Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

I don't think this elf should lose any weight.

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fucking live for anime girls eating big burgers, fast foods and shit

She just needs to get fucked enough by orcs and she'll lose the weight

>insurance companies can deny coverage if you're over a certain weight
She's hot, but don't get fat, Cred Forumsnons.

I don't think so, if hentai manga about orcs fucking elves have teach me something, is that elves always end more fat and disgusting, from all the breeding.


Seeing how cute Oku is, I can't see the elf-san male orcs being too ugly.

>implying she won't just use the inevitable pregnancies as an excuse to eat more

I don't think any fat fetishist is actually fat.


Volume 3 scans can't come up soon enough


[blog]well, I am[/blog]

300 lbs reporting in

Fat fetish works better when the guy is either thin, fit or a shota.

How? How many calories do you eat per day?

Eh, I don't really count, but it's probably above 2500 per day. 3 meals, mid-morning/midafternoon snacks, and I usually have some kind of dessert with/after dinner. Oh, and 1 liter of Gatorade per day.
>inb4 "b-but you're not an athlete, you don't need all that?!"
Yeah yeah, I know, I just like the taste.

Naoe isn't very good at his job.
Don't know why Boss hasn't fired him yet.

He seems fine at his job, it's just the monster girls have zero fucking self control. Even when their problems get fixed, they're just back to normal the next week.

You can teach people to lose weight but if they can't bring themselves to maintain it, then it means jack shit.

What's with the fat fetish as of late?

>You can teach people to lose weight but if they can't bring themselves to maintain it, then it means jack shit.
This, it's as true in 3D as it is in 2D.

More manga with fat girls means more vocal fat fetishists. Just like how trapfags are unavoidable now.

People are getting actual taste.

Destroy this abomination


Come home Oga-san!

Sounds like something she'd do.

Cum home Oga-san!


Come home Oga-san!

Dude, uncensoed scans are available now.

I want to motorboat that belly

Come home Oga-san

Come home Oga-san

This pic ruined elf-san threads.

>high elf
not posting superior dark elf

Why can't western elves be as healthy as japanese elfs instead of the sticks they usually are depicted as?

Is there a compliation of the exercise tip pages?

This is the ideal woman physique.

I want to fuck it

Would a belly button be deep enough for that?

Depends on just how much Elf there is.

if you want those just read Danberu

I'll only accept fattest elf if she has innies due to blimping.

Come home Oga-san

I don't think Meth is into inverted nipples. I've never seen them in any of her works.

I hope we get a cow girl who has them.

That's not how nipples work.

Rigatoni rigatoni
I want to put a baby in the oni


Come Home Oga-San

Fluffy orc.

I wanna hug that orc!


Come home Oga-san and fuck.


Come home Oga-san

But she might smell like bacon.

>goes back to normal next chapter
What a cop out.

He's not a girl. Do you actually think he couldn't draw himself as some chubby girl? Most of his self-portraits are like this

Some peopl just want to believe.

>tfw when I actually look like this
feels bad man

Fish is FRESH

>Supporting obesity.

Supporting 2D obesity is okay.

Come home oga-san


I love the orc, wish she'd show up more often.

I love dogo and butt elf but Meth should rotate the featured girls more often.

The thing about fatfags is they always go too far with it.

>too far
Thats like saying cowtitfags can go too far with their fetish.
They can't.


Seriously, how the fuck can you want to live?
I'm 205 and want to die.

Maybe she is a girl. Then you only need to find a feeder bf to find validation.


Fucking gross

What would be a good fat level according to you?

> yfw Potato elf and Butt elf are neck and neck

Excellent. Pottery.

Not anymore.

Amerimutt, please.

I wonder if someone will pick up Patissier and Ojou-san once the tank releases.

Didn't expect dem ogres to end up on top. Good t/a/ste.

how old are you?

Come home Oga-san!

>No lewd Meth doujinshi
Was it worth the price for only having /e/ shit?

Yes, this is way more entertaining.

> not knowing that most anons here love Oga's strong maternal side and want to settle down and raise a family with her

Anons are wholesome after all and many are at that age where they want to settle down.

Come home Oga sann

Come home Oga-san

you lie

Have you not read like momojiri ocean?

But it released in 2015. I don't remember anything he did in 2017

MC scould impregnate her.

Come home Oga-san


[x] shelter the oni

i love the magic skeleton girl
i too want to be a lich

>/k/ is actually just a board full of Onis, which is why they hate soy so much
It all makes sense now.

Come home Oga-san

I meant /fit/, now the joke is ruined. Got deer on the brain.

Come home Oga-san

Reminder that Synecdoche has other works and that they are platinum lewd.

i wish he'd draw more.

i wish more of his stuff got translated


Well yeah, that too.

>found the source of this meme
>the elf, and her group, was sent to human world by the big bad of the fantasy world
>they got separated
>the elf can't speak human language
>also can't eat human food
>starved to near death within a month
>finally found one of her friend, who happened to become a whore to survive
>her friend refused to help
>the elf contemplated to commit suicide

>some people are just retarded

I wonder if you'll stop spamming that shit on other manga's threads.


Come home Oga-san

Nice to meat you is his best work by far.


Why is Elf getting all the focus and development?

Because she is the main character dude.

Because Elf-san a cute. A cute!

buff mama is always best
>inb4 no buff fetishist is buff
i am

>not wanting to be a twink and be womanhandled by a tall buff oni
What is wrong with you?

So Elf lives with human and they seem to be pretty comfortable around each other, are they fugging?

Naoe us too proffesional to do that. She is his patient after all.

Come home Oga-san

>Tfw no manga about a feeder girl with a harem and a reverse harem of feedees

best meth girl

>wanting to see fat guys

I think I finally know why I like Pig so much, she reminds me a lot of this girl.

See...or be?



For being a fat fetishist, Meth can draw some nice muscles.

Come home Oga-san!

Raika is a good girl and deserves lots of pats.

Fat is nice and muscle too, but what about fatty muscular? where are the fatty muscular tiddies?

You mean strongfat?
Something like Nikuko from Galko?

They are right here, user.

Oga is the mother of my children.

She is just fat with no visual that conveys any muscles.

It needs more F&M.

Yeah but she is athletic and wears spats.

New chapter when

1 1/2 weeks

Anime when?


After volume 6.


And then it will be abruptly cancelled.

It will go the MonMusu way.
For better and worse.

My how time flies.

>The monmusu hype was five years ago


Come home Oga-san

Meth draws a lot of his OC muscle manlet on tumblr

She's cute fat

The first volume was still forever the best.

Someone put that pig on a treadmill.

But she might lose weight.

A "slim" pig is fine too. Besides, that's her goal. Don't you want to see her being a happy piggy?

"Come home Oga-san"

this made my heart go doki doki. I need to eat more cake now.

Come home Oga-san

>not red head
She's supposed to be a thiccer boss.

I bet she would be an even happier pig if she stuffed her face full of food.

i still remember the first threads with this page so many years ago now

damn time flies

I don't get why Meth didn't made a chubby chaser MC. Naoe being a dietician means something like this will never happen.

Human confused pig for Boss when she had a swimming cap on so it's possible her hair color is different.


Little did she know her breasts would grow by at least three cups.


Come home Oga-san

her hair was showing under the cap. the colorist was just dumb.




meth isn't actually female right

Come home Oga-san!

Are you serious? I have been trying to find this to figure out why she was vomiting so violently.

What entertainment do people get out of it? Is it misory porn?

To post pukeelf.jpg in every Elf-san thread

But he is a chubby chaser, he mentions it in the dark elf chapter

He has an iron will and control then.

Come home Oga-san

Stop responding to this image.

I was never that into chubby characters but these threads are converting me.

Best girl

I'm a fat fetishist and got fat myself over time. 205lbs at 6'3". I'm kinda in a stressful situation right now but I definitely want to lose some weight.