Youjo Senki

Would you protect her smile?

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I can't even protect myself

She's more likely to protect me

but you can die for her

It's okay, she's small. You can just keep her in your arms.

I want to protect my little loli soldier!


I rewatched it and the ep8 where they attack a republic village felt really forced and irrelevant, then more filler with the Bob sue or whoever. I hated the line "hes been so hard at it he didnt even contact his family" like oh god thats just lame, why even mention that good lord. The final fight was animated well but it would've been so much better without him.

But have you seen that mouth? The smile it might be capable of generating is likely much more than anything we could imagine.


I'd protect her privates if you catch my drift

I'm too much of a coward to take a responsibility of saving smile that big, dude.


Cute daughteru

Literally a 40 year old man in the body of a tiny girl.

I don't lewd Tanya, but consider the homosexual myth that men suck cocks better than women. Now imagine the sexual skill of a 40yo japanese salaryman in the body of a little girl.

That is lolicon at its finest.

s2 when

She's a cute duck

They're making a movie, aren't they?

>ywn polish Tanya's boots
>ywn wash every nook and cranny of her body
>ywn clip her toenails
>ywn brush her teeth
>ywn wash her linen
>ywn help her liquidate democratic scum


but will you die for her?

I wonder if she sometimes goes to the whorehouse with her men and pays a hooker to eat her out.

cmon japan where the femdom doujins at

Honestly I never thought about that but it seems oddly plausible.

how much time can a man remain sane trapped inside the body of a cute loli before his mind gives in to the urge to be filled up with cock? I don't think I could go on for more than three days

After several times surviving self destructions, she's had enough bad plot armor to survive anything.

should I watch this? I have no idea what it's about

It's an isekai.

The goal would be to use your cute loli charms to play with other cute loli girls. Also, showers and sleepovers and stuff.

In other words you are a faggot in denial.

Though it would definitely be fun to tease older men with my delicious little ass & slit combo, and turn teenage boys into future pedophiles.

The OP and ED will give you an idea, and there's also a deeper plot at work.

>The goal would be to use your cute loli charms to play with other cute loli girls
She doesn't need loli charm. She has a high enough rank to propose some sort of experiment where she can just get all the orphans she wants and turn them into loli slaves.

so no one would die for her, i see. posers

Some edgy manchild's fantasy

That's because you're asking the wrong question. The proper question would be would you kill for Tanya?

if you would kill then you would be at risk of dying. it's obvious for every soldier

I would die for any 2d little girl

Fuck no, she looks like shit.
WTF happened?

Aka the only good kind of anime

The bigger the smile, the harder we must protect.

how hard?

This art is so fucking good I listen to the end song literally every time because of this pic and the swell in the music right as it pops up, I have never wanted to join the German military and wear that uniform as much as when I first saw this shit, I was hooked immediately, call me a pleb idc it’s perfect fanservice

you're not alone, plebbro

What would happen if you take away her magic catalyst thingie? Can she cast magic without it? If not she'd be just a regular little girl who killed a few hundred people.

Yes, she made an illusion of a wall and even a person during the fake interview as a test to see if the mages could tell

The fujoshi's that came up with the designs intentionally tried to make her unappealing visually. No, really. They didn't want us to lewd her.

Imagine how glad I was to watch this - I've been interested in WW1 and beyond since I was a kid.

Not only would i fight to protect her smile i'd fight the allies until death and freeze to death in commie land if it meant her freedom.

Indeed, little girls are a powerful motivator.

I’m gonna start reading the manga because the anime hooked me on the setting so hard, I hear it actually makes sense and has a coherent plot unlike the anime which doesn’t explain anything about how she designed tanks and gave the German high commmand all sorts of new tech and how she’s basically bringing WW2 tech 2 decades before it should exist. In the anime they just roll up in panzers and Tanya starts fuckin around with an early submachinegun and you’re left wondering where the fuck all of that came from, I only know because of user’s here that explained it to me. They reeeeally rush through her early life

That makes it better.


>the face of a/atheism

In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by the intelligence of a 40 yr old salaryman in the body of a prepubescent girl.

I'll help you in another way. More knowledge, more appreciation of fiction.

Total newbie tier, for complete, absolute beginners:

Week-per-week development and more:

Elder godtier:

Dan's entire Hardcore History podcast is gold, and he REALLY gave his all in Blueprint for Armageddon. The whole thing is hours upon hours of fascination and interest.

for an atheist she's praying too much

She's forced to pray.

even so

You can still be a meatshield for her

she'll win in the end of right guys?

She will achieve gnosis and slay the Demiurge.

ED of the century

I wish, I wish...

She'll be captured, tortured, they'll cut off her limbs and use body as means to repopulate the country.

Why are Nazis so rapeable?

That aren't, and even if they were she's not a nazi. She's imperial German. Big difference. Vast difference actually.

Why are shitposters so stupid?

Amusing premise that produces alot of good imagery, but ultimately the show has a weak plot and weak characters. Give it a shot if you're interested by there's no reason slog through it if it doesn't hold your interest.

>2 minutes in it's trashing the Kennedy Assassination conspiracy with the typical psychoanalytical hogwash

Just keep listening.

Alright I jumped the gun too soon. He's not being a script drone

Its dude. 30 years.

Stop enabling mentally ill faggots, retard.

Dan is great. Check out his other podcasts one day (the one you've started is gigantic). He's not an unknown figure, but basically the best history podcast guy out there.

Will do. Listening to Joseph Hogarty atm. Here's another I picked up the other day; haven't seen it yet but it's spoken well of


No, G*rmans are subhuman and unworthy of protection

Does the Japanese empire exist in universe?

No. Her hair looks stupid, her mouth looks stupid, her eyes looks stupid. Everything about her character design looks utterly stupid. Complete failure.

>reee I wish this loli was more fuckable because I'm a pedo

yeah yeah yeah heard it all before

you need to go back, normalfag.

The design was unorthodox and looked a little cartoony here and there, but I liked it. I liked it except for this character. She looks like she belongs in an episode of wild thornberries. Yuck

Why is every Tanya doujin snuff/guro/abuse? Can't we just get some nice love making or is she doomed because muh Nazi = bdsm/hatefucking?

It's wierd how some females in this show looked like they're from some moe anime while everyone else looked fairly generic. It makes them look out of place.

I found her quite appealing and feminine.

The Japanese don't give a fuck about libtard bullshit. It's just that rape doujins = cash. I don't like it either but I'm not going to get flustered over it. In fact I can only see Tanya as the dominant partner.

Wait, this might actually be the key. It's possible the Nips simply default to the usual "dominant in public/sub in sex" deal. It's understandable in this light.

Divine Inspiration.

I want to provide air cover for that smile!

Fuck yes I listen to that ED like twice a day
>it’s just catchy
next day
>I just like the art
next day
>I just think germans are aesthetic
next day
>the Germans weren’t even that bad in WW1
next day
>fuck I want to wear that uniform so bad
next day
>Gott mit uns! I must protect her smile! Our lives mean nothing, we will die with the maggots but the fatherland will live on!

You have no idea. David Irving

she will work for greater israel later on

Why would she switch to God's side?

I think there’s an exact doujin like that

when does tanya and glasses have angry hate sex

>tfw favorite part of the LN/manga is the post-war investigation by the reporters in the 1960's
>tfw they cut it out in the anime entirely
How close do they end up getting to the truth? Do they ever actually figure out who XXXXXXXXXXX is? They've got pretty close a few times but they always seem to fuck up.
New manga chapter when? Is there anything left to translate or are we caught up? I haven't followed the release/translation schedule.

Forget him, when will mary get her hands on tanyas ass?

Nah, she get's Weiss to do it.

What do you expect out of over rated garbo.

I ship Tanya and Rerugen hard

These two are my favorite crackship

The series focuses on an sociopathic rationalist that dies and instead of being regually reincarnated is instead reincarnated as a little girl called Tanya in a parallel world highly similar to pre WW1 Germany.
The protagonist mandatorily enters the military and tries to get a safe position in the back but for various reasons always gets dangerous positions in the front.
If you like fantasy, war, and sociopathic protagonists, you will probably like this series.
Keep in mind though that it omits some of the background information from the source material.
I'd say the anime is best for representation of the combat, the manga is best for comedy, and the light novel is best for detaled background information.

>a OP as fuck character literally named Mary Sue
The writer is jus taking the piss at this point, isn't he? It's glorious.

She's a better person than the MC aswell, it will be quite tragic when she dies by the hand of her fathers killer.

you mean her own comrades

I love how it zooms into her eyes before the refrain starts.

>I like Tanya
>But I also like France and Republicanism
Wat do?

Start liking good countries

He has fully accepted the fact he is now female. The male part of his brain is no longer there


Objectively false. Aryans are made for foreign penis.

What's the abridged version where the fedora flies out of nowhere?
I want to watch it again

From 1:20, or just watch the whole thing it's like 2 minutes

>implying you wouldn't a duck

souls do not have genders

The anima is feminine.

reality has a feminine bias

It wasn't as good as I remembered but I guess that's always the case

Good luck, little duck.

Good luck, little duck.

Good luck little cat

Good luck little duck!

Start prepare to send your boat to Dunkirk.

Why is the anime design so warped and unpleasing?

shit studio



will we blessed with a season 2?

Only if you pray hard enough to Being X

on the first's LN afterword carlo zen said something along these lines
>"...or you dont like it if the protagonist doent win; or you want a happy ending you will be better of skipping this book"

I would kill and die for this qt duck

Tanya looks a little weird in some angles, but Visha looks like shite in nearly every scene.

Anyone who wouldn't should be shot and would die anyway

Like code geass in space.

what was this from?


Sex for procreation, you mean.

as in some ova? because i don't remember anything like that on the anime and i watched everything from OP to ED.



worst colonel.

Third page


>tfw Visha looks better in a chibi slideshow than in the proper anime
it's not fair


No, because to hell with that sociopath.

>ywn get stepped on by her after polishing her boots
>ywn never be her punching bag
why live?

>why live?
Blame Being X.

>ywn be drafted into the flight mage unit
>ywn be grounded by heavy flak/air support
>ywn be pinned down by artillery fire
>ywn lift the spirits of your comrades by teasing your CO
I wish i could've experienced the horrors of war with the rest of you faggots serving under a sadistic little duck



fuck off Brock, go back to your bestiality

As far as I know she won in the web novel.

>Plus Ultra - March 20, 2018 (ENG)
So close, yet so far.

>Sonzai Ekkusu made Tanya ugly in anime
This is worse then all that Mary Sue fuckery.

Duck and potato are cute. At least it's better than ultra generic Vishna in the LN and manga.

>talking shit about art in LN
They'll gut you like a pig, Being X.

Tanya is cute
Those who insult Tanya's cuteness get gassed.


The cutest duck

Body of a girl, mind of a man.
When he grows up he's going be a penis envying lesbian.

Very cute duck

>Bob Sue gets Being X powers
>oh maybe he can give Tanya a real fight
>gets his ass kicked again despite having the same powers
>Tanya doesn't get a fucking scratch from him
>only injury Tanya gets in the whole fight is from potato moeblob shooting through Tanya to kill the guy
Tanya is more of a Mary Sue than actual Mary Sue

why didn't tanya teach the germans to make nukes

how would a salaryman know how to make nukes

Do you really think some salaryman would know how to build a nuke?

Reminder that Tanya already wet for someone else.

I still wait for a vanilla doujin of these two, femdom is fine too. Why can't Tanya get some doujin that doesn't have rape or group sex in it.

he could point them towards uranium and the idea. or try to kidnap the american scientists if they exist

The LN author wanted her to look evil and unsympathetic, he hates cute anime girls. The funny thing is that she got even more popular

and with no actual credible input to it she'll just be the annoying ideas guy

Scientists knew about uranium being radioactive since 1898.
Your "suggestion" is as good as telling
>go build a rocket I know it going to be cool as fuck
>you can use railgun as a weapon!
>also it's very convenient to have a mobile phone
>I don't know shit how to make any of it though.

She looks evil in every piece of ln art.

Post more Tanya

Cold War Commie Hunter-mode?

>Why can't Tanya get some doujin that doesn't have rape or group sex in it.
There's at least one with some duck-on-potato action on sadpanda, But yeah. Rerugen/Tanya doujin when?

Jep. Adult Tanya best Tanya

Visha literally looks better in anything and anywhere, other than the anime.
I can forgive them for giving Tanya a simple face, because loli... why what did the do the visha and why

Potato Vishna > Generic cute Vishna


tanya should be in a sling bikini

iirc the manga is deviating from the LN

For sure

Only a sequel movie.
Could be great tho

I want to be her comfort man

Tanya belongs to Rerugen

Isn't the whole point of an asphyxiation fetish that animals have the urge to leave an offspring behind right before they die? Wouldn't be surprised if soldiers on a suicide squad fuck like rabbits to keep their urges in check.

I'd order her to the front lines to fight.

Hopefully one day.

Got the other pic?

No, she's an ugly duck

I only did that one page.

have they announced the movie plot yet?

It's all due to things the anime changed or cut due to being run by incompetent edgelords. Sue is already dead by that point in the LN (and he never got god powers, he just was the biggest motherfucking badass in the Alliance), but he dies in a sea battle that isn't in the anime and that is relevant because Tanya's accused of war crimes due to it since she killed a civilian british crew member (unbeknownst to hr and the empire the brits are actually lying and the guy she killed was an Alliance diplomat sent to set up a government in exile, ruining one of the brits' most secret operations). The city is a contrast to that because there she is killing civilians left and right but doing it by following the letter of the laws of war.


I don't want to fuck a duck tbqh

How can you be so gay?

The first Episode has amazing sound design.
Explosions have depth, gunshots are crisp and the score is pretty fucking perfect. Too bad they weren't able to pull it off like that for the other episodes.

Apparently it's starts directly where the series left off.

I demand more chibi Tanya



That's Lyzra from Made in Abyss.

The idea of a nuke has been discussed in previous breads.

Why haven't you read Carlo Zen's recommendations, Cred Forumsnon?

>Tanya belongs to Rerugen
Fite me

Misunderstandings: The manga.
I fucking love it

>no 'Trotzdem'
>no 'Holt Hartmann vom Himmel!'

Surprising, considering.

I expected more books about flying and fighter planes

>no "Im Stahlgewitter"

Man, Rudel was a badass. Even just the shit he did AFTER WW2 is enough to fill several books.

hows the yen press release of the ln

Readable - and surprisingly high pagecount (for a LN)

Truly a sad destiny for us

Tanya is never going to have a big bosom because of systematic malnutrition and will stay a womanlet on top of that.

She will stay perfect then

Well that's good then. Can't imagine it being fun, flying around as a mage with cowtits.

>he's ok with child starving
I don't mean to be rude, but you pedos are fucking degenerates and should off yourselves.


>no Storm of Steel
first book i expected to see on this list. kinda surprised it's not there.

Visha is doing it just fine. And she is a shovel wielding maniac in melee on top of that.

So what exactly will happen to mary sue if she gets caught by tanya? Will she just be executed?

same thing that happened to her daddy


So, is the author an actual communist or is he just a dank memer?

>ywn have a higher rank than Tanya and force her to have a test run with your hyper weapon even though it's dangerous today

probably leans more towards tribalism that lots of people misassociate with actual communism

oh hey i know that one.

What says. It's pretty simple: communists want a worldwide revolution or else their system is gonna fail sooner rather than later. Tribalists are just concerned with their 'community' - however large that may be.



her lips look so soft and I like her raunchy voice. I want to pin her physically weak body down and teach her about the pleasure of a woman.

You probably wouldn't survive long.


Tribalism is the only thing that’s real in this world. Hyperconsumer garbage is no substitute for defending the land soaked in the blood of your forefathers. Goddamn Europe start killing each other again so i can die for my country like a real man in a real war not some proxy bullshit but a war to change the world. We have enough people, an excess even. Let’s spend those lives before disease and starvation wastes them anyway. It’s either that or all cultures die, the capitalists control the world and suck up all the resources for their own comfort and destroy the earth. This world needs a centralized authority to fight for a cause and win, to shake up the board again and get people with a rational desire for humanity’s self-preservation. These comforts we enjoy are empty and devoid of meaning, we all know how their sweetness turns to dust in our mouths, that our comfort is not worth the destruction of everything our ancestors fought and died for. I can’t believe we’re just going to let the world die because anything drastic is unspeakable, somebody need to take control, things need to change for good or bad, the population and resource consumption needs to slow down to balance the Earth, we are a virus in need of culling and it’s the perfect opportunity to reorganize our efforts towards long term survival. Please any future dictators reading this, take the chance. It will be you against the world but you’ll be doing it for the future and fighting the past.
I pray for a man to pass the rubicon once again, I’ll die for that man(or cute girl)

Tribalism is significantly smaller in scale than most nations.

Nationalism is just a grand scale application of tribalism

nationalism isn't incompatible with tribalism even though you are more concerned with your immediate neighbors you likely don't want incompatible people to setup communities around yours

No. Nationalism requires a far more abstracted view of the world.
With a tribe/region everyone is either related or atleast knows each other over a few corners.
A nation requires and "idea" that unifies the citizens usually that being language and to a lesser degree cultural similiarities.
It is inherently incompatible.
The best for the nation as a whole will in most cases go against the interests of certain regions/tribes/whatever you want to call it.
In a national framework the regions will accept that to a certain degree because they are entrenched in the idea of belonging together.
Tribalistic societies won't stand for a short term loss on part of their region in favor of other neighbouring ones.
Same as nationalistic countries won't act for the benefit of other countries

Nationalism and tribalism are, in essence, the same ideal with different means and ends that are subject to the context of their times and the necessities therein. The idea behind both of these terms is the concept of "we vs the other." The context, in this case the scale and strength that "we" must have in order to maintain our sovereignty in an inherently chaotic balance of power amongst the "others" of the world. Tribalism is either irrelevant or inefficient in the modern sense, but we are still tribal animals with inherently tribal instincts and every form of society we invent is derived from our instinctual drive for tribal unity and the ever-increasing necessity that war and economics creates for larger and larger organizations. In political science theory, we have the ideal-i.e. a theory or philosophy-and then we have the application-familial, communal, social, political, and economic organizations, all of which stem from inherently tribal ideals, and tribalism/nationalism are different applications of similar ideals, and so if the human mind exhibits all the symptoms of a tribal person in a nationalistic society-i.e. a "we vs them" mindset, then they are still satisfying the same instinct.
tl;dr if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

>The idea behind both of these terms is the concept of "we vs the other."
That point is utterly useless as every single ideology frames the world in "we" and "others".
The comparable part is in what way an ideology defines the "we" and the "other". And on that front nationalism and tribalism diverge a lot. Though it might be necessary to include feudalism as a point of reference between them

ottomans when

Yeah noticed the whistle right as I hit post and ventured to the tab to look at the bigger image instead of thumbnail. Not a bad role model though.

>every single ideology frames...
Just not true. There’s plenty of ideologies whose entire purpose is breaking away from the tribal mold, but they always fail because they cannot be applied to tribal people. Feudalism is just another natural evolution of the same ideas that created tribes, yes all organizations are tribal because tribal people only accept tribal organizations and all the ideas that intentionally try to break the instinctual stranglehold are weeded our by evolution because they are inherently incompatible with human beings. Virtually the only difference between a nationalistic man and a tribalistic man is what he believes to be “we” which in all def facto sense is all that matters since he will act out a life in accordance with a tribe, whether that be a military, a corporation, or a barber shop, everyone seeks out tribal unions and it doesn’t matter if they’re real or not as long as they are strong enough to weather the storm of change. If they endure, it is because they most effectively appealed to a man’s tribal need for a tribe. You might think it’s irrelevant but I think it’s the single most important factor in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of idealogies: it is in essence a competition to see who’s rationalization of society best suits instinctual needs. Not all organizations are tribal, and not all organizations effectively survive, but the ones that do are obviously hitting on the finer points of what makes a tribal mind tick

>There’s plenty of ideologies whose entire purpose is breaking away from the tribal mold,
I'd love to hear which ones you consider breaking from the we/others distinction.
The closest in theory would probably be humanism but even that distinguishes between people for and against it.

Virtually all forms of organization have some hint of tribal in them because they were made by tribal minds, but the ones that succeed are the ones that have more of it. Both Buddhism and Christianity began as antiestablishment anarchist movements and neither of them were viable until they were “tribalized” into more viable religions. There’s a million failed ideas out there, and they fail when the ideology strays too far from reality. So no, I can’t give you a single ideology that is not at the very least inherently tribal by nature of identifying itself as a distinction from something else, as all ideologies built off of criticism of the previous ideas, but I’d say there are ideologies that rely on deconstructing and breaking pieces off of other ideologies and these divergences are only as successful if they moderate themselves. The world has more failed experiments than successful ones, but the ones that succeed are all very similar and build off of each other so you can almost draw a line from mind to mind and see that there’s are pure ideals that seem to transcend societies and pop up in everything that ends up working. Because a specific organization might become obsolete but the idea stays the same.

>Both Buddhism and Christianity began as antiestablishment anarchist movements
I can't comment on Buddhism but god damnit read the fucking bible before coming up with bullshit like Christianity being anarchist.
Anti-establishment is a kinda usless category considering that all ideologies strife for dominance and are thus inherently anti-establishment when not in power

The teaching of Jesus are incompatible with tribalism, because he basically argued that the world didn’t matter, like trying to get a leaderboard slot when they’re going to reset the leaderboard in a week anyway, which is why his disciples abandoned everything. There’s no sense in trying to win the devil’s game, just try to break away from the Romans and if they kill you you’ll go to heaven, don’t worry soon Jesus will come back and organize us so we don’t have to worry about organizing the world ourselves, our “tribe” awaits in heaven and will always be flawed on earth, etc. it takes a lot of leaps to go from “just wait for jesus” into “we have to conquer the world and give Jesus a red carpet to walk in on.” The former is an ideal inherently incompatible with the power dynamics of the world, the latter is the moderation.

So about those cute Tanya pictures

ITs a nice joke but falls a bit flat as everything leading up to it is just random luck with events that have 0.0001% likelihood to happen.

It still divides humans into believers and heathens.
A textbook "we"/"others" divide.
Also you're ignoring the religious main reason for missionating

No. She serves a totalitarian regime, so I want to ruin her smile forever and ever.

Via repeated and prolonged ass play.

Yeah but that’s not enough to build a society around so it’s not enough to stand up to time, Christianity needed more than black and white and so it became Catholicism.

I can see how sexual intercourse with you would make everyones life miserable to the point where they're no longer able to smile but that's just cruel, user.

What gives you the impression the Empire is totalitarian?
Actual Imperial Germany was certainly authoritarian, but by no means did they seek to control every aspect of society.


Indeed, hence why her smile would be forever erased by the forced rectal explorations of a fat Lemmy Kilmister-looking pervert.


Murder can be cute user

Did she decapitate a dude with a shovel? That's fucking harcore.

>she's like 10 during WW1
>she'll be in her 30s during WW2
Are you ready for grown up female hitler?

I think they skip WW2 in YS's world. The world war they have is a mix of 1 and 2 already and takes place in the 1920's iirc.
She will be in her 20's or 30's during the Cold War though.
I wonder if she's still alive in the 60's. She'd be what, ~50+ years old by then?

when is tanya going to start exploiting her gender?

Tanya literally stops a nazi germany from happening by setting up the empire to not get defeated as horribly as germany was in ww2
She's a good girl, deep down.

The pronounciation of the German words in the ED is so fucking butchered.
I'm German and I didn't even notice that it contains German words.

It's Japs pronouncing any Western words, what did you expect?
Then again, I speak English natively and German pronunciation is second only to fucking German grammar and words genders in how often I tend to fuck it up. At least French you can kinda guess the gender of the word based on whether it ends in "e" or not, but German seems to be just based on memorization.
Is there a trick I'm missing or?


So is tanya america's bitch now?

Yes. Troops often sharpened the shovels, asserting that they made better melee weapons than bayonets. Some also just brought medieval-esque bludgeons, maces and axes.

Tanya's expression is fantastic. It expressed both that she finds the baby adorable, but looks like she's just thinking to herself
>wut do now

>Is there a trick I'm missing or?
Nope. Nur die Harten komm in Garten!

>he thinks it's ww1
It's a mix of ww1 and ww2 if you bothered to notice the rockets and panzer 3's.

Tanya is Rerugen's wife


>Yes. Troops often sharpened the shovels, asserting that they made better melee weapons than bayonets. Some also just brought medieval-esque bludgeons, maces and axes.
Compared to early-war long bayonets, they absolutely are. Even with late-war shorter bayonets, you can make a pretty good case. In the sort of close quarters combat you got in WW1 - typically raiding trenches - shorter melee weapons were much more practical. And in any case, bayonets were usually ordered to be affixed to the rifle before embarking on an attack or raid, and killing someone with an affixed bayonet is unlikely at the best of times. (It's been said that no-one in WW1 was killed with a bayonet who hadn't already surrendered. Dunno about absolutely no-one, but at the least it was fucking rare.)
That said, the shovel she's got there has a longer handle than the "entrenching tools" soldiers were issued, which negates most of the advantage it would actually have as a melee weapon.
Still, this is an anime/manga/light novel series about a flying ten-year-old girl wrecking armies, I can forgive them having a soldier using a longer-than-historically-accurate shovel as a melee weapon.

well they are aerial units, a regular shovel would do just fine if she needed to resort to melee combat

True, though aerial personnel are typically issued less bulky equipment than ground soldiers. I don't imagine that'd change if the personnel in question is a mage flying under their own power rather than a pilot.
But again, given everything else, I can forgive the length of a shovel.

>well they are aerial units
aerial units with magic and shit

>inb4 smoking
Being X playing with her mind, altering her consciousness is just fine, but this leading to her smoking isn't?




I bet she's the one who wants to go back in the field, Tanya wouldn't be a good mom.

>40 year old business man who was reborn as a child soldier and murdered a shit ton of people wouldn't be a good mom
What a shocker.

No, what a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Thank you, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

2nd post best post

Blame Being X

If being X wanted to break him he should've thrown him into another shit world like the smartphone isekai world.

Being X wants a certain kind of break. I'm not sure that the smartphone isekai world would get that out of somebody so in olev with the Chicago school of economics.


>he mentioned that he had recently watched Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, and that it will definitely influence the presentation of the film.
What did director mean by this?

i work in the army, can tell you all officers are sadistic little ducks
just enlist faggot

>he mentioned that he had recently watched Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, and that it will definitely influence the presentation of the film.
I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Confirmed, all lewding of Tanya is enemy propaganda.

No, she is a shitty girl.

Damn you Being X

God I always forget how ugly this bitch is. It's not even mostly the lips I think, it's the eyelashes, nose and feature-placement in general, fucking nightmarish.

the ultimate keikaku all along, sweet user
no appeal=no porn, they thought
well, 'hoped' is probably more appropriate

That picture would be pretty hot if those were girl hands

Can I protect your smile user?

>implying she can't protect it herself

>implying i still wouldn't take a bullet for her

She is certainly a...

...Demanding master.

I don't know how those soldiers can stay compose like that, I'd be way too arouse.

Ok I just watched this but the whole thing got pretty fucking silly when it was revealed that not-Germany had jet engine tech and WW2 tanks.

I mean come the fuck on. Why not use WW1/Inter-war shit?

But other than that it was pretty entertaining. Can't wait for Tanya to fight that other god powers loli.


Poor Rerugen, always taking the blame.

Would be a better strategy to not attack the Soviet Union at all and to instead secure the oil fields in the middle east honestly.

That's a Japanese man.

Of course. The Nazis didn't attack the Soviet Union because they thought it was sensible strategically to do so, they did it because of ideology and Hitler's paranoia that the Soviet Union would eventually turn on them. Maybe they might have eventually, but at the time the Soviets weren't interested in being at war.

>ywn babysit Tanya and Rerugens child for them

Feels bad man

>Implying allowing the communists to live is acceptable.
Also the middle eastern oil fields weren't at all prospected, nor developed until after the 2nd World War. Neither their extent was known, nor the infrastructure built up. The Caspian Sea was still the greatest supply of oil accessible to Europe at the time.

>They drop their kid off
>It's their anniversary
>Rerugen has a worried look on his face
>Tanya has a shiteating grin
>You know exactly what they're going to go do for the next few hours.

There are multiple flaws in that strategy.
First of all, reliance on the fact that there won't be a butterfly effect. The Battle of France was a fluke because Gamelin was shit. You often hear that France fought "as if it were WW1" but if that were the case Gamelin would've had reserve lines, which he didn't.

Secondly, convincing Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and Ireland to join. Spain and Sweden are plausible, but Switzerland is constitutionally neutral and Turkey has no reason to join. Especially given that the Axis can barely project power in the Mediterranean. Also, Ireland? The guys who just won their independence a decade or two ago? Why would they want to piss off Britain and risk losing it all?

Thirdly, this strategy underestimates both the British navy and overestimates the German navy. During WW2 it was shit, a shadow of what it was in WW1. The ONLY chance the Germans had of fighting the British navy on equal footing was to take over the entire French navy (second in the war before America joined). The thing is that the French scuttled their own fleet at Toulon and the British bombed it at Mers El-Kebir after it became clear Darlan had no intentions of joining the Allies. But again, if there's a butterfly effect what stops Darlan from joining the allies with the entire undamaged French fleet, giving the allies an even greater naval advantage?

Fourthly, it ignores Lend-Lease. Russia is only beatable in the absence of American support. How are they going to achieve that? Coordinate a naval blockade with Japan of the SU? That could work, except for the fact that the Japanese navy insisted on pursuing a Pacific strategy. Japan and the SU didn't declare war on one another until 1945.

The only way Hitler could really win is to delay the entire war (by not invading Poland), build up his navy and provide support to China rather than Japan. A victorious, unified China would be much more useful in fighting the Soviet Union.

This assumes China would be willing to ally with Nazi Germany.

I don't think that delaying the war would have been a viable option.
In the early 20th century the Soviet Union was underdeveloped, but quickly catching up.
Drawing out the war would have given the Soviet Union an advantage.
Also, in 1939 Germany was on the verge of bankrupcy due to the huge increase in military spending.

Have a romantic dinner date at the most fanciest restaurant in the empire?

>This assumes China would be willing to ally with Nazi Germany.–1941

On the one hand, that's true. On the other hand, the Italian army was woefully unprepared by 1939, and both the German and Italian navies woefully underdeveloped. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario.

Huh. Learn something new every day.

>Also, in 1939 Germany was on the verge of bankrupcy due to the huge increase in military spending.
How large exactly was the debt? And how much of that was external debt?

Huge, considering that next to regular government bonds (which the Nazi's milked out as much as they could), Schacht also introduced MEFO bills to run at an even larger (and hidden) deficit.

Nazi Germany's biggest problem was that it was being run by fascists. When you are so overcome by your sense of aesthetics that your perception of reality is drowned out by your narrative, your sense of 'what-should-be' overtakes your analytical sense of 'what-will-be', then you can't objectively appraise the reality before you. Fascism is the endpoint of replacing knowledge of reality with narrative. Their biggest problems would've been avoided by not being Nazis, but then again, if they hadn't been Nazis would they even have started a war in the first place?

could Germany and Britain have stood against Russia and the US?

None, however economics.
There are 3 sources of money creation.
Government spending. Private Bank lending. Central Bank "lending".
There is also 3 sources of money destruction.
Taxation. Repaying loans to banks**. Central Bank, "bond fuckery".

In theory a Government can just spend any amount of money it wants to, but this will simply generate lots of currency, thereby merely generating inflation.
Inflation and debt have a zero sum relationship, meaning that if inflation increases both the value of debt and savings decreases.

In practice however, just printing money would come at cost of making the lives of the average German worse off, thereby ending the economic miracle that had gained the Nazi's their entire political legitimacy.

The options facing Germany at the time were
>run up inflation
>cease the build up, and thereby end their economic boom
>loot someone else's country.

**btw, the current economic kerfuffle that we are in, is completely related to this. Its known as Debt Deflation, where after racking up crippling levels of private debt, no new money is created, and thereby at a macro level money is removed from the economy, creating a deflationary environment for capital.

Cred Forums has a good track record of completely showing up Cred Forums when it comes to politics, and a lot of this tends to come up in Youjo Senki breads.

That's a really open-ended question. I mean, maybe? Depends on how prepared each side is and which side is the aggressor, I guess.

Russia? Sure.
USA? No way. The US are playing geopolitics on easy mode and are nearly impossible to invade. The only way to defeat the US is to get it to kill itself and split up.

>The only way to defeat the US is to get it to kill itself and split up.
I wish I could see that.

Stick around a few years and you might.

So did Tanya Germany teamup with nippon?

This book was written 20 years ago.

If you had said that a few years earlier I would've considered that an absurd prediction, but nowadays I have to admit, there's a slim chance depending on how things go. You've got the right wing subsisting on a steady diet of Fox News and Infowars, a small but growing number of leftists, and a great mass of liberals who still believe in decorum.

To be fair you have to admit that is pretty genius.
Meanwhile America spends billions in useless military hardware.

It's not useless! Its production takes money away from the poor and gives it to the rich, while letting America wave its dick around and maintain it economic hegemony!

making germany win ww2 was too hard for Tanya but can she make germany great again


A couple of years ago it was looking like a slim chance, these days it's looking almost inevitable. It's still possible to step back from the brink, but there's little sign of anyone taking a course of action compatible with that.

Just curious, what sort of actions do you think would even allow a de-escalation of american internal politics? Drumpf impeachment perhaps?

It ain't completely useless, as hegemony is profitable, but they do really need to preform a fucking audit at this point.

A few years ago the Pentagon was requesting that the Government put more money... into education... because the standard of recruit they were getting was going down. They're swimming in so much money that they were asking that the Government give money to OTHER Government departments. That simply doesn't happen in any other bureaucracy.

>tfw always stick around in these threads and learn something new
I flunked my history classes and now is a great time to catch up. Even if it can be considered as a biased retelling, the more perspectives you have on a story the better understanding you get of it.

That might just escalate things further, I think. Trump is just a symptom of a deeper rot, you need to hit at the core of their actual beliefs to really hurt the redcaps - they already believe the 'deep state' is out to get Trump, and him getting impeached would just validate their beliefs. Compare that to Charlottesville, where their beliefs of what would happen were utterly at odds with what actually happened.

Don't forget that they can't spend the money they have on the things they want, like for example 'maintaining all the stuff they already have' instead of 'buying even more stuff they don't need'.

>Drumpf impeachment
>a de-escalation
That's now how that works.

Trump is a symptom. Primarily, of pic, but also of institutional failures, ie the "left" triangulating, and throwing off any pretense of actually looking after the poor. This resulted in the rust belt wacking Clinton in the face and putting Trump into office.

According to all polls the same people who voted Trump would have voted Bernie, if he were facing Trump. But he wasn't. (also, congress would block Bernie anyway, so sadly the president just isn't that important, and those fixating upon him are either retards or foreigners who need to learn how the US system works).

Along with the economic crisis we are going through It doesn't exactly look good.

There pretty much is only a single upside to this crisis, but it is a substantial one. As soon as a single country falls to either a new fascism, or a new communism, all other countries political classes, will take one long stare at their contemporaries dangling limply from lamp posts, and will make serious efforts to address the problems that led to a country falling into chaos.

That's the good news. That bad news, is that it looks like nothing will be done until that happens, so strap in as this ride ain't stopping any time soon.

>Drumpf impeachment perhaps?
That is one, but only if his supporters don't throw a massive tantrum over it. Limiting the corporate influence over the government would help a great deal. Dialling back the institutional racism would do a lot; BLM etc would be a lot less likely to riot if they weren't being so comprehensively fucked over all the time.
Serious reform of the electoral system would do wonders; the way presidential candidates are selected is an ugly circus, and the length of time spent campaigning is way too long.

All of that don't address pic related tho. You'll never have social justice without economic justice 'cause society and the economy are two halves of the same whole. Power attracts wealth and wealth attracts power y'know.

>As soon as a single country falls to either a new fascism, or a new communism, all other countries political classes, will take one long stare at their contemporaries dangling limply from lamp posts, and will make serious efforts to address the problems that led to a country falling into chaos.
I'm not so sure that's the way things would play out. It seems more likely to me that they'd see it as a sign that they need to fight harder and more desperately against their ideological opposites rather than "show weakness" by being more moderate and avoiding chaos.

Well yeah. That's kind of what I'm getting at with limiting corporate influence over government. If government legislates wages at fair levels and taxes corporations and the rich fairly, things would be mostly fine; they don't because of corporate influence.

>It seems more likely to me that they'd see it as a sign that they need to fight harder and more desperately against their ideological opposites rather than "show weakness" by being more moderate and avoiding chaos.
I disagree with that. It was only after a communist state in russia rose that western capitalist societies started introducing "soft" socialism to curb radicalization of underclass, or started introducing civil rights for blacks after communism started to spread to african nations and west needed a way to control those regimes without seeming like a classist society.

A rise of a new radicalized country would force current elites to adobt some smaller fixes to inequalities or grievences of the population.

It just feels like you're approaching this from the wrong angle, like you're hoping the government will be able to just legislate away corporate influence. It doesn't work that way; you have to erode the power of the corporations before you can challenge their hegemony over the government. Fairer wages would come before the ending of corporate influence, not after, because the only thing that can challenge the power of the overclass is the power of the underclass.

>the only thing that can challenge the power of the overclass is the power of the underclass.
The only thing that can threathen the elite is the middle-class. Under-class lacks any means to do for anything other than work for basic survival. This is why the top often radicalizes and uses the underclass to attack the middle.

>Dialling back the institutional racism
Name one.
Took the legit issue of police brutality, under training, and militarization and racialized it. I couldn't have prayed for a better outcome if I were Dugin himself. Tzeentch would be pissing itself with laughter.
>presidential candidates
Are useless. As Trump is so brilliantly proving, he can get away with very little, and what little he can get away with is actually congress's approval, or foreign policy.
Only when people stop paying attention to the president, and start paying attention to their own congressional senators and representatives, along with throwing lobbying money out a window, will US politics at all improve for the long term.

I agree with There is nothing to temper ideological fever, than to fear that it may be you dangling from a lamp post, rather than some far off hypothetical politician.
Some lunatics will want to double down, but those with any competence to have achieved positions of power to begin with, will be scared. And if its gone so far that these people aren't in power, then de facto the country in question has "fallen" already, but hasn't yet suffered the collapse, from the breakdown of the system.

>This is why the top often radicalizes and uses the underclass to attack the middle.
Or imports a new one.

Maybe. It just seems to me like everything is getting much more polarised now than it had been then. On the other hand, it had been expected that Brexit would cause other EU countries to want to leave too, but what's wound up happening is that everyone else sees how badly Britain will be fucked by leaving the EU, so they're more determined to stay. So maybe there is still some learning from the mistakes of other nations happening.

The elite doesn't use the underclass to attack the middle class; they arrange the economy to move people from the middle class to the underclass, while maintaining the illusion that the middle and underclass can become the elite if they work hard enough.

Eh, a lot more people consider themselves middle-class than actually are. And even then, only a small part of the middle class are, to use the Marxist term, petit bourgeoise, while the rest are just workers with delusions of grandeur. But divide-and-conquer tactics are definitely a thing because they work.

Being black is as bad for your job prospects as being a white with a criminal record, for one.

>but what's wound up happening is that everyone else sees how badly Britain will be fucked by leaving the EU, so they're more determined to stay.

Euroscepticism is only growing after brexit, especially as the EU continues to mismanage the migration crisis. Greece, Hungary, Poland are pushed more and more to open defiance against the EU, and pooling done in france about the local peoples desire to stay in the EU was so abyssimal that Macron himself said that were a Frexit vote done today, france would probably be forced to leave.

Brittain getting slapped with some economic hurt is pointlessly small compared to the existential dread that is generated due to mismanagement of borders.

>Being black is as bad for your job prospects as being a white with a criminal record, for one.
Can you cite from anywhere that this is due to racism?

I myself have a strong hunch as to why this(black unemployment rate of 50-60%) is but if you have such data at hand...

>pic is political not anime

I didn't have the link at hand so I had to google it, but I think this is the study I remembered:

Also we should post more cute anime girls here lest the mods get suspicious. Even if it is a slow time of day right now.

Erya is underappreciated.

Might as well post my Tanya drawings I did for a drawthread. All lewd warning

>ITT: /his/ and Cred Forums
Feels like early 2017 again. God, I miss Youjo Senki airing.

Season 2 never
Seems legit. Doesn't prove the claim of institutional. It merely proves that people are and can be racist in their hiring choices. That's not institutional.
You also have the studies that came up with the same results, wherein an AI became racist upon the basis of analyzing meta data, meaning that there was still a hiring basis from the AI, even when the information was identical.

What Meta data?
Read and become depressed. 1.1 Standard Deviations of depression. I know it is bad form to link Wikipedia, but given the sensitive topic, if any of this was wrong, it would have been corrected.
By and large, if you then look at a standard distribution of this IQ difference, you understand alarmingly quickly why the unemployment rate is as it is, and similarly the crime rate. Increasing automation in our economies has steadily eliminated the usefulness of those who are less intelligent in the labour market and as the Government has just abandoned people in this situation... the problem compounds from one generation to the next.

Cred Forums believes this to be justification for... what they want to do. However, at most its justification for social engineering.
The reason IQ's are higher for those who have been living in civilizations for longer, is that intelligence has been socialized to be a desirable mating trait, and therein selected in mating, and passed on more than the good running genes. Run that for a few hundred years and you have a population with a higher IQ.

Speaking of low IQ's can you draw Tanya disemboweling Umaru?






That's pretty nasty

That's awesome. This applies to you as well!

I wouldn't need to


duckface to try and prevent hentai being made.
that was their excuse
and they failed

bitch gets killed by soldiers on her own side for being a loose canon

His smile is the only smile worth protection in anime.

She was a Mary Sue, so Tanya literally couldn't harm her.

9 at the start of the story
she is 14 in the latest part

she did flee to america after the war

Which is why it's funny. That's the point. Apotheostic fuckery and probability hooliganry. All for the purpose of harassing some Edgy Atheist across, time, space and soul.

>Mary sue

This is what a true Mary Sue looks like.
If she were one, then she should have just stood up from being death and curbstomped Tanya


given 3 power ups in the form of 3 miracles
far stronger then tanya, but lacking any combat expierence and she goes beserk and loses all control over herself whenever she heard tanya's nickname 'the devil of the rhine'
has an attack that can take out half an army, but it drains her mana by 50%
tanya can at her best destroy a battalion with her strongest spell.

but in the end mary (in the web version at least) gets killed by soldiers from her own side for being an idiot

How strong would Tanya have been with those 3 miracles?


Tanya has the strongest miracle already. It's called social darwinism.


She could be stronger than Mary but the Type-95 is faith capped so she can't use all it's power.

>She has a high enough rank to propose some sort of experiment where she can just get all the orphans she wants and turn them into loli slaves
Funny, there's a character in something I'm writing like that.

>A duck is fine too

she has the rank of luitenant-colonel in the LN
still a major in the manga

She believes in Being X, she just doesn't like him. If anything she's a deist.

mary is still stronger then tanya, even when tanya uses the faith ability.
tanya's strongest faith backed spell can take out a battalion.
mary's strongest faith backed spell can take out half an army

Visha grew on me desu.

Did you not read what I said about the Type-95 being faith locked? as in she can only use 20 or 30% of it's power even after a prayer.


so what thing is mary using? or doesn't she need a medalion?

>Tanya's allied scum now



Truck-kun and Virgin one kinda applies.
Also, the "they look evil" though it's the MC that looks evil to everyone else.

Season 2 when?

she didn't start working for them, she whent into hiding

Given the chance, the person Tanya was in the real world would have killed though.

I kill everyone in this thread to protect that smile

Normal Orb and rage and those 3 miracles on only her body.

Not to mention the Type-95 would have taken 1000 years to get to work but it would also of reached the divine realm when it did.


I'd come for Tanya, if you know what I mean

I want to put a baby in her so she can drop out of the military and live a safe life in the capital with me.

North America is a massive natural fortress the size of a continent, it would be completely impossible to logistically support an invasion when not only will ou be facing the US military on its home turf, but also the entire civilian population which is armed and more skilled with firearms than any other population in the world. Even if you defeated the military and destroyed all the major cities, you’re looking at literally DECADES of guerilla resistance throughout thousands of miles of American ecosystems, which btw is mostly desert and plains, so have fun with some of the harshest conditions imaginable for an army to march around in and having your supplies stretched to inconceivable limits trying to suppress literally thousands of miles of plains and deserts, it’s even harder than conquering russia because every fucking speck of civilization you run into will be shooting at you and we’ve got stockpiles and underground tunnels and bunkers for days, we REEEEALLLY took nuclear winter seriously. Basically we’re a giant natural fortress and even if the entire rest of the world teamed up they’d be hard pressed to conquer that land. This all assumes you’d be able to defeat the US navy and gain sea dominance, and honestly I don’t see even the entire world combined defeating all those ships and aircraft carriers. The US has 11 active carriers and just as many inactive ones that could be deployed at any time, so basically we have twice as many as everyone else put together. Our air force likewise dwarfs pretty much the entire world combined, so good luck even getting to this impossible-to-conquer hellhole of rednecks with AR-15

She's still like 9 so you'll have to wait a few years.

Not unless they get a foothold in Alaska. Then they have a staging point. But you still have to go through Canada and who knows how that will work out.

So user, I decided to partially colour this in...
Colouring Tanya's face made it look derpy and I can't draw, so I left her face alone.

>She's still like 9
Yes, and?

>Guro shit

I learned from the anime-not the manga- that the average Japanese really doesn’t understand why WW1 happened, and this is embodied by the political climate. WW1 happened because of interlocking alliances, everyone was at war before anyone was at war, soon as Germany stepped foot in neutral territory Britain declared war and that was that, however, in the show they leave it open as if these alliances would shake out differently and they’re not sure who else is going to join the war. In reality they conceived of this world war before it even started, not after it had already began, so this whole anime plot like of “hmmm sure hope not-England doesn’t get involved” when in reality that’s already inevitable before the first man in France dies. Maybe they just like intrigue and it’s more interesting to them to have the alliances gradually form, but this isn’t how european geopolitics works, if it was then they would have avoided a world war, but everyone was at war before anyone was at war.

Fuck her until you force puberty via your semen.

>god(s) is so assblasted he starts a regional and kills tens of millions just to antagonize one atheist
>after said atheist does too well despite the war, god escalates it to a global conflict
>all to attack one person

That's a godly level of petty bullshit.



Yo, your fatty Franz Ferdinand didn't see Princip's pistol
Too busy guzzling his tenth wiener schnitzel
Popped a cap in his ass for my Black Hand brothers
Shave off that 'tache, it's bigger than your mother's!
Now just like your bald head you ain't got no heir
I spit rhyme as your empire decline
Have you any notion of united Slav nation?
You catch my drift or do you want a translation?
Serbia got friends, yo! Russia's our homie
Think we're scared? Here's two words for you:
Blow me!



get out of here stalker

We can still start practicing.

Pfft, Being X is just multi-tasking. Have you never punished millions of sinners with one cataclysmic event before? I bet you don't even lift oceans.

If you're the creator of all things, you'd do the same too; Being omnipotent must gets boring after a while, messing with Tanya is probably the only fun he have.

I would watch that.

Should I read the manga? Seems like Tanya's battalion are more involved there and I do feel like they're one of the best part about the anime.

But most the soldiers dying are faithful, and even pray for salvation.

Fair enough. I could see god getting bored and deciding to be a right cunt to one person just for shits and giggles.

Absolutely. Hate how they do the gods in the manga, and Tanya's magic is a little OP for my tastes compared to the anime, but it's still very good.

If only for the art, the Manga is great.

What if every single person in WW1 was a bad person that was reincarnated into WW1 as punishment for being an asshole in their previous lives? What if Tanya’s the only one that knows but actually EVERYONE in that world is just like her, wouldn’t that be neato

How far along is the manga?

You'll find that war is the best way to create the faithful. They might not have been so before facing death.

That's one way of doing it. I imagine not everyone in Not-Europe is exactly free of sin.

we need another mahou shoujou

But she's already dead

Anson just died, Legadonia defeated.

not in the LN and manga/anime yet
only in the web version

Anyone have the image of Mary sue angrily crying while Tanya is a smug potato?

It's so hyped here. Hope it will not disappoint me

It's way behind the anime.
But in exchange you get cute wartime caricatures when explaining strategies and you also get a flashforward chapter or two that isn't in the anime.

I wish she was raped to death, she's a fucking shit character and deserves the worst kind of ending.

>Tanya's face when she sees anons dick.

Nigger, don't you know any stories from the old testament? That's basically god's MO

Tanya is cute

New and improved.

Take it my friend, it's all yours.

That better not be fucking guro.

>the virgin mary
>the tanya von degeurechad

wtf is his problem

He found out that Tanya wants to marry him.

In that pic is a millisecond before it finally hits him.

He actually cares about human lives and is surrounded by people who don’t.

I mean if we're talking anything other than the two most recent forms of abrahamism, that's not at all uncommon.

Stomach problem


i want tanya to step on me

Step on you where?

I want one foot on my tummy and the other one in my mouth. I want to worship her tiny toes and explore every single one of them with my tongue until I'm able to tell them apart by feeling their shape with my tongue alone.

Oh ok

Somewhat unrelated to the thread, but what are you using to read the novel's epubs? SumatraPDF, the thing I use, doesn't handle them well, and mupdf is too bare.

I quit after 1 novel as it was a pain to read that crap trough


I don't lewd her at all i think she shouldn't be lewded

Why shouldn't a 50y old guy be lewded?


man all you history fags
i fell asleep in history class i just like evil little girls with guns and supernatural shit

Boys usually like history because so much of it is about wars.

Are there any official stats on her? Like how tall she is and how much she weighs?

I'm a historyfag but I'm also a sucker for sociopath MCs, this animoo hits all the rights spots for a disgusting pleb like me

That seems to do the job, thank you.
History was the most interesting subject in school for me; although I had low marks there because plenty of the exams were focused on names and dates, and less so on the motivation behind events. I read some history books back then, and to this day, I continue reading them - but with some light novels spiced here and there.
History is really fucking nice, don't let some bad experience from school scare you away.

Nah, that's what she's got Visha for.

Problem is Tanya isn't a sociopath, its all anime original forced nonsense.


I don't get it.

>tease older men with my [...] slit

Pretty sure that's illegal.

Have you tried reading some Thucydides? He's a pleasure to read, he might change your mind.

You don't understand. Who do you think works in those whorehouses? Usually the girls who lost everything in the war. There's nothing more pleasing then first taking everything from people and then have them service you for a few bucks to rub it in. Like stroking their hair when they eat you out and tell them about how the people in town were screaming when you attacked their village.

>in Kaiserreich
>not im Kaiserreich

Oh come on, you can easily make out half the words

History is a soap opera for the intellectual.

Are you african american or what?

The US don't have a reasonable vector of attack without Britain.
They're just going to sit on their asses on their own continent

is she a sociopath in the manga?

Slav pls gtfo.

>trashing the Kennedy Assassination conspiracy with the typical psychoanalytical hogwash


The manga is mostly misunderstanding comedy, everyone's personality is made to suit its humour.
>tanyas thoughts: my feet hurt I wana go home
>soldiers interpretations: "oh she wants the tired guys safely home, shes such a good leader"


What does kangz have to do with seeing how much of history is a typical soap story?

>She looks like something Klasky-Czupo defecated out.

That is a gross exaggeration. She looks more like she was designed by Tove Jansson.

No what is it? I'm guessing some more simplified history

>you will never massage tanya's tired feets

>>the Germans weren’t even that bad in WW1

Idunno, black propaganda notwithstanding, their conduct in occupied territories was pretty deplorable. Didn't help that their sovereign was a bit of a pillock as well.

As soon as she learns how to use her magic to grow her own tallywacker.

>Entente Alliance

Redundancy much?

So is Tanya winning her personal war against god?


Is that anything like Parthenon?

Yeah I love the future journalist bits. Its kinda a powerfantasy trip.

>like both France and Germany
>be 100% yank

Not sure how to feel about this.

I don't correct filenames.

>little girl in oversized shirt

>Tanya's thoughts: I wish I was at home drinking coffee
>Officer interpretations: Oh my Being X, she's such a patriot! An example to all soldiers of the Empire!


Why didn't you pay attention in any different number of previous threads where that topic had already been brought up and discussed before spamming an obnoxious forced meme?

>historical illiterate doesn’t know how Nazis love Cock

>american scientists

>duck-on-potato action

Was there futa involved?

>you will never be stabbed in the kidney by Tanya and desperately fail to scream out as the life drains from your eyes
why live

The "small % of the population has magic powers" is completely horrible for anyone who doesnt have magic powers.
Imagine how easy it is to abuse, it would completely change social structures.

>Dick Dorkins

Wow, this guy really is a fedora model.

Too bad he was a dyed in the wool Nazi. I suppose that's the consequence of being uneducated.

giv aryan femdom gf

>her raunchy voice


That's because they are being taught history, not herstory

>Please any future dictators reading this, take the chance.

You seem to forget that dictators act for their own petty, selfish interests and not for the betterment of human society.

History is the thinking man's Rick and Morty

Hopefully never; those guys were the worst of the lot.

>Stop licking my hand

Degurechad is fucking great kek

She channeled the spirit of Benjamin F. Wilson.

>but German seems to be just based on memorization

I guess English really is derivative in that aspect.

>It's been said that no-one in WW1 was killed with a bayonet who hadn't already surrendered

Foch can attest to that, I'm sure.




>Why not use WW1/Inter-war shit?

Because interwar panzers SUCKED!

Great thread niggas, nice to see we can still have a somewhat civil Tanya thread.

>A victorious, unified China would be much more useful in fighting the Soviet Union.

But Chiang Kai-shek's leadership sucked!