Bible Manga

How does it compare to the light novels?

I really hate secondaries.

I prefer the prequel.

The Mormon Adaptation was truly the GT of the series, but it was still a pretty fun read.

Jesus was a shameless gary stu self-interest, will never understand why people like this bland Tatsuya ripoff.

Why is the no Quran Manga?

Just read the Qur'an. It's the directors cut. Cuts out all the doujins and fixes the horrible writing.

Is Muhammad /ourguy/?
>Protagonist married a loli

Peace and blessings be upon him
>Is he /ourguy/
He had a harem and went to war like a man. OF course he was.

Why hasn't Araki done his own version?

whats this

Muhammad is literally an Issekai Protagonist in real life.
But I'm afraid we won't see his tale adapted before the day we get neural network based automatically generated manga.

>no Genesis ecchi slice of life with Adam and Eve innocently naked


Yeah but that retcon to Jesus was bullshit desu

Micheal vs Luci rematch when? Kinda sucks that the fight was offscreen

Fuck the Jesus arc, dudes kissing each other and shit, fujobait supreme.

Araki created an alternate universe where mormons are right, I doubt he will go back to the original material.

Yeah, they introduced Mary Magdalene to tease us with that weird feet washing scene, I guess the author was into feet.

>Married a loli
>had an harem
>went to war
>spoke to God and received cheating powers from him
>signalled as protagonist with weird white hair
>converted his enemies into allies with Talk no Jutsu

Truly this guy was a manga protagonist, too bad his fanbase is too autistic to let us have his anime adventures

>I want pictures, and I can't read a book

I can read a book, but admit that some scenes would be great to see animated. Any new material would be welcome by the way.