Far-right extremists march in Sofia to honor pro-Nazi general




>The government, the country’s largest political parties and several Jewish organizations including the World Jewish Congress all called for the march to be suspended, while an international petition against it gathered more than 178,000 signatures.

>Far-right groups from several European countries, including Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Estonia joined the marchers, calling themselves Bulgarian nationalists and describing Lukov as a “Bulgarian war hero”.


>tfw you don't live in a white ethnostate


>banned in your country

>those evil guys are Public Enemy No1 according to the media right now

Evil reincarnate

Look at those hardcore terrorists

No they are the enemies of the public, the people, the nation. They all have been conditioned and we who are awake have a duty to them to snap them out of it. Life is not like and should not be like the picture they have painted for us. The future lies within us and what we make if it.

>>tfw you don't live in a white ethnostate
lmao, neither do we, we have 4% gypsy population and around ~8% turkish population in the south(unless their Sultan-wannabe president Erdogan decides to make Kosovo 2: Electric Boogalo and tries to just annex the southern regions like Kurdzhali)

Thats why Lukov Marsh is important

Does Bulgaria have any far-right or third position groups, similar to Nordfront?

Old news, but yeah I saw on their newspage that NMR had been there and even holding speaches. Looked like fun

marsh was literally 2 days ago, you are probably thinking about previous years since it pretty much causes the same forced outrage every year

BNS, but they are pretty much a meme full of larping fat autists

Could be worse, the members could have the word "Racist" tattooed on their heads.




>international petition
>178,000 signatures
Is that supposed to be a joke?

what do bulgarians think of tsar boris III?

best ruler in the last century

You guys need someone like Rockwell or Luther Pierce.

alright, and why did he ally germany in ww2? didnt hitler hate slavs?



fuck the kikes and the turks

oh ok, just disregard my post

>he thinks 12% non-human population is bad

you do not understand how bad it is right now magyar.



slavic countries will be the most ethnically pure 100 years from now

el americANO senoras y senores....

Our flag and the Hungaryan one do look similar. Give him a break.

Also, it's 4:30AM nigga, go to sleep.

he's bulgarian not HUNgarian