Aikatsu Stars! & Pripara

>[Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! - 094 [4A5DF1D0].mkv
Subs out!
Now we Idle till Idol Time previews come out.

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I saw Mahiru idling in Roller.

Rola told me that I shouldn't post pictures of her underwear on the internet.

Rola told ME that she's actually fine with it after all.

Care to share some?

Cute strawberry

You call this a thread, user?

How would Ichigo and Akari stack up to Yume and Elza? Would they get Sun Dresses too?

Moon dresses.

OP sucks, post rollers.


Rola... why do you provoke Mahiru? Even Yume thinks its a bad idea.

>Roller Star
Roller wrecks everyone with her own Star Dress, you heard it here first.

when will it be her turn

Hey ainon-baby, remember me?

How the hell did you got inside my house? I'm calling the police.

>elza will fuck off if she win
They better let her win.

I'm on my way!

Enjoy Yume blanco.






I'm going to fall asleep hugging my rola pillow and no one can stop me.
Rola gave me the pillow.

But that's when the show ends.

Because mahiru responds better to how rola was talking than if she tried to be emotional or huggy


Manaka Lala Trueno sounds like something out of those DBS memes.

Is Sophie smart?

It's a regional dialect.

Yeah? What region?

Mahiru is NOT a meme!

The Pregion.

Uhm... post-general wipe Cred Forums

Why is /ai/ still alive?

why is /ai/ so gay

Not sure what are you talking about, but no generals here.

KinPri 2.

Well I'm from pre-split SHiN general and I've never seen anyone use the term "steamed sheep".

I can't beleive lazylily is fucking dead

She's smart in her own way.

W-what if we get the Rinne version of this in KoP3.


Autistic girls shouldn't pole dance.

Who will win the CG war this year?

> Go from a total loser to possibly winning S4


>mahiru líder to do koharu
Would that make her worse than Rola?


Only if she apologises for outing my wife on tv.

Okay enough phone posting from me.



Her face reminds me of Saori-chan here. I hope she doesn't have a similar background.

Please deliver.

Does having no dress and just going up naked count as a dress she designed herself? Because if it does I want to see that.

What is, currently, the best /ai/ show?

Probably PriPara like always.

Cocotama. Stars was OK for awhile until they kept making Elza less and less redeemable without negatively changing any of the characters' attitudes to towards her.


Kamen Rider Build

Michiru episodes are so good.

So are Nino episodes, Yui episodes and Shuuka episodes. Also Parajuku idol episodes. And Jigoku's episodes were great as well.

Don't sentaifags have their own threads?


Shinkalion or Black clover after Pripara

Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic would be a lot better if you didn't have to be more sloshed than all the ainons here combined or higher that Aria on 420 for it to be in any way watchable. Hoshiiro Girl Drop at least has Shizuku in it.

Cute bunny.

>pafes never get to make it to kami idol

I haven't watched Stars since the first few episodes, has the CG gotten better?

Yeah, it's pretty good.



How appropriate, I'm also bored out of my mind when Mahiru is the focus of an episode.


Now that I think about it, the fact that they've already animated Yume's Music of Dream performance with the same Sun Dress special appeal Elza has (only without the dress yet) is a very silly interface spoiler.

Stars, of course.


I believe in The Incredible Rolls.

>falling for gatcha meme

Very funny, Dorothyposter.

What is this?

I kinda feel like they laid the death flags too thickly on Elza. If she wins, she never gets to break out of her shell, Venus Ark closes down, Rei and Kirara can't fulfill their objective and now she's even going to quit being an idol period. Might as well state she plans on carpet-bombing Kirakira Town from her ship if she wins too.

I hope that Elza literally dies.

Birudo definitely.

If that is the best /ai/ show then why almost every new coord an idle gets there is worse than the previous one?

That's just for Ban, Gen got a pretty good one now.

Regular RabbitTank, regular Cross-Z and Night Rouge are still the best looking forms of respective Riders. Well, maybe with exception of the Build Hazard ones.

>BOY meets girl

Old Cross-Z was pure sex, Night Rouge is great but the Crocodile good is cool too.

I unironically think Genius Form is one of the best designs in KR, at least in paper.
It would be better if looked Pandora-ish.



Nice collar

Terrible handwriting.

You can say that's a genius idea.

>Asks for your papers



Thanks Lala.

Cute Rin.

Not as cute as you.

Not as cute as me.

No bombing kirakira city. Rolls must stay alive and take over the world with cuteness

It'll happen right after Rola departs on her plane with her producer, she'll take one last look down at her hometown and she'll see it burning.

Yume told me that Mahiru is dating Rola and then ran off crying.

As long as rola is alright it's ok
Thats what yume gets for neglecting rola when rola was down.



Rola told me that Yume and Elza are dating.

Which Prichan is this?

You know what would be fun?

If Yume and Elza tied.

>I guess in the end both of us were Aikatsu Stars

How mad would /ai/ be?

I would just laugh.

Maybe the real Aikatsu was all 0 of the friends you made along the way, Elza-sama.

I want to bukkake her.

She didn't make any friends, but she did get to fuck a boatload of up-and-coming idles.

Me too, dude.

>Ako drops Kirara to the ground as soon as her hormones flare up


That what girls do, ainon.

I want to impregnate this girl.


Crab-kun will become the #1 Idol, I can feel it!

Oh, he said it.





What a fucking faggot.

>Aikatsu Stars! Ep 87: Thank You! Merry Xmas!
>Subaru-kun, is there anyone you'd like to go on a date with? (Like me)
>No there is not!!
>How about you guys...
>There is.
>He has someone!? (Why am in shock?)
>(NNYYAAAAAA!?) Who could it be!?
>It's you, Subaru.
>(Koharu-chan WHAT!?*
>I'm kidding.
>What do you call this feeling I have...
*reference to "Uho! Ii otoko" in Japanese that's lost in English

It's not gay to fap to Reona if you don't fap to his dick, right?


Nigga you gay.

You just know aikatsu will find a way to downgrade their CG yet again for no reason.

/ai/ is /m/ just like /pc/.

I believe I can imagine what AiFure will be like but I really don't know about Prichan. I vaguely remember reading that it it would be minna rivalu but that might not have happened.

They do it to save budget, I guess.

They should put some money into choreographers.

I can't wait.

what genre of mysic does pripara cover? need to ask incase i ever get asked upon about ehat music genres i listen to?

Indeed, motcap dances are the way to go.

>I vaguely remember reading that it it would be minna rivalu but that might not have happened.
It's probably was speculation. There wasn't a lot of info yet.

I wish I could sleep to death.

What kind of face is Mahiru making

>ok, we promised Youtuber Idols
>now who the fuck can we make it work
Makes me wonder if PriChan is still a working concept. obviously all the girls will still have to go to a Pripara like place to record, upload and stuff.


It's basically denpa, which is impossible to explain to the average person anyway.

Accurate picture of ako on kirara

>It's basically denpa
That explains a lot really.

Depends on the song. I would say it's just jpop, though some songs have that denpa feel, or that jpoprock feel from some vocaloid songs.

Whatever happened to Mizuki's crew?

Fuck that PRfag.
Also, your link is broken because Cred Forums deletes special symbols like the star in Pri-chan.


Your loss, he pretty much narrows it down.

I want to be Aroma so I can be spoiled by Mikan.

Thanks user, that was the page I was looking for.

Literally nothing wrong with being a fag for the best anime in existence.


Mizuki's Who Crew.

I want Mikan to spoil Aroma.

Being salty about PR end and disliking Pripara is totally wrong, though.

Where those the third years? They had to get them removed just like the high school division, aikatsu was a story of Ichigo becoming da bes.

I'm so boring.

>wah stop disliking things I like
While he hates Pripara he also states that it's his own opinion and that it's actually good.
He also thinks OGkatsu is trash and refuses to watch Stars.

I bet he doesn't even know about Cocotama.

>refuses to watch Stars.
The only reasonable thing he done.
But his shit taste is still a shit taste.


I want a friend who can be the Aroma to my Mikan

Stop discussing e-celebs. It's too low even for /ai/.

>have no idea what's going on

I want to fuck Rola's armpits.

But /ai/ loves e-celebs.

Mahiru please

Get used to it, that's what Prichan is about.

I want to be Rola's armpits.

Is Satan a qt girl(male)?


But Stars is good.

>[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Build - 23 [89851091].mkv


That friend is called wife.

Slow Yume.



Boi butt


This is my Stars OTP.

Incest is wrong.

Don't worry, Mahiru is just telling Yozora that she finally confessed to Rola.

Christian idle when? I want to see one write a song that's 3-4 lines copied and pasted 8 times and be put in her place by those with real songwriting skills.

Girls confessing to other girls is wrong.

>Asahi ended up being the best and cutest idle
Why is this allowed?

>grown boy crying in public for any reason other than sudden family death
I'd rather know why that's allowed.

So, when did Pshu said she would arrive in America?

>boys and men can't cry
Fuck off. Repressing your feelings is unhealthy.
Also, nobody ever implyed that tears of joy are shameful.

I fucked Pshu last night.

I fucked Pshu's brother this morning.

>Shinkalion underwear

Pshu doesn't have a brother. That was me.

Was it gang bang?

>watching the Olympics figureskating because I am a 30 year old manchild who still lives with his parents and that's what was on during dinner
>suddenly, some little asian kid comes on and turns the shit into the Rainbow Live finale
Do you think he has a Rinne? Can I meet her?

Rate my wife.

You can meet her if you become a successful Olympic figure skater.

Can you post that performance?

I wish someone played a Pretty Rhythm song instead of Yuri on Ice for the ice skating.

I think I would cry if someone performed to nth color or something.

Nathan Chen is the kid's name.

With nothing to lose after finishing a disastrous 17th in Friday’s short program, Chen became the first Olympian to land five quadruple jumps cleanly in a routine and actually attempted six, but he put his hands to the ice on a quad flip. He still won the free skate.

He made the decision to attempt six quads on Friday night, after the short program. Relieved of expectation and feeling “just an anger,” he told himself, “I’ll just go for it.”

Yep, Rainbow Live as fuck.

A true bearer of the prism sparkle.


I want to be hugged by Rola.

I want to be bullied by Rola.

I want to be bullied by Elza so no-one will think me unjustified when I detonate a nuclear bomb in her face


I hate myself and want to die.

I miss Pretty Rhythm.


That shit is clearly the prism sparkle at work, I can't wait to watch that kid open a new one to his competition for 3 years.

I'm fat

he wasn't even nervous in any of his interviews, at the fucking Olympics on international television, and he's not even legally an adult yet, what the fuck am I doing with my life?

>what the fuck am I doing with my life?
If you're here chances are you already wasted it the best years of your life.

Rinne came next to Nathan Chen.

>You weren't good enough for Rinne
It hurts.

You can become my onahole when I become a billionaire.

Friends better have idol moms and hags.

sorry I can't do that, I live a virgin and die a virgin, I've made it 30 years, I can make it until the end.

Started Stars,which season of OG would you say it's most like?Please not S2.

S2 of stars is S2 of OG, essentially. They repeated their mistake.

S2 is S2, Aikatsu writers can't write second seasons for shit.

What if AiFure is only one season?

That would be pretty neat honestly, Aikatsu would definitely improve with the 51 episodes + 1/2 movie format.

If those were the best years of my life, I'd hate to live through the rest of them.


Find a flaw.

Irrelevant character.


Doesn't drink while crying.

Which idol is the worst drunk?


Rainbow Live had boys, deal with it.



Never said it's a bad thing.



>red wine drunks

Me on the left.

To be fair there was a sign on the door saying, "do not enter, am fapping."

She is one of the few sidles I fap to.


He didn't shout "Ichi renzoku!", "Ni renzoku!" and so on during the jumps, nor their names, so he's not that good.

I'm a boy

Eww please stop browsing these threads.

I'm not real.


I mean, Ajimi

Elza and Rola get into fights with each other when they are drunk

I'm going to fuck you.

Ajimi is the best drunk.

Ajimi is the worst sober and drunk. She's just the worst in general.

Which idle would you abuse Ambien and wine with?


And yet she is great.
Makes me appreciate Pripara even more.

You can also use sparkled wine or Cuba Libre. It's not fun when they are asleep.

I hate Ajimi so fucking much!
And all of you as well!


>"Pretty" Rhythm

Niku Rhythm

Activate it.

Solar Eclipse System is now operational.

>6 episodes until Hime dies in magma

I'm approaching Prism Ark's stern dock.

Then what? Stars Movie 2 midway through Friends?

Remember Turtle, this is a sneaking mission. Try not to get idle.

We have to stop Elza at all costs. Even though her support network is gone, she is still dangerous with the Sun Dress.

Not even Elza's Sun Dress can best the might of a Little Boy.

You know what I find absolutely funny sad and pathetic?

Yume and Koharu conversation on the last episode. "I'll become the next Beauty Class S4! I'll surpass Mahiru and stand next to Yume! Yes you can do it Koharu lets be S4 together!"

Wanna know what I find sad? Neither of them, Koharu, or Yume, even consider the remote posibility of Rola beating Yume next year and taking the S4 spot for herself. They don't even think about it for a single second, it's not even in their minds as a possibility.

How absolutely and utterly sad. Where did all go so wrong for Rola? Why does the Stars staff hate her so much? This is so sad looping all the way back and becoming funny.

It only took a few years but they managed to make an absolute loser idle.

I want to do this to Mahiru.

>stars getting another movie after the series end
And it will be called flopkatsu stars.

>yfw Rola was right all along and when she cried to Yume, Yume saw it as a sign of weakness, leading her to believe that Rola is no longer is in any way a credible threat.

Shut up, Rolafaggot.

Yume is the real antagonist of Stars

Excuse the facebook-tier image but just because you aren't a teenager or a kid anymore doesn't mean you can't still be successful in life or make something out of it.

It's never too late to be, but you'll never be if you give up without even trying or because you are too busy comparing yourself to others.

>there used to be a time /ai/ believed they were actually going to do anything with "Futari nara saikyou" and have the final battle be Yume and Rola vs Elza and Hime. It would've been a lot cooler than what we're getting to be honest.

Yeah because when your oldest friend says "I'm going to be S4 alongside you", your response is going to be "uh, what if someone else wins though?"

The worse part is Yume is poised to be the top idol in the world. Maybe Rola will get it if Yume abdicates her going off and doing top idol things like a world tour or something. Koharu doesn't stand a chance against the already popular Mahiru. If Yume stays in the school then Rola will never surpass her. Rola is just easy fodder considering how much potential she showed in the first season, they built her up and tore her down.

Doing something arguably more productive than skating circles on ice for arbitary points.

S4 was a mistake

>It would've been a lot cooler than what we're getting to be honest.
You say like that would be a hard thing to do.

Fuck off, plebbitfag.

Fuck off with that shit.

Stars having 2 seasons was a mistake.

It doesn't matter because Roller is leaving Japan.

The entire school premise was a mistake in how it was done. What's even the point of attending if any ragtag team of first years can easily defeat their third year senpais in idoling?

Don't forget to get sloshed and cry a lot.

Fuck off, anons don't come here for that shit, anons come here to sink on their self-pity and wish they were dead.

Kirara not being there from the start was a mistake.

Stars would have been better with Kirara taking Rola's spot and being the dance class girl.

Yume proposed an S6 unit in her dreams.

Nu-S4 is a mistake.
Hime, Yozora, Tsubasa and Yuzu anime would probably have been fun.

You say it like they do that just for fun and aren't getting huge-ass money loads for doing that too. That kid made more money that day than you probably have in your whole life.

>Maybe Rola will get it if Yume abdicates her going off and doing top idol things like a world tour or something.
As if, that's just the excuse to make Rola fuck off and not threaten Yume's rule, not that Rola would be able to anyway, but it gives them a safe out so as to not have Rola getting humiliated again.

But hey, look at the good side, Yume may become Top Idol, but since when have you heard of an Idol making more money than a Pop Star? Sadly, Rola will probably end up falling into American debauchery and drugs and the such and be found out dead in an apartment from an overdose while grasping a photo of Yume.

I proposed to Yume in my dreams.

She said no.

It actually would have been great.

>Hime, Yozora, Tsubasa and Yuzu anime would probably have been fun.
Makes me wonder why the fuck they didn't do this, Hime's gen is far more interesting and rewarding than Yume's one.

Rola is actually going to make two or three really good albums that sell indefinitely, settle down and marry me and we'll both live off the infinite royalties.

But they are going to do something with Futari nara Saikyou

It's called Aikatsu Friends.

Dreams aren't meant to be dreamed.

I can see them drop the duo dynamic half-way into the show and make the final competition a normal competition, specially considering Friends still has Stars writing staff.

And add >boys.

>Friends still has Stars writing staff.
Now there is no way I'm gonna watch that.

I don't really see anything inherently more interesting about the previous S4. As characters they're all pretty boring.

I wish for more honest rivalry. You don't have to be enemies, but this "rivals and best friends" often turns out bad. Either the rival is just worse and loses every time. Here the main keeping up the pretense of rivarly comes off as condescending. Like an olympic athlete calling a little boy fan his rival. Or the rival just loses the will to fight against the main. This is the "lapdog" scenario.

They knew the boys in Stars was a mistake, which is why M4 basically hasn't existed since season 1 ended.

>I wish for more honest rivalry
Not on Aikatsu, watch PR or something like that.

When I am 53 I can finally tell myself that it's too late and idle away without the pressure of potential weighing me down.

Does the new DCD have a pair gimmick? If it does they can't really just drop it.

Yeah, they can't be learning much.

Tsubasa character alone has more depth and layers than everyone else characters combined.

Well, what can you expect considering they were a shoehorned last minute addition just because "they thought it was cool"?

Or she could end up in the USA and find someone better than yume

I love Mirei!



The Stars DCD dropped its main new feature, Dress Make, between vanilla and Hoshi no Tsubasa. Anything could happen.

What did Kirara do to deserve being treated like this by the producers?

Stars is a GOOD show.

It could happen, but at that point it's not something you can blame on the writing staff.

Oh boy it's this "quote" again.


Could you Kiraraniggers fuck off already with your whining? What the fuck did you want? For her to become Top Idol and get the Sheep Dress? Guess what? That was never gonna happen and it was obvious since day fucking 1. She got a precise and concise character arc, tons of episodes, character development and a good relationship with Ako. That's more than half the characters of this show.

>B-But Elza treated her like shit!
Surprise motherfucker, Elza treats everyone like fucking shit. And even then, Elza went and told Kirara to eat her fucking steak instead of ignoring her completely showing that despite all she thinks Kirara should fucking eat instead of wallowing in depression and self-pity because eating is important for you and your health.

Next episode, Elza kicks Caroline.

>Is a loser who switched classes
So deep.

>because eating is important for you and your health.
Says the loser who eats nothing but steak.

Elza da bes.


Stars is a good show for shitposting purposes.

t. brainlet.

Existence was a mistake.


Prichan's MC gives me Non vibes, and by that I mean slut vibes.

Goddamn that's an awful dress.

You know on average /ai/ seems way more attached to the main stars idles than in Akari generation.

Not an argument

Because almost nothing bad happened to them besides Sumire fucking it up at last minute.

>Lala and Yui as background dances
The absolute madlass.




I want to fuck Lily.

You just know Ako is imagining that microphone is Subaru-kyun's dick.


I know that I am.


I remember a doujin about a loli masturbating using icicles, I wonder if Lily does the same.

Yeah it lack wings.


Ako and Subaru-kyun will finally get married in the last Stars episode

May I save this?



I don't see why not.

Lily is for ________

Thank you. You may touch my hair.

getting sacrificed to let us see Akatsukin go full autism.



How do you think the cocks of every Stars girl look like? I like to think Rola was a very little penis that hardly gets hard and as such she has a massive inferiority complex but also is a closeted sub and fucks herself with a thick silicone dildo while yelling Yume's name as loud as she can while imagining Yume berating her and insulting her for having a failure of micro-penis.

Meanwhile I believe that Lily has a massive cock but she's a massive slut for punishment and abuse and loves to get insulted and called all kind of dirty words and keeps her cock in tight chastity for months and only cums during anal sessions with Yuzu's healthy sized cock while she penetrates her and at the same time whispers things like whore, slut, cumpdumpster and the such to her ear.


Have you told all of this to your psychiatrist?

Man that shit was glorious.

erping ends now

Reona is the only girl with a cock.

*kisses you on the lips*


Will we ever see Lily's parents or is she a fairy born from an ice cube?

She is going to win.


Says the faggot without a career.

Me on the right.

You should go to church more.

>Idol Time is so good, I really like the blend of comedy and slow but well-planned story
>Yui and the other idles are cute I love them all
>No, it's shit, stop enjoying things


i didn't like kirara until i saw her cry

Me under the dress

I hate it.

You should go to school more.

Watching some of her earlier episodes she really didn't come across as nice as she has since she's been more featured. She started as just another of Elza's enforcers.

I would if it was Venus Ark and I was the star of the harem anime Stars sequel.

But they keep telling me that eating out my cute idol friend is a sin.

It's only a sin if you don't video it and send me the video.

Fuck off, Satan.

She was annoying and mean. Literally the only non autistic character in venus ark was Rei.

Hime is a big girl (for you) and she's also a shower and not very modest, so when she walks around the bath, she lets it flop around like a big ol' snake. The other girls blush and frequently get erections. Hime likes to watch the other girls jerk themselves or each other off while remaining cool and flaccid.

Rola is literally ainon

Kirara is still my wife.

But Rola is cute.


She's a good girl now so it's okay.

But Rola is a loser.

/ai/non is cute too.
You've been practicing your make-up and crossdressing fashion, right? You won't be cute if you don't put effort into being so!

But my dick is not small.


>Thanks Yume, you really saved me back there
>When I become an S4 I will pay you back.

Rola looks so beautiful in the S4 uniform.

She does. New S4 comprised of Rola, Koharu, Kirara and Mahiru when?

Koharu isn't part of the dance school.

And this is why S4 is a garbage system that needs to be completely revamped from the ground up.

They are unstoppable.

Ako can be stopped by Subaru, Yume can be stopped by Rainbws and Mahiru can be stopped by hedgehogs. Only Yuzu is truly unstoppable.

Yuzu can be stopped by Lily leaning on her back.

Just stop, Rola, this is pathetic.

Koharu is irrelevant. She will never get more than being Yume's dress maker.

Prove it.

Me in the middle

It doesn't matter if it's a sin if it brings you happiness.

Kirara doesn't even attend that school.

>old S4
>cool and elegant
>new S4
>Dork patrol

If Venus Ark was to close she might transfer there to stay with Ako. Of course since her and Ako haven't interacted in months and Elza is obviously going to change her heart and save the school then it doesn't seem likely she'll be S4ing herself.

>Loser squad
You think it is bad now, imagine an S4 with Roller and Koharu in it.

She's talking about dicks.


Kiss Lala.

Is that an invitation? what a lewd ainon.


Kiss Yume.


Shut up and show me your dick.

Literally an angel.

I want to die.

I want to die.

>get to kiss Lala
>probably go to hot springs with her and get to check out her naked PriPara and shougakusei bodies
>get to date Reona and take his big dick inside your pussy and ass and gulp down his creamy cum
Is being Sophie the ultimate timeline?

Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this ainon.

It's too bad this perfect cutie was wasted on a show that got pretty stale towards the end.

naisho will never resurrect and finish subbing kasumin.


>black void
So disappointing.

It's Pot of Greed, I get to pull two new cards




>she doesn't expect I have Mirror Force set on my field




I'll just leave these here.



Complete image where?

Prichan will have a red haired rival character.



Too sexy.


Time to fap.

Prichan will have a bearded Swedish man as main rival




That's funny because it is so plausible.

Prichan will be pure and untarnished.

>an Idle that bend over backwards
>but can you do this?


I felt bad for Dorothy in this one. Leona and Shion became addicted to sex with one another as Dorothy becomes lonely.

Potpourri DED ;_;


>Kaado ichimai seeto (pls don't notice it's a trap card)
Let's see what you haven, dumb Elza.

Prichan will have Kizuna Ai.


PriChan will have good ol' U.N owen all-stars memes.

Steamed Hams, but it's dubbed by Prichan characters

I think you drew too many cards, you probably milled your deck.

Thanks, Pepper. How about a beropita* now?
*Reference to that doujin I scanlated, forget what I translated it as but it means tongue-on-tongue contact.


Have you written /ai/ fanfiction before?


>Graphic image of small child crushed under glacier



I also thought I was playing with Elza not with Suezora Akari.


Kaname is so cute. I bet she would be good friends with Amu.

She should be friends with Meganee too.

And Kokone!

I've written a few bits and pieces in threads before.


I may have started a story where Pepper molests a sleeping (goddess form) Janice.

*unzips dick*


You've already lost, Elza.



Seems legit



I got two new drawings of Amu and her feet but you guys never behave, I dont feel like sharing them.

Whose are those?



Ii ne

Jazmine T's

Ainon, strip for me now. You want to be a star right? So do it, strip naked.


I have a gross body, though.

I can't strip naked unless you strip naked first.

The sight of me is gonna be worse for you than for me


How cute will her replacement be?



I do, every night. Because I love my wife.




Average ainon.


Next thread will be bad.


>I love my wife
I hope you don't think that a fictional little girl is your wife.

Why is Mahiru so kind?

Next thread will be sad

Next thread will be fat.

Next thread will be 500 posts of Rola crying

Of course she is. Look, we spent Valentines Day together.

Next thread will be 500 posts of Rola losing.

Yume X Mahiru is sexiest duo.


Next thread Lily will let me taste her hair.