70% over 13 years in a similar period
> Gun deaths were falling faster or at the same rate as before the ban
> We have more guns today than we did before the buy-back
> Vast majority of America's violent crime is gang related
> America has like 1.4 million gang members, Australia has around about 3,000 bikies and some mafia, asian/african gangs but fuck all in comparison
> Australia has a huge illegal firearm problem, estimates start at about 500,000
How many more do you want bra? You want some figures? I can get you figures...


Theres also lots of arson, bikie wars, some sieges and that car of tolerance last year.
This argument is as good as saying Britain has no mass shootings, but violence is still super rife.

Australia doesn't share a border with Mexico though.
If you're pro gun control in America, then you better be pro wall too. Otherwise, fuck off.

It's the same reason a gun ban works in Japan. ISLAND NATION.

Don't mind if I do: diagnosiskevin.com/posts/americans-and-their-guns

Australia needs a mass shooting though.

Same with NZ in Auckland.

what does "bipartisan" mean in the context of Australian politics? That is a term we use here in burgerland because we have two dominant political parties.

3 years later they had a rise in gun violence
individuals killed in their own homes still increase

still not as high as it was before the buyback.. plus excluding 2005 onward is dishonest

Please cite statistics with sources. I am on your side but I am arguing with people who do nothing but resort to "muh Australia muh 17 children" and I know fuck all about Australia

Auckland needs napalm.


Same thing.
Then I doubt they care about facts.
All states and tables used for Australia are from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) and other connected bodies that share information with them.

> Violent Crime stats 1996-2007
ABS, shows the rise in violent crime. Recent stats are difficult to find now because 2+ states have stopped trying to keep data on assault, they're too high but estimates if this helps are about 2,500 per 100,000 residents just for assault, all other violent crimes are easily found.
> Firearm Deaths 1980-1995
ABS, shows the pre-gun laws firearm decline (laws came in in 1996, same with the buyback)
> US violent crime drop
US Justice Department & FBI estimates are almost identical
> Number of gang memers in the US
FBI has those stats
> Number of gang members in AUS
hard to come by but all the source I've found show our largest gangs only amount to a few thousand bikies, the other racial gangs are smaller
> Illegal firearms
Opposition leader of our socialist party (labor) said law enforcement experts estimate 600,000 illegal firearms in circulation

Depends what kind of argument you want to build mate and what it is you want to say exactly?

How about this

>he thinks that mass shootings represent a significant part of gun crime in USA

The graph literally presents 7 years before and after the ban, nothing dishonest there.

>Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since.

>This is Australia
>Australia had its worst mass shooting ever on April 28, 1996
>Just 12 days later, they bent over and spread their cheeks for the government
>The government personally sodomized over 6 gorillion people
>Australia hasn't had a real man in power since then
>Be like Australia

Presupposes mass shootings are all that matters. Neglects, one would presume on purpose (because leftists are evil), to compare crime or *cide rates.
Presupposes each country exists in a vacuum. If Australia's government were to do something sufficiently fucked up and needed to be stopped, another, more-powerful country, or countries, might intervene. This doesn't apply to a country than which there is no country, or countries, more powerful.

Most leftists would have a waking-blackout whilst reading this and their confidence in the false analogy left unchanged.

wow, you can read?

Now Australia needs a "one punch can kill" campaign to remind not to punch each other to death.

Happened ages ago.

>8 good smacks can kill
Don't smack. It's wack.

Umm, you do realise Australia has still had like nine or ten mass killings since that gun ban? Granted, only like two of those were with guns, and ironically they were actually among the least deadly of the attacks.

The other mass killings took place through arson/knives/blunt objects/cars.

Maybe do your fucking research?


Cartels don't commit mass shootings? Are you serious?

For fucks sake get out already, we get it. Do you shills really think this is money well spent? You're so fucking obvious nobody falls for this shit, just get out already.
Fucking useless mods, only shit they do is delete good threads. Wonder if this will be like when I got banned for reporting bbc threads

Really gets your noggin joggin'


We are not convinced by fallacious arguments.

We aint giving up our weapons


You're an example of a faggot who might screech "shill!" because you have no argument. What if OP is just too retarded to refute it himself and it's an honest request?

Its not. Most people live on the east coast, and it is a 10 hour drive between each state capital.

Perth is also the most isolated metropolis on the entire planet.