How has your Job Helped you Become Redpilled?

>Be me
>Ivey League grad
>Lawyer for big law firm
>Make 250K a year and usually bonuses bump that up to 300K
>29 years old

Redpills that I have learned

>All women care about is money, 10/10s try to get with me DAILY on the streets because they know who i am and how much i make considering i drive a Lambo, i refuse them because fucking 10/10s gets boring and people call me gay. Women all they want is money, they don't care about who you are, this is evident by the fact that in highschool they ignored me and called me loser.

>Jews do not like Goyim. There's a few Jews who talk about how much they are superior to gentiles and call them "stupid goyim" and then I said in a jokingly way "hey guys c'mon im a gentile" they're like "yeah but you're cool, i mean the other gentiles, you're like the exception" and the other jew was like "yeah you're the cool gentile" and they both laughed.

What redpills have you learned and solidified with your job?

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Lifeguard here

Most black people are bad at swimming and will sometimes cause a ruckus to impress friends but just end up hurting themselves, looking stupid, or nearly drowning


If you're a lifeguard you should be working on getting a better job. Not shitposting on Cred Forums dude.

>Driving a Lamborghini

Yeah ok duffas.

If you don't pretend to like your female boss' interminably boring stories you'll get fired.

1 out of 10 software engineers can actually code.
Of the female software engineers actively producing code, about half of them buy the code from pajeets. The other half from chinks or unemployable traps.

They're only 200K retard. Literally 1 year salary. It's the equivleant of someone making 30K a year buying a cheap Honda. But sure bud sure

My boss is female, it's killing me man.

OP of this thread seems like a liar and a faggot.

>Jews do not like Goyim.

Jews don't trust the Goyim. This is true. The reason why is obvious when you know the truth about Jews with money and how they acquired it. Lots of Podesta behavior in the Jewish community.

>What redpills have you learned and solidified with your job?

LEO in a culturally enriched area...where do I start

garbage larp

Shut the fuck up.

US Federal Government

Your fucked if you think this is a lie,every religion is the same shit even the "Christian" ones all false but Jesus Christ was GOD in human form and the truth fucks with people because it's so simple.

currently in Uni so I'm stuck with that as a summer job til I can get a co-op or paid internship

you're a terrible troll

please share stories.

What's a Leo?

Unpaid internships exist you realize that right lazy ass?

> Be college grad idiot
> Worked as wage slave for 10 years managed to save maybe 20k
> Be me today
> Working in oil/gas industry
> Work 7 days a week 15 hours a day
> Stay out 12 weeks at a time
> Put away 22k after taxes every 3 months
> No rent, no need for car, no family
> Quitting in 6 months with 100k in the bank

Redpills I learned

> Working only 40 hours a week is a waste of time. All the time you are not working and not making money, you are spending money.

> Get into a trade or work where you can work 16 hours a day and save money faster than wagecucks.

> Women only care about money. Once you have a woman, she will just want your money.

I work in mid-level management for a big telecompany.

Old people should not be allowed to live. Old people are horrible, rude, entitled shits. The calculated sometimes downright evil ways they treat some of the youngest "guys on the floor" is astounding. People unddr the age 40 don't do that. Women between 50 and 60 are the absolute worst.

Last one is no longer than a few hours old (working the night shift). Some drunk illegal is making a mess in a train station. He's getting arrested (not giving details about force we used kek). He keeps shouting that he fucks belgium etc. Though luck, he's going to illegal detention center tomorrow in the morning and gets the next plane to Sudan. Thank you based Theo Francken!

Lurk moar faggot

>Women only care about money because a subset of gold digging whores is chasing after me, the guy with a Lamborghini

Sorry pal, that won't cut it. Call me up when you can break up marriages on a whim.

based Politie

too bad it's a non-country full of Islamist and French scum

fix your fuckin highways too pls

Nice larp, faggot.

You mean occultism?

There is nothing more cucked than unpayed internships. Luckily, that shit is frowned upon here.

>1 out of 10 software engineers can actually code.
Let's not be too generous...

>work as store clerk in hs
>repeatedly robbed by nogs and spics
>never once by whites

>work as warehouse clerk in college
>nogs and spics on the job steal and don't work hard
>only other white guy there gets fired when nogs lie about something they broke

>work at it company after college
>no more nogs and spics
>Indian manager is a pick though
>preferential hiring of other indians
>preferential promoting of other indians
>makes life way easier on them and hard on the white and east asian guys
>complain to jew in HR about racism
>get no response for months
>eventually laid off

nigger you cant even spell ivy

>"yeah you're the cool gentile"
Ask them how they feel about Mischlings; then you'll understand why NO ONE likes Jews

I browse here every moment i get spare time dingus

>the cool gentile

I clean tables in a restaurant in a mall:
>niggers and spics always make huge messes
>niggers will almost always complain to the managers trying to get free food or something
>they also don't tip the waiters
>spics let their kids run wild through the restaurant
>spics also speak spanish really loud and a few times waiters I work with haven't even been able to take their orders because they couldn't even speak english

theres some other stuff too

you should go work in the middle east for awhile next if you want to save some money.

>Chem-E, got married early, kids, etc.. stable job, normie pay
>buddy said fuck it and went to Kuwait
>earned twice as much, all saved up and invested in stock market since room and board were paid for
>8 years later he comes back to US, eventually buys a nice house with some acreage and a few fast food restaurants
>plays golf, goes fishing, and works on custom cars all day, makes way more than I do
>still not married, fucks beautiful women

Agreed, most private universities in my area actually push us away from them as they are frowned upon by most of the staff and don't want us getting cucked

Then get your shit together you nimrod. Law enforcement officer

I worked with a Software Engineer. All he does is Google shit, everyone thinks he's some kind of genius.

>Be me
>extra Ivy league graduatatum
>300k per year working in a lua form 350k with benises
>28 years old

Pills I have earned:
Women are dum LOL
Jews r also dum lol

says the LARPer

I don't [;an on ever working an unpaid internship

LARP. $300K becomes $150K after taxes. I'm no lawyer, but in NYC, $250K net of taxes just pays bills for my family. I don't know what Lambo are you talking about.

>unironically driving a lamborghini
unless its an old miura kys. lambos are shit-tier made for niggers. an SLS Black AMG is true patrician tier.

>All he does is Google shit

This is actually normal. I doubt any soft eng could do their job without google/stackoverflow anymore.

I worked for a company owned by an Indian family. their nepotism game is off the fucking charts. Cousins of the owner sleeping on the job making me pick up the slack. They are also 2nd only to Jews when it comes to scamming their customers, and they seemed to be on very good terms with local Jewish businessmen.

Nice.P.S. I like your guy's waffles.


I had to explain what a manual was to some dingbat QA broad who got offended at the term RTFM. She cried. Everyone made fun of her.

Kek. Enjoy it while it lasts. You'll be broke in a year making 3k payments a month

>not dog whistling around Jews
It is a good feel man. They know you know.

By that logic anyone can do that job. Every software engineer I've met acts like they're god.

Bullshit. You're bad at your job and/or use nothing but mutt-coded meme frameworks.

>250k a year
>drive a lambo


nope never been to work

>Working only 40 hours a week is a waste of time. All the time you are not working and not making money, you are spending money.
Amen. I never could save a dime until I consistently started working 50-55 hours a week. Now, I have too much money to spend and the higher ups lick my asshole.

Google you disgustingly lazy dickbeater.

He has a point you fucking deadbeat

>unless its an old miura kys. lambos are shit-tier made for niggers. an SLS Black AMG is true patrician tier.

Wasting money on conspicuous consumption is chink tier. Buying a private Lolita island and a 737 is true patrician tier.

School teacher here.

A third of all public school students don't belong in public school beyond 6th grade. That is a conservative estimate btw.

>'Ivey league"

You fucking roody-poo you can't even spell it right.

Serious question though OP, what does your trailer park smell like?

>How has your Job Helped you Become redpilled?

I work in defense, my whole job is a giant redpill

Nice fan fic data miner

I also work in biglaw, and you're full of shit. You wouldn't say "usually bonuses bump that up to 300k" because your 4th year is the first year that that would happen. You would've made 280 last year, 250 the year before, and 230 the year before that.

Also $300k in a major metro (i.e. a city with top-scale biglaw pay) is absolutely not lambo money.

Why do you lie on anonymous image boards?

If you're tired of attention from girls, dress like a slob and say that you're unemployed and living with your parents.

What a fucking retard

Work in the MIC.
Liberals think they can drone 2A patriots.
They don’t understand supply chain management.
The parts and fuel would dry up quickly in an insurgency.
They would die of thirst and hunger quickly.

>inb4 wage cuck
Imagine my shock

Why are you such a faggot though? Why not just fuck the supposed 10/10’s? Are you really a homosexual?

You mean google code?
Everyone does that.

Got a job last time that needed some Android application it got thrown in my lap.
Even though they know, i know jack shit about programming an Android, i usually do back end web api shit.

Still managed to do it, due to searching that shit up.

That the majority of people are larpers

>Bogan thinking he can talk about trailer parks

Nice LARPing faggot

kill yaself

>I'm rich and you're all shit
>but they call me gay
Not LARPing

Found the humanities major

You dont hold supercars for that long retard. Less than 10000 miles or 6 months is a good time to sell.

>meme flag

Oh boy here we go again

> white 27 year old leaf
> drywall
> learn what real men are
> diewithtoolbelton.jpg
> all you "stem" this n that types are faggits

Its no fucking wonder to me why you all seem so insecure and think black men are gonna steal all the white wimmin.

shutup inbred. no one cares fascist bastard

>all women care about is money

Protip you are hanging out with trash women

My wife is
>conservative Christian
>wants babies
>good cook
>is frugal as heck
>tough and honest
>enjoys complex military strategy boardgames
>appreciates hard rock/metal

If you aren't praying for a good wife you will never get one. Im not even rich and she doesn't really care about money. More money is always nice but with the right person it doesn't matter because you make it work. Life is about struggle anyway

double troll with the obvious baits like Ivey and the whole lambo story, you need to get better Reddit

>buying a car worth nearly a year’s salary
You’re either larping or fucking retarded. Finance bros can be this stupid but usually jew lawyers are a little smarter. The partner at my old consulting firm made $750k a year and drove a fucking dented accord.

Actually reading your posts it’s painfully obvious you’re just a kid.

500K after taxes and we can barely make it even cutting corners

Chad here

Women care about looks more than money. If you have the look then money won’t matter. Women will want my baby while guys with loaded will raise my offspring.

Where did you meet her?

this is why we cant have national health care

>Work construction job with all white people
>everyone friendly and hard working
>everyone is pretty racist fun natives and nogs
>bring up JQ
>user don't be a dick the Holocaust!
>look like a conspiracy nut
>feels bad

Night Auditer at a hotel.

Soccer Parents are the worst kind of scum, 3rd party booking websites are giant scams(you either pay the rack rate or more), drunks are a blight on society, every nigger smokes weed and sets off the fire alarm, do not humor people who only pay in cash, hotel owners are the laziest and most neglectful sons of bitches ever, hotel owners have literally no shame.

Its going to sound degenerate but a bar. Summers I work 2 jobs and that was one of them. She was with her friends

I'm 22, and I work in a warehouse that's split just about perfectly into thirds of: white, Hispanic, and black.

>>Learn a lot about people are people and not to judge people based on their race. Degenerates gonna degenerate / 'content of the character not the color of their skin' stuff

>>All the same, I realize some funny behavior that all the races exhibit.

>>Black always laugh at their own jokes to prompt others to laugh and are absolutely obsessed with getting attention. They have the most illegitimate children and dream of getting rich because of rap songs without any plan on how to while working at a dead-end job. Very superficial, but not mean-hearted.

>>Hispanics like Hispanics. Period. They congregate together and they prefer to speak to one another in Spanish rather than work. When they do work, they do it hard. Imagine a fraternity that's always testing new guys to see if they can earn respect . . . That's Hispanics.

>>Most of the whites here get tunnel-vision with their work and can't have fun. They either find the work too hard or excel at it in a mechanical sense. The whites are able to fit into any group of the other races, (which are typically separate) but only the 'elite few' who aren't weak or mechanical.

Most everyone agrees on most everything -- it's just the details they can't find common ground on.

Bear trapper here. I have learned that unpaid college interns are darn near worthless in the woods.

Of course they are, they've finally lost the only currency/relevancy they ever had unless they have a very rich family life which working 50-60 year old women most likely do not

How long you been together? Less than 2 years?

I work in a office filled with woman, they are annoying as fuck and talk about stupid shit that nobody cares about.
Always nagging and talking shit but two faced bitches always acting like they love each other. Woman at jobs are toxic as fuck.

39yo in IT

Women and blacks are really fucking incompetent. Maybe 1 out of 10 women are capable of understanding complex programming or IT concepts.

I have yet to meet a black in IT that knew anything, they’re all diversity hires

who else but an expert to talk about things he knows, suck me awwwwf burger boy


shes also eastern european which might explain why you guys don't have much luck

if I was going to try and find a good American girl you have to go to an ultra conservative Catholic church like the latin mass societies

Finding a good girl is not degenerate lol. Congrats dude, I hope to find a girl like that.

>Catholic church like the latin mass societies

Meh, Im Catholic so i can safely say repressed women are to be avoided. They will be fun for a while, but eventually they go back to being mean.

It's a function of number of kids and how expensive your school is. I can see you barely making it with $500K with kids. The schools in Manhattan are $48K a year for middle school.

I'm in the military.
My job has taught me that women should not be in charge. Or in the military.

Surrounded by corrupts, niggers who were friendly and then tried to make the boss fire me for things they did AND threatened to throw me out of the window of their room, people who hate each other acting friendly without try to destroy each other, and so dumb most are socialists who want a raise in their income while complain about how much work they have and need help (someone who can do it for them, that is me most of the time)

Law Enforcement Officer. Now slap *offcourse* yourself faggot.


Are they very racist with the mixed?

Seconded. The higher caste pooinloos are very very much in cahoots with the jews. Look at the professors in various research groups at universities - a few jews, a few pooinloos one or two snowniggers. When you actually work with these people and get treated like a goy you will Understand and hopefully not kill yourself.

I'm a software engineer making 150k/yr, with 650k in my checking account.

i get the same treatment from women that I got when i was dirt poor and skipped meals every day.

Never complain about a non-white or a woman to HR.

HR is specifically meant to safeguard the company. It's not actually about fluff and hugs. If a nigger or a woman is doing a shit job or bugging you the only option is to ignore it. Complaining puts the company at risk.

I work in consulting, it shocked me to know how many people are in super high profile positions that have no fucking clue what they're doing. Every company has a handful of people that are literally holding it together for the rest, and those poor fucks are always two seconds away from quitting.

Also get brought in to unfuck a lot of pajeet messes, maybe 1 out of 10000 of them are worth a shit. Nigger managers are probably the worst, lazy as all fuck and 99.999999% are diversity hires. Similar situation with women, the ratio is more 95% with them.

Also everyone that thinks the US is racist as fuck, has never been to the Middle East and seen how they treat pajeets over there. Craziest shit I've ever seen. They love the fuck out of white men though, got treated like fucking royalty while I was there...because they equate white with rich.

Engineering student here. Every woman in my major has no passion for the actual field and cares more about flying across the country for google "women in engineering" hackathons and conferences then actually developing anything on their own. Most have failed at least one class or have to be a complete nolife in order to keep pace with everyone else because they have no motivation to retain anything beyond exams.

take off your trip you monkey retard, this isn't reddit

Sounds like sort of a hollow, sad existence tbqh. Many (probably most) women in this country are money grubbing whores, many will impale themselves upon the first cock they find the second you turn around. But you can find some gems hidden in the rough out there that hve been relatively untouched by our mind-twisting culture and society.

This. Police supervisors make nearly $200 with overtime in NYC. He’s either full of shit or a low paid drone.

Gbless, buddy. It does seem like the eastern euros tend to be willing to fit traditional roles more so than their western counterparts. Congrats.

HR are scum.
Especially if they describe their job as "business".

Headhunters are great dudes though.

>Soccer Parents are the worst kind of scum
Sounds like there's a story here.

Also the white dudes at partner level openly talk about dealing with bullshit jewery on the regular. So at least some of them see the fucking light.

I use mischling in the same way Nuremberg does, and form my experience they do. They regard us as tribe members, but members of a lower caste. It's both unsettling and annoying

>Lawyer for big law firm
>uses childish magapede memeflag

cool story OP

Worked in federal govt agency.

> the Australia public sector is controlled by leftist women and a bunch of 1/16th Aborigines promoted through affirmative action.
> never work for female bosses