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When are we gonna get a hot springs episode?

This is CCS, no FranXX. Sorry user.

I love family values


Thank God for that.

5 minutes

Sonomi soon.

Friendly reminder.



I hope my, and Sakura's, wife Tomoyo gets to record this card.

This is CCS, no Citrus. Sorry /u/fag.

>Sakura's waifu

> Clamp
> yuri

> no cute tsundere Syaoran
Holy shit, i hate clamp

What's Clamp's problem with yuri anyway? I can understand they don't find it appealing for the same reason most straight guys aren't into yaoi but Clamp seem to actively hate lesbians. Did a lesbian break Ohkawa's heart?

Because yuri is shit and /u/fags are the worst.

Shota x loli is god tier.

I'm gonna be so pissed if they don't use Kibou no Yokan in this scene today


They're just old school fujos and not sjw hypocrites


28 minutes

Clamp always preach about how love is the most powerful force in the universe and it should be respected regardless the gender and the age (fucking Clamp) but lesbians are the exception. That sounds like hypocresy

You're already wrongly assuming that CLAMP characters have actual recognizable sexualities, also if they hated lesbians they wouldn't write them. And there is that rumor that one of them is actually a lesbian. Maybe they write them unlucky in love because that's been their personal experience too.

If they hated yuri, why would they write Miyuki-chan in Wonderland?


















I love this dress


Does Sakura make friends with Flight and is it still in love with her or did they change that?


It's this scene. Also manga magazine title drop.







Time for the D

Fucking finally.





Sakura is evil, evil!

How many episodes is this getting?


I hope we get more, there's no way the manga will be done until then and we would get an incomplete anime.

That isn't exactly an uncommon thing but I don't see it happening with Cardcaptor Sakura

>tfw nips are getting worried about this being actually Eriol's house and invalidating the second movie

Flight means no more insane, magic-free Sakura jumps.

She will probably still do them during cheerleading practice.

I hope we get more cheerleading scenes. They're always super cute.

>tfw they used Sakura no Teema II in this episode


I want to meet his D

Calm down, Akiho

I feel like Flight's gonna be the fan favorite card this time around. Love its personality

>someone actually made this

Yeah I saw that too and facepalmed. Why do people want Akiho to be their kid? I don't want another Chibiusa.

I don't think eye color works like that anyway. It's not just light or dark eyes, I'm pretty sure it's specific eye color. And with people having purple hair and eyes I doubt Clamp would plan out specific eye color if they were to make them related. Her having grey hair like Nadeshiko is the obvious connection but then Nadeshiko's cousin and cousin's daughter have purple hair so it's all over the place.

And yeah, I hope they don't go in that direction. If anything, playing everything straight and not having a twist would be a bigger twist at this point.

was today's chapter good? Subs are being released soon

I don't think anyone here's actually watched it yet. They're just posting screenshots from Twitter or something.

From the screen caps it looks like it was straight from the manga with just a few new scenes, so I guess so.

No, they added most of it. Flight's "capture" wouldn't even be half the episode if they just straight adapted it. The chapter Flight (and Record) was captured was the same one where Sakura meets Akiho on the street and sees her rabbit. And the same chapter where she has a flashback to the flower viewing from two episodes ago.

And I forgot to say that this basically means they split a single chapter into 3 episodes.

I did. It was really good, I loved the scene where Sakura meets Flight.

Also Syaoran is back to his old self in this episode.

Also they used Sakura's old theme for capturing cards when she used RECORD, so that makes it a 10/10 episode

>Also Syaoran is back to his old self in this episode.

Yeah I saw that people were saying he's somehow still a tsundere in the anime, anime director must have talked to Ohkawa

People are just being retarded. There's plenty of Syaoran blushing and shit in the manga which is what people are calling tsudere in the anime. People are just looking for every excuse to say the anime is better even when most of it is reaching.

But it is better

Not even close. They're absolutely trashing the already slow pacing and their original scenes have not been very good so far.


720p is out.

Then enjoy your GAY LOVE COUPLE

Looks like the theory about the Clear Cards being retrained/upgraded version of the Clow Cards might be true.

Seige= Maze
Action= Move

The only one that seems completely original so far is Record.

This episode was really enjoyable. Using Gravitation in lieu of flying was great, making friends with Flight was adorable and testing fying was heartwarming. Not enough Tomoyomama, as usual.

siege does not seem to have a counterpart, move was anime only but action is a the manga card too.

Keep in mind that the anime had a shitload more cards than the manga. Some of these new cards don't have equivalents in the original manga even if they do in the anime just because of how many more cards it had. There wasn't a Move card for instance in the manga.

And Maze has a more similar Clear Card equivalent later so Siege isn't it. Snooze is also a card new to the manga since it didn't have the Sleep card.

No it's not. Siege is nothing like Maze, there's another card similar to Maze. Rain and Move doesn't exist in the manga universe, and the ones after Flight are even more unrelated to the old ones.

1080p is out

labyrinth feels to me like how maze behaved in the anime.

For the user who asked last week about the japanese subs for CCS Clear Card-hen Download the [Nekomoe kissaten&LoliHouse] release from Nyaa. They have Chinese and Japanese subs, but you can just open the sub file on Aegisub and easily delete the chinese subs.
You can also get the japanese sub file from Kitsunekko.


Rewatch the OP. She is totally using Flight in the whole thing along with her Clear outfit.

> no new Sakura figure

Sakura will get married with Syaoran right out of High School and they won'y have sex until their wedding night

It was a nice episode, I liked how Sakura used cards we haven't seen actually used before, like Action and Gravitation. Also it made more sense for Flight to be chased around for a bit given its "flighty" personality. The flying scenes were all beautiful.
Tomoyo's garden was beautiful and since it actually looked like a Maze it made me remember that Tomoyo was the one who knew how to get out of it in the original.

So Akiho's house is confirmed to be Eriol's. Please make Yuna capable of rebuilding the house from scratch with his D powers and don't retcon the movie. Please.

Is Suppie an Cred Forums poster?

Is that supposed to say "Sakura > Suppi > Kero-chan"?

Dream staff > Suppie > Kero-chan.

This week's Leave it to Kero-chan was about the new staff and key.

I liked this episode a lot. They should have had just a small bit with Tomoyo talking to Syaoran about getting his measurements to make him costumes though since that seems like something important that shouldn't just come out of nowhere when he gets a new costume.

Also didn't like how Action was used since all it does is make stuff move and not make plants grow vines. Other than that they did a good job of extending what was in the manga and I liked how Gravitation was used and that Flight running away didn't really conflict with its personality.

I don't know how they're going to fill the next episode but apparently it's more hide and seek going by the title. It also looks like they're retconning Eriol's house being demolished from the second movie which is what I was expecting. So movie 2 is now kind of canon but kind of not to the anime. Unless they come up with some excuse for the house being rebuilt.

Do we have a list of future episode titles? I remember we had one for eps 4 to 7 about a month ago.

I just noticed Suppi kneeling.

>They should have had just a small bit with Tomoyo talking to Syaoran about getting his measurements to make him costumes though since that seems like something important that shouldn't just come out of nowhere when he gets a new costume.
Yeah I was expecting that too, but she already mentioned wanting to make him costumes in episode 2

Yeah I remember that too. I think it was on Reddit, though I just checked and can't find anything about more episode titles. I did see this though.

They'll probably show it whenever the Blaze card episode appears.



Could only find these:
#8 さくらと時計とかくれんぼ
#9 さくらのドキドキ水族館
#10 さくらとねむりのラビリンス

That was a good episode.
It has the right balance of SoL and action.

future episodes:



>know what second one is since someone said they changed the flower place to the aquarium but type it into Google Translate anyway
>"Sakura's Pounding Aquarium"

Episode 10 seems like it'll have both Snooze and Labyrinth somehow. Unless ねむり means something else in this context.

> Record
It seems pretty useless desu. The true power of the card is in its "replay" function, right?

Damn they used the old capture theme, the madmen.

Now they have to use the episode ending saxo theme


>Unless ねむり means something else in this context
Wasn't Sakura in a lucid dream state when she found Labyrinth?

Talking about coincidences. This episode really picked up on several things the past ones were lacking. Flight does have some kind of sentience and personality. And the capture was longer. Hopefully coming cards will be in this level of screentime activity.

Yeah it's kind of an hologram illusion. Could be Mirror 2.0.

Yeah, I was thinking about that too but wasn't sure how to phrase it like you did. She didn't seem to think anything was strange though when Yue and Kero asked about it though so I don't know if that's what it could be referring to. But Snooze's capture and Labyrinth activating are in the same chapter (and Snooze is first) so the title referring to both makes more sense to me.

>Unless they come up with some excuse for the house being rebuilt.
I'm also waiting for some insight in that.


Ok so I read the manga and I still don't get why Syaoran looked so dead inside at the end of the episode. Is it because of the lying, because he feels useless or because he doesn't like the clear cards?




Because he's lying. I don't remember it being as repetitive in the manga as it is in the anime though. He had those couple phone calls near the beginning and that was mostly it until the Blaze capture. He wasn't repeating that he's useless either like int he anime.


holy shit



So basically
Ep 8: Kaito debut, Lucid card, Mysterious Book
Ep 9: Anime version of Sakura and Syaoran's date. Spiral card
Ep 10: Labyrinth card, Syaoran and Eriol discuss Kaito's powers
Ep 11: Appear card and finally the discovering of Momo and Kaito's agenda
Ep 12: Blaze card. We learn of Syaoran's BIG secret. Nadeshiko appears in front of Sakura
Ep 13: Sakura and Syaoran meet Masaki, prob for the very first time. No card yet (chapter 20 left with a cliffhanger

All in all it'll get really good starting from next week's ep

>Where did you learn that technique?
>In another dimension.

Might be cool. A record option is great for mapping mazes and sending messages. Its magical sight may even pierce illusions, which would let it paint targets and breach magical darkness. Recording infrared or magical signatures would turn it into a magic radar. Not a lightweight skill in the slightest.

If record can play back tangible effects it'd be a true powerhouse card. But that sort of tangible copy is probably more suitable for "reflect" or may even be its own card.

They can't go that quickly or they'd run out of episodes to adapt. There's going to be at least 22 episodes and the way you're doing they'd run out of material at like episode 15 since there's only going to be a couple more chapters out by the time the anime ends.

I think the original anime surpassed the manga 's pace at one point, so that wouldn't be new.

There will be anime original cards, Gravitation can't be the only one

The original anime had a shitton of filler though. So they'd have to have a bunch of filler episodes here too. Apparently there was one series Clamp was involved in where stuff appeared in the anime before the running manga but I don't remember what that was. I hope they don't do this here though and I'd prefer filler since I prefer the manga and don't want the anime to be basically spoiling stuff.

Reflect just reflects back what you throw at it

Spoiler for episode 9 title
Is Sakura actually taking Syaoran for their first date to the same place she went with Yukito? Come on now

In the manga they get tickets from Sakura's dad to a botanical garden. I agree with you though, it's weird to go to the aquarium plus that place has already been used enough in the series.

> just reflect
You misunderestimate the power of reflect. A skill being thrown in one direction can be bounced into other directions. In a broader sense, that means "reflect" has the power to change vectors.

Yeah I know, it doesn't bother me that they changed the setting but I don't want to be reminded of her failed crush again, also I wonder where Spiral will attack them now, cause I don't think it will happen in an aquarium full of people.

Meh, i saw a big fuzz about this on tumblr but they're REACHING. The romance is the lowest point of the anime so I could care less if they date at the aquarium. Sakura and Yukito's date wasn't even romantic to begin with.

Don't Labyrinth and Spiral do the same thing?

 E T R

No. I really don't know what Spiral does though. It just looks like it makes a spiraling tower basically. Labyrinth is an actual labyrinth and seems similar to the Maze card from the original.

Spiral looks like a sturdier but less versatile version of Siege




> New nendoroid

> New 1/7 scale figure

Probably without the bento though

Snooze will probably take another episode slot after episode 9


Looking at the episode titles Snooze and Labyrinth might be in the same episode. We have the titles for up through episode 10.

Discussion is taking its time today.

Did I miss a thread or are people finally realizing that Clear Card, and CCS in general, really wasn't that good?

The anime pacing is scaring some people off.

Shouldn't you be making another thread for your favorite shoujo anime? Since you spend more time on the CCS threads..



Anime timeline is best timeline.

>tfw no hoeee compilation video

CCS anime > CCS manga. Fucking always.

He literally does this all the time in the manga though so I'm not sure what the fuck you guys are talking about when this is okay but somehow he's a robot in the manga. He just has more screentime in the anime.

Lesbians are not considered human by them so it is not hypocrysy

>CCS in general
You realize the discussion came from the fact people think Clear Card can't catch up to classic CCS awesomeness do you?



Tsubasa Sakura is sure looking like an evil queen there.

Tsubasa a shit, A SHIIIIIIIIIT.

Just started watching the first episode and it feels like they ruined everything, what is this stupid crap?

feels like some crappy generic shoujo romance instead of a cool magic girl show like CCS did

Furaito-san is cute! CUTE!

Post cute

I'm pissed they put this much filler in the episode but cut this scene from it, that had Syaoran embarrased and leads to a future costume Tomoyo makes him.

You now realize that the start of the first episode is basically just a recap of how the manga ended with some additional animeonly stuff added in.


It's the same Sailormoonfag who likes to come in here to mess and shitpost. His IP address is the same of the SM threads OP. I pay him no mind since I'm not childish and I enjoy both series without putting one against the other.

That's literally the manga original ending from 20 years ago with minor tweaks. I think you remember a different show.

Exhibit A.

> /u/fag


oh yeah forgot to mention the character designs are soulless, what the fuck happened to CLAMP, who is in charge of this show?

didnt read the manga but i don't remember the anime ever having these retarded mary sue moments, it was charming instead of stupid shoujo romance mary sue crap


>I'm pissed they put this much filler in the episode but cut this scene from it

they wanted to avoid the "she isn't a lesbian anymore?!" freakouts

Clamp draws the manga, they don't draw the anime. They're involved but not with the actual process of drawing and animating.

List of sakuras
Sakura Kinomoto (ccs)
Princess Tsubasa (also known as Sakura)
Sakura Li (married to Syaoran Li, they have a son, Tsubasa, who's also known as Syaoran, she's a clone of Princess Tsubasa and I have a headache)
Sakura (Horitsuba)
Sakura Kinomoto (Horitsuba)

List of syaorans
Syaoran Li (ccs)
Tsubasa Li (also known as Syaoran)
Syaoran Li (see im not doing explanations anymore, yknow, tsubasa)
Syaoran (Horitsuba)
Syaoron (Horitsuba, Syaoran's twin)
Syaoran Li (Horitsuba)

>tfw no Sakura gf

>generic shoujo romance
>Unlike CCS


Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card OST when?

At some point, something is going to drive a wedge in that relationship. What's it gonna be?

Buy a home, you two.

DO want.

I miss Syaoran's battle costume. It probably doesn't fit him anymore.

He is lying to protect her and she might get pissed about it when she finds out. Also his va wrote a post about him feeling frustrated even thought Sakura just wants him to be by her side, it's not enough for him. That could be interesting to explore.

Tomoyo said in one of the episodes before that she's interesting in making him new costumes.

I love them so much.
No please ;-;

>it's not enough for him
How so? Having a personal Sakura isn't enough?

It will happen and it will be sorted out. Sakura and Syaoran is shipped by the will of the Multiverse.

> Sakura
> angry

It sounds more like what he's saying is that he feels that just being there for Sakura isn't enough. That he needs to do more for her, and that's frustrating to him.

So if Eriol wanted Sakura to succeed Clow why was Ruby trying to get in Touya's way every time he tried to talk to Yukito?
Why didn't Touya just give Yukito a call when he's at home

Obviously Sakura is enough for him, what isn't is that he feels like he can't help her and doesn't think just being there like she wants is enough.

Sounds like him.

I hate it too, but it is happening.

I think she felt like if they started seriously talking about this stuff that it would be too fast for what Eriol wanted to do, but it ended up that he didn't care or that it wasn't an issue.

> Dark Sakura fucking never.

Ruby interrupted Touya because if the two of them talked it yould end up with Touya giving his powers, and she wanted to devour that yummy powers for herself. Why Eriol didn't stop her I don't know.


I don't doubt that it will get sorted out with a happy ending.

It's just the echochamber trying to resist the truth by pretending you're one of their very numerous, very convenient boogeymen. Either ignore it or take it to mean you hit a nerve.

He already knew Ruby's plan wouldn't work, so why bother.


Tomoyo seriously needs to get in on the action herself.

She will once Naoko's play is revealed to be TRC and she is cast as the Nihon princess.



I want to shove my thick sweaty cock in Syaroan’s boipussy


>More TRC shit in a comfy CCS thread

Fuck you sir.

Save your edgelord stuff for the finale of X.


Oh no...

It's like pottery.

>tfw Yuna's quest is reversing the TRC clusterfuck because TRC was a mistake

How can flight be so cute?

>that old cardcapturing OST when the Record card moved

I came.



4, CLEAR dress is Tomoyo's masterpiece

Holy shit these wings are really pretty

This whole show is just so god damn aesthetically pleasing

Did anyone do stitches?
All 4! I can't choose, they're all too great!

All ya got bad taste, this show has gone downhill so much compared to the original. It lacks the vibrant emotion that original did so well, this episode did a little bit better but the last couple of episodes have been so dry and void of meaningful expression and plot.


2nd one. Always

True. I'm hoping the quality picks up in the future, but right now, the manga is doing a lot better (even if not much)

Goddammit Kero, genuinely had a laugh at that.

The fact that people keep calling Syaoran a robot just makes me disregard most people's opinions. I don't really give a shit about the anime anyway though. I think a lot of stuff they're doing just isn't very good and I feel like this is affecting a lot of people's opinions on the arc itself.

4 > 1 > 3 > 2

What the fuck is with that saturation.

We're 7 episodes in and it still has room for improvement? Wow, I thought it couldn't get any better.

Mah nigga.

Ok theory time, is Sakura actually forgetting the Sakura cards?
I actually mean magically forgetting them as a result of them going clear. Why did she act like she has never flied thanks to a card before?

Why aren't all you people complaining about how bad the show is? You go to Cred Forums to get mad and complain! Reeeeee!

She's surprised at the fact that she has a card that is actually friendly to her from the get-go.
Also she is pretty much concerned about the fact that now new cards are coming seemingly out of nowhere.

This is true, even Sakura's "I hope these cards make everyone happy" kind of rings hollow because what the fuck even happened to Fly.
But I'll take what I can get because the episodes seem to be getting a little bit better.

>You go to Cred Forums to get mad and complain! Reeeeee!
>get mad
No. Only Cred Forumstards and Cred Forumstards (and probably Cred Forumstards by extension) do that.

We love our Sakura-chan too much to be angry at Madhouse for Clear Card's possible shortcomings compared to the manga.

I mean it's not like Record was hostile to her either

I was wondering the same thing. She's acting like she's never flown before when she had Fly really early on.

What the hell they did to Sonomi?
She always was a refined lady, but today was a crazy hag.
She needs Fujitaka dick on her soon.

It's been a year or so since she passed Eriol's test, and probably a couple of years since she got Fly, plus also not that long since she had her first dream.

Fujitaka is forever loyal to ghost Nadeshiko

She was longing for Sakura's cuteness for a long time.

She always had to rely on her staff to fly. Maybe she was impressed that she could finally move around in any orientation without fear of falling?
She was always over the top, so it's not really much of a difference.

It just feels kinda weird that people aren't pointing out some of these glaring flaws that have been bothering me. I want the show to be good, but right now it's just barely keeping me interested.

Did you forget that when she changed Fly into a Sakura card she got the wings on her shoulders, not the staff?

Why is Tsubasa Sakura so uncute compared to CCS Sakura?

>Why did she act like she has never flied thanks to a card before?
Poorly designed filler. Though mostly she just seemed to enjoy that the "flight" was more like zero gravity rather than like bird-like flight like maybe Fly was.

I am whenever I can. I just always find it funny that the stuff people complain about 90% of the time is stuff they make up for the anime but they still insist on not reading the manga.

Some of these CCS threads are full of TRC and hugbox faggotry. Even ANN is more critical of the new series than some of the people in these threads.

She's an actual princess, not a kaiju

Kinda. I've been slowly making my way through the original to give myself a refresher because I haven't watched it in ages.

Maybe Flight has better mobility

>She always had to rely on her staff to fly.

People would've complained to death if we got a straight to the anime adaptation of this chapter. In the manga Record or Flight were captured extremely quickly and with minimal action involved.

>a Tomoyo episode
naiceu desuwa

I think Flight is not subservient as Fly and has a will of its own so it's literally taking Sakura for a ride when she flies with it, whereas with Fly she was in control and used it more for necessity than for fun.

Okay okay I get it.

They're already complaining because that's how most of Clear Card's cards are captured. This episode's original stuff was pretty good but last episode they changed the entire capture scenario around but didn't bother making it any more interesting. I can only imagine the complaining about Labyrinth if they leave it the way it is in the manga. Though I legitimately feel like making the card captures more "actiony" conflicts with the ultimate reason the clear cards keep popping up.

>She always was a refined lady, but today was a crazy hag.
If you knew Sakura IRL all that refinement would go straight out the window in favor of hugging the kaiju.

Think that's bad? Imagine how bad it's going to be if she finds out about Akiho.

You think this is the real Sakura?
It is!

I feel like not utilizing the anime medium for more action and interesting shots would be a wasted opportunity, so I don't really care if it conflicts with the clear card concept, I hope they make the cards more "difficult" in the anime.

>She was always over the top, so it's not really much of a difference.
Perhaps I'm too acostumed to the Latin American Dub, where her voice actress (Monica Manjarrez) didn't sound that over the top.
Perhaps I should watch the original CCS chapters with her.

Was honestly expecting it to start moving, a bit disappointed it was only a still projection.

The manga isn't very clear on it, but I wonder if it can move; or even record and animate multiple things at once.

Oh, god. I got the TRC vibe from that image.
Hopefully they don't go in crossover territory

I liked the part where Sonomi mentioned Sakura was starting to look like her mother more and more, Sakura's reaction was sweet and Sonomi looked more composed.

I assumed Record recorded around her and played it back like a hologram video, not that it was just a hologram picture. Though like you're saying, it's hard to tell if it's moving in the manga.

Well since record only took pictures of Sakura and not a video, I wouldn't put it past it that it can. Maybe Sakura'll use it for a diversion when capturing cards in the future.

Sakura isn't that cute

>manga: school uniform
>anime: costume
Fan service?

Is there a Fujitaka/Nadeshiko doujinshi?
I need it for scientific related reasons.

She was in an actual costume during the capture. Her using Record was from the chapter after it and Flight were captured.

Why does Sakura use a corded headset when using her cellphone?

Kill yourself

I see people doing that all the time. Never done it myself but it seems to be fairly popular. Especially if you're walking outside.

No matter how shoujo mangakas try to justify it, I always find teacherxstudent relationships creepy. In fact, shoujo mangakas tend to make it extra creepy by giving the girl daddy issues or an absent father, what clearly explain the romance as an Electra complex.

Yeah, but there's doujinshis of that pair somewhere?
Hentai or not, I want doujinshi.

I thought that was a normal thing to do when skyping.

Smart phones are good for a lot of things, but putting them up to your ear to talk to someone is not one of them. Earbuds give much better speaker quality than most phone speakers so they're better for longer calls or calls where everything needs to be clear

>Summon Record
>It does nothing until Sakura gives it proper orders
This had me laughing for some reason.
>Li summoning the sword
One episode of CCS made blue flames look fucking cool, when it took two seasons for that Exorcist series to make it look mildly interesting. Li-kun is top dog.
>Flight is the ribbon on Sakura's dress in the OP
Spoil this dumb secondary; will she get a card for the dress too?

how many times do you think Tomoyo has fapped to pics of sakura?

It's probably part of her afternoon tea time when Sakura isn't there with her.

Having a costume card would take away from Tomoyo making her costumes. I think it took a long time to get the costume in the opening of the original series so it'll probably be the same here. I'm pretty sure she hasn't gotten that dress yet in the manga.

Please. She has videos and her own private theater.

I like how the computer UI is actually fairly accurate. They've done a good job with the phone UIs too.

Would Syaoran join in?

It'll be like that one doujin where Tomoyo gets Sakura and Syaoran to let her make a porno of them or whatever it was. It was in Japanese so I couldn't get the whole story but that's what it seemed like.


How did they get to this? Sakura asked Touya for a threesome and Yukito supported her because he's her guardian?

Are Touya and Yukito about to double team the mirror card here?

>Sakura's just thrown to the side while Toya and Yukito go at it
>keeps asking when her turn is

This is Tomoyo and Sakura not Kendappa and Souma.

>Syaoran just pulling that fucking sword out
Holy shit.

If you think thats amazing, wait till he pulls out a Sakura card.

Wait till he pulls out a clone of himself.

>pulling out of Sakura


Tomoyo has truly outdone herself this time

Wait, was it a drone also that tomoyo had her mum made in the manga?

>Tomoyo uses Windows

into the trash

The whole drone thing was animeonly.

Real talk.

Why is Sakura into such a stacy club such as cheerleading?

>implying Sakura won't become a stacy by highschool
She already got herself a chad.

>using stacy unironically


now I understand why they call these faggots, usagifaggots

needs translation so badly

All girls that have boyfriends by her age are dumb bimbos by twenty.

Is this some dank new r9k meme?

Really liked this episode, Syaoran was back to his old self, nice card capture, hope it continues that way. People complaining about Clear Card should stop watching and posting and kill themselves.

Haven't watched CCS for about 15 years. Is this new version actually good?


It's the same old thing for the most part.

If Akiho turns out to be a version of Nadeshiko, how would Fujitaka react?

she can't be a version of nadeshiko since nadeshiko died when sakura was three.
akiho is born before death of nadeshiko

Nobody will kill themselves while this anime is airing since this anime is SAVING LIVES!


Sakura will get married right after highschool and won't be doing ecchi things until the wedding night

The Sakura Bear has been tampered in some way right? Yukito/Yue's hairclip gift to Sakura will have some relevance?

it's cute when hear it once an episode but god does it get annoying

I prefer hauuu to hoeee

>get annoying
I'll fucking murder you, user.

You haven't seen anything yet:

(If you're in America, you can't watch this video, sorry...)

Now you know how anime-only fans feel you jerk

best girl

His Touya a good BF?

That’s Sakura’s laptop.

>The Sakura Bear has been tampered in some way right?
Most likely. Yukito's hairpin is back in the last two chapters of the manga and could be what lets Sakura see her mother


Threesome doujins with Sakura and Syaoran with future daughter/ reincarnated Sakura's mother when?

TRC is a tumour on this universe

Are they seriously going to connect CCS with TRC or they just lazily rehash?

I must be the only one on Cred Forums who is waiting with immense anticipation for the CLAMP-level plot-twist this show is going to pull. I absolutely love the mind-wrecking endings.

We already know that Sakura gives away her star wand to the clone in TRC, I don't think Syaoran is involved in the crossover, it's just that the sword out of the hand looks cool.

>inb4 "Sakura my real name is Tsubasa"

>inb4 "Sakura my real name is Tsubasa"
CLAMP pls kys

>my wife

What's his endgame Cred Forums?


Giving back the Sakura cards after Yuna steals the Clear Cards

Get the Clow Cards, but he already did that.

Eriol tipped him off about some other worlders paying a visit later in time, so he's out to make sure those guys don't make it to the CCSverse.

He wants to kill the multiverse and all of his clones

This is why /u/ are always right.

Cheerleading is legit sport in Japan so it's wholesome.

t. /u/

>Sakura: Actually my real name is Tsubasa too

What is his expression here?

I miss the Clow cards.
I hope they come back and save the day in a great orgy of nostalgia.

> kill clones
> Acquire Sakura harem

Thanks for the new wallpaper.



I wouldn't worry, they're not out of the picture according to the latest manga chapters so I'm sure they will come back.

Tomoyo: Oh? My real name is Tsubasa too!
Kero: Sakura. my secret name given by Clow is Tsubasa as well
Akiho: Sakura-san I lied about my identity, my real name is Tsubasa
Chiharu: Tsubasa is my name too!
Yamazaki: My name is not Tsubasa
Naoko: My next play will be about a group of people that have all the same name: Tsubasa

>loved the movie 2 ending
>it gets retconned into oblivion

I'd say let's wait at least until next week to say if it was retconned completely, Yuna might have rebuilt the house with his powers.

Erasing them for good would be tantamount to mass murder, which is absolutely unacceptable in CCS. So there reallly is nothing to worry about.


He wants to remove all kinds of interdimensional competition.


I found this frame so fucking funny

surprised Tomoyo didn't faint out of excitement desu

But what happens to mirror card?
does she get to meet Toya again?

Since the clear cards have only Sakura as their target she can just lure them with an illusion made by Record.

>befriending is a method

Uh oh.

Will we ever see Sakura naked?

Sakura is not that kind of girl, you degenerate

she is a slut

What's your favorite type of "hoeeee"?

1. the short, hesitant "hoe?"
2. the classic "hoeeeeeee?!"
3. the off-the-rails "hoeeeeEEEeeeEEE???!!"

I like the last one most

3 is so pretty.


*insert spongebob meme*

The little "hoe"s are always cute, but when she screams it I laugh every time

Sakura is a hoeeee, dingus. Her dreamshake brings all the cards to the yard.

>Clow: My real name is Tsubasa Reed (Since he is Watanuki), and the card are really called Tsubasa cards.

>gets hit by colossal force of given clear card
>it was merely a hologram


It's because Flight is cute.

>Yamazaki: My name is not Tsubasa

Sugoi, Yamazaki-kun!

First one 4lyfe

>(Since he is Watanuki)
But Watanuki exists in other universes like Horitsuba, he can't be Clow.

>Yue: ... me too.

Horitsuba can be *canon* since there exists only one watanuki.

>sometime in the future, Sakura uses Mirror and Record at the same time
>three Sakuras
merely imagining this already proves to be too much cute

>Mirror mirrors Sakura
>Record records both Sakuras
>There are now four Sakuras
CLAMP stop, this is getting out of hand and reaching TRC retard levels.

プラチナ > all

Now there's a Sakura for everyone

>all girls that have boyfriends who aren't like Syaoran
Fixed that for you

can we get to SIXTY SAKURAS somehow

>Yuna: my real name is Yuna D. Tsubasa, at your service.
we will never have a fight scene like this ever again.
Fuck post 2000's anime

It's not about the songs, just the dresses

Plus Clow isn't even mentioned or acknowledged in Horitsuba at all.

Horitsuba really doesn't count at all since Yuuko is also supposed to be severed from every world besides the store but is there too.


But it is good at least in my opinion

> Gee wiz Syaoran, why does Clow let you have FOUR Sakuras?

What a coincidence. My name is also Tsubasa

>implying you wouldn't want to set up your descendant with the best magical girl you could create x4

What if Sakura was a superhuman magic-powered cyborg?

beep boop hoe

Post cute sakuras

Clow didn't plan it though, he expected Sakura and Yukito, but based Eriol took a liking to Syaoran and helped setting them up

based master troll Eriol, it's so fun when re-watching when you know he's just pulling pranks on Sakura to transform the Clow cards

>Eriol took a liking to Syaoran and helped setting them up
what? That's not true, not in the manga at least

Wait, is it actually another Watanuki? Wasn't it always the same one due to him being the dimensional shopkeeper?

He didn't trap them in the elevator like in the anime, but there are scenes where he's telling Syaoran to calm down if he wants to protect what's dear to him and scenes where he's smiling at Syaoran right before the famous consolation scene after Sakura was rejected by Yukito. Also he thanks him for giving back Sakura her smile after that and when he goes back to England he tells Sakura to "think about how different it feels when someone else close to you goes away" or something like that. That's all in the manga.

that's more like telling them to get their shit together than setting them up, since they both are retardedly dense.

In Horitsuba both Watanuki, Syaoran and the clone (Syaoran's twin brother) coexist without creating a paradox, so it can't be the same Watanuki

Wait how can exist only one clow? That is not stated in TRC at all. What about yuuko?

This shows that CCS Clow, the Clow in TRC and the Clow that Yuuko knows are the same person.

Yeah I know that scene since it retcons CCS Sakura vision of Clow's past. That only proves the same Clow is involved, not that there cannot be more Clows.

Apparently it's in the next episode

This is the next page so it fits.

This is a translator fuck up? They always address each other by their last name.

Yeah, she calls him Li-kun.

Not retconned itself but some elements may have been. The first episode confirms that the play happened at least.

Also Meiling didn't even react to Kero's big form because she already saw it in the second movie


Where I can read the manga for this? It's stuck in chapter 13 since ages ago

Has links to raws and translations to read along with.

If you google clear card 14 and clear card 15 you will find the scanlations in a fb group, for the other chapters it's just raws + translations from

>stacy club
You watch too many chick flicks. Cheerleading goes fucking hard. Case in point:

Both are rehashing Arashi from X/1999

Somehow managing to be a cuck while he still gets the girl.

X/1999/ Tokyo Babylon crossover when

When X goes off hiatus.


which is the trademark of Sakura Cred Forums?

>When X goes off hiatus.
X is cancelled user, just let it go and move along.

If the theory that Sakura is creating the Clear Cards is right could it be that Tomoyo's drone "inspired" her to fly and she created Flight because of that?

No because the drone is an anime original thing.

Clamp created X as their Devilman but in a way, CCS became their Devilman as their trademark work. They even use CCS as the skeleton to unified all the universes on TRC just like uncle Go did with Devilman on Violence Jack. Clamp moved on.

She has been subconsciously wanting to fly for a long while.

Also why the card(s) are more sentient than the Sakura cards, we still don't know.

Is Gravitation the new Jump? I thought Sakura would use it to pull the cards towards herself but she pulled herself towards the cards.

She used it in a similar way in this episode but I don't know if she can put the gravity well thing on just air, so she might not be able to just jump vertically like with Jump.

it certainly has a lot more potential than jump

So this is how chinese boys found wives in the 90s

CCS Syaoran is the hero we need but don't deserve.

well you need some kind of surface to use gravitation with, so there would be situations where you could not use it at all.

Why didn't Sakura use Gravitation to push/pull Flight into a gravity well?

Yeah, I've been wondering the same for a few episodes now. I really do think that she's the one creating all these cards subconsciously.

They're easy to catch, rarely very hostile, and seem to center around her. Then there's things like her hearing Record from several different places and times, before actually catching it. It all seems way too convenient.

I'd assume she didn't want to scare the living hell out of it

>She has been subconsciously wanting to fly for a long while.
>Had Fly, which gave her actual wings on her back
>Just lost the Sakura cards weeks ago

>The Clear Cards are more sentient than the Clow Cards
>Mirror straight-up had a date with Tonya
>Dash was someone's pet

Maybe by sentient they meant that often they don't listen to Sakura. Flight basically does whatever it wants when they're flying, Record only answers when it's satisfied by Sakura's request, Aqua drenched Sakura, Action and Siege have to be "modulated" by Sakura. Gale is really aggressive as well.

Fly only gave her wings on her back because she used her magic to change how the card worked when she transformed it.

Do you have this opposite? The Sakura cards were way more sentient than that Clear Cards. It's one of the things I find lacking about the Clear Cards, although this episode harkened back to that feeling of the cards being actual living beings.

Yes, I'm aware of that, which is why the person saying she's "subconsciously wanted to fly for a long time" is an idiot.
She had magic that literally gave her full flight abilities when the series started. The entire problem in the series is that something took those magic powers away.

So it was a translation fuck up after all

That's not what sentient means. If I can't control the flow of water from a hose and I get drenched, it doesn't mean the hose has a consciousness. The only card that meets the description of sentient so far is Flight.

What the fuck is his problem

I wonder how that will convert regarding other people she constantly think of. Say, Syaoran.

Syaoran calling her Sakura for the first time is a big deal in both the anime and the manga because before that he completely avoided referring to her directly.

In the manga she thinks about wanting her moment with him to last forever and suddenly Spiral, which traps her in an enclosed space suddenly pops up. Hmm.



that's cute

Didn't he called her Kinomoto in the anime?

Until the elevator episode, yeah.

Caught up with the Clear manga and I was wondering why wasn't Sakura surprised at all when she went to see Masaki? As far as I remember in the anime and manga she never realized he was her great-grandfather.

That must be the greatest CCS episode yet. Syaoran screaming at the top of his lungs for her and then she floats up with an embarrassed smile.
Then the ending where he spends all night listening to the recorded messages that Sakura left asking if it was okay to call him Syaoran.

Cause there was 1 year timeskip between the original and clear card. She got to met him in that time period.


Man, now I gotta rewatch that one. It was so good.


I remember that he mostly said "Oi" or just jumped in mid conversation without calling her anything

It’s not. Could have been worse though.

It's passable. Definitely not as amazing as the original, but it doesn't leave me feeling as if it completely ruined the characters/story, which is a godsend for a sequel made over a decade later.

They ruined Syaoran though


syaoran is supposed to be acting unusual though because he's working with eriol and doing things behind sakura's back. they made this less apparent in the anime and its causing his character to seem wrong for its lack of tsun moments as a result of his strangeness.


kero is a good kitty

Syaoran in the other hand is a perv

Kero takes pictures of Sakura while she is sleeping, he needs to be stopped

will croc girl turn up in the new series?

I don't know how much of his weirdness is a conscious decision because while he obviously has reasons to act weird, he seems to act just like TRC Syaoran and that makes me think he's changed for good. Also the same problem is in the manga, he is only a bit tsunnish in the last chapter.

The Clear anime, much like the original anime, is handling things differently from the manga but Syaoran is a key player in the story, they won't keep making him look "wrong". Yesterday's episode was a step on the right direction.

He hasn't many reasons to be tsun anymore but in the Clear manga he does seem to, say, blush and feel more flustered than what we've been shown in the anime.

Didn't Sakura get rid of most of her plushes? I haven't really paid attention to her room but I remember an user mentioning it

well she didn't get rid of kero


I never get tired of her reactions

Sakura is made for bully.

I love Kero

Last time I watched the anime, I don't recall him ever referring to Sakura by any name until the elevator episode.

>mfw "yokatta"

He never did, that was the point of that episode.

Well in the dream episode he calls her kinomoto in her dream, I guess that doesn't count anyway.

I paid attention on my rewatch and yes he doesn't say Kinomoto, I think he only calls Kinomoto Sakura's father when does the archaeology presentation at their school and Syaoran gives him a standing ovation.
And yes, in the dream episode, but it's Sakura imagining it.

Speaking about liberal translations...

It's cute that she turned red when she was encouraging him.

She turned even more red when she asked him about his new love interest.

Well she is growing up. If Sakura is anything like a real girl, soon her room will be filled with nothing but clothes, makeup and posters of boy bands.

And after he confesses she remembers these moments and gets even more embarrassed.