What made Fate/Zero so good that other Fate animes can't replicate?

What made Fate/Zero so good that other Fate animes can't replicate?

Seriously Fate/Zero is literally perfect, it has great soundtrack, great animation, great plot, great characters, just great everything. Meanwhile, every other Fate anime like Apocrypha or Extra always have obvious major flaws you can spot from even the first episode like the shitty music/plot setup/pacing/animation/etc.

Literally Edge
That’s it
All the causal faggotswill call Heavens feel best animu movies when they release

different writer, different studio and different composer. Wow, that was hard to figure out.

It's much more mature in themes and target audience
go watch some unedgy anime like hamtaro or pokemon if it bothers you so much

I went to the cinema with a complete normalfag that has no idea about Fate aside from casually watching the two series and he absolutely loved the movie.

"casual faggots" won't understand shit of the movie if they haven't watched UBW first

>It's much more mature in themes and target audience
The themes are all stolen and watered down and the target audience was VN fans.

It was the first one you've watched.

Majority of Casual faggots who will stream them years from saw saw Zero and Ubw on Netflix. Just like Ubw it’s going be treated as a sequel to Zero.

Actually Stay Night is the first one I watched, like many others.

>2006 DEEN garbage

>"watched" FSN

>Fate animes

Ahhhhhhh, my dear user, I know precisely what the answer to your question is. It's because you're a filthy secondary.

I really try hard to not hate Zero fags because it is good in its own right, but literally none of you fucking faggots have even read the source of it.

It isn't over saturated with gender bent fap bait and actually has a more serious tone. I love cute girls as much as the next guy, but Fate has really lost its way with their characters.

The kings' banquet is just the cringiest shit because of how deliberately retarded Saber is written there.

>I have to justify and rationalize all the time I wasted on garbage source material by hating on people smart enough to look at the best stuff a franchise had to offer and quickly leave because it wasn't even that great

> Edgy protagonist who killed his father, mentor and cheated on his wife.
> A dumb useless servant obsessed with playing fair in a war.
> info dumb.
> plots too complex that you'd need 4 episodes to figure out what the fuck is happening.
> Sadist antagonists
> Retard side characters.
> Somehow a serial killer is the most "normal" person in this anime.

Don't give him any (you)s. Hide and report.

Kind of the point. Despite all their combat competence, everyone's a manchild which leads to the tragedies, contrasted with Stay Night's actual children who eventually grew up.

It's not porn or a game

>What made Fate/Zero so good that other Fate animes
Source material made by one the best writers in the industry.

I have the True answer. It's because unlike other Fate entries, it wasnt made to be a cashcow. Since we already knew the fates of everyone they couln't play waifu/husbando baits and had to stick to writing a good story with the limited lives of their characters.

It also helps that despite having Kiritsugu the magus killer, Zero is the only Fate entry that properly depicts a Grail War. Every other author besides Uro felt that the premise of a bunch of Masters and Servants fighting for a wish was too boring and had to add their own spin to the story; and sometimes simple is better.