Hey Guys I found your forum from the Homeland episode. What is this place?

Hey Guys I found your forum from the Homeland episode. What is this place?

p.s heres a photo of me. I guess i dont know if we have to post our photos on here or not. Cant wait to get to know you guys!

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Take this. They are very important around here, collect as many as you can.

5 head

If real, don't mind creepy or mean replies. Just the way of this place.

Read about the franklin scandal and Dutroux affair if you want to be mind fucked.

I am a National Socialist.


post booboos


leave while you still can. im not joking btw, leave now

show bob and vagene

We are Ben Garrison.


You know the rule.


homeland episode? wtf?

Red pills; boxes of them

Welcome to the party!

what is this rule i dont get it?

High dear, cloth off


Women aren't welcome online until they post nudes

>taking OP at face value




Welcome to your new life.

tits or gtfo

its kind of new tradition for every new member of the site to have to post a photo of themselves, showing their tits.

Welcome to the site =)

Don't do it, don't listen to creeps. This is a dark place with dark info. Get out if you easily offend.

The world isn't what you think it is. Please read about the franklin scandal

why do faggots like you LARP? i mean it's not even funny it's just so fucking cringe

Wait a pathetic bait

KYS unironically

ok i guess. i wont show my face though for obvious reasons

You shouldn't have posted.
Should have lurked for a few months.
If that is you, post the date using the following format.... Cred Forums 2/19/18
Like write it down on a piece of paper.
Or...and I like this the best....tits or gtfo.

next step is timestamp, for verification. also checked.

what is a time stamp?

A piece of paper with date and time next to boobs, so we know you are not full of shit

Nice shorts, ugly tits though.

post your tits with a written current time and date on them. after you do this, we will welcome you.

beggars cant be choosers

They are pretty nice actually. Too bad it is fake

>no other sizes of this image found

And posted with the power of >77

Lurk for at least two months before doing anything here

lmao good work

she is going to have healthy babies for sure tho.

I'd recognize those tits anywhere, you're Debbie washingmachine schilts

You have better teeth than me. It's not fair

Are you a fed?

I know this girl



alright you can talk to us now. whats up what do you want

Next time don’t gender yourself. You’re not a girl here, you’re just a person with a flag. No privileges or assumptions. Once you do gender yourself you gotta show tits because why else would you say your gender.

tell me about your website. i dont understand how to sign up


Buy a Cred Forums pass

Do you see that green word up at the top left?

kek here's a (You)

Posting tits is the application process

Hiroshimoot is that you?

Timestamp or no one will twke you seriously.

This place is the Cred Forumsitically incorrect board of Cred Forums. There are plenty of places that doccument this boards history accurately like encyclipedia dramatica. The best way to think of it is a a bunch of lads at a pub that belong to a secret society.