Houseki no Kuni

Can we have a thread for this? I finally got around to reading the manga and I need a bit of discussion. I only watched the anime and then ditched the threads until I got around to the manga.
So, what exactly does sensei do with the "praying"? The translation says he's a "terribly powerful machine of destruction" and that he can split the human spirit from the body. What does that have to do with letting the spirits pass? The moon people talk as if he purifies them but don't explain how. Is that explanation mistranslated or is it just left as a mystery that phos just doesn't question?

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It could mean that sensei kills humans, releasing the spirit from the body

Shouldn't there be a new chapter next week?

But Aechmea said sensei was created as a praying machine, to automate the passing of the spirits. There was also what he said about probably keeping the last human company, so I don't think he has ever killed a human, or anything really.

I'd hope so, I need more after reading through the manga so quickly.

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Only the cutest gem, Phos
Which I also made this thread for more pics of her.

>Only the cutest gem, Phos
Nice try Phos but we all know who the real cutest gem is.

Reminder that they DO have cunnies.

New chapter so soon. I can almost smell it.

To add to this I kind of just think the moonies don't actually know shit about sensei aside from that he was made by humans. Maybe he hasn't actually ever made those prayers they want, and instead have been clinging to the false hope of a heaven since they can't actually remember that far back.

They're just a more bortz-like Antarc, who is way cuter

Euclase is cute!

>cuter than Craig
Not with that dumb haircut

How would you think the religious symbolism would be like if it's based on Christian imagery instead of Buddhist?

Changing to Christianity wouldn't change their uniforms, what they wear now isn't exactly Buddhist. I imagine Phos wouldn't become a Frankenstein monster though.

I feel like the series as a whole wouldn't be as interesting with that sort of change, even though I wouldn't know what'd change aside from things like the moonies' designs. And I bet sensei would be more of a hard-ass, which would be funny to see.

bort is very cute

I want to see Red Diamond interact with the other gems!

I just took it literally. He's saying his prayers for their soul, purging them of all the baggage that prevents them from entering Nirvana.

>Can we have a thread for this?
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A cute dork.

I wonder what's Yellow DIamond end goal, just to suffer?, maybe he will have a little arc of redemption.

I don't think Yellow has an end goal anymore.

>tfw idolize your brother
>tfw your older brother hates your guts
>tfw he will probably try to kill you if you meet again

Does Bort really hate Dia?

Dia doesn't hate Bort. It's just that Dia feels inferior or inadequate when around him, they actually care very much for each other shown for example in the aftermath of the Shiro fight.
But Dia and Bort are probably going to fight next time they meet.

He will made the prettiest moon dust.

Stop fucking grinding them into dust, Aechmea.


Where do you guys even read manga now?[/ spoiler]

MangaDex, PAS, tumblr

Yandere gems incoming, hoping for a TL but won't count on it since these threads are dead.



What's a TL?
And the threads aren't quite dead, just monthly to preserve the quality.

he purified big doggo and later on the game pieces

The Lunarians want him to do just that to them, but for some reason he refuses to do so, even though they're the very last spirits residing on this plane, or so the Prince tells Phos. Sensei is being frustratingly mum about this whole matter after Phos began prodding closer and closer to the truth.


Moon people would have wings, maybe?

TL = translation

I mean the TL anons are all dead, they were mostly active while the anime was airing.

I think it was implied that Shiro and the game pieces moved on by themselves since they only really wanted to meet Sensei again
Whatever is holding the lunarians back is probably more complex

Yeahs sensei didn't do anything in their cases, it all boils down to whether he can't pray or won't pray.

Thanks for explaining and posting. It's a shame they all went yes.


Sensei probably doesn't want to pass on the lunarians because of would endanger the gems in the process

The concept of antarcts body falling apart would work better in a 3d glass enclosure where all the different bits are separate from the body.

Gorgeous figure but it looks like that neck part would snap at the slightest tap.

How's the quality of the official EN translation? I was thinking of picking up the first 3 volumes of the manga.

About as good as you would expect, there's some questionable parts here and there but on the whole it's fine.

when will the second quest be up? i think it should start at chapter 3

dia hates bort not the other way around. dia is older

Chapter 3 of OO quest will be on Friday I believe.

Thanks, I'll place an order today.

there was no information about a date in the last thread. does that mean it was just randomly stated somewhere in a houseki thread?

I can't really see Dia genuinely hating anyone. I thought the only reason she went to the moon was because her relationship with Bort is kinda fucked and she doesn't know how to change it so she'd rather run away.


It seems more like a case of "can't live with them, can't live without them" than actual hate. Maybe Dia is just looking for affirmation that Bort needs her just as much as Dia needs Bort.

No, it was stated when the next chapter was to take place in the quest thread itself, and I asked for the date last thread on here so that's how I know.

Also this:
the 25th of februari.

go back to your containment threads retard

we are led to believe that he prays for them and they pass on but there's tiny amounts of foreshadowing here and there that shows that the truth might be something else, just keep reading and join the discussion when chapter is out, we don't want to make generals so better have the thread when we need it


Red should take over as the new protagonist honestly. Phos is such a bitch.

Can you really blame it on Phos if there's hardly anything left of her?

How would that work?

Red is a cutie.

Yes, we can Always blame Phos.

I wonder if the lunarian outfit hiding the old parts of Phos (except the back, I guess) but showing off all the new parts was a deliberate design choice

With the attention too detail Ichikawa has shown until now, no chance it was not deliberate.

Soon, there won't be anything of original Phos at all

What will we even call him then, NotPhos, FauxPhos and NuPhos have been thrown around before, but those don't sounds as good as LaPhos did to be honest.
Maybe we should abbreviate it, T.O.F.K.A.P (The one formerly known as Phosphophyllite). That sounds even worse.

But seriously, I don't think she will lose all of her original parts since crystal is one of the nine sacred treasures of Buddhism.

why not skip the middleman and simply refer to them as lapis?

Because she's not Lapis user.
Lapis is gone forever. Even if they un-dus her, her head will still be on the torso of the abomination formerly known as Phos.

It could be everything but a teeny-tiny part, then. There's nothing to say that Phos could lose something and then get it back later, too, which might be one way that our expectations about the seven treasures thing gets subverted, as I'm sure Ichikawa knows that readers have picked up on that theme.

Phos head plus Lapis' body for extra fuckery

Doesn't it just simply mean he's both strong enough to kill the human body and then also the soul?

It seems there's something more spiritual going on in this case. If it was just sheer destructive power needed, the lunarians wouldn't keep reforming on the moon.

There is a comic about that, but I don't have it on hand at the moment.

Shit I just realized, what if Red is the last ‘treasure’ to be part of Phos’s body, representing carnelian?

Since people have assumed that the red gem is either Padparadscha or Cinnabar, that would be an interesting alternative route, although that would mean that the lunarians actually manage to reassemble Red or at least part of her. Maybe Red would know something about the situation that Phos wouldn't get told by anyone else.

That is possible, but not really a better alternative too Pad to be honest. I want all the gems to live damn it.

I'm sorry, but I always think Sensei's sleeve in this image is a big black horsecock from the thumbnail.

Very lewd user, nice meme though. Hadn't seen that one yet.


Would be nice, but Pads is more likely.

>I want all the gems to live damn it.
It would be pretty weird from a story perspective for anyone that was around since the start of the series and "died" to come back whilst the story is still going. I kind of want to see it happen, but I suspect that Antarc and the rest are gone for good, and the lunarians are just stringing along Phos until this becomes apparent.

O, don't misunderstand me, I think so too. Antarc would probably be even less then dust, she would be vapor, just like the the prince his promises and the hopes and dreams of the gems and Sensei. It has already been well discussed that even if the Lunarians set aside the time and technology to gather all the dust and begin gluing them back together, there are multiple gems of the same composition both real and fake in the mountains of dust and that is assuming that all the dust is still there. It is possible that some of it just floated up into space along with the Antarc vapor, never to be seen again.
I am of course not 100% certain of any of this, maybe the dust particles are still big enough that they can be distinguished from each other, maybe the Lunarians actually like something to do for a change, maybe the dust of the real gems isn't even that which is spread onto the surface of the moon but contained in some special boxes under Achmea's bed.
It's just that I'm hoping that they can be reassembled, but that is probably not how it's going to go and like you said, Achmea is just stringing LaPhos along for his own purposes.

What is this pic? Are these illustrations from art book?

Some volumes of the manga have a cover depending on which language you get them in (not the English versions), those illustrations are from the insides of the cover if I remember right.

Sensei is an asshole and he needs to be destroyed.

I like the idea of Phos' head being on some shelf in a lunarian warehouse, just in case they needed it.
This all depends on whether Aechmea has been telling the truth or has been lying like crazy, and so far nothing he has said has been directly contradicted even by Sensei, so there might still be a chance.

i completely agree we must subvert the remaining gems and destroy sensei

They're the actual hard covers under the colored dust jackets (and are also in the art book).

If he has been telling the truth the whole time that means all the gems they capured are dust on the moon, wouldn't that mean there is no chance anymore?

Pic related.

>I like the idea of Phos' head being on some shelf in a lunarian warehouse, just in case they needed it.
There is no such case.

>wouldn't that mean there is no chance anymore?
The lunarians might not know whether it's possible either, they've not had a reason to try it before now. It's not like they have anything better to do at the moment.

The perks of being an immortal degenerate.

>two extra swords & hands

I hope Ichikawa releases a full spread one day.

>and the lunarians are just stringing along Phos until this becomes apparent.
Even if they were serious about it right now, it's not going to happen. Either Phos' plan shakes Sensei up and he finally sends their souls to Nirvana, in which case they'll obviously not be piecing them back together.
Or it does not work, in which case the Lunarians will just try to go back to plan "make the moon sparkle".

Considering the textless version is in the art book and doesn't include anything more about those hands, I think it's likely there is no full spread. It'd be cool if she drew one though.

Can't they just warm up all of the dust a bit and antarc will just drip out? Problem solved for him.

>Antarc would probably be even less then dust, she would be vapor
Space is pretty damn cold though, they'll likely still be dust.

And I still believe that seeing all the dusted gems back together is still a possibility, if only because I don't believe the moonies will get what they want in any way.

How strong would antarc have been on the moon at night

Well, I don't know what the temperature on the moon is. I based my statement on the fact the bismuth structures of the moonies were melting sometimes.
And I never said that it wasn't possible to restore the gems, just that I agree with that other guy that It's probably not going to happen for whatever reason. I hope the gems will all get a happy ending, but I don't know if it will.

I like that face better.

There's so few good Neptunite face shots in the manga. This edit was hard to make and still doesn't look very good.

Needs a color update on 3rd image

Simple google searches kind of make it hard to believe that the bismuth would melt at all even during the day. As for antarcticite it would definitely be melted during the day and frozen during the nights. Not like this all really matters but the bismuth detail is a bit weird to me because it'd probably only become more malleable instead of straight up melting.

What if there were multiple antarcticites?

There were new Morganites and Goshenites, so it's possible. But it won't be the Antarc that Phos looked up to

>Phos figma announced at Wonfes
I hope it looks better than the one scale we have.

They'd only need the antarc with inclusions, and I don't think there's more than one so they'd just have to throw out the synthetic dust.

To see the dusted gems restored 1) it should actually be possible to undust them 2) there would have to be an eternity-long timeskip (since that's how much Aechmea estimated it would take).
The first is possible, but the second - highly unlikely.

Yea, that one is better.

Is Nep best back-background gem?

Maybe it's symbolism of some sort then, or just not pure bismuth.

Keep in mind that there is practically no atmosphere on the moon, and daytime temperatures may go above 100 Celsius.

Plus, the base is not pure bismuth (melting point 270+ C), it's mixed with mineral oils.

Don't blame Phos for trying to do the right thing. It just usually doesn't work out.

Maybe Nepti will be promoted from background character next chapter, seeing as she was one of the ones that went into the sea

Aechmea didn't say it would take an eternity, just it would take a long time.

Why do the swords sound weird?

What do you mean exactly?
They're made of obsidian so they will sound a bit different

Because it's pronounced "swords."

They're made of (volcanic) glass, naturally they wouldn't sound like metal.

Now I just feel stupid.

Use this one



Wow, he sort of called it.

Why does Sensei need those restrictions on himself in the first place? I'm starting to think that Sensei isn't a prayer machine and can't do what the lunarians want even if he tries. Why does a prayer machine need to be so strong and durable that it persists for tens of thousands of years after its creators die out, or have an encyclopedic knowledge of mineral composition?

Being durable makes perfect sense, the humans didnt want any of them to be left wandering the earth non purified so they needed a robot that would pray and wouldnt break even in a world-destroying cataclysm. They did the second part well but not the first.

Knowing things might be necessary just in case something happens, given how he is made of alloy diamond too. It might also be necessary for a being to be knowledgeable for the prayers to work. Also, Professor was obviously a fucking nerd and wanted her husbando to be smart too.

>Woops we made our robot strong enough to handle anything short of a direct nuclear blast but one of those fiddly plastic bits broke off on the inside and now there are souls stuck on the moon purgatory forever
sasuga ningens

We still don't know much about Sensei. He might not be physically broken, but intentionally not praying for whatever reason. Even if that's the case, he's still a terrible prayer machine if that's what he was built to do.

If he's intentionally holding back he must have a damn good reason given how genuinely upset he gets at the gems being taken away. That would also mean he was likely holding back before the gems even showed up, since it would have taken a long time for them to come up from the sea bed.

It's a mystery for now. Part of me wants there to be a reveal that justifies Sensei holding back. There's nothing that can reverse the suffering he's caused but maybe it's for a grander cause. Just a robotic malfunction isn't very interesting IMO.
This also brings up the question of how much free will Sensei has. He's obviously concious and has emotions, but seemingly cannot divulge certain information for whatever reason.

Someone knows what happened to HnK threads on /c/ ?? I don't see any and i remember them were very active

There must be a reason he was given such advanced intelligence (advanced enough to chose not to do his job and to raise the gems) to begin with, which ties into the mechanics of praying that we know nothing about yet. Otherwise he would've just been a simple machine executing one instruction, and would even have to look human.

Why don't you just make one?

They aren't daily to prevent the same thing happening over there what happend here, so we don't become a general and to ensure the threads have quality. It has been some day's since the last thread however so if you wan to make on go for it.I can contribute tomorrow because I really want to sleep now.

*wouldn't even have to look human

I wonder if they felt it, being ground up over and over again like that. I hope they didn't.

I forgot that he was also supposed to keep company to the last human though, which might be the reason for both looks and behavior.

I've always wondered how much pain they feel. They don't seem to be too bothered by cracking, and once they break enough they go unconscious.

No way the last thing humans leave on Earth isn't going to look human in some way or another.

They probably don't feel pain as we know it. They feel enough that Rutile hitting Jade with a hammer produces a strong reaction, and reattaching parts also makes them feel something, but that might just be sensory overload more than anything else.
I don't think it's something the series lingers on since not feeling any physical pain whatsoever is quite dehumanizing in a sense, it's hard for most people to comprehend a life without it.

coz i miss the anons, not the thread it self

Umm then i prefer wait

Maybe Rutile can respond that user

We really need some Nendroids for HnK. They'd be perfect for building just the Phos you want!

I'm super excited for the Phos figma but more cute merch of our gems in general would be awesome. I'd love a Dia nendo.

See, I'd rather scales or figmas and I'm a big nendo lover myself. The striking designs of the gems, be it whole or something like work well in scales, and the inhuman look and stuff are very good for figmas, I think. We'll see how Phos' comes out.

I'd still really like to see some nendo. The crystal hair and eyes alone would probably look really damn great.

just like antarc

I like Phos' Figma but it's not genki enough. Her face looks too smug imo. I need a genki Phos figma in my life.


But- no matter where you go, there you are.

>boxes have the logo on them
What does it mean?

That's a scale, not a figma. Figma's are pose-able and have joints, for one thing.

I see. Forgive my newfaggotry, I don't own any real merch cause I'm a poorfag. A pose-able Phos sounds interesting. Where should I go to listen for news about it? Lurk the buyfag threads?

Pretty much. Check out the guide and MFC too. The figma was only just announced and there's no prototype yet, so you're not missing much as of now.

Why do you care about the news if you won't be able to buy it anyway?

Maybe so user can save up for it? It's all good, he's got a bunch of time.


He's supposed to have yellowish eyes though.

>phos petals

I like it.


Waking up to despair.
Now in colour.

>His smile and optimism: gone

>Lunarians wants sensei to pray so they can go to the afterlife
>Sensei didn't pray to the dog but the dog found peace and moved on
Does that mean the Lunarians misunderstood what sensei does?

Not quite. This one on the other hand

Possibly. Maybe the lunarians need to find peace instead of torturing sensei until he prays. That would be a very Buddhist message. Then we have to figure out how the lunarians can find peace. Achmea seems pretty set in his malicious ways, it might prove difficult for them to change.

Where's Kongo3?

Yeah I would say the Lunarians should not be coming to sensei for help and instead make up for the sins they have done or the wants they still have in the world (or moon in this case).

I really wonder if they never tried to just chill and relax for 10000 years to see if it worked. "Waiting" never seemed to be in the Prince options.

That said, we dont actually know if Sensei didnt pray for Shiro. He could have been praying when he was sitting there "meditating".

same has kongo2 but with shadow added to the eye because i forgot about it before i posted

This one breaks my heart

He's still smiling in this picture though

Is it time for gememes?

Was this peak Phos suffering? Or is it gonna get worse?

When he was sitting there and meditating he didn't yet know Shiro was in the school.

Do you feel lucky?

N-no more Phos suffering pls

Do you really think things can't get worse from here?

No I mean when he was sleeping together with Shiro. Maybe praying is something he can do like that.

I think it can get worse. I also think it's possible it can get better, but knowing HnK we're in for more suffering. Ichikawa managed to create such loveable characters, I want them all to be happy. I guess I should have watched a CGDCT instead

But this is a CGDCT


Cute GEMS doing cute things

No, no
Cute Gems Doing Cute Things

that's what kills me. The cute parts make the suffering that much worse. maybe the suffering makes the cute that much sweeter

The eternal paradox. I think it's both, really.

Yes, so it's a feedback loop of simultaneous cute and suffering. Bravo, Ichikawa.

Flipped it

She is among the few who've achieved this perfect cycle. Now, in true Buddhist fashion, she must try to escape the cycle herself.

Fug. I would have sex with ALL of the gembutts if it was possible.

fracture my spine
and swear that you are mine
as we dance to the masochism tango

not allowed

W-why not user? [spoilers]besides the fact that they're fictional rocks[/spoilers]

lewding the gems is not allowed
no (You) for messing up spoilers

>You did WHAT to my daughters (sons)?

Does she even want to?

Has Ichikawa ever appeared publically? I've only ever seen these personal sketches of her. I'm curious what this woman looks like.

She looks like this now

I had a dream today about seashore of origin and it produced nee Phos head and arms. Can we, Ichikawa? Just give back my cute Phossy.

Let us discuss gem power levels. The other day, I was bored and re-read the artbook, when I noticed something interesting. On page 54, there are pictures of Houseki no Kuni character cards, with information of the hardness, attack, and defense ratings of the different gems. I decided to compile the data, and here are the results.

First, we need to prove that these numbers aren't just random values Ichikawa came up with. We can show this with evidence from an actual battle.
It took Bort and Diamond combined to defeat Ventricosus
Bort's Atk + Dia's Atk > Ventri's Def
6,600 + 4,600 > 10,000

Ranking the power levels of each gem in order by their attack + defense ratings combined gives us some interesting results. Obviously, Bort is the strongest, and Phos is absolutely worthless, but what about the other gems? After the diamond crew, the top three gems, Jade, Alexandrite, and Cinnabar are not involved in the regular anti-Lunarian patrols at all. This leaves Morganite and Goshenite as the top two gems after the Diamonds. Yes, the same Morga and Goshe who almost die when they are introduced and are the only gems to get mooned during the timeskip.

I decided to compare the hardness of the different gems to their respective attack and defense ratings, and tried some statistical regressions. I tried a linear regression, but the R-squared values were quite low. Quadratic regressions fit the data better, giving higher R-squared values. That means that the fighting ability of the gems are related to the square of their hardnesses. This would explain why Bort is so strong, while Goshe and Morga are just ok.

>But user, the R-squared of the quadratic fits are still quite low! Obviously, the trend would be linear if you remove the outliers! Quadratic functions would mean the softer gems would be stronger than the middling gems!

Do not fear, now we will remove 4 gems for being outliers. Bort and Jade are overpowered, and Euclase's defense is too low, so they are removed. But who is the last outlier? Phos is famously weak and Shinsha and his overpowered mercury magic bullshit both make them viable candidates for removal. But which one should be removed? Let us try both. Removing Cinnabun would give us more linear models, but the quadratic fits still fit better. Removing Phos, however, gives us amazing data, with an R-squared value of 0.9794.

What kind of conclusions can we draw from these statistics?
Bort really is a perfect diamond and Dia totally has the right idea having a huge inferiority complex about it.
Jade and Euclase are perfect for each other because Jade covers for Euclase's really low defense while Euclase gets to be the huge worthless math nerd.
Cinnabar and Phos are both different in a bad way and everyone else is normal and predictable.
Reality and Mathematics itself wants to keep Shinsha and Phos apart, only one of them can be the outlier at a time.
Theoretically, a gem of hardness of around 4.5 should be the weakest, and Talc, hardness 1, should be about as strong as a 7.5 gem.
The points that are the closest to the quadratic fit curve have hardnesses around 6 to 7, with the 6.5 gem being the best fit. Who has a hardness of 6.5? Benitoite, the one who keeps complaining about being too plain.
Phos is literally perfect, with a combined score of 100, which is an A+.

Now THIS is effortposting. Buddha bless you, StatsAnon. Have a cute Phos for your hard work.

user, fucking do me. Tom Lehrer is one of my absolute favorite entertainers.

I realized just last night that so often many of the "heroes" in our stories aren't some knight in shining armor who had the love and support of all their friends along the way. They're beaten to tatters by their righteous, lonely journey. I think that's simply a fact of the human condition that along with progress is to be inevitably met with resistance. Funny, isn't it? But not the kind of "haha" kind of funny, but the kind of funny that manages to roll over into tragedy.

I think Phos is a brutally honest depiction of this kind of dilemma. The benefit she seeks incurs immeasurable pain upon herself and others but I don't think Phos is fucking up though. I think it would be a cold and timid thing for anybody to accuse Phos of doing more harm than good because it takes such gumption to shoulder the burdens that come with progress, the magnitude of which the rest simply can't offer. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the harm she inflicts in her pursuit of a mere POSSIBILITY of a better future is equal if not less than the harm caused by shying from the problem.

steven universe is better

Our hero

Yeah, he is based and incredibly fun. Also for some reason I always picture that song everytime I see Aechmea x Phos dancing fanart.

Gold was a mistake.

You better not. Abomination.

SU is better

>this image

Why are Phos nipples erect.

I just want to see Phos and Cairngorm on winter duty. We're on a one-way track to suffering and there's no way back though.

We are never getting Winter duty again. Big changes are coming. Thank Phos.

We might get Gems and Lunarians playing videogames though.

You know I see a lot of people in this thread wondering how they are gonna get the gems un-dusted but the Moon already has a solution to that: The snails.

At least thats one way of easily collecting the dust and who knows how many gems they have already in their shells through generations.
Phos wasnt melded into the shell when she got swallowed up so when the snails suck up the dust of various gems they should appear separated in the shell.
Still gonna take a while and who knows how many snail generations but its one way of separating the dust from the moon sand and putting it back together in manageable chunks.

Except some gems are probably repeated, so there is still the issue of seeing which parts of those chunks are Morganite I, Morganite II, Morganite III,... Morganite XIII, etc.

If there were some duplicates, surely they would have different inclusions?

where are the leaks?

>The lunarian platform would have a crucified bearded man in the middle every time.
>The music would be organ and lunarian choir.
>The gems would yell "Deus Vult" every time they about to battle.
>Houseki no Jerusalem.

There are other implications that the data suggests.
The relation between attack and defense ratings is roughly linear, with almost a 1 to 1 correspondence.
We didn't even know that Morga and Goshe were the second strongest gems until now. That would explain why Morga wanted to fight the Lunarians without notifying Sensei. He was jealous of the Diamonds and their special status.
Our resident fashion monster Red Beryl is actually very strong. He tried to commit gem suicide after the gems departed for the moon, despite not really been seen to be particularly close to anyone.
Prediction: Red Beryl will die. He is the 4th strongest gem currently on the Earth, ignoring nuMorga, and we all know how much Asians love 4.
How did Rutile manage to pair up with Paddington? Rutile is the third weakest gem, while Rutile was the second strongest, after Bort.
Anyone have any other ideas?

All Phos wants to do is liberate her people from the selfish tyranny of Sensei. She has done nothing wrong!

Long live Phosphophyllite!
Long live the gems!
Long live the revolution!

Oops, a typo. Paddy was the 2nd strongest, not Rutile.

This gem has my support.

Long live Phosphophyllite!
Long live the gems!
Long live the revolution!

Theres only a handful of repeated gems so You can still save the others while you work out which ones are gem 1 gem 1 etc.

Even so, If you got enough material to remake full versions of the same gem you might just take your chances. Even if some memories get jumbled up, ultimately they will be different people, particularly when time passes.

It's a sad smile.


Sometimes a smile is not a smile.


Have you ever dreamed of holding Rutile's waist?

They're rock hard

This, she tries her best.

>should I do a thing that doesn't contribute anything towards my long term goals?
>why not, not like my goals matter

Every day user. I would hold Rutile so close.

how is trying to get achmaea to fix the dusted gems not contributing to her long term goals?

Pls no, Red Beryl a cute

Cute or not, he hasn't actually done anything for the story yet, he needs to serve his purpose, by dying horribly.

Good, a Rutile user.
I want to ask, which sleeve do you think suit Rutile more?

But who else will tailor Our Lord and God LaPhos' new garments?

He is the reason the author can have them change outfits as she sees fit. He serves a stylistic purpose in being part of the narrative glue.
He is a purpose in itself.

I like the fluffy ones on the right, but I think the more serious nature of the left sleeves fit her doctor personality more. But the right ones seem to mesh with the rest of the outfit more... this is a hard question user. I like them both. Sorry this probably isn't helpful.

The superior Lunarian designers have already done that for us

It's okay, I was just wondering.

You can have both.

The perfect solution. Thanks user, always good to have more Rutile art


another rutile user here. the one on the right looks nicer with the styling of the shirt, though i do like the color scheme on the left. try combining color from left and style from right?
though you did already finish both styles, so it doesn't really matter. nice job

also where is rutile from again? switzerland?

You're welcome.
According to this pic, yes. I also checked on wikipedia. There were several sources of Rutile, but one of them is in Switzerland.

proposal: Laphos can beat up Bort.


Amazing observation user.
>mfw Red Beryl actually dies in the next chapter
time for comfy

god i love this. it's so freakin comfy

Can anyone explain to me why I find myself liking LaPhos more and more every day? I used to hate her and think she was a scheming idiot. Now I think she's a cute, smart, scheming idiot. Pls explain

Reposting Srilankpad

Both of them

>inb4 Red Beryl is the red gem that Phos takes as the 7th treasure, not Pad or Shinsha

No flag version

Do you do fashion design user? The way you put those together sort of gives me that vibe

Just a drawfag, not a Red Beryl. I've never been to /fa/.
I like drawing clothed women though, maybe that's why.

Properly impressed; you've got a really nice style! Have you drawn any LaPhos?

>I decided to compare the hardness of the different gems to their respective attack and defense ratings, and tried some statistical regressions.
>I tried a linear regression, but the R-squared values were quite low. Quadratic regressions fit the data better, giving higher R-squared values.

I'm kind of reluctant to draw any Phos. Maybe I will after I finished all gem dresses.
>mfw I realized there are no traditional dress of Antarctica

Just draw Antarc as a giant icicle. Chilly boi

Rutile demonstrates some impressive acrobatics now and then, perhaps the cards are misleading on this since Padparadscha isn't on them and from what has been gathered the two partners in a pair can't be that mismatched if they want to be effective.
LaPhos is probably between Red Beryl and Alexandrite

nuPhos is our hero. We see that he is a stupid asshole, but he's our stupid asshole

>tfw ywn have a master scholar bf

But that would require the shells to be damaged, which would basically be toture/animal abuse.

Jade is a good gem.

>How did Rutile manage to pair up with Paddington?
I suspect star sapphire (rutilated corundum) was the basis for them being partners.

have them wear the big red nsf antarctic program parka

You are becoming more enlightened.

Phos is at least right that something has to be done. The approach might be questionable, but it's better than to sit on their asses and let this continue for another couple dozen millennia

Earth gems calling Phos a stupid asshole and refusing to call her by her name when?
Is Aechmea going to give her a name or something if she rejects her past name?

Gems are male

>What's a TL?
What kind of question is that?

Whats the next step in his master plan?

But there's other rutilated gems that exist, like rutilated quartz, of which I have a piece

Pic related

They do exist, but only rutilated corundum (as far as I know) produces that star pattern.

I'm pretty sure Rutile just forms the star shape naturally. For example, the piece of rutilated quartz here
looks like it has a star, but cut in half

No cause theyd shred yo pee pee

I just miss when we called the gems a she since "he" calling is literally dumblr manners. Manga wise, too.

>Not using 彼 instead


Anyone have any speculations for the next chapter? Other than Red Beryl dying, of course. Zircon might become relevant, Bort might go out of commission, but what else do you guys think will happen? Euclase is smartest gem now, but can he hold the rest of the gems together? How will former Phos fuck up next?

>Anyone have any speculations for the next chapter?
Lots of suffering
I think they'll talk about the situation amongst themselves, but most will want to stay with Sensei despite being caught up in the lunarian conflict.

>not using gembutts

Actually nothing will happen. Just a lot of back and forth dialogue.

Jesus Christ, Chinanon.

I am expecting the moonies to ambush them.

But what will the dialogue be about?

>I am expecting the moonies to ambush them.
Why? Phos just got back on the moon, so probably won't be returning immediately. Moonies didn't visit Earth at all while Phos was there for the first 49 days, so why would they now?
Gems' reaction to Sensei's words + what they're going to do in the future. And something else probably.

Why would bortz be out of commission?
I am expecting the rest of the gems to start voicing their feelings about their situation, and not much really happening. I really, really hope beryl doesn't die In the coming chapters.

They could be waiting for what's happening right now, indirectly luring Phos into bringing the other gems back because just capturing 1 when you could capture 8 or 10 wouldn't be as smart.

Christian imagery is so overdone to begin with.
>The feather-winged angel guys are evil!
wow how man thousands of times have I seen that already
youngfags don't know how much Evangelion changed everything

>Why would bortz be out of commission?
Well, both of the other Diamonds ditched him, and there needs to be some kind of impetus so Zircon can become relevant.
>I hope beryl doesn't die
Face it user, Red Beryl needs to finally become relevant. What better way for that than to die a horrible, tragic death?

Are humans the true villans of Houseki no Kuni?

Well they haven't done anything yet except be floating cloud symbolism for Phosu.
The fact the moonshits have a lab for them though is proof they're up to no good more than just muh annihilation though

They constructed Sensei and then became the moonies (and gems and slugs), so yes.

>Well, both of the other Diamonds ditched him, and there needs to be some kind of impetus so Zircon can become relevant.
Or, as an option, Zircon doesn't become relevant. Nor do Beryl and others.

>Zircon doesn't become relevant

I like Zircon! Just not as much as Phos

Just let the thread die already

No, we'll be saved the moment we hit American time

There still won't be anything to discuss.

There might be leaks soon


If they wanted to do it immediately afterwards I guess there will be an announcement in the next few months

God can't save you now.


Ok, I know that gems don't actually grow, but please just pretend they do
How the fuck do you shade with a pen?




What's this, gems for ants?
Not to mention
>tumblr faces

I like it.

That's a very CUTE Bortz!

New Morga and Goshe makes it seem that Old Morga and Goshe are gone for good

I appreciate the work, user. This is quality posting.

Gems are emale [sic]

Does hardness directly correlate to skill in fighting?
There's got to be at least one glass cannon, right?

So whats the explanation for them to be reborn immediately after being dusted? It doesn't happen to every gem goes to the moon.

>There's got to be at least one glass cannon, right?

cinnabar (and now phos) are the reverse of this. low hardness, good fighter.
i think for high hardness not that good fighter, the example would be jade.

Dia was a glass cannon.

>low hardness, good fighter.
That's the exact definition of glass cannon, how is it reverse?

Isn't Dia really hard tho? Compared to someone like Antarc.

ah sorry, i misread

If Sensei stopped praying did he get a revelation, or is he legit broken?

If he was actually broken why would he keep almost making the praying gesture but then changing his mind?

Diamonds are very hard, but they break very easily.
Hardness isn't toughness.

>Story full of Buddhist symbolism, themes, and ideals
>Big part of Buddhism is about how enlightenment leads to an escape from the vicious cycle of reincarnation, and this enlightenment is personal/self-discovered
>Moonies want Sensei to pray for them, effectively trying to skip a few steps to enlightenment.

I'm definitely of the opinion that it's Sensei's choice not to pray, not some kind of malfunction. Even with his precious gems being dusted, if his true purpose is helping others achieve enlightenment it should be done through teaching, not shortcuts.

>>Moonies want Sensei to pray for them, effectively trying to skip a few steps to enlightenment.
Rather than that. moonies operate under Pure Land Buddhism beliefs, while Sensei seems not to.

>Pure Land Buddhism beliefs
Got any info/links on what this is? All I've ever heard of Pure Land Buddhism is that it's the basis for the idea of the series but I know nothing else.

Read Shorter Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra, Longer Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra and Amitayurdhyana Sutra, the three main sutras of Pure Land Buddhism (or, you know, wikipedia).
Basically, Pure Land teachings are exactly the opposite of what you described: they teach that enlightenment cannot be reached by oneself, but only through believing and praying (!) to Amitabha.
If we consider moonies to follow that buddhist school, not only would their reasoning be justified, but also would be the only possibility for them to ascend (of course, they might be altogether mistaken, since we know Shiro and boardgames ascended themselves, but then that would be an issue of ignorance rather then ill intent).

Crashing Sensei,
With no survivors.

I love seeing young gems! If you want to draw more, that would be a great subject. Especially Sensei loving small gems.

I like that the religious symbolism actually does make sense in this series rather than just being there because it's cool

You're emulating the fucked up mouths from the manga really well.

Absolutly cute, we need more of this.

>Basically, Pure Land teachings are exactly the opposite of what you described: they teach that enlightenment cannot be reached by oneself, but only through believing and praying (!) to Amitabha.
I didn't realize there was even a Buddhism like that - it seems more theological (?) than what I normally expect of Buddhism. But then, I don't know the first place, I suppose.

has anyone made lyrics yet for Phospholite supergem?

Any buddhism is very theological, there are gods and demigods and demons and the 6 worlds and whatever else.


How do you know so much about Buddhism user?

Wrong kind of l-lewd user. The gems should only be accidentally lewd in a pure and childlike manner.

The other one too, for the sake of completion.

No they don't

That's quite basic knowledge, you'd be able to learn that easily via simple research.

Well, I wouldn't know, I haven't even finished the Wikipedia page. I was just asking out of curiosity.

was Sensei build to be a master craftsman?

I'm loyal to Phos, no matter what she fucks up next!

fucking chirst i am de-freezing my freezer to clean it and i am rereading the manga right now.
every time a lump of ice drops down i get scare jumped.

I've said it before, but I think the Prince is the cornerstone to it all. His followers seem bored at the most, but otherwise happy and ignorant. They have a certain childishness to them and blind faith/adoration to their leader that's mirrored in the gems and sensei.

I think the Prince is responsible for all of this. I think he split humanity into threes to survive the apocalypse, and he needs his golem (or perhaps the rocky, corporeal form he left behind?) to rejoin them all. Sensei refuses to do this, so perhaps it means the destruction of the gems, which weren't supposed to be self-aware? That would mean he's trapped between dooming one of two groups of people for the sake of the other. We have the word of the slugs to say the Lunarians want to become whole again, and we have seen their massive artificial gem and human cloning facilities when Phos got a tour.

Again, I personally think the Prince and Sensei are the same person physically and emotionally split apart. The dog knew him as his master, yet his friend the professor couldn't be summoned. Why can't the Prince find her? Did she leave him? Did she die before it all happened? Are all the gems created in her image?

I think they've just misinterpreted his purpose out of desperation, he can at most provide guidance for the mind to understand how to let go of selfish desires. That's why he can't help the Moon People, he's probably already tried talking to thenm, but they don't get it and assume he's broken. That could also be why he in this most recent chapter starts explaining what he can and tells the remaining gems to move on from him, because for the first time the situations he created has led to more discontent and selfish desires among the gem than he could possibly mitigate.
It could possibly also be that he's actually broken, but in a different way than the Moon People think, and that he's unable to provide much verbal guidance, beyond offering some simple consolation, since he doesn't seem to talk much to the gems about such things.

I really like your style user. Keep drawing!

Me too user. I'll follow Phos to the moon.

Phos isn't a stupid asshole, she's just without many options.

The Abrahamic religions are generally predicated around authority and your response to being ordered around. There are flavors between the three religions, and then again in their various sects and denominations, but that's the general gist of it.

That's a very interesting theory with some meat to it user. I will keep this one in mind as the story plays out.

Well it's kinda the plot from the first Neir.

Taro and Ichikawa collab when?

>Both robutts and gembutts were popular last year because of Taro and Ichikawa respectively
>Both creators love suffering
I'd be into a collab.

Did somebody say suffering?

>Urobutcher, Taro, and Ichikawa all get together to make 4 episodes each in a 12 episode show full of the suffering of cute characters - seemingly the thing all 3 love most

Fund. It.


>12 episode show
is that enough suffering?


What will it take to make her happy? Pads is awake now. Do you think that might at least make a happy a little bit?

Maybe, I know right now we're dealing with the earth gems struggles, but I'm diying to see more of the moonie gems, especially Alex and Yellow.

>What will it take to make her happy?

Realizing that it's not her fault.

>>What will it take to make her happy?
seeing the older gems restored to life

Who's going to tell her that?

Maybe something like this?


So... who's the strongest gem after Bort?
>other gem

Read the thread, there's literally math, stats, and graphs up ahead.

So, Euclase?

Euclase will save the future of ALL gems

LaPhos will be the strongest after getting the Padparadscha torso upgrade


Take it back user. That's too cruel.

>Pad dies
>Yellow is truly alone
>Rutile feels a disturbance in the force

It's going to happen. It doesn't have to be Padparadscha but it makes sense that Pads would be more willing than most to "die" so that Phos could do something
I think there's a pretty good chance that the only original bit of Phos left by the end of the series is going to be the small piece that Phos gave to Variegatus

>It doesn't have to be Padparadscha but it makes sense that Pads would be more willing than most to "die" so that Phos could do something
I agree, but I really don't want to see it. I like Pad and Rutile and Yellow and their dynamic, and I like Padparadscha as a tragic character. It'd be a good ending for them, but it'd be so cruel to see.


To all the Jade Shrine followers.

I feel like Pads has been marked for death ever since she came out with saying that she'd rather Rutile stop trying to fix her. It would be nice if expectations were subverted in this case, but the gems are going to have to face death (of some kind) eventually, with Pads and Yellow both seeming as if they're ready to move on. Maybe the result of the gem dusting is going to be that what comes back doesn't have any memories, so they're technically a different person despite being made of the same material as previously.


Nu-phos is a CIA nigger that should explain everything

Red Beryl deserves to be happy. She just wants to make the gems pretty.

She makes them wear mourning clothes, user.

And they're pretty!

They are stylish, no?

Literally read the thread, guys. Graphs and charts were literally posted earlier in the thread.
To summarize, the relation between hardness and combat ability is roughly quadratic, with a minimum at hardness 4.5. Gems that deviate from a 1:1 atk to def ratio are as follows:
Jade is much tougher than expected
Shinsha, Antarc, Obsidian, Rutile, and Euclase have lower defense than their attack value would predict. They are probably your "glass cannons"

>charts and statistics
user pls... I came here lookin' for gembooty.

>not wanting to know the powerlevel of each gem's butt

you now have my fully erect attention

dont asia wear white to mourn?

i went quickly through season 1 looking for artwork that could also be used as a wallpaper. ill upload a couple favorites. i didnt include any shots with characters prominently featured because im a turboweeb that has to hide my power level at work

thank you based yoichi nishikawa

forgot link:

his winterscapes were my favorite

>the fucked up mouths from the manga
That was actually my intention. What's this phenomenon even called? It can't be side mouth, that's something else. For some reason, I am reminded of the shoujo manga style.

What are the chances of this being scanned?

It's more of a josei style mouth.

When you buy it


Any word on it being restocked? I'd buy and scan.

>tfw the artbook user who scanned half of it never came back

Why'd you guys have to be so polite and tell him to take his time?

plenty on ebay

It needs a better name than that though. Josei mouths can also look like lipsticked abominations, which this is clearly not