Grand Blue

>Chapter 42 came out eleven days ago
>Still no translation
What did we do to deserve this?

we need scanlator Cred Forumsnon to save us again

Am I the only one done with this series? It stopped being enjoyable a while ago.

FA just released chapter 39 right now.

The translations are so different it makes the first translations here look like a troll.

Yeah, that translation was absolute trash, and the random untranslated hentai in the middle of it was the icing in the cake

I still find it very funny.

Which translations? Subby-D translations are just jokes, but that other group was doing a good job.

>makes the first translations here look like a troll.
you mean that subbyd shit? it was troll translation

it's still good, maybe you just lost interest because translations take so much time

>What did we do to deserve this?
We relied to much on one manga site. We had batoto for years, and before that mangahelpers. We should really learn that relying on a site like batoto maintained by one person who grew tired was really stupid.

It's actually a side chapter, not chapter 42. Also anime official announcement next month

In any case, it's this month's chapter, right?


>We relied to much on one manga site
Wrong. It got licensed and group decided to drop it, that all. But I agree we need redundancy.

the manga got licenced
that's the problem

It really will be an anime announcement?

I want to be balls deep in Busujima!

>SPECIAL announcement
>Color pages + cover of the magazine
>that leak about GB getting an anime a month ago
All the signs are there maybe later i'm wrong but it really doesn't seem like it

She really needs some deep balls into her
Would be really nice. I wonder what studio will do it

Grandblue has to many alcohol and ass jokes to be anime.

Why not? there must be several animes that have an alcoholic MC in them.

Oh, crap, I didn't knew
What Cakey is doing here is actually cute, she's considering wearing the maid costume

Best girl

They already passed the alcohol flag in the manga, and it was with a great gag. If there's an anime coming I sure do hope they'll make it justice.

Who are the girls in the pic?
I guess they are little sisters

Probably. There's a reason of why they have their face censored
or they actually are old as fuck, like in the maid cafe they're visiting

I thought they're faces were censored cause copyright etc.

Maybe. I'm seeing some elf and cat ears, but I'm not good at all with characters from other manga/anime

for compensated dating the girls put up pictures with bars on them so clients can tell they're not ugly while also not allowing people to easily recognize them

I miss her

You're gonna see her next chapter don't worry

If GB got an anime, what studio would be good?
My vote goes to Sunrise

Hopefully next chapter is going to be awesome

You'll get JC Staff and you'll enjoy it

It's going to be SL due to the author being pretty much a permanent employee there.

Not a bad choice I guess.

>no translation
we know suffering

Hopefully FA will finally get off their lazy asses and catch up quickly. I need Grand Blue in my life again.

Well they finally released chapter 39 so the rest of the chapters may come up soon


>he really believes this

S-shut up, at least let me believe

Come on user I know you're smarter than that


You leave me no other choice user, you've gone too far

So how are we liking FA translation?

I like it. Scans are much better than croxx-over version, also they translated small things like pic in which is always nice thing to see.