This is the worst anime that has ever existed. This is a new low

This is the worst anime that has ever existed. This is a new low.

This is reddit. This is memes.


FLCL,Kyousou Giga, tatami galaxy and Inferno are worst

>Biggest pleb filter
>fags complaining on daily basis

>advertise as a shitty anime
>being upset thats it shitty

what's wrong my child?

>literal meme anime
>pleb filter
You can only choose one.

Then don't watch it, retard.

kill yourself, you won't get hipster credit by being contrarian on an anonymous forum

>he thinks it is just a meme anime
Pleb filter is working.

t. reddit

As expected of japanese big bang theory

I still have the right to an opinion even though I'm not watching it just like you have the right to cry like a baby when I criticize it.

It's by far the worst anime ever made.

I didn't know you could condense so much shit taste into a single post and yet here we are.

Well, here's my counter argument: No.

shhhh sleepy time

Shhhh OP....shhhhhh.....


>OP claims to hate Popteptic
>a thread was pushed out of the catalog by OP so that a new Popteptic thread could be made




>poptepic comics are a Cred Forums staple for years
>now that it's anime nobody is allowed to like it

Muh sekret klub internet defense force at work

>muh tumblr
>muh fanbase
>muh furries
All this shit went past them. The Japs could enjoy this game without anyone forcing them to hate it on the basis of someone with the wrong opinions liking it.

Then don't force it, like it's fact, of course you can do that, but no one will take you seriously.

It's because the 4-koma has some decent jokes even though it's mostly bad. Every joke in the anime is shit.

Maybe the first couple of episodes but it’s been getting better. I actually like it

fuck you all, I like it