Episode PVs are out.

The second season's episode count is starting to dwindle. What kind of skits are you still hoping to see before it's through?

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Will people who say Kara isn't painful anymore finally shut up now?

And to nobody's surprise it looks like an Olympics themed skit is coming up.

I want an incest episode.

That happened last episode, though.

>Not figure skating
I’m honestly shocked.

Did anyone save that BD bonus skit that was circulating on twatter from youtube before it was deleted?

Fuck, I was wondering what those screencaps were from. Please tell me that wasn't the only place it was uploaded.

Previously on Karamatsu's Kindergarten.

Jesus Christ, Kara is so fucking fat

We got another one boys (girls)!

Well that's what happens when you eat like a fucking pig.

Someone needs to put karapig on a diet

It's a little late now, but did anyone spend some quality time with their favorite matsu this Valentine's Day? I saw two Karafags and on Ichifag in the collage.

What do you think they are drinking? Here's my guess
Oso: Cherry sidecar
Kara: Electric lemonade
Choro: Midori sour or appletini
Ichi: Purple haze
Jyushi: Lemon drop
Todo: Cosmo (but orange slice is unorthodox)

>Fingerless gloves
Sooooo cool!

choro's cowboy tie thing looks so stupid, I love him

>We don't want the YoI audience

I want to squeeze him around the middle. He looks so soft.

No they'll reee about him being being drawn horrible, MY HONEY.

Soon he'll be on the way to being like his painful famous self or like that fat kun kid.

Karamatsu meets a person that's just as painful as he is, if not moreso.
Que him upping his Painfulness in order to not be outshown.

I'm not sure the world is ready for maximum Kara painfulness.

>What kind of skits do you want to see?
*High school full episode
*The boys being turned back to kuns and grown Oso having to deal with them
*One of or all of the boys are forced to learn to drive/that or Kara wants to get a nice bike but he has save up money doing some stupid shit
*A decent money laundering iyami/chibita skit
*The boys go on a road trip and get lost
* Osomatsu goes through an existential crisis about his relationship with his brothers (something broody)
*A decent series finale
*An episode that funny the whole way through

>It's another Skit that ends with the world being destroyed

A+ list, but let's see how many can get marked off or subverted.

I need more shitty looking 16 bit matsus

Thanks. I had a several others in mind but it just comprises of seeing more matsu duos. I set my expectations too high most of the time

I want motorcycle Kara so bad. And then I want him to crash spectacularly.

Don't forget the parody sawano song too.

Has an OST for Ososan ever been released?

Jyushi needs to seek help for his vore problem

>The Matsus wake up to discover that they're all successful, only to hate how much work they have to put into it to say successful.
>Karamatsu and Jyshimatsu end up in a chain gang.
>Totoko's Brother has to retire and She enlists the neets to teach her Bro not to be a hard worker.
>A viscous GAL is after the Matsu's virginity, and Totoko is having none of it!
>A Puppy starts following Karamatsu around and he tries to hide it from his brothers.
>One of the Brothers is dead, because feels in actuality they're playing dead to steal a ton of money, Or are they.
>The Brothers release a popularity poll, only to make whoever starts getting the most look like a even more of a jackass by pretending to be them (Includes lots of Matsu outfit swapping)
>Karamatsu gets mistaken for the leader of a Biker Gang by members of said gang.

>>A viscous GAL is after the Matsu's virginity, and Totoko is having none of it!
That already happened.

Yeah, you just never know when you'll get a nice surprise or the show will tease you with a tempting sounding title but then it'll be something underwhelming or too weird.

That wasn't a GAL, that was a foreigner.
and she didn't want the Matsu's cherries

I could see the dead plot happening with Osomatsu, if the death flags people are reading into go anywhere. Don't know what the JP side has thought.

She wasn't a foreigner, she was just Okinawan or something. Gyaru would think they are way too good for the matsus.

>>A Puppy starts following Karamatsu around
This but with a little kid instead. Too bad they wasted that plot with Jyushi. Now I'll never get to see an episode where Karamatsu feels validated by a little kid thinking he's awesome.

huh, I was pretty sure it mentioned her being foreign in the episode.

Take Totoko out of the episode and it may be a great one, kin-chan's episode was too Totoko centric and we didn't get matsu shenanigans because of that.

Maybe a gyaru that is actually up to fuck one of them, but only one so they fight over who will it be, and ruin their chance in the end of course

How accurate is this?

Kinko's original story barely involved Totoko, but I figure they didn't want to go with some slapstick plot of the guys pretending to be Oso like they would as kids.

It only took them 20 episodes to remember, not counting Kara's snownan. And it's quality (and Totty is always fucking there). At least the recent official art has been cute.

>One of or all of the boys are forced to learn to drive
This please

I was the first Karafag. I had forgotten doing that was a thing so I figured I'd have fun doing something. I also wrote a love letter. People wrote some really kind replies - it was nice.

This kids on the right track. Karamatsu must be doing something right to be as popular as he is with the ladies. Follow your dreams, little man.

God tier quality filler.

Chubby/Fat Kara is a blessing, but please stop calling him a pig, guys. It's rude and not very cute.

>Fat Kara

Nice! I was the second karafag. Your letter was really sweet. I didn't have time to do anything for Christmas so I had to make it up this time. Maybe next year I'll try my hand at making karaage. And get some proper roses.

I was happy to see that Ichifag too. He's been getting a lot of hate in these threads so it warms my heart to see that he's still got somebody faithful.

He's adorable (and in the case of famous Kara just needs a little cleanup, that body is smokin). Personal preference. You're not changing my mind.

I wish I was able to meet ososan fans irl. Some girl complimented the osomatsu short I was wearing today at the hairdresser and I was too autistic to start up a conversation about it

I'm not expecting to

>translator posts s2 announcement skit
>doesn't bother to sub it even though she could

Did anybody rip it in time and start a translation?

>It's rude and not very cute.
Same goes for shoveling food into your face like a goddamn animal.

>ososan fans irl
The ones I met at uni all were Ichifags while I'm a Karafag and used it as an excuse to call me "shitty" for the rest of the day, giggling all the while.

This is why I wish I knew japanese so I could translate it and not keep it to myself without subbing it

Naw, big eater Kara is cute. He's not being a complete slob like burping or has dirty clothes or anything, its fine.

It makes me wish I wasn't basically a hermit

I found out later that they all hated me a lot and were contributors to a false rumor about me spread to every year to make sure everyone is warned about me/avoids me/discourages me at all costs.
People can be horrifying, but I could never be a hermit. Unless it were in a beautiful forest with lots of animals, Snow White style.

That said, ep 10 completely missed the chance to parody Cinderella with Kara's dilemma.

I went to a convention last fall. Awkwardly asked the one decent Kara cosplayer for a hug and a picture, and then died in shame repeatedly reliving the memory. None of the other "cosplayers" really looked like people I wanted to talk to, but I was able to strike up some conversations with people at the artists alley by purchasing and complimenting their stuff. My social skills aren't strong enough to turn those kinds of interactions into friendships though. One older woman running a doujinshi stall looked happily surprised when I asked about Ososan doujins, although she didn't have any.

Sorry for the blog, but you might find people at places like that. They aren't all autistic hambeasts that want to tackle you to the ground, just a lot of them.


Oh that's awful. That would make me want to interact with people even less. My mom keeps pestering me to join my colleges anime club but I'm too afraid to go

I think you'd be better off looking into another society that could have different nerdy types that could happen to like anime. When I went to mine it was like stepping into 2007, except now everyone puts politics into everything too.

Try something not even associated with your uni too if you can, to avoid those types even more. Look into local stuff. But also you only need to give your anime club one shot, and then you know. Hope it works out.

Oh I went once, it wasn't great. Everyone was either all huddled with their buddies or loners with their headphones in on their computers. I was too shy to sit with anyone and when I did I got really nervous so I stopped going.
Cred Forums I guess is where I'll have my interactions with others for a while. I prefer to be how the thumbnail is

Ah, yeah, then if they're going to be cliquey I wouldn't bother. You can find out if there are other things going on locally from online and stuff. Good luck, its not easy but there's always a way.

If the Matsus had to play instruments, which type would they play?

If they were a band:
Oso: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Kara: lead guitar, back up vocals
Choro: keyboard
Ichi: Bass guitar
Jyushi: Drums
Todo: triangle/tambourine/castanets

I wish I was ichi in this

Careful user, you'll be like me. Washed up virgin cake with no friends because for the past decade my primary social interaction has been here. You have to live in the outside world or else you'll end up old, bitter and alone.

>by now this kid has probably grown old enough to think that Karamatsu is lame
Sad, isn't it?

I will go out and interact with people once I transfer to my out of state college I applied to, since I won't have my family around to talk to

>by now
I thought that comic was drawn like last year

I don't know what you're talking about

It was drawn while the first season was airing, so two years ago. Kids grow fast.

>Tfw you just want the Matsus to be happy but they aren't allowed to be because plot

I can see this going a few ways
>It's a Girl that's Painful
His advanced painfulness surpasses hers and scares her away or the brothers kill him for getting close to getting a GF
>It's a guy that's painful
Karamatsu goes MAXIMUM PAINFUL and destroys the world or gets blown the fuck out by the other guy's painfulness

>S1(2015-16) was two years ago
Shits going too fast

Not plot, status quo. I'm missing the eps that kind of had plot like Rental Girlfriends. The boys kind of "won" in that ep too.

Little burps can be fine but big nasty fetish ones or fat Osomatsu's beer breath is where it's a definite no.

>tfw you realize they'd be happiest as kids but -kun would push them back and limit them in other ways instead of having them fail to grow up.

Do choros pupils look better or worse?

Does anyone know what this is from? It's quite cute

Choros little pupils are one of the ugliest things about him.

That and his lack of an ahoge. The character design staff really messed up there

I'm in the same boat user, let's be bitter together!

are the matsus hot themselves or is it the voices

The Matsus are cute, their voices are hot, and their personalities are charming.

That's what we're doing here, user. Enabling each others self-destructive mindsets. Feeding into our delusions and obsessions over fictional characters. Wasting our youth away and becoming less equip to rejoin society by the day. One day we'll hit menopause, society will have declared our value spent, our parents will be dead, everyone who once knew us or cared about us will have moved on and forgotten. We'll keep too many pets because we need to feel like our lives matter to someone. What's even the point? I want to join the 2D world.

This, though sometimes the matsus can be hot as well as cute.

Nakamura is hot as well as a cutie pie.

I want to know they'll be okay in life. Their parents won't be able to support them forever. If they each just worked part time they could afford their own rent and all room with each other while still having time to goof off. But obviously that can't happen in the show.

I wonder if you die you become reincarnated in the alternate dimension of the anime you like?

Only one way to find out.

Reminder that Karamatsu managed to get a gold record for his music.

Makes you wonder of his progression through his year and a half long music career and what a BIG star he became.
but what if the record is fools gold

おそ松さん お花の妖精
>Osomatsu San Flower Fairies

I died and have come back as a garden snail, and have regained the pathetic memories of a pathetic human female. So no, you don't go to the anime world

>a gold record in just a year and a half
I'm going to pretend it's legit because the guy needs more successes in his life.

at least cakes are better off in society compared to virgin male otaku.


Right on. I'm more of a turtle myself, but to each her own.

Just gonna post this

I'm a frog with Kara/myself.

if only Fujita and Matsubara would ref those and the other old weirdo adult versions. It'd make for a meta-joke to drive Choromatsu up the walls wondering why he's gone bald if they're all identical.

I think they're all still kind of cute. I bet if we heard their current voices and they still had their individual quirks it'd be adorable.

Baby got back
*record scratches

I could see that 40 year old Kara still easily loving his painful fashion. Maybe his pinstripes would be made up of sequins, and he'd still love the sunglasses.
Unfortunately, if he's managed to have any kids by then, they're probably really embarrassed.

juice and totty are dilfs holy shit

I'd love to be embarrassing parents with Kara.

Listen here, I'm Choromatsu.

That's a huge missed opportunity, yeah. I would've liked to have seen stuff where the boys have trouble with some modern things too. But with less Totty, he's had enough screentime.

What about this veggie seller Kara?

You wish to obtain eternal youth by becoming paralyzed in shock?


He doesn't deserve to have a wife who bullies him (nobody does, but still).

It's a shame Great-blaster never translated the rest of that thing. Fandom clearly tired her after a while.

Totty is way too feminine to own a fish market, it involves too much dirt and germs for him

Didn't she just not care for ososan after s1 ended?

It's the translation of his quote, wouldn't care to be any sort of frog

idk man he’s eaten a frog on a stick

are you guys okay? this place is more fujo-like than last week

That wouldn't be a surprise, it's just a pain she took the money for the light novel translations and kind of ran off.


What a nice, plush rump.

Post-Valentine’s Day depression

Could be worse, there are no shotas and slapfighting over their merit. Or Iyamifuckers.

Imagine Hattori facing off against them

I drew this back when poptepic ep 5 aired but I haven't gotten around to polishing it. Things have been busy.

I wanna draw more sexy Karas too. I'm not even a butt person but Kara's figure does things to me.

Go away please, you don't contribute anything

Finally somebody says it. Thank you.

Has there been any Oso-san merch at wonfest this year?



>you will realize everything Dekapan stores in his underwear is always touching his nuts and buttcrack.
>still trust him?

Pigmatsu needs to stop eating like a pig if he doesn't want to be treated like one

Only made six new teru bozu.

Something that cute is clearly illegal. I’ll have to confiscate them.

Why is Karabullying so fun? Now I see why Matsubara does it.

It's the only way he's known how to eat.

Fuck off Ichi, you're boring.

Where are my F6 figures by Alter?

Who the fuck would want that?
I wish there were just some trading figures or something for some heso designs. Are they ever going to rerelease the nendos for the younger four brothers? Oso and Kara’s preorders closed back in January. When’s Ichi and Choros turns?

>no iyamifuckers
well lads it's time to post cute yams

don’t you fucking dare, heathen.


this is an iyami thread now zansu


I still wish Nyaa-chan had more of a character to her. Honestly her being kind of nice (but oblivious to Totoko hating her) but still shallow would've been funnier.


you can’t stop the harvest

>Iyami gets literally pissed and shat on

iyami isn’t afraid of a little poopoo peepee

Getting shown Chibita's pants as he craps himself in slo-mo was honestly one of the lowest points the show has gone. Fucking nasty.

there’s been way worse

I hope the Chibitafuckers are devastated.

less talk about poop
more talk about cute

To me that and the shitting in the bag were pretty darn low. There's more but poop jokes tend to be worse to me.

Oso getting a horse dick shoved up him was shocking but still somehow not as gross in my opinion.

I feel like there are more people who project onto/glorify Chibita than want to fuck him. But I could be wrong.

Wait what when did oso get penetrated by a horse

JRA special, the horse racing OVA. Totty and Kara shove him onto the horse's dick offscreen and then you see the aftermath.

The JRA special. There was even an angst/rape recovery fic made by someone who believed Kara and Totty set the horse up to raw Oso. One of fandom's numerous moments of wtf.

Thanks user you just made my night, I didn’t even know this existed.

I've always assumed chibitafags project onto the ugly midget

It's not perfect but it has some nice animation in it and the boys are very cute. There were also some really cute ads leading up to it, but I've never seen pic related subbed.

Some overlap with the Karabitas.
They either do it to have Karamatsu have some perfect prince charming, or they don't like Karamatsu but want Chibita to have someone to berate and do whatever he commands.

Never saw subs for this freaking adorable one either. youtube.com/watch?v=VUiJZ5R4AC8

I feel like it's somewhat more of the latter. I notice Karabitas tend to totally miss the mark on what Kara really is like, but then so do many fans.

Is Karamatsu the most mischaracterized matsu? I know all of them are twisted by fans to some extent, but Karamatsu seems to be the most glaring case

Probably one of them. I most often see they either take the different sides of him too far into angsty "who even am I" territory, or make him have no not-painful side at all and have him be a complete and utter bimbo. Even Japan does the latter to an extent with the cute vacant Kara stuff starting to merge into drawings of regular Kara, and making him extremely lovedovey towards Ichi.

I still see that bimbo Kara fanart in my nightmares

Now imagine him trying to walk around.

Was there a dvd special or something and where can I watch it?

If you're thinking of the horse one, that was the JRA Special and it's subbed online.

The DVD special was the S2 Announcement special that only aired in select theatres in Japan. It's floating around now but no one has subbed it, not even the person who posted it (who could have translated, frustratingly).

I hate when people portray him as a saint that only had good intentions. He might be a pushover but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t secretly want to beat the shit out of his brothers most of the time.

This. He can be oblivious sometimes but other times it's obvious it's frustrating for him.

Nah, Jyushi is.

i was actually going to add subs to the youtube upload before it got taken down, if anyone knows where I can dl it I’d be happy to help out

If it’s floating around then where can I see it?

That's what I meant, if I knew where I would've told you guys right away. Osokart posted it on twitter but I assume it's been taken down already since it was a youtube link.

>S2 Announcement special
How is that only coming out now that S2 is almost over?

It’s a dvd exclusive, not really sure why they chose to go with it but it is what it is

That Ichi looks really fucking cute.

I don't know, it was impossible to see when they were first showing it so I still don't see why they didn't put it online after the live showing. Money, I guess.

It's a BD extra. It was originally going to be on the JRA BD, but they had a different idea.
Each BD contains an animated short that seem to be ones with actual effort, unlike the short films or the horse web shorts.

I’m gonna need you to back that statement up

>183 posts

People making Jyushi seem innocent when he's not seems more to me like just a preferred aesthetic thing, honestly. I can't see it as being as bad.

Everyone thinks he’s a precious sweet little retarded sunshine boy. He’s every bit as scummy as the rest of them, and is completely self aware. Then there’s the people who think his smile is a facade to hide his crippling depression, or that he’s actually a super genius.

Maybe he needs to shit the way Iyami and Chibita did, and then Jyushifuckers' validity will fall into question.

He is though. Okay yeah he’s not innocent but he’s definitely retarded.

nah, ichimatsu shits himself all the time yet people still want to sodomize his never-been-washed ass

He already farts enough, let’s not add shit to the pile.

Has the bathroom humor really kicked it up a notch this season or am I misremembering? I remember a lot of dick jokes in S1, bare asses and Ichi trying to shit on tables, but the actual excrament has gotten was more explicit. And less funny.

He’s completely aware of the way hes acting and can turn it off if he wants. He did it in kerosene and this season in eitarou family. It’s an affectation. He also says that Kara is probably dumber than him and Kara doesn’t act like a special needs kid.

It has, though the JRA special had horses shitting in plain sight and a dead or knocked out Choromatsu shitting his pants at the start. So that might have been precedent for what to expect.

Kara also wasn't as seen as the underdog, but at least he still had his cheesy taste (and a great outfit).

Also there was a lot of very good animation in the JRA special. By this point it can be very blink-and-you'll-miss-it.

alright but retarded side is way more interesting so I can understand why people would want to play off of that more, he’s pretty boring without it.

It’s just annoying that people treat him like he has the mentality (and subsequently innocence) of a little kid.

To be fair Jyushi playing dumb to be kind doesn't happen often enough. I thought that bit in ep 24 when he tried to bring the mood back up despite being hit was nice. But too often now Jyushi can be a dick, and he knows it. The show kind of needs less dickishness so I can understand people tending to draw his kinder side.

Jesus this thread really took off. What’s gotten into you fujos just go make a discord or something

Nobody there is oso fandom in Cred Forums.

Ichi's enjoying a glass of grape drank for sure

Do you say that in every thread on Cred Forums? Why have image boards at in with that logic?

Pairs well with chicken wings.

cute Iyamis is redundant zansu

Why, just why was there not a single figure announced this wonfes? Even nendos with their new jackets would have been fine.
What am I supposed to do with all my hard-earned money now? Spend it reasonably?
I'm just really confused, even at the height of it's popularity, Osomatsu-san didn't really get any really well-made figures.

>New Teru Bozu Matsu available in wonfest

>I feel like there are more people who project onto/glorify Chibita than want to fuck him.
Chibitafuckers still exist

I'm just glad they're there at all.

yeah, I saw that. I'm talking about actual scale figures though, not some cutesy phone-charm.

Is TodoTodo a case of pair the spares or a case of spare the frères?

Osomatsu san still has lots of merch, wonfest won't release the nendo of Osomatsu san, it's still planning. The next wonfest maybe will release Osomatsu san's nendos this year.

I used to come back to /a only to discuss osomatsu back during season 1 ! how nostalgic.

Guys what do you think of the currently ongoing season 2?
I'm a little bit disappointed I think all the skirt and stories are pretty boring and mediocre, even the san valentine one was kind of expected of them.
The manga and even the doujins are funnier than the currently on air episodes. There are only a few left, I hope they will make it right in the end.

It's like every one, including todoko, etc is now "this character" and they won't make him do anything else that is different from his/her already enstabilished traits.
example: 2/3 times we see todoko she fights and/or gets drunk

Most anons have been saying the same thing as you.

Ok, this makes me wonder, how japs are reacting to the season 2?
If it is a flop we can say goodbay to our shitty neets and a future season 3.

Still popular but the hype has cooled down.

ohh cool.

Ok guys I missed this thread so much and now that season 2 is ongoing I'm again a matsu freak.
I remember guys posting comics and doujins here that were really good, even translations, but now even the most classic ones like karamatsu is beyoncé, they seems to be lost, I can't find them anywhere :(

have you guys some of them saved ?
what are the ones you liked the most ?



>he’s actually a super genius
He is better at manipulating than others that's for sure.
Remember the kerosine skit or when he made Kara to give him candies to hide the pachinko's money, and how quickly he bribed the kid into calling him master.

true evil

Well even Darkmatsu and Heartlessmatsu are aware of him so yeah.


Too damn cute.

just started watching this, werent people afraid season 2 would never happen?

How much for one?

Totty is so ugly

Totty is so cute!

He is the ugliest, and also has no heart, but angry Totty is just the best.

totty a shit, even tough worst mastu is choro

I just want more matsu duo skits, like the Ichi + Choro and Totty + Oso ones, though I wont get my hopes up considering that the brothers dynamics with each other have been sorta unused this season. Which is a shame, because those character driven skits always felt the strongest to me personally, now all we really get is generic slapstick comedy and boring one-off characters.

How do you feel about this?

I want skit where Choro being really really cute.

thread dying
post thicc yams

I'm ok with it.



Quick question: IchiKara is dead?

Yes. KaraIchi is better.

Why is the water brown? Is it water?

You wish

Unfortunately not.

>Totty staring at Choros ass while blushing
What did he mean by this?

you wish

Just can't see much pandering in official arts or anime.
And minute later I checked OsomatsuParty cards and yes was wrong.

Yes, its just an oldschool hotspring.

Ichikarafags are still the most stronk though.

I hate seeing Ichi with Kara. Ichi doesn't deserve him. And so much of it romanticises Ichi's bullying and makes Kara forgive everything. Kind of makes me feel ill, honestly.

yeah, but people finally seems to acknowledge the best pairing


>Ichi doesn't deserve him
No one deserves him

Karaxfood OTP

Meh, it's an okay pairing. Osochoro is better. Chorooso is the best though.

I don't mind the bullying personally since it's used for comedy in the anime mostly and I don't really tend to feel bad for any of the brothers, but I dislike how Ichi acts around Kara in general, whether he's being tsundere or not. He's way more appealing and entertaining as a character interacting with literally anyone else.

Some of the stuff Ichi's done crosses the line and his doing that and then being babied hits a bit too close to home, I'll admit. But I do agree, he acts the most like an anime archetype instead of an actual person which gets rather annoying.

... shitty taste

That's totally understandable, and I too wish Ichi got to face consequenses or just be the buttmonkey more often.

Is the manga still going? I haven't seen any scans for a while now. Even nips don't bother with it.

I believe it's still going. I personally liked it and wish it was translated more

it was really good

I usually check here for new chapters:

sorry for the tumblr link

The last time it was updated last April last year, so I think western fans have lost interest in it

> hits a bit too close to home
Stop proyecting onto Chinese cartoons.

What collage?


even though next episode is just going to be a tidbits collection I’m oddly hyped for it

Christ, why are Karafags always such cancer.
It's a comedy anime where all chatacters have tortured and killed each other, and even destroyed the earth multiple times.
But oh no someone was mean to your precious Kara, absolutely unforgiveable. Literally domestic abuse, how can they show such terrible things on screen.

Anons spending Valentine's with their waifu/husbando collage.

I wasn't interested but now that you mention it, at least this time if a skit doesn't interest me it'll be over soon.

Same, the short skits are usually pretty fun. I just hope that there are some brotherly shenanigans and not just side characters/AU stuff.

2 out of 3 previews show the matsus just hanging together so there's a chance
Though one of them also has Juice vore Totty, which is somewhat worrying

Is that Choro or Ichi between Kara and Totty?

Wish there was more of just the eldest.

Eldest bros best bros.

Did you get chocolate?

>Todomatsu gets literally thrown out the house and fired as a sibling, lives under the bridge eating garbage
>"haha so funny"
>Someone tells Karamatsu to shut up
Karafags are the worst

Kind of.

Choro, Ichi's eyebrows usually are not visible

If you paid attention to the threads you would've noticed that everyone, including Karafags have noticed Totty has become the new "underdog" of the matsus, out of either Matsubara's own favouritism or wanting more people to like him.

And the user earlier specifically mentioned the times Ichi goes "too far," so it wouldn't be things like just saying shut up.

But hey, nice strawman.

It looks like just Ichi hate.
He needs to sort out his autistic tsundere bullshit himself but I guess he mostly did between the seasons.

I wonder who hates Kara more, the Kara/Karafag haters or Matsubara

>Matsubara hates Kara
Why is this a thing in every thread? Kara has had a lot of screentime this season compared to season 1, he just isn't being bullied anymore.

>Matsubara hates Kara.
Stop it.

Matsubara makes a point out of avoiding writing Kara - he cuts loads of corners in s2 by having no flowery speeches and just making him repeat words. Even when he got his own skit, Choro was there more than he was.
People who like Kara or Ichi have got it the worst this season.

Oso doesn't get much anymore either, aside from the mixer skit. but of course Totty was there the whole time.

there's a pretty big difference between people noticing that Totty is now getting bullied the most and crying about how Ichi being mean to Kara makes you physically ill.
I remember Karafags claiming that Ichi teaching a cat to destroy Kara's sunglasses was him going "too far" few threads ago. On the other hand I don't remember Tottyfags crying about that episode at all when it's definitely worse than anything that happened to Kara.

>Hating Karafags means you hate Kara
I like Kara a lot though, not enough to call myself a Karafag (I'm a chorofag) but the way so many Karafags baby him like he is a frail innocent baby that can do no wrong and is always the victim got old pretty quickly

>"physically ill"

You're completely exaggerating what you read, if you even tried to. Also going to the trouble of teaching an animal to destroy your brother's belongings is pretty far for Ichi's weird issues to go, but when the episode with Totty being fired happened everyone was talking about how they were really trying to hammer in Totty's suffering this season. You said yourself you don't remember, so I'm reminding you.

because tottyfags can appreciate a character with flaws while karafags glorify the shit out of him

>Also going to the trouble of teaching an animal to destroy your brother's belongings is pretty far for Ichi's weird issues to go
It's a fucking comedy anime, the absurdity is the joke

Pretty much all the Karafags in these threads don't do that though, and say how babying him is annoying. You can't even say you like Kara anymore without getting replied to as if you said the silly claims that twitter/tumblr Karafags do.

Also in that post I even put a slash in between Kara/Karafags to show it could be either, so no I didn't mean that if you hate Karafags you hate Kara.

>with flaws
I see a few "Totty did nothing wrong" types here and there. And staff right now really love putting him in the "he's 100% right but his brothers hold him back :((((" position.

As an Osofag this hurts, but he's still cute and awful when he does get screentime so I can't complain too much.

>You're completely exaggerating what you read
>Kind of makes me feel ill
Sounds good enough and it's in this very thread. Though it's surpring how tame that is this time around considering how dramatic Karafags usually are.
>Also going to the trouble of teaching an animal
It's a cartoon, animals in cartoons tend to be more responsive than in real life
>You said yourself you don't remember, so I'm reminding you.
And you just said yourself that people were merely pointing that out, which again isn't even close to being the same as Karafags overreacting to anything that happens to their precious Kara

That’s the joke with him though, that’s the whole point. Hes been trying to succeed since s1 and they always get in the way. And the “totty did nothing wrong” shit is stupid but it’s understandable when it’s clear he’s pretty disliked through out the fandom. I don’t think anyone actually sees him as innocent, part of his whole appeal is that he’s heartless.

Who gets solo skits ever?
>Totty got a skit but Dekapan was there the whole time of course
You could only make an argument that it could be someone else than Totty.

>Who gets solo skits ever?

the character design staff really gravitated away from having the Matsus with close together pupils like in the kun anime/manga didn't they? Which looks better in your opinion?

^ This, also Totty already had a stupid AU skit with Totoko being useless so having one with Dekapan felt pretty redundant. Totty and Jyushi get skits where they're just on their own with other side characters all the time.

Besides I wasn't saying that Oso should be alone, but that they could've brought a different, less-used brother than the typical Totty-Choro-Jyushi.

Okay, even putting aside the teaching a cartoon animal bit, Ichi's got fucking issues, and the other brothers didn't make a point of destroying the other's property, slowly, right in front of them. Any other instance where one brother picks on another usually gets punishment, but Ichi getting away with everything and being pampered in s1 was borderline unsettling.

Now I'm saying what I feel, but whatever I say you're going to read in whatever exaggerated screechy voice you're imagining I speak in and not take me seriously just because I'm a Karafag to start with - even though I agree with many that Ichi's characterization has been pretty piss-poor in s2 and they really need to be more creative with Choro and Totty. Just because one character is my favourite doesn't mean I can't like or appreciate the others. I DON'T see Kara as a perfect angel who does no wrong - if anything, one of s2's problems is not showing his flaws enough.

Why are you even talking about S1 Ichi anyway? It was long ago, S2 Ichi is a different character.

>a different character
I guess that's kind of a shame about s2.
The Ichimatsu Incident was the closest we'll ever have to Ichi getting his just desserts, but he had to drag Kara down with him.

Totty and Oso in a mixer sounds pretty logical for the premise. That goes for side character shit too, Totoko and Dekapan a boke and they need a tsukkomi (though Karamatsu taxi subverted that and Karafags seemed to begrudgingly accept that skit despite not being canon). They're side-character driven not matsu-driven.

Karamatsu Taxi was a pretty darn cute skit. I was just initially disappointed that it was an AU and not an episode about regular Kara actually trying to be a taxi driver because I feel they could use more of the bros attempting jobs. But it was cute for what it was, just nothing mind-blowing or anything. I've accepted that's probably the best the show can do at this point.

Yeah every other matsufag just acts so jealous of AU Todomatsu, but you wouldn't be happy if Kara or Ichi got as many alternate universe skits either, you'd just bitch it isn't sextuplet interaction in modern Japan Matsuno house.

>state of ichifags

Good point. At least the Osoma-chan skit was genuinely intriguing and heartwarming at times (and I'm among the few that thought that the first two Cavematsu skits were at least funny). Really not a fan of the pointless one-off ones that have pretty much the same setting.

This is worded so confusingly
The only good thing about ichi is that he gets nice art, other than that hes shit

True, Ichi gets some very cute fanart when he doesn't deserve it. Knowing his personality kind of ruins it.

Ichi is the best when he’s around jyushi, shipping aside they have a great dynamic and really bring out the likeable side in each other.

I found this gem on pixiv!

This. Suuji for days

Popuko would anally rape Karamatsu if he looked her the wrong way, Kara doesn't deserve this

Choro and Juicy PTE crossover when?

When Kamiya and OnoD get in an episode.
Sugita and Nakamura were 1st in the fan poll's vote and Kamiya/OnoD were 3rd, so it could happen eventually.

Is he supposed to be shy of the press in this picture? If so that's adorable

I think so, seems like he acts like he can handle it but then can't. The artist has been doing these really adorable drawings of them hanging out.

Totty belongs to Atsushi!

>don't talk to me or my son ever again

My hatred for Atsushi is so strong, I hope he never interacts with Todomatsu again


twitter.com/ozumatu/media if anyone's curious, I feel bad not sourcing.

I hate fanart where Karamatsu looks all smug. Makes me want to beat the shit right out of him.

Atsutodo fans are just as bad as karabita fans, if not worse

Totty looks genuinely uncomfortable there. That's shippers for you.

A one-sided crush from Atsushi's side might be interesting, but I'm just tired of characters hating each other to the core for no reason in this anime.

literally why do people even ship this, they’re barely ever together

>karamatsu is beyoncé,
What? I don’t remember this at all.

I was hoping he’d shove him off or something, but I guess that’s okay too.

Why? They're actually in good terms if not friends.

Its from a doujin anthology where Kara turns into a girl. They can't think of a name for him and call him that. I have it but its on my other computer. Of course it had an IchiKara tilt with Ichi fancying her but the comedy was good so I kept it.

They're together a lot though what are you going on about

I just generally dislike ships, or any content at all, that make Todomatsu look like a cock-hungry slut. He's still the one brother that's the closest to actually fuck a girl.

I guess that's understandable.

Don't clump us all together. I like to see Kara cry too. I want to see every side of Karamatsu. Whether he's happy and content, or broken and abused.

>Thread is still up
I'm so proud of you guys!

He's dead user, don't make me post the comic.

>Choro and Ichi episode
>Oso and Totty episode
>Jyushi and dolphin episode
Still salty.

You got Choro and Kara instead
Speaking of that, how come no one talks about how S2 keeps pushing the two together for some reason?

They were never together in S1, variety is good.

Someone mentioned this in the last thread, I don't really see it. Choromatsu plays the straight man every time the other brothers start taking advantage of someone. It just so happens that one episode was centered around Karamatsu being subjected to it.

I think Matsubara wants to show off a scummier side of Karamatsu, since Choro and Oso seem to be the only ones he can be mean to, probably because he sees them more as equals. He babies the hell out of the younger three, which makes him look too sweet, but he's balanced out more this season.

It's usually either sugar daddy stuff, stuff with Atsushi being Totty's only savior ala Karabita, and other cliche garbage. That said the fans who insist Atsushi's an evil abuser be tripping too.

I wonder if it will go into tomorrow? I'll have to know if I need to make a Monday thread

A Monday thread is necessary. At this rate we'll hit bump limit before the end of the day, and if we don't it will probably die over night. Even if it were still active tomorrow morning we would want a whole thread for the new episode, not the last 50 or so posts of a three day old thread.

I wouldn't mind having a certain someone as my sugar daddy

>I don't really see it.
That skit
The Megaten reference skit where they fused
Kara saying he might fall for him in the latest episode
Followed by giving Choro chocolate later

People hated Totty back in s1 even if he wasn't doing anything evil. Chalk it up to him having three skits with his name tied to them and some focus, and people thinking it was favoritism towards Miyu Irino.

No, because Atsushi doesn't looks like a bald little man baby. They might actually find him attractive rather than forcing themselves to swallow an unappealing character design to follow their body positivity ideals.

Also, who the fuck else are you supposed to pair Totty with? Kara is the only other option with even a little bit of a following and KaraTodo will never be as appealing as KaraIchi or OsoKara.

>ywn have a gf like ichiko


Kinko was too good to be true.

Some are still hyped and even discussing themselves why the sales have gone down. But a lot of fujos have also gotten tired and deleted their Twitters and considered Matsu to be in their shameful past.

But user that's just how his face is.

Can someone explain this to me? Is Atsushi's character expanded upon somewhere else from the anime? Was he a character in -kun? Why do people have such strong opinions on a character that appeared for a split second?

She was pretty boring.

I'm surprised I don't see more of that considering how often the interact in the show. Probably another case of OsoChoro, OsoKara and OsoIchi being too popular. If that's your jam then right on, but you'll practically be manning the ship yourself.

Maybe I'm the only person that doesn't see it as romantic but it would make sense for Karamatsu to reach out to him. Both are in the eldest trio, both are tired of Oso's shit and both get berated by the youngest all the time. But I don't think Choro's middle man behavior is exclusive to Karamatsu, he's just like that in general.

>that fanart
Those episode 34 Matsus are super cute

>will never be as appealing as KaraIchi or OsoKara

oh how wrong you are

Atsushi is not of kun, he's just like Nyaa.

The truth is we know nothing of him other than he's rich, has a car, and apparently condescends to commoners. But merch and some things have noticed his popularity and lumped him in with the actual main cast as pandering, like that cat. His appeal seems to mainly be fujo and merch fuel, which is probably why Matsubara hasn't actually had him appear.

Don't worry, I ship everyone x everyone

But user, she was just there to get in the way of Totoko. That's not cool.

What an improvement.

yeah, but at this point in the show, it's pretty obvious he's a goddamn crybaby. But the people drawing fanart of him being all smug and confident think that's he truly is smug and confident.
But I generally dislike Karamatsu, so maybe that's clouding my judgement.

This face was the best part of that episode

I kind of liked when season 1 artists reflected the kun face proportions, though some of them would make the noses a bit too big. The tinier and sharper noses sometimes look off lately.

Cute, looks like an early grade school au skit, which might not get some ree since they aren't the kun designs.

He can be both though, the anime has shown him being able to stand up for himself multiple times.
It's the same as when people believe Ichimatsu can only either be a cruel sadist or a sad kitty, even though they're both just two different sides of his whole personality.

The inter ocular distance really makes a difference.

That's even better with both of them involved

Ew, no thanks. There's adorably smug like the faces Oso and Kara make, and then there's just stuck-up.

This thread is severely lacking best boy.

>like that cat
You mean nyan, right? Because "that cat" makes me think of esp nyanko and now I'm trying to imagine who could possibly be the target audience for that ugly cat's pandering


nyanko is cute don't be rude

Nyanko sounds and looks like a balding, fat, old man

They're too lazy to come up with any other cat design so nyankos the default. They need to bring nyarome back, at least he had personality

he's cute and smart, he could probably do your taxes

I have been so fucking starved for a high school episode. Sextuplet shenanigans in that kind of setting sounds like a gold mine.


I'm pretty sure a lot of us would want that, but I have a feeling we won't get it/or they'd fuck it up somehow


What did just walked into. What the fuck is this.

It’s like they hate money or something.

I see your shitpost and raise my own

Wait, so, Osomatsu knew the sex of the child but Ichi and Kara didn’t so Osomatsu bakes them a blue cake to break the news?

Ichimatsu has the expression of someone who is living a nightmare.

That's kinda hot.

This is virtual diarrhea


let me contribute

Who does this appeal to?


Bimbofication is a fetish.

People into hyper muscle and bimbofication. It's a very strange community.

Karamatsu doesn't deserve this.

While I appreciate your censorship I was the user that shared it first so I know the original. That and those piranha plant-mouth nipples still horrify me.

the fate every kara fan deserves

woe is me. had I know you were the first to uploaded this risque image available on the world wide web, I would've saved something else off the artist's twitter to avoid such an utterly embarrassing mishap

But that's how I already feel just from looking at Kara.

>Every ichi fan deserves this

Oh no, I don't mean to sound all "whatever" about it. I know the artist's other stuff too, it's good for a laugh/scare. I wonder if she still follows me.

This is why I don't have twitter, I wouldn't want creepy fetish artists following me

>Ichimatsu's super bushy armpits
>that little happy trail on his tummy

But that's the most fun about it!

>somebody made a reaction image from my scan

*Though I suppose I'm no better because I stalk people's accounts anyways
I like looking at the drawfriends twitter account, she reposts/draws good stuff

God I want to strangle fanon Ichi but canon Ichi is so hot.

I wonder what his pit hair tastes like

I want to nuzzle my face against his armpit and inhale his musk

Thank you, but ... even my fetish art?

Nah your stuff is tame, it's not like bimbo Kara

Thanks, user. I find it funny that I draw a big tan Kara too, except he's fat. But I'm a snob for staying in-character so I try to not stray too far in my self-indulgences.


Post heartwarming art

link to your art?

vermilionpine on twitter and tumblr. I still have a few sensual wips up my sleeves to post. Warning: big soft round Karas and self-insert.

cute Karamatsus, my dude. I recognize that self-insert from the weekend waifu drawthreads

Aw shucks, thank you. I've drawn requests over there too but things have just been so busy.

What would the Matsus favorite cakes be?

Oso - Red Velvet
Totty - Strawberry
Juushi - Lemon


Oso- boston cream pie
Kara- anything(fat)
Choro- swiss roll with matcha filling
Ichi- german chocolate
Jyushi- cheesecake
Totty- tiramisu

Goddamn it Kara! Stop making that stupid face

I love Karamatsu bullying. It's beautiful

Kara often gets paired with chocolate. It's indulgent and I could imagine him enjoying it. Eat up, cutie~

I could see Totty liking something lighter tasting like shortcake or Victoria cream sponge too.

I want to drizzle melted chocolate all over Kara and then lick it up.

I don't know why but his face in this picture cracks me up everytime

I think its one example of the painful face that's really cute. The little mark he makes in his chubby cheek with his thumb makes it absolutely adorable, and funny because he's trying to be cool but he's just so squishy.

I wonder if you poke the Matsus cheeks they make a squeaky toy sound

Oso- Molten chocolate cake
Kara- Devils food cake
Choro- Coconut cake
Ichi- Black forest cake
Jyushi- Ice cream cake
Totty- Strawberry shortcake

Reminder that Kara is a pig that can't stop eating. Say something nice about karapig.

I'm glad people took to calling him a fatso instead of Ichi, and that Karafags are actually happy with that

I have never wanted to bully/spoil someone more than I have with him

Ichi is literally mr skeletal but I like seeing him a little soft.

can you post it when you have the time user ?
I lost it with all my other osomatsu comics

I want to kiss him and rub his belly. He's a beautiful boy with beautiful curves and I love him so much.

Fat Ichi headcanons never sat right with me - he's clearly hunched over and neglects himself.


Squishy Ichi is best Ichi. Not fat just soft.

I desire more oso x PTE crossovers

His gluttony makes the other brothers look better by comparison.

Why are they scaring the friends?

I don’t actually like him depicted as fat, I just like bullying him because he’s cute when he cries.



The OTP for Kara. Not even Ichikara can top it.

>in glorious bobmenimimi fashion

I want my own jyushimatsu to ride on

I'm surprised there isn't a skit yet where the sextuplets swap personalities.

When the boys have their dicks blurred out, does that mean that there's an uncensored version somewhere?

jesus it doesn’t even look like there’s anything there. micro penises

I'm pretty sure they don't have dicks in this

I want to believe. But they probably just didn’t draw anything.

God I wish I was Matsuzo in this pic

There are some screenshots where their dicks are more detailed, they would’ve had to drawn something there in order to put a filter over it

I realised that before I posted it, but I was afraid of posting one where there could've been something.

Bate tits are allowed if they are screen caps. Blurred dicks are fine.

How come there is still no doujin of the sextuplets gangbanging Matsuyo? I am disappointed, Nippon.

new friend here, what do you guys use to read/download doujins

Why would you wish for something so horrible?

>Artist draws testicles but doesn't bother with the penis

perish, you swine

My reading manga has the biggest selection. I plan on uploading a lot of them to exhentai since that’s a better sight for them. Better search functionality b

Nips think animal testicles are funny

I see it often in art of tiger Kara, or other animals like tanuki. I think it's meant to be cute but innocent.

>wish for something amazing
Especially if they de-aged her. Wouldn't it be nice and heartwarming to read a doujin of a mother looking out for her six virgin sons to graduate? Mother knows best after all.

I'd much rather have doujins of Matsuyo and Matsuzo together. I can't imagine them apart, it's too weird.


Maybe it's sheathed? I don't know much about tiger dicks.

Well they don't have to be apart. Matsuzo can watch in the background, tied up and beaten, so the tags will include NTR as well as mindbreak.

Look inside yourself. You know deep down you will still read it.

why do these threads always become so degenerate ?

>That picture
Oh God my heart!
If you left they'd be 10x less (as if they were in the first place)

Look where you are

I want to see Choro yelling "CHORO DARUMA!"
Good taste.

I want to touch his testicles.

Eldest bros for the win

Kara and Oso skit that's both funny and heartwarming never

Like the other user, My reading manga has loads of it. If you don't mind looking at raws, BL Magazine has a shit ton of Osomatsu doujin. I hit those two sites daily and BL Magazine tends to update with new additions more frequently.

I didn't even realize this still airs. How many episodes left?



>favorite matsu is choro
>he is unpopular so his merch is far cheaper than the karamatsu or ichimatsu merch that is fucking expensive and sold out
being a chorfag has it's perks

Why do people here hate on Ichi and Juicy? Kara is overrated shit tier.

i'm glad this crossover exist

Like 6 or so?

I'm pretty sure there's a penis, pic related.

Me too.

Kara > Ichi > Oso > Jyushi > Choro > Totty

I normally like characters that happen to be unpopular, so being a Karafag is great for the cute art but pretty awful in what gets snatched up first, true. I have a Chorofriend and a Tottyfriend who are easy to get presents for, at least.

Karamatsu is the easy choice of your average user, Iyami is the choice of men of culture

I don't see much hate on my husbando here, I mostly see choro & ichi hate

He'll be easier to tell apart than his brothers and will know how to appreciate any food you spoil him with. Just make sure to keep a lock on your rice cooker if you plan on eating dinner later.

Would you watch a skit animated by AC-bu?

Is that some laconchadekaramatsu art, I remember those dark days

They seem to hate anything you'd "traditionally" expect. So if it'd be them in high school for real, it'd probably be a short glimpse or they still could be san-ified and not much different.

what a terrible time to know spanish

They want to pander to those who were touched and got angst from the ESP Kitty episode, plus he's a distinctive cat to put off with Ichi even if Fujita and Matsubara never want to actually do a thing with him again.


I'm surprised fetishists aren't all over 80s Iyami for some sort of exploitation.
Then again there was a sexyiyami blog but the runner turned out to be a massive anti that sent threats to people and vagued about doing so on Twitter.

I would watch anything they made, Matsu-related or not.


He looks like me in the morning here

>"I remember those dark days"
She/he's still drawing plenty. A few weeks ago there was fart fetish Kara, and before that there was scat.

>fart fetish Kara
They clearly got shit taste then, besides that already being nasty.
Everyone knows Iyami and Jyushi would fit that better.

Is it just me or is fart fetish worse than scat fetish. At least scat can be contained. Fart just pollutes the air.

Thanks for telling me about this, shit looks pretty hilarious.

Where can I find this holy Grail of awfulness? Twitter?

blueglittercum on twitter. But please don't bother her/him.

They're both pretty bad user

Thanks user. More of this is exactly what I was missing in my life.

Good thread. Can't believe it hit bump limit. I'll see you all bright and early tomorrow for the new episode.

What a username

I'll try and make it around quarter to 12, if that's okay with everyone

Western fanbase still thinks Kara is obsessed with glitter in particular, when his trousers were sequin-fabric and he's never mentioned glitter before. He at least knows not to use it, that stuff gets itchy.


So what is this fetish for engorged exagerated genitals and body parts called? what's the futa and bara fags obsession with it?

They have a nsfw blog too.

Jesus fucking christ nobody ever asked for this. Open at your own risk.

Why is it always Kara?

Totty gets nice fanart

This artist clearly likes Kara.

There's inflation fetish, that's kind of related. Seems to go along with bimbofication and weight gain.

Its known as hyper muscle. There's a whole community for it, and somewhat disturbingly it sometimed goes into real life shit with steroids and injecting saline into your pecs/dick (yes really). I heard one guy even died from it.

killing Kara would be a kinder fate than this

he does

And it doesn't matter because nobody cares about Todomatsu.

Why do people throw such hissy fit over those pics? They're sightly weird, but not particularly scarring.

this is still my favorite Todomatsu fanart, I laugh every time i think about it

Show us better ones then

I've noticed that korean artists tend to draw more ikemen or "sexy" matsus than japanese artists.

Ichimatsu just because you're a degenerate that's seen way more disgusting porn doesn't mean it's not shocking to other people.

There's something about this hypermuscle bimbofication shit that really rubs me the wrong way. I can't browse straight up guro, amputee, cannibalism, even snuff hentai with barely a reaction, but it's this that freaks me out. It's just creepy and unnatural. Like delitization and hand crystals.

I like to think he tried to do all those things at once and fell over.

This is end of thread. See you tomorrow

Eh, I think it's pretty common for both. Mery is Korean and she does some of my favorite on-model matsus. But there's something distinct about the Korean ikemen art. They tend to look a lot more delicate and flowery. If I had to choose one I'd sooner take a Japanese ikemen over a Korean ikemen.

I'd like to know how is it possible to feel bigger discomfort with a typical transformation fetish than with loli scat guro.

Totty is shit at everything, even killing himself.