Nanatsu no Bitoku

I have enjoyed all the amazing ass lately but where are the tits?

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Next episode and probably episode 7.

>nanatsu no bite au cul

every fucking time

No need for tits. Ass is all you need

Hopefully the 2 OVA episodes are Bikini Warriors tier of lewd.




She will never sit on your face

>all ass and no tits

Picked up

I don't understand, aren't they supposed to be Virtues? Why are they sluttier than the Sins?

I don't understand this anime at all, its just hentai but without hentai. I mean I guess "teasiing" even borderline H anime, but this is neither of those this have h designs, h characters, h plot, but it just isn't H.

What's the point?

I wonder if she knows everyone can see her butt

Teasing is more erotic than plain hentai or nakedness all the time.
source: my dick

Because good > bad

To sell figures and merchandise? Didn't Bikini Warriors, and their OVAs sell pretty damn well? And isn't there supposed to be another OVA this year?

She probably doesn't care enough. Maybe the later episodes will address how lewd they all dress?

Where are the subs

I second this. Where can I consume this content?

>thi fucking anime


>Bikini Warriors
Please go on


kindness when?

Is the subs out? I searched for it since yesterday, there's no subs.

butt bump


I WANT that ice cream


Cute butt

but from who is it?


post more buttiel

I wish this wan't a short, but fucking otakus no longer buy ero-anime.
This is the internet's fault for having free access to porn.

Loads of shit. I'd say just watch all 4 of the OVAs.


Why did she put ice cream on her butt

Figures still sell well enough. This BD will sell fine and the figures are going to sell well. Michael is on backorder iirc.

If I see that fucking cat one more time.

>I have enjoyed all the amazing ass lately but where are the tits?

>anime that exists for the sole purpose of being fap material
>people eat that shit up
This is what's ruining the industry
Just go rub one out to actual hentai

This is better than hentai though.

You have decades of tits only to enjoy. There's barely any ass as is.

Is there finally a show that panders to an assfag like me?

Anal anime. Assfags finally won. Titsfags on suicide watch.

Most high tier ecchi anime are split fairly evenly. QB comes to mind especially.

i know this is a dumb question. you sapose to fap and watch the whole thing or just fun parts

these are shorts, they are only a few minutes long. theres no story at all, its only ecchi scenes.

well i mean when watching these kind of shows

How is this show related to the Seven Deadly Sins?

AU where the Sins' influence is growing in the mortal realm. This Michael is a good girl that only deserves hugs, while Michael in Sins never got her deserved molestation scene.

Huh. Maybe I'll pick it up.


>Michael will never take a dump in you spare tire

It's all short dumb fine that isn't bogged down by a weak plot. I wish it was lewder, but we got 2 BD episodes to look forward to, so hopefully they get freaky there.

Sariel episode when?

So far have the girls gotten a good amount of fanservice each in these shorts or does it suffer from Seven Deadly Sins syndrome of three characters getting 99% of the fan service?

Every girl gets her own episode

Will this have 13 episodes or be over once we have a chapter per girl?

subs fucking where?

Give it another day

Raphael best girl.

Gabriel is. Or she probably will be.

When is mom?

Subs are out

Gab has my second favourite design

I'm not even sure why I care for subs for this. Not like it changes the actual experience here at all. Is anyone invested in the plot?

Hopefully soon, but they may just be saving her for last.

Do you think Kindness gives good paizuri?

For how low quality this show is the butts sure look great

Prove it

Mechandise, always merchandise. Hobby Japan is the company that owns Queen's Blade, Bikini Warriors, Seven Deadly Sins, Heavenly Virtues and other stuff I'm forgetting. Their ultimate goal is to sell merch.

They are playing safe with Virtues, released a very low budget anime to maximize profit when the figures get released and see how green the pasture is to maybe consider a standard anime, Deadly Sins was the inverse treatment, they released the figures way before, they sold a bit well so Hobby Japan bet on a full feature anime, things didn't go so well.

10 episodes, and two Blu-Ray specials.

>Is perfectly okay with helping someone achieve their dreams
>Knows when to leave, even if it's sad

She is a dumbass that isn't focusing on the battle with hell, then again all these dumbass angels are, searching for a messiah separately is retarded from a success rate standpoint since they choose more than one and purely based on their opinions. Logic is sometimes required in my fapbait anime.

>low quality
How the fuck is this low quality? Everything in this show is highly detailed and well drawn with vibrant color palettes except for the irrelevant side and background characters.
If you want low quality go watch Devilman crybaby or low budget weekly shit like Boruto or Fairy Tail.

>How the fuck is this low quality?
The characters barely move, it is animated witth as few frames as possible in something that is just 3 minutes long, is this your first anime or something? Anyone can tell this is very low budget.

Low budget is not same as low quality, retard.

It is the same when the low budget gets in the way of quality scenes, in this case Nanatsu no Bitoku relies on fanservice, low budget is a flaw since the quality of fanservice is lacking, it looks like something out of a low budget hentai animation with the actual sex removed.

Sub is out







>It is the same when the low budget gets in the way of quality scenes,
And it doesn't, kill yourself. And you have no idea about hentai, because this show looks aesthetically Godly compared to the low budget hentai you see out there.



Last one. Hope you all enjoyed

Nice deflection, this shit is on PoRo level of hentai animation. Fanservice demands something of a budget to work, that's why people latch onto stuff like Seikon no Qwazer and Manyuu Hikenchou to this days.

Facesitting when?

Thank you.

>decide to check out the show cuz some cheap smut is always good
>start of the first episode
>music from MEGAS XLR playing

what the fuck.

I want to lick the ass sweat out of her crack.

Come to us in our dreams

>Didn't Bikini Warriors, and their OVAs sell pretty damn well?
No, actually I think it did quite poorly. These anime don't sell as much as they used to sell. If they are still making them it because it sells a shitload of figures and merchandising.

But the shows itself haven't sold well since QB rebellion. Its been a long time since the times Ikki tousen shitty seasons made into the top 10 grossing anime. Right now all this shows do quite poorly. (Then again talking about the shows, the merchandise sells a lot)

>PoRo level of hentai
PoRo has never drawn detailed armors or accessories like this before. Also if this triggers your autism why don't you fuck off to another thread? Seriously what an obnoxious little bitch you are.

I think Bikini Warriors is doing fine, we got an OVA not so long ago

My name is Gabriel and nearly every second season I get a blond bimbo with the same name.
I really don't know how to feel about this.

We're also getting more OVAs this year too and a rumored s2 of sorts. Figures are selling great.

It's not the lack of tits that bothers me, but the lack of the lack of tits. Apparently there's only one Virtue left in that department.

The cutest

delicious plot

When's the Ara Ara/cake episode?

Episode 7 probably.

Maybe you should consider giving up your dignity for the sake of pleasing anons.

I just want to watch the prequel but >yurishit
Its worth?


my dick tells me to pick it up, but my mind is telling it's just some trashy ecchi and I will drop it anyway
what do

>tfw too intelligent to enjoy anime

Only the first 2 to 3 episodes are worth it. Afterwards the actual plot starts getting in the way of the PLOT.

>The Seven Heavenly Virtues are trying to build up messiahs to combat the encroaching power of the Sins
>One of the Virtues actively skypes with a Sin

I'm not even an ass guy but I will watch this series only for the marvelous asses. I think I'm being converted.

>he's a tits guy

guys i think we have gone too far

Join us friend. We need more people to see the light.

But I just came.

michael best girl


>I think I'm being converted.

Have you seen the truth, brother?

This is a plump butt

Fat. Shame on the owner.

fucking hell I just fapped and this shows up on frontpage
god fucking dammit


I'll have two scoops of chocolate please.

Damn, the power of the Virtues really works.

Lord have mercy

>Logic is sometimes required in my fapbait anime

I would do anything it takes to put my face in that butt.

Hopefully HJ finds success with this. I want the Sins and Virtues have lewd fights.

Nice ballsack.

That is a puffy volvo.

Wow user, I didn't know these books existed. I got linear algebra up next so I might as well read this meme book and learn something from it.

To see the crack actually.

Yeah, a crossover with Sin Nanatsu no Taizai would be cool

ass bump

Any of you ever paid a whore to have anal sex?

>paying money to have sex with 3DPD

I just want it to be lewd as fuck.

I just hope the blonde will not have some bowlcut child that is perverted. Knowing these gooks it might happen.

I want Gabriel already. I want to smell her butt.

Will Gabriel be gay for Michael?

Gabu is too pure for that

The sins are just lesbians, while all the virtues are bi.

Nipple sucking when?

Too lewd. Please delete your post.

You think this is Seikon no Qwazer?

I read all the ones translated in english. I even bought them.

If only we could be so lucky

is this anime really necessary?

Tried to make one for the ass shake but it didn't turn out quite as well.

For my dick, yes

I want to be that bead of sweat

I want to lick all the sweat off her ass

Also, I just realized that it's the Virtue of Diligence talking with the Sin of Sloth. They're literal opposites.

Who's the next virtue?

>that Sniper Wolf howl at 03:10

Holy shit


I want to shove my tongue in all these asses.




Anime of the year

Where are the hardcore lewds at?

isn't the anime lewd enough for you?



Are they good or just fanservice?

I hope her messiah candidate is a shota.

>anime that exists for the sole purpose of being fap material
>This is what's ruining the industry
>Just go rub one out to anime that exists for the sole purpose of being fap material

I hope

/ss/ is so overdone though

it's that or NTR with these bodies so /ss/ it is

is this better than the sins one?


picked the fuck up.
Do I have to watch the 7 deadly sins to enjoy this?

yes go watch it

No, don't watch it

sin wasted all its budget in the first three episodes and turned to crap

that being said the girls are nice so maybe watch at 2x speed or something


Bitoku sounds like bite au cul...

Some are good, physics and statistics especially. Universe, relativity, and electricity are worth a read as well.

Except for the first episode, this is good for what it is. I wish it had more money and more time.

Datass, just sayin.

>Except for the first episode
The first one was best.

>slightly brown
>short hair
>modest tits
>huge ass
>adorable voice
Absolutely a best.

That's honestly too perfect, is that on purpose?

Can't be.


>there was never a sequel to iFluid where you are a drop of various fluids, including sweat
So much potential lost, why did Japan never jump on this?

>tfw bought an Asmodeus figure on a whim to hotglue her


I'm pretty sure that the first three episodes had at least a few boob shots. Unless I'm thinking too much about boobs and remembering things wrong.


ok fine ill download it, but just this once

You're such a tsundere, user-chan.

Yeah, but I hope we get more boobs

I actually watched Seikon no Qwaser without fapping even once.

>it got subs
nice, picked up

Is this an edit or are there actually nipples?

Why would anyone edit things?


Stop thinking with your dick.



Fucking moron. They show tits and nipples from episode 1

They've mostly focusing on the ass though

Why faceless star?

So you can self-insert easily.

I'm still most excited for the uncensored ED. The Sins ending was the best part of the show.




I know but its a shitty move in this case

Some people are just born without faces, user. Please respect them. Why do you think so many people on Cred Forums go "mfw" without posting a face?

But what happens when they must scream?

make me

Are you a faggot?

This is best episode so far

Stop censoring images with spoiler image

That's how you're supposed to post nipples on Cred Forums. Lurk a bit more.

I know fag. U have been trolled LOL

>bad manners
Prepare for your vacation.

No I'm bi.

so yes

Too bad the song was shit.

Nipples were great at least.

So do these have ecchi?

Of all the ecchi series, where does this stand?

In the crack.



>Sin Nanatsu no Taizai with hetshit