Men are all broken and need their guns removed before they hurt anyone else

After 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was accused of gunning down 17 people at a Florida high school last week, comedian Michael Ian Black started a thread on Twitter that sparked a vitriolic debate about the role of gender in gun violence. It began with the tweet, "Deeper even than the gun problem is this: boys are broken."
Black's tweet has been liked nearly 65,000 times.

In an interview with NPR on Sunday, he elaborated. "I think it means that there is something going on with American men that is giving them the permission and space to commit violence," he said. "And one of the main things we focus on correctly is guns and mental health, but I think deeper than that is a problem, a crisis in masculinity."

You guys are all broken. You need your guns taken away IMMEDIATELY.
If you resist, you will be sent to counseling.

Wouldn't be a problem with the high social trust environment of ethnostates

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> Toxic masculinity has been attacked since the 90's
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Yeah, yeah, 'toxic masculinity'. Why weren' there any mass shootings in the 50s ? The fact of the matter is that feminists have achived cultural hegemony (Gramsci) and every problem in society is viewed through their gynocentric ideology.

Where a kid has both parents, and either friends or family actually do something about it, if someone they are around seems a bit off, instead of the disconnected, muttrace, SSRI-poisoned jew mess we have today.

>Why weren' there any mass shootings in the 50s ?
Women and children were oppressed in the 1950's. Men just can't handle that they now have their freedom and lash out violently.

I think the only solution for men/boys is to built their own support networks, but than again if men try to that see how these same feminists have a chimp out, because they realize that ressourcess are scarce and that would mean women would get less share of political attention/ressourcess spend on them.

No girls or women in this picture. They were left out, men just can't handle that they are equal now.

Instead of looking to blame the shooter for his masculinity, why don’t we look at the reason why he was troubled. What driving them to do this and how can we help him mentally.

Boys aren't children then in your argument ? If female freedom comes with a disproprotionate cost (see taxation of men and welfare spending on women) for men, then men should lash out.

>destroy family unit
>destroy social cohesion
>destroy religious institutions
>destroy male/female relationships
>blame everything on men
>wonder why they snap
I hope they keep pushing, the inevitable happening will be worth it.

Boys are broken because we have a bunch of dumb cunts teaching them. we have a bunch of kike doctors and school board shit heads that would rather dope them up with amphetamines than let them go outside and play football for an hour. we have a bunch of fat ugly skanks who have no experience raising children of their own trying to instill values in other people's children. chivalry is dead because women killed it. respect is dead because few women act in ways that are worthy of respect.

Because that’s what the murderers would want. And fuck what they want.
I hope he gets counseling for his problems. Invasive, annoying, repetitive, mandatory therapy. And I hope it never works and he dies without peace in his heart.

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350 deaths per year by rifles. That's one per million in America. Also many of these shooters could have been stopped by the policing agencies doing a better job.

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World wide violence is at an all time low. So is violence in America.

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