Just felt like making a Maria thread

Just felt like making a Maria thread.

I want to fuck artemis

I still don't get why her jaw hurt.

Lot's of kissing and other things.

Who? A pack of dogs?

I feel bad for completely forgetting about this show. It was a lot of fun.

>he kept his fedora even in front of God's right hand


Was it rape, Cred Forums?


Just the tip.

when it´s really just the tip

She was unable to magic because of the [SPRAY] mist, the tip didn't even get near her.

maria the used goods

he did nothing wrong either
fucking angel spastic

It's been a long time.
You remind me I need to watch it again.

>nips will never make a realistic looking battles again
thank you for remind me this.

Fuck, I wish I could post something here but I still haven't watched this series yet.
It looks good and seems like a premise I'd really enjoy.

Go watch it. It's good.


I'm still waiting for a cute girls doing realistic crusader things anime.

I miss these threads

Wish granted, but the girls are part of the people's crusade

An alternate timeline where the crusade was successful?

Bittersweet ending where they reach the holy land but are slaughtered to the last by the muslims

It's different.


>one of them catch leprosis, and they slowy watch her being eaten away by the sickness
>another is killed by a Hashashin
>one is injuried by a stray arrow, had to get her arm cutted
>one make a final last stand in the krak of the knight of St-Jean d'Acre (1291)
the one-arm girl return to France, and live in relative peace with PTSD

Didn't watch it when it was airing because of the name, I thought it would be nothing but fan service but damn did it turn out to be good.

he was the hero of the show

Ezequiel was a boy or a girl?

dickless boy i suppose

I want to bullycuddle Ezekiel.

Final ver.

penetrated but didn't break her hymen

Isn't Saint Michael a league above servants?

She's so cute

Obviously this show was never a smash success, but I do remember the threads being very comfy. Glad to see we could have a comfy thread again. My god, it's been 3 years sincet his aired?

Just the tip.

Why hasn't Miura taking the artist of the manga under his wing as a protege or something? I really liked the designs of the armour and weapons. I feel like they would be an amazing team.

Benis in mouth.