So what do you think will be the topic of the coming GuP final episodes?
as the "school will be closed" theme was already used two times, you think they will come up with something even bigger, or will it be subplots like the Momo graduating thing in the first episode? Or maybe just some everyday stuff?

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Also, will we see more / new schools?

Meh. Monogatari still has better quality sales

The plot is not resolved by the end of the first episode, so it will be a two parter at least, and the whole plot of the 6 OVAs at most (i'm leaning towards the latter)

That's a cute Anzu.

I don't know, 6 movies to make Momo enter university?


>if a member of school council fails to get in upper education, then it's a failure for the whole school
>thus the school must be abolished
>Anzu has to suck MEXT guy's dick for an entire week for a chance to save the school
>they have to fight against a team of senshado instructors
>Alice and the uni team can join Oorai though

>>they have to fight against a team of senshado instructors
So, like Ami?
Should be easy.

But they can use modern tanks.

What other school with relevant tanks are left? Azul, Koala and Maginot were practically discarded.


How do I throw my money on this artist?

Oh ye gods!

>GuP is so dead not even porn can keep the threads alive
Military otaku were a mistake.

How about a BC/freedom revolution of the old guard to overthrow the new leadership? Secretly plotted by Maginot to weaken the rival and become the dominant french school?


But Marie controls everybody like a fiddle, not like that failure of Eclair

>Hurr durr something is dead because it keeps being forced while new content isn't out and haven't been for long short while in the meantime.
People who make threads for no reason and endorse them are a mistake. I'm pretty sure OP's question has been asked by now multiple times and answered as well, by the same people no less, cue Deja Vu song daily.

My bad

>implying Eclair would even know about that plan
>implying it's not all Fondues master plot to remove every potential rival to her beloved Eclair-sama.
Beware the nice ones, user.

>Implying that is not another plot so Marie can control all the french schools

Some guy wanted a translation of this last thread but I didn't make it in time before it was archived.
Also the last frame needed some liberties taken.
1. Ah...
2.Rum's/Rosehip's - Doppelganger!
*A second you, to see your doppelganger is a death omen.
3. Uwaaaa Nooooo Don't go Rum, don't go!¨
4. Listen here Reaper!
I won't let you take her, so just try it!

Thanks for it, user

Nice, there is so much from this guy that is untranslated

Wonder if Maho will return during the following episodes.
She's a bit too important to basically remove her from the story.

There is so much untranslated Gup stuff in general.
Or stuff like this one, where there is a translation but i have no idea how someone should put the text in european letters in those speech bubbles.

No worries. It was fun.

I shall take at look at that one. I can't make any promises, my Japanese is middling at best, but I'll try.

Good user

There is not an user doing those things in those threads?

I want to translate Nina into a rape victim.


He'd have to write VERY small, since the japanese text need way fewer room.

1. Ah, only eating cake, this person is messed up.
Ah, only drinking black tea, this person is messed up.
2. Black tea isn't the only thing I drink, I make sure to eat a salad occasionally.
I also eat carrot cake though.
Carrot cake is also cake though...
3. No idea what Darj is going on about, those two kanji mean sound passage, which apparently she is drinking?
I also eat Mont Blanc a whole lot!
That's totally a cake...
4. I also eat a lot of tarts.
Eat some bloody rice m8!

I had some real difficulties with those kanji, couldn't find an explanation anywhere and it's really bothering me.
The only thing I can think off from context is that she makes sure to drink her tea quietly? But that also doesn't make much sense.
I'm sorry about the incomplete translation, hopefully someone will fill in the blank.




With those proportions Chovys crop looks like a screwdriver.


Marie bullying should stop.

Thanks for the work user

Well, we already had Anchovy- Erika- and Momo-bullying...

Don't forget the original fatty

Yuzu best council member.

We're reaching levels of floof that should not be possible.

Yuzu a fat

It's that time of year when Yuzu is pissed off. How do you calm her down?

Sacrifice a Momo

But then Yuzu would have to do even more work.

But Momo is a good beast of burden

I'd impale Momo if you know what I mean.

Don't lewd the Momo

Okay, I'll let her lewd herself as usual.

Looks like her down there is sucking in the portion of the swimsuit covering it.

Fukuda would look so much better with blunt bangs.

>I want to victimize a girl who can easily lift 42kg projectiles unaided.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Fukuda would look so much better with my tongue in her mouth and my dick in her pussy and her hand in my hand.

>I'll let Anzu lewd her as usual.


>that time of year when Yuzu is pissed off


Anzu should lewd herself instead.

When Momo bitch too much

>those two kanji mean sound passage
No, the two words together meant "normal" or "common".

Are you going to try to close Oarai?

If that's the only way, yes.

I want to feed Marie with my cake

But that lasts throughout the whole year, and she NEVER gets pissed off.

Something for that Fondue-liking user.
Those reaction faces virtually beg for new text.

There are times

>Something for that Fondue-liking user.
>she's still not the tall one

Why you taunt me like this?

Marie a cute

Cutlass is cuter, and you could actually carry her without your break snapping in half like twig

Fondue is taller than most garupans.

>Not being man enough to carry her

Pity, Cute lass a cutie too

Why is Erika such a worst?

Spare me the statistics; >180cm = NOT TALL ENOUGH!

Anyone else find it odd that she's on a team modeled after the republic?

Because muh references

At least she has a lewd body


I don't understand why sound passage is the only thing I could find. It didn't make sense to me, but maybe I got the kanji wrong or something. Oh well, you live and learn.

Could say that about almost any girl. Doesn't redeem her shit personality.


She just need more bullying

She's not a very good maid, right?

She is not good at anything

Context check.


Is that an expression of disgust?

Pravda pls gtfo.

Maho seems to disagree with you.


>not "You too?"

Wrong! She is best alligator.

Here come her pity fans.

For a dog

This is my wife
Please say something nice about her

>You too?

My fault

I haven't watched the latest OVA, so I still prefer the cute boy (female)

nice eyebrows

Nah, BC Freedom was doomed from the start

The things that i'd do to his ass

And still they beat Miho

Fuck, didn't think of that.

They are great

She has a great commander



Nasty boy

>Spilling Peoke-sama's tea

Why Darj bullying is so funny?

She is a strong loader.

What's the problem with Erika?
She is loud? So is Momo.
She is obsessed with her commander? So are Nonna, Yukari and Fondue.
Yes, she doesn't like Miho, but from her point of view it is quite logical to do so.

>I don't understand why sound passage is the only thing I could find. It didn't make sense to me, but maybe I got the kanji wrong or something. Oh well, you live and learn.
Just to say, that you very likely misread the kanji. No shame in that, it is not easy even for the Japanese.
The actual words are 普通.

>ywn suck and lick on Orange Pekoes feet in pantyhose

Feels bad man

Erika is also a violent, arrogant bitch

The arrogant also qualifies for Katyusha, Arisa Jajka and several others.
Violent, yes. She has a bad temper, but the only time she ever really used violence was her slapping Miho in Phase Erika. And while that was not ok, it was at least understandable why she snapped.
Not saying Maho shouldn't give her some stern talk, though. In that particular situation, however, to Miho, too.

So Erika has the worst parts of several girls?

But some of their good sides, too.

Yep, and zero redeeming qualities.

>good sides

Those being?

>19 IPs
Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

>have fun exhaustively




That's the best the scanslator could come up with?

>Why Darj bullying is so funny?
Because she is the only one in the show with her dignity intact. By being able to defeat Miho on screen twice, Darj is displayed as being overpowered. Bringer her down a notch is thus necessary.

I mean, she was even the one who organised all the other schools into showing up against the University team. I like her, but she is getting too many positives and not enough negatives at this point.

>defeat Miho on screen twice

Wait, twice?

She is still a joke in RR

In those two friendly matches

I only remember one.

Which council member would be fun to date most?

Oarai first match, and in the movie with Pravda and the bakas


>the bakas



>dat one with the curls

Hosomi a cute

What garupans have you faped the most?

My official ranking;

Post yours!

Я хочу трахнуть Нонну

How do I win Katyusha's respect in order for me to date Nonna?


give her piggyback rides and be a loving father to her. A nice bottle of vodka helps too.

1. Katyusha
2. Katyusha
3. Katyusha
4. Katyusha
5. Katyusha

Just Katyusha.


Don't make assumptions, it could also be Klara.

1. Anchovy
2. Yukari
3. Maho
4. Darjeeling
5. Taeko

You're a lolicon freak!

>The French university girl

She's a high schooler.


>>The French university girl



Yes, and?

Azumi, I assume


Just reminding everyone that this is my beautiful waifu. You all can look but not touch.

I never payed her attention but then someday my dick awake and now I can't make it without faping to her twice a week at least. I don't even know why.

>Tfw no bookworm girl to read books with together inside a tank

I bet it must be the comfiest thing in the world.

Well as long as you only look and don't touch. She is my waifu and already happy with me.

There is only one way to settle this. Cook Hana a meal and she will decide which one is best and with that will take your hand in marriage.

We are already married, no settlement needed. I also cook her meals.


What meals do you normally make for her?

Whatever she desires. Usually traditional Japanese food.

What if she wants to eat (You)?

Well that is a different story.

If I were to use a broken condom then I would not be technically touching her

no dice

Saori, what are you doing?


Nigga you blind or what?

I want to make a tankathelon team with Shizuka!

The only blind one here is you

Hatefuck the femlet

I want to touch Hana!

Well, better get going because there's a lot to cover

No touching. Only looking


>Mfw Hana and Mako are tired for my favourites from the main cast of characters

Honestly can't pick between them

Hana is best guppie. But she is with me already

That's strange, because best guppie is with me

from pictures of das finale, some think we're at least seeing members from azul and neutral (swiss). but we're probably going to see fights against repeat schools for the winter tournament. we're running out of countries with unique tanks. like bc freedom was picked over koala forest because kf would just be "american and british tanks".

I think that they still can do Azul, even if they only have one native tank, it worked for the finns

Which guppie will make the best cake?


That's a boy

Simply the best.

The one already on the works

i wouldn't mind more schools even if the tanks are repeated. im in it for the stereotypes and tactics of the teams than i am for the unique tanks

Pekoe might be with you, but best Guppie is with me.

what new episodes? I thought this show ended years ago.

Wrong, new movies/OVAs now

There has been a movie, OVAs, and six new 45 minute OVAs coming up. The first just aired in Japan.

> something even bigger
Anti-war hippies will try to make senshado illegal
What follows is a heated argument about the nature of war, how it is an essential part of being human and a country's right to defend itself an it's interests via military force. As Yukari denies the accusations against the Japanese Empire for it's supposed actions during the rightful occupation of Manchuria, Miho would hail the God-like Emperor and it would be revealed that GuP was a PsyOP by Nihon Kaigi to increase the public support for Japan's re-armament.
Expect nation-wide nationalist demonstrators, the formation of a foreign legion for any non-japanese persuaded by Miho and the immediate invasion of China and Guam right after the premiere of the last OVA.
Any right-wing groups anywhere in the world should synchronise their activism with any of the Girls und PANZER Projekt's activity, and coordinate their general uprising around the premiere of the last OVA

Yeah, can't wait for a lazier Anzio

Girls with a chorizo when?

Need more paleta

We really need a Yugoslavian style school seeing as they were the only country to liberate themselves from the Germans in WW2 with minimal allied and soviet help. The question though is how would it be incorporated into the story.

They have at least one native tank?

no touch

Yugoslavian M36 “Topovnjaca” I think. I think it could be a American tank sold to them though. IDK much about tanks. :/



What does Mako dream about?

Same old Hanafag.


Never change, dorner

idk who dorner is, but he sounds like a swell guy

Why do you like the most boring character in the Angler team?

shut your mouth neko
Hana is best guppie and best angler team

think again m8

Hush, Aki

True, Nonna is a top-tier Gup.


I really wanted to see Asparagus animated. Such a shame.

Italian nationalism is getting out of hand

Idk who this Aki is.
>best guppie
pick one



communists make the best tank drivers.
Seeing as its late for me ima go sleep and hope I dream of Nonna.

Too bad, only Marie now

>Instead of boipussy we get a fat slob

With a great fat ass

The cutest lass

has this before she got raped?

That's rude

No, I remember being very gentle

>other fags have to come to terms with not marrying Hana

Tell that to her abusers.



azusa is so adorkable

You mean her lovers?

You mean her clients?

Where do I find inmigrants like that?

In 2D land

1.Orange Pekoe
3.Darjeeling with Pekoe
5.Erwin with Yukari

She has to cover your share, Miho

Sexiest boy

Would Erika be dominant or submissive in bed?

>as the "school will be closed" theme was already used two times, you think they will come up with something even bigger


She would try to be dominant, but at the end she will be sub

They are saving the world cup for the second season

Erika is dom. She looks at you with disdain.

If you let her dom you, you are doing something wrong

>All these Hanafag whinning


Typo, but then again, maybe there is more that one Hanafag lurking here

Don't kid yourself, someone may fancy her, but anyone likes her that much to be his favorite


My bad

where are my Nonnanons at

Hana will cause another french revolution due to her feeding habits

Marie's gluttony vs Hana's gluttony
Who will win?
Winner will be the new leader of BC Freedom

Mika wins


Because she will eat everything before someone realizes it

I guess so

>heard you been hitting on my little sis

What do?

Time travel to 1939 to their respective armies. Can't wait for the reunion in Berlin

Probably Maho, Anchovy and Saori. But that's mostly because there's zero good lewds with Yukari or Miho on sadpanda

>zero good lewds with Yukari or Miho

Look again




>Mika losing her smug

>still no Erika 2

Piggy Bank