Holy shit you cant make this shit up

Were fucked

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Aliens don't exist.

I really like Crowley: "do what you feel like, but welcome the consequences with the same smile"

So you like pedophilia and child sacrifice

He is not a good guy. Tired of seeing people stick up for him all the time. It's all just jokes, he is just tricking people! You just don't get it.

Fuck that shit

Pic related. My theory it depicts knowledge, as those people are the keeper of knowledge, or bringer of that.
The mayan/aztec one seems to depicts quetzacoatl I assume which is said to have brought that for the aztecs.

Göbekli tepe apparently talks about a comet bringing civilization.

In case of the sumerian i suppose it is enki
>Enki (/ˈɛŋki/; Sumerian: dEN.KI(G)𒂗𒆠) is the ancient Sumerian god of water, knowledge (gestú, literally "ear"), mischief, crafts (gašam), and creation (Nudimmud: nu, likeness, dim mud, make beer)

Same role Quetzacoatl took, bringing knowledge, or Satan with the apple. Prometheus who brought the fire very well could be the same enthity, Lucifer. The Kabba in Mecca supposedly contains a meteorite, which might be the one Göbekli Tepe speaks of or Satan that was thrown to earth
but i assume there is more to it

Now the FALLEN angels are said to have brought the knowledge for witchcraft and warcraft. Ironsmithing is one of these skills used for warcraft. Turns out the ancient egyptians used iron used from meteorites aka FALLEN rocks in example for this dagger

I basically think that where ever animal like creatures were seen as gods, with human sacrifices they actually worshipped the fallen angels LARPing as gods like the mayans, aztec, sumerian. possibly egypt.
The others, like the greek or nordic mythology seems pretty similar (at least the bit i know) to the bible story making me thing those are a distorted version of this making God just the highest among many gods and the angels the lower gods.

>crowley unironically fashioned himself the most evil human being

i believe what we call ayys are actually demons
just like back then the Humans used knowledge they werent ready for yet, brought to them by the fallen angels which was used for war and and witchcraft, it is like this too is happening again, and again the fallen angels come and LARP, back then they LARPed as gods ie the sumerian or aztec gods, today they LARP as aliens. Look at how there are people talking about Ayys bringing knowledge to us and working with the governments, just as back then the gods/fallen angels gave them those knowledge.
Look into Paul Hellyer, former defense minister of Canada talking about ayys bringing technology. Look into Boyd Bushman
2:36 you see the pedo triangle, and we know that those involved in Pizzagate are also involved in satanic practices.
Word is that Sodomy makes you receptive to the spiritual or at least demonic world basically forcing open the 3rd eye, coincidently there is the rootchacra located in the area of the anus too.
We know that the higher ups likely were abused just as they abuse people today, probably to groom a bunch of degenerate puppets which are receptive to the demonic activity.
There is also the fact that demonic possession and ayyy abduction are usually quite similar, violent sexual acts, unableness to move or speak, sense of threat and fright, runs in the family. Both are said to stop once you call out to Christ telling me those arent extraterrestrials but demonic.
There is an ongoing effort to explain away any spirituality, and make people think this material world is all there is to it. The greatest trick the devil pulled was making people believe he doesnt exist, because if he exists the other side does too.
Bluebeam is likely exactly this, trying to tell us there is nothing spiritual, so if the time comes that the spiritual threats invade that we are utter defenseless as we see the demons as material threats instead

these 'greys' are actually archons..they are described in detail in the gnostic scriptures...they are governed by our true creators, the reptilians....embrace yourself. we are not bad or good, we were put here to be food. they survive on negative energy, but it doesnt have to be this way.

from what i got crowley believe to reach the most high you have to sink to the lowest low first. as above so below. that was his interpretation of that phrase. So do you like gay scar orgies? No? Good, then do some to sink lower. You feel some remorse after killing a child? Just kill another. Get passed any limitations you set yourself. By going as low as possible he would thus eventually find the most high, enlightenment, or at least he thought so. fuck that nigger


Qanon predicted this

Crowley never killed a child. He only let some people die on a mountain.

>Turns out the ancient egyptians used iron used from meteorites aka FALLEN rocks in example for this dagger
fwiw everyday approximately 100 metric tons of stardust collide with Earth.

Aliens and demons get the gas too. Then again if we just gassed the kikes it would likely deal with the other two also.

the fucker literally referred to himself as thebeast666

>crowley never killed a child
crowley raped children

Aliens aren't demons, you moron.

I been telling people this since Sofia merged with SingularityNet. New church: Way of the Future. AI antichrist. Aliens and their tech will be welcomed as saviors, but they'll be demons and all will be damned. This is your life.

Good post. It's theories like these that push me closer to Christ, because why not. There's a 50/50 chance that this Christ/Devil duality exists. If it's real, then I'm safe. If not, then nothing of value was really lost because I don't use religion as an excuse to be ignorant to all forms of scientific analysis.

Where'd you read that?

Yes they are.

Do you say 50/50 chance because it either is true or is not? Because I have some bad news about how statistics work...

Theyll also be pushing the sjw agenda when they be rollin up in a ufo. Get ready.if im gonna be killed for being a christian At least ill get some cool new toys first

Theyre both connected.

Regular bullets will work just fine. Fear isthe mind killer, and fear will be their primary weapon.

>Yes they are.

no they aren't.

Once again the christians have everything entirely backwards.

Aliens are the ANGELS, those spoken of as "Elohim" (They who from heaven to earth came)

And yet your dogma has you supporting satan, and attacking angels...


>And yet your dogma has you supporting satan, and attacking angels...

>supporting the great deceiver.

>read that

if you don't know even that, you have NO IDEA user