JoJolion spoilers today(?) What are your wildest speculations?
If Jobin isn't the main villain, I will eat my own ass.

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Is there any reason NOT to believe that Jobin is the main antagonist?

He even gets a villain point of view arc

Gappy makes me happy

Re-watch the anime on 1.5x ~ 2.0x speed.

It is much better that way.

Joshuu makes ME happy


Re-fuck your mom on 1.5x ~ 2.0x speed.

It is much better that way.

Rai: Josuke! Don't go into that house to help the Higashikatas! It's obviously a sinister trap!
Josuke: But I just gotta, Rai!
Rai: My pragmatic neuroses are dazzled by your selfless down-to-earth heroism and I shall help you at the last minute at great risk to myself; potentially losing us the fruit, but strengthening our would-be friendship
Yasuho: I am also here eventually!

Oh yeah, haven't been here since December. Now that batoto's gone what's the new JJL sauce?

This is an ANTI-SHITPOSTING Hamon barrier!
There will be no frustrating shitposts in this thread!

Is this is it? Is this finally the thread where we see Speed King?

What boards would the JoJos browse if they were in Cred Forums?


based hairposter

Based hair poster poster

Jonathan: Would not use Cred Forums. If it was shown to him he'd probably use a name, introduce himself, and be torn to shreds.
Joseph: Disgusting tripfagging shitposter who infests multiple boards - Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums etc. Somehow gets made a mod.
Jotaro: Lurks on a bunch of boards relevant to his interests, /an/, /trv/, maybe /x/ etc. Probably very rarely posts.
Josuke: Probably the best poster overall and one of the more active ones, hangs out on /fa/, /jp/, /soc/ etc. May have posted selfies to other boards, but his mom would yell at him if she found out.
Giorno: Tumblr
Jolyne: A bit like Josuke but more prone to shitposting
Johnny: /trash/, /r9k/
Gappy: Goes to /adv/ for information on his identity, the rokakaka, and rock humans

do the villains

that's gay

I figure Giorno would be more of a /fa/ and /ck/ kind of guy.

So Joseph is just W.T. Snacks?

That's fair, he's definitely /fa/. Maybe /an/ and Cred Forums too, not sure about /ck/ though. Mista would definitely visit it to cry about shitty service he got from restaurants that did shit like give them four pieces of cake, though.

Jobin will be JoJo's best antagonist by the end

Ah definitely /an/ I didn't even think about that.

Genres of stories that the JoJos would read:
Jonathan: Romance. He's just into that kind of sappy stuff.
Joseph: Spy. He always self-inserts as the badass guy in it.
Jotaro: Battle shonen. It's why he has a punch ghost, because he wants to be like the ones in his Japanese mangos who punch stuff and win.
Josuke: Slice-of-life. He loves reading stories about normal people in everyday lives.
Giorno: Documentaries, basically non-fiction. He likes researching way too much.
Jolyne: Magical girl. Her hairdo is inspired by the strange hairstyles of magical girls who always win in the end.
Johnny: Doesn't like reading stories.
Gappy: Sci-fi. It's the most interesting genre for him, and he always finds himself in wonder when reading about the weird shit in sci-fi.

Jobin Blanco next chapter
>esto es el fin, humano piedra

Dio: /bant/, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, basically all the infamously bad boards where it's easy to start shit. Starts off lurking, turns into a hameless trip-using attention-whore.
Kars: /his/, where he obnoxiously corrects accounts of shit that happened thousands of years ago, /an/ where he regularly posts about how shitty humans are, and /sci/, where he posts updates of his progress with the stone masks.
DIO: /soc/, /hm/, /x/, pretty much all the porn boards and busy boards. Even more of a shameless trip-using attention-whore. Only takes his trip off to post rude shit in Jotaro's /trv/ threads.
Kira: /d/, guess what for
Diavolo: Creepy shitposter terrified of being doxxed, Doppio probably posts a lot of potentially incriminating shit and has been sent pizzas. /x/, Cred Forums, /bant/
Pucci: Not a Christian website
Valentine: Cred Forums, duh. But he'd use it more as a means to monitor his civilians and take note of what the weirdos and loners in his society think rather than trying to promo himself. Takes special note of any Cheese Pizza he 'accidentally' stumbles across.
Jobin: /toy/, /vp/, /an/, and /adv/ for dealing with the creepily psychotic fusion monster that's now living in his house and killing his associates.

Valentine is not a pedo!

> Jonathan: Romance

I figure he'd like adventure stories and research/documentary stuff as well, since he WAS planning to become an archaeologist or some shit, right?

> Giorno: Documentaries

And probably old timey gangster stories as well.

> Jolyne: Magical girl

That, and probably over the top action stories too.

Seriously, stop being bigoted and try this.

Villain Sex Sounds
Dio Brando: Loud grunts, talks dirty every second and likes to breathe on your neck.
Kars: Does not have sex, but if he does, he would be moderately loud, not even caring about stifling his noises. Very fast, so expect a lot of slap against your skin.
DIO: Compared to what he was before, he is now very quiet and yet incredibly seductive. He would whisper sweet nothings into your ear and moan softly against your skin.
Kira: Always tries to keep down his noise, so you might not hear anything. However, if your hands are very beautiful, he will breathe heavily.
Diavolo: Would cover your ears so that you won't hear his sounds.
Pucci: Always says something vaguely Christian, and will lick you a lot so expect a lot of slurping sounds.
Valentine: Threatens you in a way that he thinks is erotic, and breathes more heavily than usual when compared to the average person.
Jobin: Says Mitsuo Aida quotes and will only cum if you say "Mitsuo Aida!"



What about Doppio?

I'm gonna fucking masturbate tonight thanks to this

Sorry, I forgot.

Doppio: Since he is rather innocent, Doppio would be surprised at the own sounds he's making, try to keep it down but end up failing as he ends up being very loud and making embarrassed sounds while you're both making love.


Mista would never visit Cred Forums. His autism about the number 4 would prevent him from coming here.

When will you jojofags move on to a better series?

>Diavolo: Would cover your ears so that you won't hear his sounds.
With his hands? Hot desu

So where is everyone reading the new chapter at now that batoto is dead?

>Mista review bombing every place named 4 on Yelp or Trip Advisor.
Mangadex / Download from the scanlator. Although currently the latter has WordPress theme issues.

Where do we read this now that Batoto's gone, here? Is there a better place for it?

Doppio gets me Uppio

Thanks friend.

>You're gonna love this

I can confirm this to be true.

>2.9 MB
Miss me with that hair shit

Nice try boss.

does Cred Forums like cherry donuts?

These OVAs are only like 20 minutes long, right?
Hopefully it doesn't delay part 5s anime even further

>anything other than /gif/ and /hc/
>not going on /lgbt/
Shit list.

I want an user who knows how to bake to make a Kak donut dressed up with cake dressing and w/e
and then make pictures of hiim slowly eating it

Am I the only one who's writing an academic thesis on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

I mean it's not specifically JJBA only, but I'm using Stardust Cursaders as one of my examples.

The fact that I'm doing this shows how this is the deepest manga ever.

>x character is gay
>x character represents patriarchy
writing 101 to get 100% from (most) proffs

Jojolion 73

It fucking does.


Thanks nigga

How do I open this!ddMXCawQ!uniXgf2kAmwdSpa2itmeRTfJiqSTHKF87cXpIqlNBoQ


>barely anything happened


>>barely anything happened
what, we got more of jobin's motivation you turd and we're close to gappy finding out jobin's up to no good

learn some reading comprehension

When's it going to be out on mangadex

God it's still not working for me. Mega crashes every time I try to view a panel

Can someone please post speed King

Chapter thread


>Speed King drives Jobin over
That entire panel has to be both the best and worst I've seen in this fucking series


I was actually considering that, but my thesis is way more in-depth than that.

>How Progressive Portrayals of PoC in Media Still Hurt PoC

The focus of my thesis is on how Mohammed Avdol is the first positive portrayal of a black man in manga and yet he still sacrifices his life for a white man's sake - it's only a pretend sacrifice the first time (but it still counts) and the second time two PoC characters have to actually give their lives to rescue the same white man.

Would you consider Jobin's motives selfish now that he's completely explained himself or do you consider them completely understandable?

You're the type of person who divides their country between races.
Instead of acknowledging that it was about friendship and not race.


*humano roca

Kars wouldn't make any sounds.

>The fact that I'm doing this shows how this is the deepest manga ever.



jolyne's hairdo isn't inspired by magical girls- it's a typical punk/biker chick look, with neon lipstick and hair dye.
she might like gangster or loud action, but in my experience, girls who're like this usually secretly like sappy romance stuff.
Jonathan seems more of the historical fiction type.
agree with the others tho

where does it say pucci was gay!?!?

who's the other PoC?

and that's retarded
Jojo isn't even written by a white guy

Silly user, Pucci give advice to gay people and try to convert them to heterosexuality. He probably also browses /adv/.

It's Kakyoin, stupid.

No, I said two people of color died to save Jean. Iggy and Mohammed.

Her hairdo is inspired by Mickey Mouse.

Reminder that Blanco form is canon


Just like Tsurugi

>anime Jotaro nendo

then just download it instead of looking at it straight from the website. It's not that hard