Trigger has done what Sunrise couldn't: saving the dying Mecha genre with Darling in the Franxx. Move out of the way...

Trigger has done what Sunrise couldn't: saving the dying Mecha genre with Darling in the Franxx. Move out of the way, Sunrise, Trigger is our new Mecha God now!

wtf i hate sunrise now

>darling in the franxx
>more like dumb fucking piece of shit

Gundam over anything Trigger shits out.

If there's anything even more retarded than waifuwars its studio wars

but what do the toys look like??

>Trigger has done what Sunrise couldn't: saving the dying Mecha genre

Are you stupid? Seriously answer.

next gundam build fighters will sell ten to twenty times more than franxx

Anyone who actually likes Darling in the Franxx has probably never watched Evangelion. I know eva is a meme on this board, but Franxx is just a really poor imitation of the tone and style of Eva with none of the substance.

Are you retarded?

Beyond the shitty surface "symbolism" in franxx, there are so many ways where its themes run contrary to eva

>Mecha as a genre being saved

Did someone use a time machine and pull us back to 2007?

Are you guys hyped for Gridman?

japan will NEVER embrace Trigger and their shitty gaijin pandering cartoons

>Nigger studio
CCome agan when your studio can make good looking mecha anime like Gundam Thunderbolt.

>comparing OVA with a seasonal show

Anyone who's watched Darling in the FranXX will know they're not the same at all... not saying that it makes FranXX unique but they're definitely different.

Imaishi in charge of saving Mecha. TWICE.

But Darling in the Franxx is produced by A-1, not Trigger

>Triggertards don't know that Banrise pulls in insta 100K whenever Origin drops.

>you now realize that trigger is doing three mecha anime in a row

Being better than Sunrise is not that difficult. G-Reco is probably one of the worst mecha shows I've seen in a long time. Not as bad as Gargantia or Comet Lucifer, but close.

You're right franxx is shittier

>the new Guilty Crown
>saving the genre

He said it imitates the tone and style and he's correct though. Try elaborating on why they're not in that regard.

I'd like to say this is bait, but Franxxfags are THIS deluded.

>monster of the week mecha show


Please tell me this is bait....

Put some respect on Valvrave's name.

>I have watched a lot of anime. And I mean a lot, like, a full 20 different series

>beta MC who has a pink-haired waifu
>overall shit writing but Cred Forums is having fun with it anyway
It is the new GC indeed

They're the same genre (necha sekai-kei) and FranXX has the occasional reference to a scene in Evangelion. That's it.

>beta MC
You're clearly not watching DITF.

>beta MC
Try again

Are you sure you watched eva?

I haven't seen him doing anything about 02 being a cunt and treating him like some toy she uses to play with in her robot.

Darling in a Franxx is just a Gurren Laagan x Evangelion fan fiction made anime

Because you aren't watching the show.

Granted they're roughly by the same studio/people, it's closer to Diebuster in style for me.

But everyone seems to have forgotten about Diebuster,

Please show me this scene where she mans the fuck up puts 02 in her place, then. I must have missed it or something.

Sunrise already saved mecha five years ago with Valvrave.


Because he doesn't, but franxxfags think being a beta amounts to not wanting to get in a robot.

Because DieBuster is hot garbage.

Where was it said that Promare is a mecha ?


go check out the poster

>Mecha that don't look like Mecha saving the Mecha genre.

that's just a getter robo clone

>The Bastard child of Star Driver and Kill la Kill
>Saving Mecha

Mecha doesn't need saving. Toei already did it this year.

Wait, what? He's just calming her down, this scene doesn't even have anything to do with what I was talking about.

>calming a raging demon
>not putting her in her place
Are you retarded?

>calming someone down is putting them in their place

Wew fuckin laddie you might just be retarded. Singing a lullaby to a giant isnt putting him in his place its making him calm the fuck down.

>Pacification = Dominance
Are you?

You're just mad you'll never be this chad.

Found the retard

>If there's anything even more retarded than waifuwars its studio wars

Commodore shits all over Atari
Amstrad is better than PC
Amiga bests all
Nintendo > Sony
Emacs > Vi
Did I forget something ?

Yes, and Eva is just an Ideon clone.

>Are you sure you watched eva?

Are you sure you understood eva ?

>t. someone who never watched Ideon

Eva is basically taking the piss out of Mazinger and old Super Robot tropes.

>Sunrise already saved mecha five years ago with Valvrave.

That was Cross Ange not Valverape.

So far you've refuted nothing. Thanks for playing.

They took away my Fumina, blood must be spilt.

Fumina is just a subculture bitch

Except it's even more retarded this time, because this anime is made by an inter-studio team (Code 000) assembled from Gainax castaways. Yet people are studiofagging and triggerfags are fighting A-1 fags in these threads... people are retarded.


Not at all; and even if it were, means to that are more important than the perceived goal.

I am, but it better be good.

Eva is Ultraman

Why exactly is the mecha genre dying anyways?

Shit writing, concepts, or just lack of interests as time goes on?

Sunrise monopoly.

People have little need to get invested in new mecha when Gundam exists, and the genre just seems to have an overall problem with making a compelling and/or originally story to justify the mecha action (I swear to god if I see one more Earth vs. Mars Colonists story).

DitF is a good candidate for mechaOTY if they can keep up this level of quality

But there's still Xebec's FMP4 and Satelight's Juushinki Pandora (kawamori shit) yet to come.

Lemme know when Sunrise annouces the return of Mai-Hime with a new series and movie project then I'll believe Sunrise is truly back from the ashes.

I'll shit myself when Cross Ange gets a season 2 out of nowhere.

big o

FranXX will sell 4k.

Mecha is fucking dead outside Gundam plastic sales.

Animators only want to draw cute girls, mechas are too hard.

Trigger-1 are geniuses.

quick somebody post the Cred Forums valvrave episode recap pic

Gunplay failure, Otaku realizes Mecha hasn't changed and it will never get better.

>Dying mecha Genre
Only for shows without Bandai attached to the name. Anything Gundam is immortalized through plastic crack sales and Bandai consistently breaks 16K for their UC Timeline or IDOLS. If anything is going to save Mecha, it'll be when Origin finally ends and Sunrise announces the 0079 remaster.

The giant robot on the poster is what we internet detective folks like to call a "clue".


>implying Code Geass R3 will not once again save mecha

Sunrise forever.

valverave s2 nigger

It's going be interesting and sad how will go through without Gundam and LoveLive If they shit the bed on Sunshine

They need to find something new or make more revival projects from older shows until they can find that will last a long time.

Only recently, Bandai announced that Sunrise would begin to focus on creating new IPs. When Sunrise makes a new long-running mecha IP as good as Gundam, then anime will be saved.

Is that seriously all we're getting for mecha this year?

>Recently new IP's
Code Geass isn't a new IP, Love Live and Cross Ange are recent new IP's Sunrise could have done more.

>DitF is a good candidate for mechaOTY if they can keep up this level of quality
Pfffftttttt. Yeah "quality". Hilarious enough once FMP and Build Drivers come out people will just forget about this

Is this bait? Because after all the shitposting I can't differentiate anymore. Even Build Fighters Try had more quality than this shit.

>Why exactly is the mecha genre dying anyways?

I love this meme

As much as I like Franxx are you seriously comparing Trigger with Sunrise faggot?

>saving the mecha genre by ripping off Evangelion
You'll have to explain that to me once more.


Man, Valvrave was fucking surreal. It's like they made the series to see how trainwrecky they can get.

>Consensual rape
This is the only thing I remember from this show

>saving mecha
>with faggot tier robot designs
>and a semen smelling slut as heroine

>shitty CG
>they all looks like the same clunky mechs from the 70s
>it's just powerrangers without the transformations and bodysuits
>cast is shit most of the time and mc is more overpowered than standard battle shounen mcs
This genre is domed to fail in a time where every anime has to survive 12 episode with zero budget.

>asking Franxx fags if they are stupid
Why ask obious.

promare looks like man vs mecha or something, not mecha vs animal mecha


unironically yes

the mecha genre peaked with mazinger z

everything else after that including gendum and evangaylion are just remixes of it

Hideaki Anno: But EVA also has common points with Mazinger Z. Him too has a scary demonic face.

Even with their shadow, robots like Mazinger remained recognisable, even if the eyes were no longer just two white shapes

they have this guy's movie in their backpocket along with more Unicorn if need be.


Eva is Mazinger Z and Devilman mashed together, Hideki Anno has said it before.

Yearly/bi-yearly Gundam chokes creativity almost as much as a big name video game publisher
Incredibly expensive to animate with 2D, 3D is often choppy or novice
Writers basically can't write something new to save their lives, Gundam is mostly a rehash of 0079 tropes with a new paint job
Fans are mostly late 20-30's and like older series, kids aren't as interested in mecha these days
Toy/model kits/merch is reliant on this older fanbase

Well you forgot Gundam Crossbone and KAGUTSUCHIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

More like a Xabungle Clone.


>Gundam is mostly a rehash of 0079 tropes with a new paint job
>Fans are mostly late 20-30's and like older series, kids aren't as interested in mecha these days
they listened to the UC fags and ended SEED instead of continuing it. Had they actually followed through after Destiny with another SEED series, they would've created another fanbase that they could milk out.


Mai Hime X Symphogear project series when?

Seed is now in the same place that 0079 and Zeta we're in in the 2000’s, the kids who grew up on seed and destiny are now in their 20's and are in the same position the 40 year old Gundam fans are in.

>darling of the faranXX
in which way ??? also sunrise rarely make a none-real robot mecha show

Sup Cred Forums, my first post here from more than seven years of readonly.
I just watched first episode, it was the most cringiest piece of shit i've seen in the same seven or more years. What the fuck was that? If its some kind of parody on eva/ttgl/klk, it's a very poorly made one and call me a retard but 'lets make the same thing but without any class or wit and add more tits durr' is not the best way to make parody.

Is it going to be the same? MEcha design is awful, both main characters look and talk generic as fuck, i can see one crying in a bedroom listening to shinjin park and other doing some sasha grey levels porn just for fun.
Is it just a bad joke? Please tell me something good starts after first episode and it was just some pilot that accidentally made to to final season.

>/m/exicans start posting
Time to leave the thread

you mean gundam right ??

You just went full baka.
Just answer the questions.

>I know you are hero in your life

S1 was a fucking fantastic trainwreck.

>ever implying /m/ doesn't have better taste than Cred Forums

I dont give a crap about mecha, i just fell for franxx meme and my butt hurts.

>expecting anything good out of Xebec

Isn't it an A1 production. Trigger is barely alive now.

people watch mechas only because muh big humanoid robot action?

kinda reminds me of soyboys and muh intergalactic lasers

>ever implying that retards (a) doesn't have better taste than retards (b)

Anno was a mistake

>Old man comes in and gropes his sexy underling for no reason which doesn't even scolds him for it

Perfectly sets the shallow waifupandering tone

Yes, and there is literally nothing wrong with it

you forgot to mention geass

He does his job unlike Valvrave and Guilty Crown.

What about Mai-Hime fans since 2004 an have grown for a new series, where's the care of that?

the characters are kinda generic and flat (for now ) tbqh but the animation is good and at least the mechs aren't CGI'ed altho they don't look like mechs at all , you shouldn't take it seriously user , it's just fun for the shitposting

>Anno ripping off others work

Geass S3 will be Sunrise biggest blunder since Sacred Seven. Tiger & Bunny continuation could be a blunder too.

I don't care about mecha genre, but i hate sunrise for promoting idolshit.


Not with that this mecha design.
It's like magical girls version of mecha.

Are you retarded

>animation is good
It's not as fantastic as expected for TRIGGER, until the very last part where Sterilizia absolutely destroys the enemy. Fights get very boring that way.

I hate sunrise for doing idolshit when they could be doing mecha instead.

Fafner sucked.

Mecha works best in space and space really isn't interesting anymore now that we know it's a bunch of dry-ass space rocks. Maybe in a few decades the various space companies will start some kind of asteroid wars and shit will get interesting but right now there's not much there to spark the imagination.

By looking at it now they can't make profits making any original mecha show so they have to really stuck with gundam.

I assume this is coming from someone who never actually watched Fafner.

I swear I thought Bandai announced that they were going to essentially FORCE Sunrise to make original IPs.

Allright, just finished second ep.
Either i caught its wave or the show suddenly decided to get itself together and started being...good?
I thik im gonna be utterly dissapointed every time there is a battle because, according to some screenshots here and there, all monsters will be same awful design. Yet interactions and overall ero themes are working for me.
First episode still fucking sucks. What a piece of trash it was.

Can they still make profit on making new and original IP's like Mai Hime, Tiger & Bunny and other stuff. I think they are actually stuck for more Gundam and recent IP's is this right?

Where did this go all wrong.

It's only Gundam and LoveLive. Don't know about the others but it's possible Mai Hime gets reboot or sequel OVA that's it.

Blame Dengaki for killing Sunrise creativity this is not a meme.

or work on older IP's shows. Reboots and sequel rehashes coming up soon.


Your movie bombed there are no excuses, no one.


>my butt hurts
So this is why sit like that.

>people who have watched Eva and two Gundam shows saying that one anime is saving the entire mecha genre

>Trigger realized the way to get otaku to like mecha again was to make even the mecha cute waifus

We don't deserve Trigger.

>blocks your path
What now triggerniggers?

Why not mecha waifus?

Mecha was saved two years ago by Sanzigen. Holy shit, two years already, huh.

what is this user?

Cross Ange did it already.


That was shit though. In before so bad its good XD

I remember having this conversation some days ago, but Cross Ange is legitimate masterpiece, the greatest mecha anime ever made. I want Cafe Ange sequel!

>What is R3

Aaaand im done with 6th episode and now dont regret falling for the mem after all. Now im mad for fallinf for ongoing meme. I want fucking MOAR.


Tiger & Bunny S2 was announced. It seems they'd like to cash in on sequels first.

>He doesn't know Gargantia already ended mecha.
I don't think there's anyone in this industry that can actually go on after what Chamber did, conceptually speaking. No one has the political drive necessary to explore what mecha means to us. No one but me.

Did the MC from Guilty Crown ever give his power to another guy so he can pull a sword out of his girl's tits instead of him?

>g reco
at least go nagai hasn't gone completely senile compared to that old fart


>There are people who believe this

"saving" eh.
A bit too soon wouldn't you say? Especially considering this is yet another mecha show trying to grab the moe audience, which is known not to include any real core fans of mecha itself. People are watching this show primarily for the two main girls, which is already a sign it's not gonna save mecha by any measure.

War in the Pocket

Except Sunrise already saved it with Gundam Thunderbolt.

Turn A Gundam

Sunrise mostly went to shit after Bones split off, sort of like Gainax and Trigger, but not as bad. Also, FranXX isn't very good.

Not what it's called, and probably going to be awful like the first two seasons.



I hope Mai Hime sequel gets announced soon those Geassfags will have rude shitposting wars with Maifags.