Dragon Ball Super

How bad will they job in the manga version?

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Tien can't job harder than his anime version so there's that

>Gets knocked out as collateral to chapter of the month villain

Considering they are Frost's targets and that Frost is as strong as Piccolo (and manga actually gives a shit about power scale) they are really fucked

Jimeze BTFO

Canonically one of the biggest jobbers of the tournament

Krillin jobs so hard that Goku feels rage and unlocks UI like what happened on Namek

Forget Jimeze
Prum getting eliminated confirmed no filler sniper shit

>So within the first few seconds of the tournament, 18 knocks out Jimeze and Prum (both U2), 17 eliminates Murisam and indirectly eliminates Rubalt (both U10) and kicks the bird guy out of the sky, and Vegeta eliminates Katopesla(U3) and Nink(U4). Also Goku takes on 4 Pride Troopers and effortlessly beats them with regular SS.

Basically a rundown of the manga ToP from the previous thread. They forgot to mention that at teh end Frieza is starting to scheme with Frost, and they seem to be targeting Tien, Krillin and Roshi since Frieza knows that these three are the weakest of U7's team.

what is a jobber?

What did Toei mean by that?

>Outlasted Cuckhan
>Outlasted Cuckgeta
>The two most awful, retarded and spic-infested fanbases are now simultaneously SEETHING at based Lizard.

Will Beerus be relevant ever again?

Does this rustle your Jimeze?

>U3 is doing sentai poses in their intro


So it seems like they plan on making Frost a villain in the manga for sure now. How disappointing. Same with Katopesla who was a delight in the anime and Jimeze who had a lot of potential.

Jiren going on the attack instantly is different too so it seems like they'll look to wrap up this tournament rather quickly.

The poor cat is old news now that Goku mastered UI in 48 minutes

He was a pragmatic guy too in the manga even if he wasn't evil there.

So thanks to 18, we aren't getting that shitty sniper scenario and Gohan isn't going to job against Jimeze to the point where fucking Frieza needed to save his ass.

>tfw your shitty version from the non canon anime made most people dislike you even before you got to do anything in canon

>m-muh gohan blanco

>U9 cat and bunny girls get "center stage" in the spread
They're going to attempt to push these two a bit arn't they?

it's not fair

Jiren looks cute, he really doesn't want to be the reason for universe erasure.

>So it seems like they plan on making Frost a villain in the manga for sure now
Manga Frost isn't a villain, just a jerk and a cheater, of course he will team up with Freeza, why not? He's still far for being that evil

fuck you and your excuse

you people just like to shit on Super at any opportunity , you, you are the cancer

>SS2 zoned in the anime
>will be very lucky to even get SS2 in the manga

Seems like 18 vs Ribrianne is being set up from the get go.



I want an autist ayy lmao, not some edgy power hungry cunt



I wonder if Toyo will make it quick or expand on it. Curious to see manga Ribrianne

>Hit can probably survive in a fight against CSSB only using assassin techniques, which are forbidden here
>Jiren is stronger than a GoD

The only thing that can save Hit's ass is training 4 months before the tournament

>Jiren looks cute
Jiren IS cute, he's purest boy

>"power that matched SSB" confirmed filler


Wew lads that was one ugly episode, Vegeta went out like a bitch as well
>muh nu-saiyan universe
no one gives a fuck about them

Fuck, you're right.


>Zoiray has wings in the manga
>No wings in the anime

What the fuck is wrong with Toei?

>confirmed coming back
>confirmed third strongest in tournament
>confirmed sadala arc

feels good

How long until we get a manga translation?
Hoping U7 doesn't end up getting all the ko's again.

This is blatantly homosexual

who gives a shit about this jobber?

Does the manga change Hit's skill level? At least from what I remember in the anime he was able to keep up with Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form during his fight without needing any of his techniques. He may even pull out a win in the anime as of yet if it turns out he was hiding in time-skip this whole time.

I hope we still get the disgusted Vegeta face.

There's 0 attempt to stay consistent with the DBZ canon for example
Actually, it's staying in tune with the anime's canon. The Tsufurus mentioned in the anime got more exposure in GT. So in a sense it's more the anime-only canon that's being focused on, and that's not a bad thing. I like that they tried to do their own thing. Canonfaggotry can be one leading factor in why things stagnate, and in an anime-only continuation of a series, I don't expect them to follow things to a T from the manga, moreso since the last points of the manga were hardly explained in full.

>No Caulifla/Vegeta interaction

though then again, he had no wings in chapter 30
will toyo fix this in the next volume's release?

he did add some pages to vegetto and zamasu's fight so he can definitely fix something like this, right?

no one cares about u6 rats

We will see wayy less special abilities in the manga, there will be many many jobbers who will get eliminated after displaying nothing but random punches and kicks, and some energy blasts.

I-I'm sorry for being a u-useless piece of shit... e-everyone...



Jiren never cared about his teammates

I don't think Robrianne will fight Geets. And even if Geets watches from a distance and makes that face, he'll be punched because he let his guard down

Anime Hit
>on par with SSB
>can "evolve" during battle even further to the point he fights evenly with SSBKKx10

Manga Hit
>below SSG
>can reach SSG level at full power, but can only keep that power up for less than a minute

Manga Hit is nowhere near Goku's level in terms of power, but he's got several assassination techniques that make him threatening even with that massive power gap


He tanked a kick from a full power SSB Goku (which apparently is a big deal after the Black arc), but that's it, Hit can only use his full power for a minute

Why do Jiren suddenly became an asshole? He's totally out of character right now.

Did Caulifla finger Kale during ToP?

Toei is really forcing people to hate Jiren more and more in the last episodes
>muh absolute power
Trash writing

Jien has been an asshole since his first kiero.

>this design was potentially just something Toei came up with on their own

I was interested to see how Toyo would draw her, that's unfortunate.

Cabba was Vegeta's counterpart, there was no reason for them to interact.

Here's hoping he actually use these techniques.

>Destroyed his home planet
>Killed his father
>Genocided his entire race
>Destroyed countless more planets and people since
>Tortured his friends and family within an inch of their lives
>Tortured him within an inch of his life
>Killed his best friend
>Invaded Earth
>Tortured his son almost to death
>Killed Piccolo
>Blew up the Earth, thereby killing more friends and family
>Still hasn't repented to this day
>He thinks about this guy before Gohan
>Doesn't think about Chi Chi or Goten at all
What the fuck is wrong with Goku, lads?

user come on, the kids would feel bad if Jiren was a good person, because he's going to get erased
Let's make him an asshole!

In the manga Hit's raw strength is nothing really impressive (for Goku at least) but he beats way stronger opponents thanks to the time skip, the difference is even bigger in the manga (SSB Vegeta was weakened but obviously stronger than any SS2 or SS3, yet Hit defeated him while holding back and his raw power was even inferior to SS Goku's according to Beerus). When he release all his power and uses time skip he can apparently beat even SSG Goku, but a non weakened SSB is stronger than him.
That about Hit without assassination techniques of course, I wonder if he will be forced to use his killing moves on Jiren (even if he would be eliminated if he sucess) and get into SSB tier (that in the manga is really strong)

>counterpart fanspiction

Confirmed non-canon


Nope. That was Cabba.

>>Doesn't think about Chi Chi or Goten at all
He was thinking about U7 team, not his family

Freeza is a good guy now.

I'm just gonna assume that Hit, with newfound reason to train himself, will now be able to keep up his full power form for longer, or even reach SSB level, which makes timeskip much more dangerous again.

>No Caulifla/Goku interaction

Nothing. Goku did nothing wrong.

>anime goku had trouble with a single fucking pride trooper and needed 18 to save his has
>manga goku just btfo'd four of them in regular super saiyan
Based Toyo.




That retard is called Gohan.




>Goku mastered UI in 48 minutes
Still feels like such bullshit. It's too fucking soon. But since Super is ending they gotta rush it.


Goku Blanco is a thing now huh

>tfw Goten is stronger than half of the pride troopers

Friendly reminder Goku Blanco is canon

How does anyone recognize SSJ from SSG and SSB in the manga?

Three U6 Saiyans, two and a half U7 Saiyans. Deny it all you want, but it's clear as day.

Wrong retard. It's the one that ends up erased.

He also changed a dialogue for Beerus, Whis and Gowasu meeting (in the original release Whis called Gowasu by name and he said has been forever since someone called him like that, in the tankobon release Whis calls him Kaioshin and Gowasu friendly says he can call him Gowasu like in the old days) and he added the other side of the Zeno button


>cuck circle

>"Migatte no Gokui"

>cue ultra instinct music

>Jimmy and Pepsiman already eliminated

wtf I love the anime now

Just look at Saonel and Pirina struggling vs Nappapa for example.

>anime goku had trouble with a single fucking pride trooper
Goku holds back a lot in the anime, he wasn't even transformed

This fucking scene right here made me laugh my ass off. Good guy Freeza is for real now.

Gohanfags SEETHING

Goku transparente/transparencia dominada

SSR is darker than SS and has extra flames in the aura. SSB is darker than that and has flames too. SSG is even darker, skinnier and has pupils. SS is just white

>does nothing but shit on her husband and doesn't even sit next to him
>on the other hand constantly helps goku and even roots for him
>also that one scene where goku saves her looked romantic as fuck
Why is Toei doing this? Hopefully /ourguy/ Toyo will do away with Toei's cuck writing.

>he thinks true Gohanfriends wanted him to rely on anything other than his own potential
His dad can keep the hair dye of the season for himself.


>Goku stealing Cauliflas eliminations
fuck toyo she better be the U6 MVP

Jiren in 2 episodes? Fuck he might be erased in the first half of episode 130.



makes the ssj4 look like a master piece compared to it

where's the dyspso blitzing and punching caulifla panel?

I want Jiren to fuck my wife

We know, Krillin.

Her only single elimination was vs Napapa, the rest she needed to team up with Kale.

>implying you have a wife

He deserves it, shitty looking Yardrat.

So what's Goku's next meme transformation? I'm guessing Goku Calvo?

>the rest she needed to team up with Kale
You mean she had to be saved from them.

Sorry user, I'm too busy saving the universe right now. Ask my anime counterpart, I heard he has a lot of free time

>post a character reaction pic
>fuck off "character"fag/"jobber trash"

>makes the ssj4 look like a master piece compared to it
Nope, still shit Rodrigo

when you just KNOW it's a leaf

Caulifla isn't even shown fighting yet. She's just shown bullying Magetta and talking to Cabba. She doesn't even interact with U7.

Dude stop posting the old version

>bullying Magetta


what does "DAGA" mean?


Based toyo toning down the screentime for the mary sue.

>it's okay when Vegeta does it

Vegeta is clearly stronger right now tho, but yeah the lizard was smarter.


>leave me alone goku-san



In the thumbnail it looks like someone (Goku) came on her face.

Is there more to this picture?


GT gave us SS4, character progression, and Gogeta

Super gave us...???

Keep trying Manuel

SSJ is white, SSG makes goku look younger and his eyes have pupils (with light shade), SSB also gets a shade (pic related)

Don't worry, he has his friend Botamo by his side.


I can see Toyotaro replacing that scene with Freeza targering them(after he is done with the Humans).

Someone has to trigger Kale so she unlocks SSJ.

You're sick
all i have that is good is this i.pximg.net/img-master/img/2017/08/09/16/30/02/64313982_p0_master1200.jpg

But these horrible saiyans bullied Botamo too, user

>character progression

Noticed Goku waved to the Saiyan Kids but they ignore it.

A miserable pile of losses

Goku is so fucking retarded, he is only capable of thinking of people in his vicinity. Since the queer alien healed him, Goku's mongoloid brain now registers him as a friend.

Alien monkey people deserve death.

What the fuck is Vegeta's problem? How does he keep going on about muh Saiyan Prince pride, when he's been jobbing since he first lost to Goku?
>Androids (alternate timeline)
>Buu (twice)
The only time he showed an ounce of humility was when he was Majin Vegeta, and he goes right back to being an asshole. The aren't even any full Saiyans left alive besides Goku.

Toyotaro replaced refusing to shake hands with Goku with bullying Magetta, so its still same.


He waved to Hitto. Godku has no reason to care about weaklings that don't even have anything but the blonde transformations.

Frieza is right about saiyans


The dream is over, isn't it Hitbros? He's not coming back, is he?

>since he first lost to Goku?
Literally never happened.


Based manga Chadren

This Jiren is already x100 times better.

Yes, a lot of times

Who even is that guy?

Name my band.

>Frieza is right
You could stop there and it would still remain true.

Link to raws?

Man, look at this dude


Why did Toei make him such a cunt

Holy fuck why is Roshi so short

That's korean, not japanese. But here

Ohohohoho nononono

I was hoping toyatoro would draw some muscles on those twink ass saiyans

toshio is the most based writer, all he does is shit on vegeta and troll vegeta fans on twitter

remember when he said vegeta would fight hit again?

>korean translation

BotaMagetta was an interesting concept in the anime, hope to see it in the manga too.

the guy who cabba one shotted along with nigrisshi

look at this dude

You're fighting some scrub from another universe when this big ass ayy lmao starts barreling towards you. What do you do?

was he born in 2010?

Nice Reddit pasta.



Goku has ridden Frizas dick time and time again. All he wants is for another sparring partner and he knows Freeza has amazing potential, it's just that he keeps trying to murder everyone all the time which is a hassle for him.

In some alternate timeline he ended up divorcing Chichi after Namek and marrying Freeza.


To the artist who drew this, thank you! I fell asleep before you posted it!



dragon ball fans are something else

Migatte no gokui

>annoying ape memes


Reminder to hate U9.

why does the trigger the shit out of waifufags?

>dat cus

Found the Jobgetafag lmao

Parrot piece of shit

Nah catwoman is hot

Is this a haiku?

Would poachers be a universal threat in universe 7

Which one of those did you write Jobetafag?

Should I read the manga or just watch the anime?

do you think Jeren will be able to pull off another "DAGA" moment?

Thank you sir

Don't worry men he's out already, it's over, Chadku wins once again


also, usually when someone goes blue, theyll have like trunks or someone else go "nani? blue?"

He is beating Goku next episode until he goes Mastered UI, then both are gonna draw in a 100% power clash, Freeza is gonna be the tipping of the balance for Goku

The stage looks a bit too small here

chad stride


Give us the link of this shit

What exactly is Videl blowing? A tree? Are those roots?

CHADroid 17 still based as fuck in the manga.

but then Jiren will go "DAGA". what then?

do you think goku can instant transmission his jizz
directly out of his dick so he can cum on 18s face without having to jack off first?

Read the fucking thread.

If you want flashy lights and transformations just because you think it looks cool, anime. If you give a shit about consistency, manga.
If you just want the canon story, manga too.

confirmed stronger than fodder


gokek 0 - 2 vegeta

A cat is never fine.

Glad to see regardless the version, Freeza is always a sassy bitch.

why are gohan tien krillin and roshi together? what kind of circle is that




Chadhan has to protect the weaklings.

sorrel > hop

>Literally praising anything Super related
I shiggy diggy

does it being called gokui have anything to do with goku or is that just a coincidence?

SS - White hair
SSG - grey hair
SSB - Blobby aura with grey hair
CSSB - That might be hard to distinguish from SSG but a character will probably make a comment



goku's transformation after white will have animated shaders in his hair

your heard it here first


Manga is better, anime has a few well animated scenes that are worthwhile.

Piccolo is there too. Basically they are all following Gohan's plan. The others left because Goku and Vegeta are battle hungry Saiyans, the Androids prefer to do things their own way and Frieza is Frieza.


These guys seemed stronger than half of all the other fighters.

Their names should be switched, how is the bunny not called Hop?

I want the universes to get wished back so she can return.


can waifufags fuck off and stop copying every other characterfag shitposting? come up with something of your own retard

CSSB is just SBB but it's perfected in the manga only

Delet it!

>+Fuck off
>+Oh shit you are doing better now... but I don't care I'm still stronger. You sucks
>+Shit he's even stronger now, this is bad... just joking, not even scratches with that flashy attack. Kiero faggot
Just fucking end me already.

cuck circle




>cuck circle
why cuck circle? literally protecting themselves to survive the initual assaults, look whats happening to the other unvierses, their weaker fighters are all getting thrown out like chumps.

>"How disgusting... I simply can't stand the fact there exist these grotesque apes in these other universes. It's unforgivable."
What did he mean by this?

I like how the cuck circle is canon.


Did you guys hear that DBZA is ending after the Cell Saga

>Mangafags created a new personality for Jiren because of a few lines
>Kiero is kept
>Fight but doens't eliminate anyone
>Eliminations at flash speed from U7
>Katopesla and the Yardratian are among them
>Six Pride Troopers job to SS1 Goku
>Frost will target not only Krillin, but also Tien and Roshi
What now?

How will this shit end? Just Goku reviving everyone? Is Toei that retarded?

Goku loves Frieza

This is fury shit

Yeah but SSG and CSSB kinda look the same in the manga, looking at it though the steam lines stay with CSSB

who cares lol

SSB Kaioken, Goku Black and Hit

By having Goku wish for Jiren's killer.

Good riddance.

I just realized Blanku vs Jiren is a fight between the weakest angel tier and the strongest GoD tier guy

>cabba casually points out the people who are stronger than her

>Frost will target not only Krillin, but also Tien and Roshi
>What now?
Roshi's mafuba will actually work and will throw his ass to the bleachers where he belongs

beerus has no fur

what is this? Ring for ants?

because they're all cucks

Goku, Freeza and 8 jobbers

you know how i knew vegeta went ssb against beerus in their rematch? because beerus said "super saiyan blue..." after veg transformed

>the same
SSG is darker, skinnier, has pupils and everytime the user gets into the form some sparkles appear, everyone can tell appart these forms

Does that stick with hair know Magetta can rekt her?

yea nope


That's interesting, but you are giving Super's script too much credit.

hilarious user, nice contribution to the discussion

yay maybe the "muh piccolo gohan real dad" shit will go away

Oh come on anons, TFS is good sometimes. You're not sad to see them go even a little?

>not because the fucking giant blue flames that surround Vegeta's body but because they said "blue" later
Come on



Nothing of value lost

seeyou are right about the pupils, never noticed that before


Toyotaro is really going to make 99% of the fighters into worthless jobbers isn't he?

Amerdumbs should kill themselve.


>anime: tupper is a blue human who can transform into an alien
>manga: tupper is an alien, no human form


Are you a literal retard

Never noticed the pupil thing

Dis disrespect. No fucks given


Fake and gay just like you


I wonder if fighters from other universes just assume humans are all naturally bald


Oh so the finale is Goku vs Jiren who would have thought.

But they are cucks, while 17, Vegeta , Goku and Freeza are chads

>jiren kicks goku's ass
>goku pulls complete instinct out of his ass and overpowers jiren
>goku wins

who could have expected this outcome?

Ten didn't job. Jobbing is losing to show how strong someone is.
If any thing Gohan and Piccolo jobbed to show how strong the sniper was before Ten defeated him.

hilarious! you're doing nice trying to fit in keep it going user!

Freezy's still in, he's gotta do something

>So far 100% of the eliminations were done by U7 in the manga
>Goku can take on 5 of the pride troopers by himself while in base form
>Katopesla out without even using his powerups
>Jimeze out without even using any Yadrat magic

This dude is going to rush the shit out of this tournament and yet manga lovers will see no flaws in it.

This is fucking horrible, holy shit.


Thanks. How bad do you think the cucks will job in the manga?

>Black guy 'dies' first

>black and white
you come on

>they took the only thing 90% of their fans watched them for, and decided to end it because they are getting too full of themselves and think they are a legit dub studio and not a shitty youtube parody channel run by a literal gay furry
>you expect me to be sad about this

oh job? hahaha 10 points user! nice!

Japan hates blacks then.

Why is his arc so mediocre when compared to old Toriyama and people like Jijii and Garou Lee?

>Manga ToP is even more of a shit U7 wank fest
>Some of the best ToP moments aren't going to happen in the manga
Toyocucks utterly shitted


memes aside el grande padre looks pretty good like that. i wish it will be the final boss someday


Toyo designs look a lot more Dragonball than anything Toei has put out desu

You have to see it from toei's angle. They have to create this fake tension to pad run time.

>This tournament puts the very existence of our universe on the line, we'll need only the mightiest warriors that you can find in all of creation
>How about those two street thugs hanging out in that alleyway?
>Eh, they'll do

Jiren already beat UI Omen. This shit is going to end in a tie, as Mastered UI just grants attack power and should be the same in terms of defense.

Not as hard as Frieza does in the anime

>That blackface
Goddamn it. It's Jynx all over again.

At least Gohan didn't job to Jimeze, so there's that. Wonder if Tien will job as bad

The manga is shit senpai stop shilling

Nice excuse for shit consistency



Who cares, he doesn't do anything.

Even worse shit than the anime

That ain't no coincidence.

6 people out in one chapter isn't fast is it?

Gohan got reaaaaaaal lucky

They literally have a faggot writing for them, fuck them.

Considering how the tournament didn't officially start until halfway through the chapter it is.

>that heavy guy grabbing Goku was in the outline

>Stealing outs from other universes to give to 7
How can Toyoshitters ever recover from this?


I'm sorry, but did Blanco already happen? Oh, that's right. The transformation hasn't even been made white yet. In fact, it's only episode 129. Does not having the fanbase who cares about your show count as winning? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the show is still running? Gohan is still the leader in the stands right now and they have been the best team in the tournament of power for how many minutes now? They're playing one of the worst arenas in the multiverse that just happens to have a lot of opposing fans because they're feeding off the lack of support of disillusioned fans. But you know what? Gohan is still fucking here. Gohan lives in one of the best fucking cities in Japan, they had 70 degree weather in December last year and would of had rain if the weather wasn't a drought. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when the Gohan gets blanco and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, el grande padre just announced they're building an arena when the U7 needed to get just one team, just like U11 does. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Gohan topics because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like the anime because it's Toei. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking teams in this tournament, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting silver instead of blanco. Fuck you. You are nothing.


>Jiren making sure there are no ASSPULLS

no one cares


So when the fuck are we going back to the old art style?

Yamamuro is a senile hack, Toriyama drawing most things nowadays does so while sipping a glass of soymilk, and Toyotaro in all honestly a mediocre artist who would be better off doing his own original manga than an official one for Dragon Ball.

>In the anime Jimeze makes use of his techniques to make up for the power difference
>In the masterpiece manga he can't even use instant transmission to dodge a body flying in his direction.

Manga ToP shows a lot of promise already. Can't wait to see SSJ Vegeta one punch Anizala.

If pic related is accurate, then TOP will last for about three whole volumes. I really don't know how he will be able to stretch this arc that long tho.

As much as I like cabba, I have to say it wasn't much of an elimination to begin with.


No it isn't we already have seen that manga ToP is going to be far worse than anime ToP.
The best moments and other universe wins are already being eliminated from the plot to jerk off u7 even harder and earlier than the anime

It's dead.

It's a huge fucking improvement towards what fucking Toei did. Literally mad SSB a casual transformation when it's supposed to be fucking powerful. Toeie fucked up with the power scaling just to fucking buy more minutes. Goku and Vegeta should fucking streamroll through this entire tournament easily, with exception to a few characters.

Frieza is going to get his wish isn't he?

The Manga is so much better. Toei fucked uo. Goku and Vegeta trained with Whis. Full Power Base-Form should be enough for every Fighter in this Tournament except Hit, Toppo and Jiren.

At least someone not from u7 got eliminations.

Okay I know this is not a popular opinion, but I can't help but feel like Dragon Ball super was a mistake.

For as much good and interesting content the series has put out, it's just bogged down by boring and simplistic writing that just feels lazy in comparison to all the amazing things the series has done as a whole.

If we consider Battle of Gods to be the start of the super story, it's amazing how downhill it's gone. How Battle of Gods raised the bar and gave us a story about Goku having to accept a power that he doesn't want in order to fight a force he can't defeat. And he doesn't win. That's so strong in comparison to everything that came before it.

But now? We have Ultra instinct and Jiren. The two things that epitomize what is wrong with the series. We have a character with no personality and is just strong for the sake of being strong. His ideals aren't even clear throughout the six episodes he has had lines. And here we have Ultra instinct, a inexplicable power that was not earned and doesn't even seem to be despised. Goku just takes it and wins until it wears off.

The tournament of power has been some of the most boring and generic anime bullshit that I have ever seen. And that's coming from a series like Dragon Ball.


it's better just to give up hope, like everyone did way before the ToP

Never, yamamuro is the art supervisor and as long as he's around the artists for the show will have to emulate his artstyle. Hopefully we get takahashi again for the final episode.

I hate how short the different arcs are in super. Back in dbz, there was a lot of build up with fighting different villains before taking on the big bad evil guy, like fighting the androids and the different iterations of cell in the cell arc. For comparison in super, the zamasu arc is just them fighting goku black + zamasu, then fighting merged zamasu.

Not even one single episode looks like that. None. Zero.


so you hate them because they want to get paid at least a little for all that free work they do

next series, right?


SS would've been better.
I hate how the anime just decided to whore through forms and not just stick to one until the real challengers step up.

To be honest Future Trunks arc story felt more like a movie that an arc.


Yes. No saving universes.

You are stupid and your post is stupid. I'm going to enjoy watching mangafags get rekt every week from now on as thr manga proves it self just as shit if not more than the anime


If El Grande Padre be for us, who can be against us?


the El Grande Padre of the Demon World


I am actully really excited to see how the manga will improve upon this arc. Toyo has done a good job so far, and since Jiren seems like more of a person for him, that will certainly be more interesting.

I wonder if Vegeta will still get a good showing and beat Toppo.

>asspulls UI yet again
>jobs immediately
How will gokeks ever recover ?

You mean Goku, toeishill, Trunks powers are just the same that Kibito uses

I wonder if the U7 team elimination will be the same or actually different. I bet it will be the same.

El Gran Padre likes to be above the Omni Kings

>The kais, Beerus and Whis are discussing something on the benches
>Suddenly Tien shows up next to them
>"What? You're out already whatisyourface!" says Beerus
>"Yes, my opponent was formidable, I did my best but couldn't defeat him, we should warn Goku about that man"
>He then points at Murichim, who just then attacks Android 17 while feeling confident, only to be casually one shooted out of the ring
>Beerus and everyone else make a pitiful expression while Tien considers suicide.

Streamers, Let's Players and Abridgers do not 'do work', they simply consume content that was created from the ground up by other people and then hold out their hand for tips.
I'm glad the new, harsher landscape of copyright laws are choking these people out of business like the weeds they are.


I really hope he doesn't stretch it like that.


>ywn become best friends with Frieza and win a tournament together

we'll see about that...

How the fuck did Goku do that? UI doesnt even try to explain it at all.

Wrong. Goku is just giving Roshis energy same as what Kibito did. Anyway Trunks isnt a Kai so that would still make no sense.


I've never seen a man cry from his third eye, but I would love to see how.

He gave Roshis his energy. It's not a new thing in the series.

why does Future Trunks kill enemies like Freeza, cell and dabura in an instant while Gohan doesn't? Why is Trunks the better half saiyan ?


The Super saiyan God form can heal himself.
The Super Saiyan Blue form can heal others.

At least that makes sense to me I guess.


Can't believe this is a thing.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, BoG was a great start and even RoF was passable even though it was in severe need of touching up. It's understandable that they wanted to launch a new series but I feel like seven tightly produced movies could have served as a better and more climatic 'final celebration' of Dragon Ball.

he's training

Toyo is so fucking retarded.

Trunks has great parents and is a genius from Bulmas genes while Gohan is a backwoods red neck shitter with terrible parents.

Kibito isn't a Kai either, retard

Yeah Super S. is ok. But They used fucking SS Blue for every Fighter. As i said Base form or normal SS is more than enough for every Fighter except Hit, Toppo abd Jiren. But Toei fucked up. Every Time they go SS Blue. Lets be realistic with SS Blue one fucking supressed Punch whould have fuckind killed 90% of the Fighters.

>Freiza and 17 immediately move to remove the black humanoids from the arena

Why not just write a story with good fucking pacing


Does he have the 'tism?

Leave, manga Jiren is pure

>Vegeta gets unceremoniously cucked
>all those people who were hoping that he would get Ultra Instinct as well, or theorizing that he had already developed it
>We now have two of the most boring and over-powered one-dimensional characters facing each other off in the finale

this fucking anime, how predictable can it get

Official kai can't even heal anyone, only attendants.

>trying this hard
Goku isn't giving energy, if Roshi was just out of ki he would have sense it, he's literally using the never explained healing powers that god forms had in the Super anime because Toei is fucking retarded.

>only Kaios can use the healing power a-and Kibito's powers aren't even healing, he just gives energy!
Nice headcanon toeishit but Toriyama and Toyotaro says you are full of shit. Stay mad

Trunks doesn't like fucking around.

That's just him giving cpr and a bit of ki, something he could do since the freeza saga.

Yes he is you stupid idiot. If he wasn't his Potara fusion would have worn off in 1 hour. He is some kind of Kai.

Yeah, it's really really dumb.

I'm not a fan of Toyotaro's manga and follow the anime because it's the material primarily being promoted. But I can respect Toyo's effort to salvage that trash start the tournament had in the anime.

You think they end super now considering how successfull it is ??

ok I'm at work rn what the FUCK happened this time, Cred Forums?

Because he eliminated the guy that Gohan jobbed to. He didn't even get to eliminate anyone.
Kibito is not a kai, end of discussion.

Read the filename. He tried with CPR (blasting Roshi's chest) and failed, then he used O MY HEALING POWERS

>g-giving ki!
See No fucking sense at all, but nice headcanon.

He looks dead inside

Nice argument, way to prove you have nothing intellectual to say

Yes. Because the show is indeed ending.

kibito is probably a kai
But old kai fused with the human witch so only one person in the fusion has to be a kai for it to last forever, unless the witch was a kai

Frieza has the deepest personality of the three on the arena, that should tell you something.

>this doesn't happen in the Manga

Manga a shit

He's an attendant you autistic fuck, SHIN is the Kaioshin. You forgot even the old man got fused permanently because HE was a Kaioshin even if the witch wasn't?

lots of things, as always, but for me: I hate Goku and I hate Jiren. Any sort of interesting characters with internal struggles or personal development were just thrown right down the toilet so that the two Mary Sues can suck each other off in the finale.

>Toyoletshits seething and making shit up
Roshis was dying from expending too much power so Goku gave him enough to live and he promptly eliminated himself. Its very simple. Vegeta on the other hand was dying from severe injuries and became fully healed enough to fight again.

MILF #18 when?

Toiletaro can go get fucked.

reminder that the manga is not canon until we get his backstory

What is the problem here?

you're right, jimeze was based, what a shame

Tfw we will never have a arc focused in the demon realm, with piccolo being the mvp


After she leaves Cuckrillin once and for all.

When my dick is defeated after fapping to vados all day.

About Frieza.... he hasn't been officially eliminated, right?

Like he's not sitting in the stands with the rest of the universe, and afaik he didn't blow himself up like Android-kun did unless there was one scene where I was passed out or something.

So he's just hiding on a floating piece of rock and he's going to win the tournament.

>Roshi was out of energy
>but Goku didn't notice so he blasted his fucking chest for a minute until realize Roshi was just tired, then he gave Roshi some energy
I know you already realize that's fucking stupid so why keep trying?

What's his name again?

Is Toyotaro really a good artist? or can he only just imitate Toriyama?

Mangafans making a big deal out of nothing.

While I have no issues with it the manga, I just find it retarded when they decide to jab at shit that isn't a plothole, asspull, or inconsistency.

>No sadistic Frieza tormenting Jimenze
>No Katoplesia fights
>No Tenahinhan saves universe 7 from the sniper team
>What few eliminations other universes took in anime already being given to u7
This manga tournament has quickly become absolute garbage

>Toeipablos are this retarded

>b-based Toyo didn't expose my shitty husbando
Fuck off Pablo.

the great sayanig

>still forcing this excuse
See or or and stop wasting our time, toeilard

>or can he only just trace Toriyama?
Fixed that for you, and the answer is "yep"

toyo is based.

Nice headcanon toyopedro.
If he was healed he would have no wounds, all Goku did was revive him with cpr and ki.

He's knocked out somewhere. Again. Because he's literally only there to let U7 win by having more fighters left. That's why he's gotten shit on harder than arguably anyone else.

>Is Toyotaro really a good artist? or can he only just imitate Toriyama?
Toyotaro has answered this kind of question before. He's basically spent all his time trying to "make" his artstyle Toriyama's, and therefore doesn't have his own style.

>>No Tenahinhan saves universe 7 from the sniper team
>No Tienshitcuck jobbing episode


He's face down somewhere gently sobbing at being so thoroughly and completely manhandled again by every opponent he's tried to fight in the last 5 minutes.

any suspense whatsoever, not the Dragon Ball had much of it in the first place since we all know Goku will always a*spull a victory.

The writers aren't creative or brave enough to do anything else.

Shut the FUCK up

>mad his toeifiller scene didn't make it to the canon version

Because he didn't want to give a bunch of energy away early in the tournament. But then he realized Roshis would die otherwise.

He's yet to draw anything that isn't trying to imitate Toriyama's art style yet, which just comes out mediocre.

Though, this Launch seems to kinda have its own look, so I'd believe he'd be a much better artist if he was doing his own thing.

wait, so how bad does Vegeta job this time?
I swear to christ if this is the same "subverting the subversion" shennanigans Rian Johnson used in TLJ where nothing happens im not gonna watch super again

>Is Toyotaro really a good artist?

No, he is quite literally a copycat. And he can't do a decent fight chorography even if his life depended on it. I actually intriguing as to how he will be able to convey Goku UI movement.

The manga is canon it is fan art senpai

What? Goku often loses his fights.

Jobhan is a real person

Everything under the first two panels is pretty lame

>monthly manga leaks are shown
>Toyopedros and toeishills start flinging shit at each other again
Never change

You know why /ourguy/ get rid of Jimize that fast and didnt even bother to show a front shot of him? Because he's based on non canon anime shit

>small tits

>Ten haters dont want him to have his usual saves the universe moment in the manga
As if you needed any more proof Toilet niggers are the worst.

What's this attack called?

To be honest the whole "manga vs anime" discussion used to be a lot worse.

We were the /dragon balls/ after all

Real yadrats look like this

His other form was in the manga too.
Tien is wrong but not Krillin.


It's pretty bad. He gets the total shit beat out of him for about 10 minutes, doesn't get a single hit in besides an impotent final flash, then gives his energy to Goku while fucking off to the stands

the ones already eliminated are red, green, pink and in costume.

Toyo can't into female bodies


Smugpup: The Return
Or wantandan

The "Rider Shill"
The collateral is that it gets the anime cancelled so it is a very powerful attack that should be used in moderation

I guess he isn't canon since Toyopedro created him.

Cool idea, shit art.

He gets a month for this?

This. Manga Jimeze can effectively be treated as a non-yardrat or a reference to anime filler.

Motherfucker I know where that's from.

>Mangafags continue to fluff their stuff despite all future props from games to movies and OVAs being in the public eye
b-but it's canon!, right, that's why everybody believes Trunks already had super saiyan before the androids killed gohan or that Jiren isn't an asshole or that Zamasu was weak shit,right?

Nice headcanon Paquito

And he had no actual wounds, Alejandro, just scratches and dust

Zeno confirmed to be Jimeze's brother



wow thats fucking terrible. I was really hoping for a Gogeta fusion or something christ almighty

Jiren is an asshole in the manga too.

>Apparently I hate Tien because I didn't like that shit episode where he throws himself out 4 times (clones too) like a retard


There's nothing wrong on making on adopting another artist's style as your own

>Toyo remembers Lunch
Is it happening?

>Promotional material that has secondary marketing priority

Okay sure.
But if you want, we can say the manga is canon to the DB manga and the anime is canon to the DBZ anime.

Its because the manga betas constantly shilled that the ToP wouldn't be like the anime but it is already worse and they are in full damage control trying to pretend its not true

I'm never showing off my party trick again you hack!

>Jimeze's brother
One job Jose

im gonna go use the bathroom.
taking my phone with me because reasons...

It only proves Frieza was right about saiyens. Vegeta is literally the only exception.

>the anime is dogshit but at least it gets more attention. T-take that toyocucks!

DBO isn't canon dude.

>I don't hat tein
>Calls him Tenshitcuck

I'm not fishing for (Yous)s dumbass, I just don't like his mostly trash art most of the time.

This shot looks great though, shading on Black in the middle panel cool and all.

Toei already did that, it's called janemba. Toyopedro ripped that. And the art looks like shit.

hey whatever calms your mind, you can believe that.

"The Shit Taste"
Smugpup starts talking about how awesome kamen rider is and the opponent self-destructs to stop smugpup's shit taste

Why is Toyo jobbing all of them? Does he really need to play catch up anymore? The show is literally going to end in 3 episodes. Stop throwing out everybody in ONE FUCKING PANEL. I thought Toyo was going to fix this. Not make it horrible in a different way.

Where is 3?

Yeah, mangatards are retarded. He doens't even have a reason to hate Goku in the manga.

Doubt it but it would definitely be nice

Nope, it's Goku time from here on out, except for when Freeza jumps in for like the fourth time

Is it really going to come down to a time out while Jiren and Goku are still clashing with their strongest attacks?

Everyone hates U7, tf are you on about?


It's more canon than Shitper, that's for sure.

looks like Lunch is Working Hard to prepare that breakfast haha

>skipping filler shit with fodder characters

He's fixing it

Goku love frieza confirmed

But liking Rider is good taste compared to liking Super regardless of smugpup meme


Frieza of all people is still in??? THE FUCK????
WHO DID THIS Cred Forums???

Toeicucks are just making shit up now, it's embarrassing.
How is manga Jiren an asshole ?

hello cuckpup

Not in the manga. Goku isn't seen as the destroyer of worlds in it and his relationship with Toppo is good.

c-care to share?

That seems the most likely scenario. We know Frieza isn't gonna contribute to the fight at this point, so the only other option is that he pops up just so Jiren can finally eliminate him and either Goku just knocks Jiren out or 17 reveals he didn't die and helps defeat Jiren as a twist.

Frieza will win, it doesnt make sense but it will happen.

Not everyone who likes Build is cuckpup. Pretty sure anyone who watches Kamen Rider now agrees it's loads better than super

Reverse image search , it's porn.

Hey guys hahaha what if hehehe Goku acted like a monkey hohoho and flinged poop in Jirens eyes and eliminated him??? hyuckhyuckhyuck

Daily reminder that Frieza is out next episode, giving his life for goku.
Namco Bandai spoiled it.
Lizardcucks get nothing again



Skipping good content isn't fixing it. The manga is becoming more and more basic at this point. Toyo can literally show them have a good fight. Maybe even using strategy. But fucking no. All I got is 1 page take down. 2 at most. FUCK TOYO.

And you too friend

wakey wakey, Superfags.





Based taco

goku and vegeta are literally god tier
18 and 17 are literally the most perfect humans possible
theres no way they should have any trouble with these literally who's

I'm aware that it's a doujin, but that Launch looks better than Toyo's

Mostly cause it's in Tori's OG style.

only my napkins are canon you fucks

That would be classic Super

Hard na Oshigoto! | It's hard work!
Found in three seconds

*gets shit ratings and cancelled too*

>Toyocucks on damage control
That's not what you said when everyone jobbed in the anime

that looks Ge Ge Gay the fuck? I ain't no gay nigga

Haha hilarious dude

What's this ?


>ad populum
The city of toeikeks

>Say hello to cuckpup

You're rude, cuckpup. You forgot your trip.

Does toriyama masturbate onto those napkins too

These literal who are the best in their universe. Toyo is making the series seem smaller than it needs to be.

Well they technically haven't mentioned him, but it's pretty clear because everyone keeps conveniently forgetting he exists


>superspic wishful thinking

dude looks like he's barely 18, how old is toyo again?

Gegege no flop
Will get cancelled for another 10 years, don't worry

They said it was the tournament of fodder and they bitched that U7 was eliminating everyone.

Was that tweet legit? I thought someone poorly put that tweet together to make it look real.

the battle royal is stupid in the first place, if it was a 1v1 i would agree but theres way too many characters to keep it interesting.

Goku hasn't lost a fight since like the original Dragon Ball saga when he was nearly murdered by Tao Pai Pai, and he also hasn't seriously trained since the Buu Saga.

Since then he's just been coasting on his Mary Sue status, receiving all sorts of new cool powers and Saiyan forms because he's the chosen one.

Whatever napkin he scribbled on when designing her, yes

>He's basically spent all his time trying to "make" his artstyle Toriyama's, and therefore doesn't have his own style.
That's depressing as fuck.

t. newfag retard

30, I guess?

thats fucking depressing.
Vegeta didnt deserve this

>implying I give a fuck about super being cancelled

Almost 40.

He's in his thirties

Does Toriyama fap to his own drawings? Does he fap to Dragon Ball rule 34?

I approve

I still got spoonfed :^)

*moves to your timeslot*

I love all those youtube videos from a couple of months ago when everyone was like THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY VEGETA HAS ALREADY UNLOCKED THE OTHER SIDE OF ULTRA INSTINCT and then Vegeta just flops off the side of the stage 2 or three times.

Yeah and that they would be stronger in the manga. And what do we see? It just started and U7 eliminated people in a flash. And two of them were Katopesla and Jimeze. I don't dislike the manga but Toyo dick suckers also make shit up then change their tune.

so he wrote those autistic dragon ball AF ssj5 spic fanfics when he was a grown-ass man? jesus...

Everyone forgetting about him is exactly why U7 will win.

isn't he in his 20s?

>Born: 17 May 1978

We all do it all the time here, what's the difference?

Goku ended up getting a similar beating later in the episode but asspulled UI at the last second

Being better than super isn't hard so that's like saying water is wet

That wont make Super come back user-san.

At least is not getting cancelled for good unlike DBS.

>implying that anyone posting in /dbs/ is over 20
most ppl here are 12 year olds judging by the quality of these threads

no u

>Manga still exists
>Movie in december

We'll survive, gegege no flopfag

No, see:

I swear UI is the dumbest shit

>he accidentally gets it after eating his own spirit bomb against Jiren
>he accidentally gets it again after getting spanked by Kefla
>he finally gets it accidentally gets it again a third time after getting tickled by Jiren

It doesn't get any more "chosen one" than that


And judging by the quality of your post you're a massive faggot.

user was right.

>Cancelled for good

You fool, you have fallen into my trap.

I hope Krillin will rape your pup in the manga as well. You fucking furry.

yeah sorry i was misinformed

That's kind of the whole point of my post dingus.

He thinks we don't know he's cuckpup


>old man porn
UUUGGHHHH gross! die!

Mmm midget X smugpup nonconsensual boning thanks for giving me ideas

>Goku hasn't lost a fight since like the original Dragon Ball saga when he was nearly murdered by Tao Pai Pai
Kekarots actually believe this.

>even in the games he's a fucking jobber
Poor vegeta can't catch a break.

>quotes DB when the previous post said DBS

Yeah. He was in his late 20's when he made the AF manga.


by just going blanco lmao

Because Super won't come back. The new one will be Dragon Ball Ultra.

Toyo looks pretty good for his age.

You mean to tell me Kekfla was too retarded to do this?

why is he such a bully?

I was only sort of exaggerating for comedic effect. He lost against Goku Black and whatever even though those losses were meaningless and he was back up on his feet after a second. He hasn't had a real loss in forever.

The reality is that Goku as the "the naturally weak can overcome the naturally strong and gifted through hard work alone" character has been done with for years and years now. Goku became what he used to have fight against, the naturally strong.

asians don't age till they turn 50

Kill yourself.

Literally doing GoD's work.

>why is he such a massive failure?

>good content
>fights featuring those who have previously jobbed in the anime
ummmm...no, sweetie


>Naturally weak
Goku was born with a low PL that's all. He is a fucking genius in combat. The total opposite of Gohan who is born with a high PL and fights like a faggot.

i always thought fused z looked too much like goku in the manga. this looks almost exactly like goku. i knows hes half goku, but he looks like 95% goku in this

>jobbed to a furry twice
I agree he's quite pathetic.

>Freeza eliminates most of the u7 saiyan scum, also personally trashes one from u6 in the tournament itself
>Gohan responsible for the finishing blow and resulting erasure of every one of them in u6
No wonder they are best friends now, with team up battles and all.

Krillin's dick in both Majora and smugpups OC whilst yelling destructo DICK unf

>not wanting a furry to kick your ass and step on your dick

Get out you fucking degenerate.


>Not wanting to break the furry and using his virgin asshole as the comfiest and tightest dick warmer whilst he's down and out


Dyspofag, I liked you. Don't fraternize with that faggot.

I said you need get the fuck out.

I ain't the dyspofag you're thinking of
I'm another one
freeza is a space scalie


Muh sides

I don't care you furries need to leave this board you're not wanted here.

Then you can kill yourself with fagpup.

Majora > Smugpup any day of the week


for real tho i wont shit up your thread
I'll stop

Aw yis this was posted the other day but I'd totally plough his ass