I know you're here too, meguminfag

I know you're here too, meguminfag.
On you're knees, NOW.
Worship the One True Goddess.

I want Aqua to piss in my mouth

something about her thighs and waist doesn't seem right


Godly proportions my nogga.

God, imagine what it would be like if she just spread her legs in front of you and let you press your mouth on her pussy and she'd just pee straight in. Literally divine nectar

Cred Forums talking about worst girl again? Figured. Honestly I probably hate aqua because she pretty much never helped the gang and when she did she was a bitch about it, with pretty much no redeeming quality's, unlike Darkness-san and best girl Megumin.

tl;dr Aqua is a THOT compared to the other girls of Konosuba.


You're going to HELL.



I don't care what Jewgle says.

Another Aqua-sama thread, meanwhile all the dumb pedoNEETs have already forgot about dumb Megumeme

megushits are even worse than pissqua fools, but at least her body is decent

Anyway you need to have really shit taste to not be in love with perfect female like Lalatina

Doesn't Kazuma end up going out with Megumin in the novel?

Darkness is not waifu material. She probably would get raped by monsters on purpose while pregnant with your child

I like this pasta

Embarassing thread

>the Jews hate her
WTF I love Aqua now

You might need this, dear Aqua.

Embarassing post

You're just drinking pure water then.

If Aqua purifies all water she gets into contact with does that mean her body doesn't smell since her sweat would have low concentrations of sodium?

How the hell do she get drunk? Guess the liquids she ingest dont count. And if that's the case, her piss is piss and her sweat should also smell.

>YFW your nose buried in her armpit

I'm fairly sure that one of the reasons she drinks so much is because it turns to water so quickly she has to basically drown herself in alcohol to get a buzz.

shouldn't she have control over her abilities if she's a divine onahole?

ayyyyyy lmao meguminfags get rekt

Harem > Megumin

She has some measure of control over her purification and I would imagine it depends on what is considered "dirty" and needs to be purified
For example something like alcohol may be seen as sacred and not in need of purifying

Aqua detected. Fuck off, damegami.

Nah, she can't completely control some of her passive abilities. She can lower her divine aura by having unholy thoughts, but she can't turn it off. Guess that'd would also be the in world explanation why she can get drunk

>getting mad at you're

>megumin thread
>"I love megumin!"
>aqua thread
>"megumin sucks!"

>one post is the entire thread

>megumin thread
>aqua thread
>”How the fuck does she drink alocohol?”

With her power to purify water making her bodily fluids and secretions just water, would her feet always be clean as long as she wears socks and shoes? I wonder what her feet taste like.

God that's a footfag's dream.

>Implying there's only one meguminfag

Heh, it doesn't matter anyway. All three of the main Konosuba girls are shit. Now, for my cunning escape. user away!

best girl

Too generic

why'd you post a blank image?

Why I should worship frog food?

something about her brain doesn't seem right either.

Me too

those are some mighty fine yunyuns on that girl

Literally a doormat, her outfit was suggested to her by someone because she thought it would help her make more friends. Hot, I agree. Best girl, not quite.

The really tough part would be getting her pregnant if she can purify that stuff.
Maybe if she's drunk enough...

does she just spring a water-leak each month?

Megumin > this garbage

Has everyone signed the petition for a third season yet?

I know you were doing a bit, but out of curiosity, I actually googled that and got some rather amusing results.

>That reporter chick
Seems about right

Why does she barf then?

Wait, is that rainbow colored barf not a gag?!

Aqua is the most fun Konosuba.

Never seen the show, but she always was my top masturbatory material from it.

I like how the Japanese still has the normal commands.

The Jews fear the Aqua.

>Try now worst girl Konosuba

nice dubs, i laughed when i got to the bottom


I didn't even remember that the filename was "best"

The purest.

Bollocks, I'd waifu Lalatina. Doesn't hurt that she's voiced by best of Team Ankou either.

Could she therefore piss vodka? What happened to those crocodiles - were they just tired and emotional?

She'd probably piss sake, if anything.

Aqua is a man's girl. Her and Darkness are tied for the most fun girls in KonoSuba. Megumin is literally shit tier, mainly exists for sperg pedos to jerk off to.

Are you retarded? Darkness is literally the easiest to keep in line. She only has rape fantasies and shit because she doesn't have an alpha bf to fulfill her desires.


aquafags have to samefag for support


Makifags on suicide watch

That pic is exactly why Aqua is god tier.

You guys know that aqua is literally a normie stacie who just happens to be a goddess, right? She's probably impure just like them to boot.