Tonegawa adaptation confirmed

>Tonegawa adaptation confirmed
>it's by Madhouse, just like Kaiji and Akagi

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Is the manga any good? It's not by FKMT, right?

No, but the style is pretty similar

Fair enough, might as well watch that and hope it is them testing waters for Kaiji S3 or a full adaptation of Akagi

It's by his assistants and Fukumoto usually has bro tier assistants. I'm looking forward to the thing

Well life action of the rest of Washizu battle is already confirmed, so at least something is about to come complete.

I’m looking forward to seeing fkmt style animated 10 years after Kaiji had aired!
I really do hope it’s just them testing the waters for more fkmt adaptations. Feels bad that it’s not gonna be Akagi, but anything would be good, really.

>high-res FKMT style

My dick is diamonds

>We could have gotten San
>We could have gotten Kurosawa
>Nah let's do a spinoff


Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji*

Is the composer who got arrested for having weed out of jail yet

Shit man I hope this does well
Other FKMT stuff might get done

I only watched Kaiji until the Pachingo arc

is there more anime?
is it worth watching?

Nope. Only manga. Very worth reading though.

There's more manga, part 3 4 and 5 are over (although 5 isn't entirely translated yet. It's good. You should read Strongest Man Kurosawa first though.

Even if he is I doubt they'd hire him again, unfortunately.

So what is the order to read FKMT works? Are they even finished?

Akagi + Ten
Strongest Man Kurosawa (fuck Shin Kurosawa it doesn't count)
Buraiden Gai

Kaiji (part 6 so far)
Zero (waiting for part 3)
Gin to Kin (it's kill)

not counting the spinoffs



All parts are readable as it is. Finished and fully translated big ones are:

>Kaiji series, overall no end in sight, pt6 is ongoing:
Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji = s1 anime
Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji = s2 anime
Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - simplified mahjong arc, I swear it's ez
Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen = certain Kazuya kid being a piece of shit
(Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen = simplified poker arc, is being translated right now)

>Akagi series, it's complete but it looks like there will be more:
Akagi - read it to see the rest after the anime
Ten - Tenna Toori no Kaidanji - hard mahjong and a bunch of great fucking people

>Zero, looks like it's a trilogy, waiting for pt3
Tobaku Haouden Rei - rich and cute middle schooler Zero messing with kaiji mob-likes and wrecking shit
Tobaku Haouden Rei - Gyanki Hen - young adult Zero and his party looking for treasure

Buraiden Gai - cruel world and a 13yo
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa - cruel world and a 44yo

A ton of spinoffs done by assistants, not a single one is fully translated. All of them are pretty great
A ton of one shots, a little bit of them are translated. They are all from earlier years, expect 80s goofy grafix
Some collab works, the translated ones are Life and Confession. It's readable, but incomparable to Gai or Kurosawa

>boo hoo fuck Shin
It's ongoing and the translations are dropped 2 years ago of course it does not count as "finished". pls

None of them are as popular as that spinoff so yeah pretty much


Why is the rest of the manga not translated?

Because you haven't translated it yet.

>cute middle schooler Zero
He's in high school actually.

Just read it raw user. You do know Japanese, right?

Official announcement (including a jab at the leak):

fug I wanted to do things properly but screwed up anyway.

I don't blame you, I thought he was 14 for the longest time too.

>wanting to see kurosawa animated
Dude why?


If it's a properly done movie it could safe lives.

You can't do Kurosawa properly as a movie, it's more of an anime or tv drama kind of story.

Kurosawa as an original anime would have been the neatest shit ever. I can even see the weeklong shitposting the cliffhangers would generate

member people here thought this app having Tokugawa as their mascot along with their launch announcement is announcing something anime related? How peculiar, it kinda happened.

I think it's one of these manga really sensible to the custom reading speed so I agree it would be a challenge to animate.

Because no one wants to do free work for eops.


Say 'aaaah'
English Only Peasants

I would've expected a second season of Akagi to be honest but I guess this announcement makes that likely to happen at some point.
Still, would've fit now that the manga is finished.

Would you, Cred Forums?

Absolutely. It's incredible how much your opinion of her serene beauty can change in only 26 weeks.

She has a nice body and I like her fashion style.

It's not really like Akagi or Kaiji though. It's more of a wacky slice of life series with Tonegawa and FKMT blacksuits being silly and kawaii as fuck.

Not that it's a bad thing mind you.

Ah? That is me!
I thought it's one of those online hosting capitalizing on my work complaint, although usually translators don't give a shit, they do it as an ad for the series and this way it's even more effective as an ad.

This. If you're familiar with FKMT's sense of humor from Kurosawa, then this series is chock full of it.

It's essentially Kurosawa but starring Tonegawa and all the silly shenanigans being from the point of view of the "bad guys".

She is not that bad.

She's a damn nice girl on top of that. No one else is going to throw money at fucking Kaiji. He's not going to find a better wife anywhere else.

>point of view of the "bad guys"
Shizuka's fun gang of middle school demons spinoff when?

If you own Chef's bag of beauty she is a 11/10

it wont be the same without the musician at all. fuck the anime industry for blacklisting him


Kaiji uno arc when?

is he wearing a gucci sweatshirt? I always knew he was rich.

So did everyone else who watched season 2.

I was always confused as to his logic in season 2, he had enough money saved up to keep playing that game for the big prize but the amount he had saved up was such a large amount couldn't he have lived off of that

But without his precious mikoko

What are our chances of Kaiji S3 if this does particularly well?

why would you want it

He stole(borrowed) that money from the guy he worked for. Can't buy a house with that.

Not him, but I loved the animated season 1 and 2. It was just so great and the soundtrack was amazing.

Ah, yeah. I forgot about that, Its been such a long time since I've watched or read Kaiji.

Kaiji 3 is fucking shit. Even Kaiji 2 was.

I agree about Kurosawa though, it's his magnum opus but probably doesn't attract audiences.

Okay but the composer is blacklisted and possibly still in prison so

Kaiji 3 > 2 > 1
Ten > Kurosawa

take your shit opinion to your grave

It's still not clear with Madhouse doing all that capeshit and LNshit if they are dying or just hibernating. Kaiji is popular enough to have assorted side projects and Akagi is a patron saint of a ton of real life people playing chinese dominoes so there are even tournaments tl;dr people care. We'll get them eventually anyway even if Madhouse is truly kill.


For voice acting

>Kaiji 3 is fucking shit. Even Kaiji 2 was.

How can you have taste that is this objectively horrible

It'll be fine.

Go away Mahjongautists, noone wants to learn your shitty game

It's not about mahjong, it's about character development.

>being too much of a retard to figure out how 17 Steps works


>you will never have a gamblerfu to picnic with
why go on

We are OK without his troubled tunes for Tonegawa. It's a sol comedy.

17 steps is literally brainlet mahjong

git gud

Maybe he shouldn't have done drugs then.

God I want to hear Kazuya and Muraoka talking, their voices in the pachinko version were good shit.

>you'll never be a failure of a man who is loved and fed tasty sandwiches by best girl



I just read the last chapter of akagi
what the fuck? there is zero resolution

Ten is the resolution.

Be sure to keep your subscription to Kindai Mahjong active for our exciting new upcoming series, "Akagi: Yami 2 Oritatta Tensai"!

I already read Ten, it has nothing to do with Washizu and Akagi
this last chapter is pretty underwhelming, it was obvious the series ending was gonna be rushed but all these extra chapters after the game ended feel useless

sequel soon

k e k, nice one

Extra chapters to let Washizu suffer is never useless.

They should really use that as the new title.

Washizu doesn't deserve this.

>washizu blushing
I liked the little slice of life-ness, but like it really wasn't written like an ending. Maybe we will get some kinda sequel of the prequel of the original gdi fkmt

If there is anything all chines-y human types are good at, it's copying others.

Why isn't his forehead shown?

There have been some throughout their game. It had a big influence on Akagi
Not really sure what kind of resolution you'd expect. Their game ended and Akagi won. Do you wanted to make them out or what?

>it was obvious the series ending was gonna be rushed

The series has already been stretched out, especially with those "Washizu in hell" arcs in between

that was the point where I felt the manga started to drag on for way too long, but ever since FKMT has been advertising the final chapters it was all pretty much rushed

What was the reason for ending it? Did he look when the series started and thought "This has been going on long enough"?

It's not like Akagi ever talked about his other opponent he defeated. Sure, Washizu stands out since Akagi considers it as a loss but still Washizu had his aftermath shown. We can assume that Yagi has lost his fingers, Ichikawa is dead (maybe killed I dunno what the exact conditions were, maybe I'm just thinking of the russian roulette as a symbol of both betting their life) and that Urabe was paying off his debt for the rest of his life but with Washizu we got a conclusion. He spent the rest of his life hunting for Akagi

IIRC the magazine is going out of business and he probably got tired of it

I don't think Yagi bet his fingers.
Ichikawa is still alive and kicking.

FKMT might be changing magazines for the sequel.

It should have ended right after the Washizu game, these few chapters after were just fluff

i read part 3 without understanding mahjong at all and it's literally still my favorite part of the manga, when he calls Ron at the end you lose your shit even if you dont understand 17 steps. you are unfortunately just a retard

>Kindai Mahjong is about to die
I can't seem to find anything, and their site is fine as well, full of life and advertisements. Tell me more.

Yes. This should have been the last panel.

Yeah, it's even better when you know mahjong.

I read part 3 without understanding Mahjong and I still had a blast.

Don't be buttholes, it makes sense compositionally to have a small arc in the end of the series, full of small arcs in the beginning.

Yes, but this kind of arc only makes sense if a sequel is planned. Otherwise it doesn't hold up to Washizu's poetic death.

Is it even possible to argue with muh hirayama revenge fags I wonder. There's nothing wrong with Washizu surviving, he had his batshit loyal whitesuits. They retconned Suzuki being a kamikaze unit pilot for example. So they wanted him alive and they did everything for it the minute Washizu collapsed and that is just too bad.

It's not about revenge, Washizu dying in a way that called back to Ten was genuinely the best possible ending for Akagi. The second best option would have been a talk between Washizu and Akagi to echo the ending of Ten, once again, but instead we got some cute travelling stuff. It's funny and humanizes Akagi, but chapter 295 wrapped up everything thematically in the most perfect way possible.

how does One Outs compare to kaiji/akagi?

one outs is pretty much akagi except with baseball, its very good but I haven't read the manga

>the most perfect way possible.
It's if you think Akagi is depressed. nantokanaaaaaaare stuff. But instead we got "I have a whole life ahead of me" Akagi. Tell me I'm a shounenshitter for preferring this that way. They both got something out of this battle, it continues the mirror images metaphor we had through out the match.

it's a solid watch, the MC is fucking sick so it's pretty fun seeing his baseball keikakus. if you like kaiji&akagi i see no reason why you wouldnt like one outs

I thought the last few chapters were more depressing with pic related. A quote like "I don't have anyone or anything looking out for me, but when my time comes I'll die in a way that fits me and go as myself" is optimistic (in a bittersweet way) and a good summary of Akagi's life. He never calculated gains and losses, and all he ever needed was himself. Basically it goes NANTOKA NAREEEEE and I think it's the perfect way to end the series. Just like Ten ended.

>part 6 so far
Hasn't even started yet. We're still in One Poker-Hen until Kaiji gets betrayed or figures out where to keep the money

It hasn't been scanlated, but part 6 has started in Japan.

I'm talking about after the game ended. That isn't officially a new arc. They're still technically in One Poker-Hen

No dude, we're on part 6

Any argument for claiming we're still on One poker can also be used to argue we're still on Kazuya-hen.

What's the title of this arc then?


It spoils part 5's ending.

If you still want to know, part 6's title is the 2.4 billions escape

Kaiji newfag here, I watched both Kaiji Ultimate Survivor and Against All Rules.

I started reading the manga to it because I really enjoyed the anime, should I continue reading the rest of Kaiji?


I already spoiled the ending for myself by looking at the raws.
This'll be a pretty short part then. It looks like they're halfway done, unless Kaiji gets in another big gamble with another member of Kazuya's family
Yes. The manga gets better. Personal ranking for me right now is 3>5>1>4>2
After that, read Akagi (if you like Mahjong and/or Part 3), Kurosawa (if you like Tonegawa's speeches), Gambling Emperor Legend Zero (if you like shounen and Kaiji) or Buraiden Gai (if you like Tonegawa's speeches)

Sure, the sequels are good. Just don't forget to read other stuff by the author (Kurosawa, Akagi, Zero). Ten is his magnum opus but that comes after Akagi.

God bless anons.

Anything different in the manga from the anime? IIRC there was the boat, the balancing beams, E-card and the raffle in Ultimate Survivor and then the whole Pachinko machine in Against All Rules.

The beginning of part 2 is changed, the manga has Hyodo make a speech about how Teiai needs to make more money because he wants to be fully autonomous in case of a nuclear war or something.
Kaiji almost steals Sakazaki's remaining 6 millions after they lose to the bog first, but stops and tells him to hide his money, before regretting it.

Ah I see, thank you user, I shall get back to reading it!

There is a small difference in Part 1, that being when Kaiji goes to the other room on the Espoir, he gets his passport destroyed and he's branded.
If you were referring to differences in gambles, there are a few
Part 3 has a simplified version of Mahjong called '17 Steps' or Minefield Mahjong. The manga does a decent explanation of it and it requires no knowledge on mahjong (read it long before I got into mahjong or any of FKMT's mahjong heavy manga).
Part 4 has a game that I'll only give the name for. It's called Three Asian Stepladder and doesn't involve Kaiji, he just watches. It's similar to the balancing beams in Part 1, where they're doing a physical activity.
Part 5 has a simplified version of poker that is called One Poker. You get two cards, and you both play one of the cards there. The person with the higher card wins, but if someone plays a 2 against an Ace, the 2 wins.
A machine will announce if the cards are Up or Down. A down card is 2-7, and an up card is 8-10 and all face cards.

>Kaiji spills his tiles

Oo, that sounds really cool! The author really likes his gambling games, doesn't he? Thank you though user!

Yeah, Akagi and Ten pretty much made riichi mahjong popular in the West.

>tfw you have learned any mahjong is a minefield mahjong

>Ichikawa is still alive and kicking.

That's too bad. Did it publish anything else that's worth reading?

How is that title spoiling anything? Last chapter that's translated is 219 I think. How many are left?

I got pissed when Chang butted it and causes Kaiji to lose

"Akagi won"

Tell that to Akagi.

HERO spoilers Ichikawa is alive, like 30 years after his loss to Akagi

Hiroyuki's manga. It's cheesy story-wise and the title is horrible, but the mahjong aspect is really good. Another thing in the translations never ever hell.

He won at Washizu mahjong, not at his own gamble.

How's the Kaiji escape going? Did he already bet everything he won and lose it?

Hiroyuki's sequel spin-off is really awful though, there is nothing interesting about it.

Is FKMTkrazy scanlating Tonegawa spin-off? the first 3 chapters scanlated are really funny.

>how many are left
About 30

Didn't that turn out to be a fraud?

>I don't think Yagi bet his fingers.
Didn't they bet their fingers? I thought they agreed on it.

The games are Ten-tier, what are you talking about?

They need a better car.

I see, why are they even escaping though? Didn't he win fair and square?

Yagi only wanted to scare Akagi, when Akagi told him to bet his finger as well Yagi lost his calm.

Why would Teiai suddenly care about being fair?

They're afraid of Kazuya's men and the police pulled them over once.

Yeah, that was spelled out but didn't he agree on the deal?

They cheat all the fucking time, man.
The victim has a chance to win but only when they get behind it.
Just look at Kazuya, he's cheating but since Kaiji knows but keeps going, he thinks it's still fair/accepted.
Old man got angry at Tonegawa whenever he lost.
Kaiji is a fucking idiot.

based Madhouse

Always thought it was just a bluff

Doesn't Yagi remark the finger thing in their match?

Yes, only once though, so I never took it seriously. It'd be a lot more emphasized normally

It's absolutely amazing they were able to stretch a fucking pachinko game for 13+ episodes and keep it suspenseful

They stretched a single mahjong game for 250 chapters and 20 years and kept it suspenseful.

>single mahjong game
A single mahjong game actually consisting of at least 50 hands. struggling to describe the honba thing with n+1 formulas halp

too bad nobody likes mahjong

>describe the honba thing
How about "Akagi's dealer turn never fucking ends"?

Joke's on you, mahjong is fun, Akagi is a madman and Washizu is the cutest murderous grandpa

imagine learning mahjong for just a show

Tell that to my 2nd Dan on Tenhou, fucker

A hanchan a day keeps bad flow away

watched Saki (dropped it) > Akagi > Saki (all series) > learned mahjong > Akagi > Saki > Akagi Drama > get good at mahjong > Akagi > Saki > Akagi Drama > occasionally rewatch some epic match from Akagi and Saki (like Urabe and Teru matches) > final Akagi drama in the future > aiming for Houou lobby


You learn mahjong because the show is fucking good, not the other way around.

I just can't get into Saki. Got to ep 10 and dropped it. Maybe Akagi set my expectations too high, but the mahjong in Saki is secondary to cute girls and that's just not my jam

Wish we knew how Akagi became boss of the underworld.

>just for three years
clearly he didn't care about that enough anyway

Reading Washizu mahjong right now and holy shit, it gets so good after the point where anime stops

Not that it was bad before, but I feel like they padded it with symbolism just to finish on that particular scene.

Yagi tried to scare Akagi, he told him that for any mistake(??) Akagi makes he'd lose a finger or smth like that. To which Akagi said he'd agree only of the same went for Yagi. And then nothing happened.

>Did it publish anything else worth reading.
Yes if you know moonrunes. Tetsunaki no Kirinji is translated whole though and has a sequel, check it out.

I'm reading trought Kaiji Salvation arc, I like the characters that are playing the game, but I'm finding Kazuya behaviour kinda of annoying, I hope in the next arc he breaks, that would make me happy.

It's pretty insane, yes. Washizu grows so much.

kazuya is a good boy.

Kazuya's character is great. Just wait for the end of the arc

>He does it a second time
I could barely keep reading.

Why must this man be such a pathological sucker

So how does it feel to play real life majaan? Do you turn over your mans?

Wait this is guy who Kaiji defeat in the first season right?
I never got to read the manga.

Now I get it why he passed the punishment.

I don't have anyone to play with.. Must be nice to live in a country where it's played O-or to have friends.......

Same here but my city has a riichi club. The poorfags don't have a thing but it looks like they tip in to rent some chinese place with tables for half a Saturday every week. Not sure if want to bother them with a random me.

I always liked the artstyle of the akagi and kaiji anime, hopefully this will do well so we can get s3 kaiji or washizu mahjong

Don't remember which was the 10th, iirc the 1st season has 26 or 24 (so maybe you've watched up to the singles tournament), it should be more interesting in the final 5 hanchan where the characters play in teams.

No, after having read Hiro's insight while working under Sawada, and his attempt to trick Murota.

What a time to be alive.

what is stopping a season 3 for kaiji being greenlit aside from time limitations with other projects?

What? This faggot who barely shows up in a single season has a spinoff?

Once you get past over the entry barrier, it's one the most enjoyable things you can spend your time on.

Did you watch Akagi?



No, Kaiji did beat him by slicing off his ear.

THE FLOW is such a meme holy shit. EVERYONE in these mangas believes in it, bad guy, good guy, random observer, narrator. How come? Is it even a good writing?

Do you think kaiji would cut off a limb to win a gamble

If he's pushed into a situation like that, yes.

Believe in the flow that believes in you. It feels more believable than Tetsuya's luck is a thing that can be stolen schtick, at least.

Now I think about it, it could be translator's thing.