The USA is one giant shithole

Face it Cred Forums.
There are an extraordany ammount of ghetto's in the USA. Every prison is filled with extremely violent black people.
Cities like Detroit are a no-go area.
Gun violence is out of control, people shooting chilldren and everybody keep on saying MUH FREEDOM!!!

If you get cancer in the US and you survive it, it means personal bankrupcy. Speaking about money, the federal debt of the US is going in an incredible pase towards hyperinflation when the economic climate is getting a few punches at once.
Politicians are fighting amongst each other and they do not listen to the people, and the people don't unite to say: enough is enough.
And don't get me started about the massive ammount of opiotes that are ruining perfectly healthy families. It's a cancer that the US cannot control. Not with a wall, not with extra budget for police and border patrols.

There is no good system for people that need mental healthcare. It all depends on volunteers.
Veterans that fought in a war nobody wanted are treated like trash when they cannot fight anymore.

People are getting fatter and fatter. It's cheaper to eat at MC donalds. then to cook for a family of 5.

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Do enjoy being ridiculously ignorant?

What is an "Netherlands?"

Proof me wrong burger.

Protip: you can't

Look how nice and clean this is. It breathes history and prosperity.


I really don't give a shit about proving you wrong. You're a fucking walking stereotype.

And yet, I’m white and was in Greektown today. FTR, that’s in Detroit. You don’t know shit. There are horrible parts, and stunning areas in this state and country. If you don’t live here, you don’t know.

I can't disagree with most of this. The brainwashing in this country is hilarious.

Everyone's too busy watching football and which kardashian is getting blacked to pay attention to everything that's wrong around them.

Also, we're a democratic republic, not a democracy. The people that we elect are financially supported by corporations.

Things won't get better until revolution occurs

I believe you man. I know that the US has a lot of good things, but face it. Every major city has a big ghetto. In Europe we have the same, but in the US it's really dangerous. If you are white, there are no-go areas. A lot of illegal fire arms, drugs dealing, junkies, robberies, thefts, carjackings. It's bad.

Pic related proves you are a colgate faggot

Yes, the Bijlmer is a giant shithole.
The Israeli Jews tried to vanish that suburb by fliyng a plane in that flat.

But still, as a white male I dare to walk there at night, without problems.

you are pretty delusional user

Should be used to house all the Merkel criminals & set alight, give it an "upgrade" before to cover any Q's

I recently spent some time in a white working class area

Merkel is from Germany, that's a whole other country.
But in the basics you are right.

Gee, I wanna leave as much as anyone else; but that's more than likwly not going to happen because of the fsct that everywhere else I'm gonna be called out for being a bigot, get deported immediately for no reason at all, or just get shot at the spot. feelsgrilledman.jpeg

Fuck off, cunt


Merkel is the architect of the influx of the criminals into the whole of Europe - never forget that.

I'm starting to see, that reliance on cars is the root of the problem. The only glaring difference between that photo and one taken 30-50 years ago is that the street would have been filled with people walking, talking, meeting, laughing, fighting and playing. This pic shows a place where the people that could bring life to it, are all sitting separately in metal boxes, pumping out cancer fumes.

No. Merkel is the puppet of (((them))). They started this and they are responsible. Never forget that.

i know right isnt it great. a p[rime example of a stress test. stress test are meant to cause failure. you can see the cracks form in real time. hear the machine creak and whine. watch the smoke slowly pour from it

Of course, but Merkel is their guy in Europe carrying out the Kalergi Plan.


Dude. You want to see a shithole, go out to rural America. Drive through Ohio, Trumpville Central. Go out to the country and see those shitty little towns. Every house is falling apart. Rusted out cars, old furniture, random trash on the lawns. Most people "in town" work for the local gov't. Dirty hillbilly kids everywhere. It's a fucking mess.

That's what makes it fun though. Like you broke into an abandoned amusement park and got on all the rusty rides

Thanks Uncle Matthew

Gun violence and crime overall has been on the decline.

This is exactly why America can't improve. No American government will be able to bring together people who are so deluded as this. The only countries who can even come close to being as bad as us are on the same damn continent. Europeans shouldn't have come here. All the money was in South America anyways.
suffering breeds strength

oh man what a shithole, so awful

You have literally never left your mom's basement.

it also has some of the most insane affulent, nice to live in areas of the world. Thats what makes it a great country- its a like a giant sandbox of dofferent landscapes and cities. The winners get to live in winner areas and the trash loser scum (mainly poo skins) have to live in the crap places.