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(((political scientists)))

>Inb4 brain-damaged cucks attack



Damn, captcha slowed me down


Any expert that ranks Lincoln first should be shot. He killed a quarter million Americans.

Not the president before Lincoln as the worst, considering he made zero effort to try stop the south from leaving despite months of warning as they dick around.

>jews love lincoln

what a surprise

If Lincoln is so great then why not implement his plan to deal with the niggers? Send them all to Liberia.

and let me guess, obama number 2 and kennedy 3?

Well, half of them were from the south, so I think he saved the genepool for 150 years

You mean the president that caused the civil war over high taxes? Why do people even like Lincoln, he was a horrible president.

Lincoln never planned to actually do that. He stopped talking about that a while after being president.

I don’t like Lincoln but a bullet may have prevented this

He wanted to get rid of the niggers.

found the jew

Umm no sweetie, the racist southern whites did.

Wtf is a political scientist!?

Over high taxes xD
>b-b-but the war of northern aggression

Kys :3

Lemme guess, after Lincoln it's FDR and after FDR it's Obama.

You do know the high taxes came first right? Lincoln was in bed with a lot of big Northern business that were anti southern business.

> " " political scientists " "


>political scientists


Pick one.

I think his assassination was a set up. I'm not a fan of his either being that I'm pro-states rights, but slavery couldn't have possibly lasted forever and a better plan really should have been devised to deal with them. Segregation didn't work out well, just made them more entitled.

He did actually plan on doing that, but he had to win the war before he could send them back.

He also acted outside of the constitution by infringing on US citizens' civil liberties during war time and killed innocent southern US civilians.

I believe the elite whites didn’t want to do away with slavery because of the heap labor. The thing is the China man worked harder but the whites were smart by making sure they had little to no rights.

yep, all of those racist democrats who went to war to make sure slavery remained legal and refused to vote in favor of various civil rights initiatives for black people are quite responsible for a lot of death and destruction.


His only saving grace.

>not checkin' those trips just because you disagree with an opinion
>stay close minded Cred Forums

>Political scientists

Another useless degree and "profession" that does nothing to help civilization.

I know a guy with a PS degree and its got him no where.

I get they don't like Trump, but at least half of U.S. presidents were better than Lincoln. They only gave him first because he's more well known to most people.

Kinda surprised they didn't put a (D) first.

Sending all niggers back to Liberia is not racist then? because Lincoln wanted that. dumb shillcunt.

(((political scientists)))

>muh surveys
>muh polls

fuck off

>mathematicians prove 1=2
>don't ask us how just believe it

First and Last class I took in college. Looks like I wasn't an idiot. Glad to see I saved my money.

Political scientists are some pretty fucking dumb individuals.

>Greatest president
Who the fuck did they ask?

Why the fuck would they rank a president still in office and has only been at it for one year? There's no way to impartially appraise his accomplishments or lasting impact or what he might do going forward. Comparing him with other presidents where that is possible is nonsensical.
Yeah, this isn't totally politically motivated or anything. Even normies see through this shit, and winds up just getting Trump more voters in the long run.

Such is the problem with capitalism, I hate communists don't get me wrong, but it's disheartening to see what some people will do to save a buck with no regard for the future.

He tried to make deals with the Republicans to bring South Carolina back peacefully. Republicans refused to cooperate, they wanted a civil war with their party as the hero who fought it.

America could be a much better place if he had.

so what you are saying is trump needs to start and win the second American civil war to get top spot?

>Lincoln first
>tyrant who suspended the rule of law
>tyrant who conscripted soldiers to send them south to wage war on their brothers, who exercised their constitutional right to leave the union upon deciding that it no longer represented them
>guy who got shot by an actor ((assassin)) because he actually wanted to send all the slaves back to africa/Liberia, but the jews had longer-term plans for how they would use the blacks in america

This is just another attack on trump trying to brand him as a racist. Yet these people just use history to manipulate the no knowthings.

Don’t forget about how the ((union troops)) raped southern woman and burned down southern towns. I wonder who gave that order?

No serious scholar would ever rank Lincoln first.
Thats pure anti slavery pandering.

No argument here. American negros are a god damn problem.

Obama literally createdhe worse migrant crisis in modern history that will have lasting effects in Europe and Libya for 100+ years

Trump said some mean words.

Lincoln is rated #1 for raping America

Trump is rated last for raping America

Good point. President Buchanan was the worst of all time. Everyone that knows American history agrees on this.

Well. That is a surprise.

>Over high taxes xD
Just like the war in 1776, pretty simple actually.

A useless vanity degree.


>The survey asked the presidential experts to use a 0-100 scale "for overall greatness," with zero being failure, 50 being average and 100 being great. Roughly 57% of the respondents were Democrats, 13% were Republicans and 27% were independents (3% selected "Other").

So little more half of the peoplw asked are Democrate and 13% were republicans and probably neocons to boot.

Fuck CNN and fuck these dishonest professors.

Lincoln prosided over half the country killing eachother.. Until Trump does the same he is a better President than Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln violated constitutional rights repeatedly throughout his presidency.

Riterarry Hitrer

Trump has not even served a full term as President yet, what kind of "scientists" reach conclusions based on incomplete information?


>57% of respondants were Democrats

I totally didn't expect that. What a shock.


>Lincoln first
>Not Jackson