Hiro you absolute madman

Hiro you absolute madman.

Anyone else enjoying this deconstruction of Eva?

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Eva as evangelion?
A deconstruction of that would not be your generic 80's mecha series?

Is this the famous 14th layer of bait?

It was okay until the blue crap just subsided with the power of love or some shit.

Its still there, but now he can control to enhance his strength
Its like that one video game

the blue crap was bullshit to begin with

Hell yes. I feel like 12 again.

>Watch Greatest Love Story Ever Told
>But why is he using the Power of Love though?

This, he accepted it into his body. When he came back to life his eyes were red like 02's eyes in bakemono mode.

Why do you idiots keep using that word?

>you see this

tell me you wouldn't come back to life ASAP???

Don't call it an Eva deconstruction

It's a fun show with some fucked up shit waiting in the near future, nothing more

just a newfag using buzzwords lmao

EVA did it better

yes, that was very cheap and cliché

I guess shinji deus ex machina'ing his way through every fight is okay though

>tumblr gif
Fuck off.

More like "constructed from shamelessly ripped off elements to save on budget" lol

>Blue cancer spreads from his chest over his entire body over the first half of his fight
>No one complains
>Blue cancer goes away even faster

more like a retarded ripoff

Hiro is /myguy/.

>implying it's gone

>absolutely nothing unique so far, just tons of traits from different mechas, but drawing the most from gurren lagann and eva

At least the fights are fun to watch.


>I-if you don't like my show, please go away

Half of those post indicate that they do like the show.

>>absolutely nothing unique so far, just tons of traits from different mechas,
You mean like how Eva was just the first half of Gundam with some Ideon elements?

It's the easiest bait to use. Couple that with Eva and you're guaranteed a successful thread.

I dislike the mech designs and cgi battles but love everything else

It is good and developing into its own thing so I enjoy it, no need for Eva.


>shounenshitters praise the most generic and bland shounen show this season
like pottery

>Shinji get in the robot

>Hiro get in the robot
>Fuk yeah

>let me say some condescending bullshit and people will somehow believe me
like pottery

Enjoying it, hell yes. I don't know about Eva deconstruction though.

>drive by shitpost

It's the power of love lol don't question it lol

I don't give a flying shit about what you think about the show but what is this recent increase in using this shit? Are you retarded? Do you need help? Want a fucking slap?


>why do you pilot the franxx?
>jobber captain not moving in the same way

They use the same damn lines, it couldn't be more eva even if they tried

can we change/word filter this word into something like desu senpai senpai

I wanna deconstruct Hiro's boypussy if you know what I mean


She's going to be walking like John Wayne for the whole week thanks to all that Hirocock...

Anyone else felt like this episode was quite Q U A L I T Y?
I mean, the Hiro and 002 moment was endearing but the fighting scene aka 90% of the episode was pretty bad.

not a deconstruction or a reconstruction

darling in the franxx, is neither. It's just generic. Break down what actually happens and it's just generic. I can't think of anything that's more mass appeal and non offensive.

Generic? No.
It has some unique elements. They're all just hamfisted and/or really bad.

Thanks, for your opinion.

full OP song where

on youtube


Are you angry? Do you need your chill pills? Are you upset that A-1 you trusted resorted to power of love asspulls and SAO tier writing?

>primal mode
has no right being this arousing desu.

>Some parts of this series make no sense and are bullshit
Completely unrelated to one another

Eva did it and explained it later. Hopefully Franxx does too.

>They haven't figured it out

>Maybe I can be your darling too, Hiro


Ichigo will get cucked out of the family thing as well.

At least they've set up some sort of explanation, although I've no idea what a yellow blood cell is...


>people expect writing to not be fucking retarded when the one in charge of it has only fully directed Idolmaster

it is hiro brother they are clones, he is 01 and hiro is 010.

Who cares. ED WHEN
Seriously though, the ED is miles ahead of the OP

What the fuck is with this show and shitposting. It’s 6 eps in and the MC already grew from having “I can’t do it”, to “I’ll try doing it even it kills me” to “I’ll do it for her”, if anything now is the heroine’s turn to grow and that shit is exciting, since she’s grown a little bit but still motivated by “Gotta kill klaxons” and “Darling is *mine*”

I like Kiss of Death quite a lot too.

I'm actually really pleased with Hiro, I can't believe people said he was Shinji 2.0

You can dislike it but the reason it's popular is precisely because it ISN'T generic. If Oni went tsundere and beat up Hiro every time he saw her naked or made contact, Hiro had a dumb transformation scene when fighting, and Ichigo and the other girls joined a harem it would be generic.

Sexually aggressive dinosaur girl with an amoral desire to slaughter aliens and fuck like an animal is not generic.

>It's not the most generic anime trope
>It's just the mecha tropes

I like how they bring up the shittiest 00's tropes just to call their shitshow not generic

When she got all animalistic inside of Strelizia I got super turned on, like legit never felt that way before watching a fucking animated T.V. Show. I think this awakened something in me.

This show is so blatantly like Evangelion it's not even funny anymore.

Anno, take your time releasing Evangelion: 3.0+1.0. We got this watered down version to get us by until then.

Anyone got any ideas why Hiro is 'famous' amongst the kids?

>>Some parts of this series make no sense and are bullshit
You don't even know that. It's been 6 episodes and neither do you know shit all about the blue cancer (apart from that it hurt) nor do you know what happened to it.
You can come back and bitch about that when it actually is never brought up again.

Yeah, that's the most retarded thing about it. No one cared when the blue cancer showed up with no explanation at all, everyone was fine with waiting for an explanation what it is.
Then it recedes and people lose their shit rather than doing the same and just waiting for the show to explain why that happened.

>Sexually aggressive dinosaur girl

I get a feeling that the plant 26 kids are too “personal” or have too much “personality” and the center of that weirdness is him, since calling each other by code is the norm, not to mention they also have distinct Franxx on top of having double digits there. They also seem clueless that they’re disposable and replaceable, jugding by plant 13’s kids reaction when asked about becoming adults. Either way, it’s more future plot development that I’m surr will definitely tie in with Oni’s angst

What did the theory autists say about the very last line (the iota thing)?

You can even see it growing across his face real time in this scene. It clearly responds very quickly to something or other, so far that seems to be related to Hiro's feelings and thoughts, which isn't so far fetched since those are crucial to piloting itself.

>Iota stands for ten. 9-Iota is 9I0 which is 0I6 turned upside down.

My speculation is that it's Hiro's new name/rank as 02's official stamen in the Nines. Next arc is about APE wanting to get their new superstamen to the front so Strelizia can deliver klaxosaur beatings. Hiro does not want to leave his friends but 02 doesn't care as long as she has him, raising potential for conflict and potential for her development in becoming more considerate of others.

02 and Hiro leaving would also likely stimulate the rest of the group to shape up a bit since they don't have Strelizia to save their asses every time

02's boyfriend?

Yup, for sure, but I'm not sure if they want to separate the cast from a storytelling perspective. If they're all together they can be developed together, rather than having 2 narrative threads. That hypothetical arc may end with 02 being permanently made a P13 Pistil instead, due to Dr. FranXX perhaps? I can see them splitting the cast too though, it would likely be a stupid move in a 1-cour show but in this case they have plenty of episodes left so we could get a few of 02 + Hiro front line action with the rest of the cast kicking it into high gear so they're no longer so green.

It's because a lot of people only watch this show for the threads.
>blue aids showing up with no explanation
>great, now you can make dumb speculations about it for a week
>blue aids disappearing with no explanation
>shit, now you lost your speculation toy
You won't see any of them getting mad about stuff popping up with no explanation, only about stuff being resolved in a way they did not like because it went against their headcanon.

I think Zero Two has her own agenda. We know she talks about escape for one.

he appeared for like 3 seconds and I already want to destroy his boipucci

This squad is likely to get introduced this episode or the next, and they definitely don't look like the friendliest bunch, so it would make more sense at that point if they were separated. I imagine that they're going to get up to something that Hiro and/or 002 find distasteful, like eliminating parasites that run away, or at least keeping the status quo in such a way that 002 and Hiro will be put up against them eventually. I think it's going to be mostly 13th squad development for the next few episodes before moving onto the wider conflicts of the series.

There's no proof it's gone, retard

Oh yeah, she does for sure. The good ol' doc seems to know something about it and thinks Hiro might be the one to do it. She also says she wants to kill klaxosaurs and she clearly wanted the true partner she now has, but I doubt that's all there is to it.

You might be right, I could see that happening. Maybe a bit of cooldown after the battle, then they get separated. Considering how all the Nines besides those masked/muzzled girls look like conceited assholes I would also expect them to not work too well with Hiro and 02 doesn't work well with anyone anyway.


I feel it's kinda soon to introduce them, they're supposed to be busy doing important stuff on the frontlines.


But they're already there and waiting, probably to come pick 002 up.

>clearly wanted the true partner she now has
I predict her and Hiro not exactly sharing views on what to do. Hiro said that before, and in this episode again repeated that he is dedicated to his place as a soldier who protects his people. I doubt he'll absolutely agree(no proper piloting without that, remember) to help 02 flee unless she exposes to him some bad shit that'll change world he knows completely.

Why would they pick her up? She just said she was staying with them last episode. APE probly wants to see how she does with Hiro before they ship them out to the frontlines. If they were there for anything it was the Gutenberg class and maybe putting her down if she went berserk.

>Nine Iota
>In Greek numerals Iota has the value of 10
>reverse and backwards
>Hiro's original is this guy

Plus Hiro was apparently a cut above even the double digits. That ought to make him known.

I doubt it, the Nines guy that was talking is credited as 9 alpha in the credits, so it's more likely that they're using the letters based on the order they are in the greek alphabet. This could imply that 02 is the weakest among the nines, or maybe her not having an elite stamen drags her down.


>Hiro said that before, and in this episode again repeated that he is dedicated to his place as a soldier who protects his people
I'm pretty sure they had Hiro say this only so that later he could tell Zero two he found another reason to pilot: being her wings.

Directors are not writers annon, that said, i dont really understand why people is talkig abouyt this show as the secoond coming of crist, is fun yeah but its completly generic and bland

If i saw a ass jiggle like that in front of me i would stare too

What happened to this show?

It was 2 weeks ago eveerybody thought this was shit, and the designated shitposting general
Did mc finally man up or something?

Love won, that's what happened.

I could be your angle

or yuor devil


3 episodes back to back of every single shitposter that isn't floweranon getting BTFO.

> When they did the Evangelion wing thing

>people interpreting Nine Iota as 910, while iota could simple mean "decimal" or in order words "two digit"

You know people who only have two digit numbers are considered elite?


Episodes 1-3 were kinda boring but watchable.

Protag manned up, disobeyed orders and got in the robot in episode 4 which was great.

Episode 5 everyone freaking out about what was to come next.

Episode 6 had the big battle, protag broke the curse of dying on the third time, realized that he wants to protecc 02 more then just being a pilot and then POWER OF LOVE just kicked in yo

All according to Abe's keikaku

I'm enjoying this wild ride

I show about a heterosexual couple defeating the bad guys with the power of love is so passe

>>expecting most anime not to be about something like power of love

Yeah, and it sure does make homosexuals impotently angry.

Sorry, user. Degeneracy isn't going to save the world here.

>tfw trigger knew they couldn't live up to eva so they just went full sellout ecchi mode instead so people would still watch while stomaching their shitty writing

It is simply too deep for you

Sad but true, I would have dropped this shitter if my willy didn't tingle every time 02 shows her butte.

>ywn tame a rampaging oni girl


Is this true bros? Are 002 waifufags truly betas?

So how soon before the episodes devolve to a series of stills and photograph montages to save on budget?

What did he mean by this?

If you're not from Japan just say demon, you fucking cuck.

I think Darling in the FranXX is my most hated fucking anime in the fucking world.

You've got 02, the worst fucking character in anime. What a fucking bitch. I knew she was a tosser the moment she appeared in front of Hiro, but no OH HURR DURR YOU ARE MY DARLING. And then Hiro said to everyone he wants to ride with her, and everyone was still like OH HURR DURR NO YOU CANT. Only when 02 made her intentions known at the end of episode 5 did everyone even vaguely start to come around, and even then, they were still all "I'm okay with you riding with 02." Well fuck all of you you morons. she's a sadistic bitch who ruined your lives.

Then fucking Hiro. People praising him because he had the balls to get into the robot. WELL HERE'S SOME NEWS FOR YOU FAGGOTS, GETTING INSIDE THE ROBOT DOESNT MAKE YOU ALPHA, HE DOES NOTHING EVEN VAGUELY GOOD, AND NOW HE'S RIDING HIS SHITTY FEELINGS OVER A DINOSAUR. I pity any Cred Forumsnon that likes that slapheaded piece of shit.

Then what else do you have? Ichigo? Goro? Zorome? Mitsuru? Characters that are vaguely interesting for about five seconds and people actually think they're deep? Well fuck me sideways.

Fuck you Darling in the FranXX. You rode your way through the most mediocre season of anime ever, had some of the most cliche story in the modern history of anime, and still its a piece of shit. it is nothing, and I give it a very short amount of time before it fade back into being thought of as being as dreadful as Hidan no Aria, it's rightful place.

Go to hell 02.

Betas like meek women who make them feel like real men. So no.

Darling in the Franxx? More like Franxxckly i'm not interested.

Where can I find all the 4koma translated?


>Likes him because he didn't think twice about helping her.
>Everything they've done together has been his decision.
>Thinks fighting for the weak is lame.
>Will run away if she can.
>Lets another guy take her if he doesn't put a fight.
>Doesn't care about her own life or his.
>Acts like a naive little girl when she's alone with him, thinking he's capable of anything.
You can stop now.

>t. Ichigo

>Fighting a giant blue polygon monster
>MC's discuss why they fight
>Save the base from being destroyed
>Finally established a mutual relationship between the two main characters
Show seems pretty bog standard to me, not sure what you guys are getting so hyped about. Probably gonna be dropping this show if it doesn't pick up in the next episode.


You only complain about the power of love because you never experienced it yourself

epic headcanon

hi leddit what brings you around these parts?

What did they mean by this?

Who fucking cares?

Everyone around you, faggot. They just dont say anything because they dont wanna hurt your wittle feelings

>will literally kill you if you can't keep up with her
>has to basically be led by the hand because her capacity for social interaction is even less than the most pathetic user
Honestly, 02 would be so high maintenance dealing with her would drive a fair number of anons into suicide. Not that that's anything new mind you.

Is this pasta

Strawberry a cute!

Never as Fukushima P who has one of the best connections in the industry isn't going to allow that.

Why ass controls?

I seriously don't fucking care about what words I use, go to reddit you fucking butthurt faggot

Because Trigger doesn't make money if no one watches their shitty writing.


the headcanon would be you thinking its wrong.

Not butthurt, just cringe. Everyone thinks your a retard.

>The show is headcanon.
I mean, I guess it doesn't exist empirically, yeah, bbbut...


Is that the cast of Top Gear?


>02's first partner also had Blue AIDS but was hiding it underneath bandages
>Blue AIDS progressively take over the system while riding with 02, eventually killing the host
>Hiro's unique blood cells allowed him to survive the infection, instead irreversibly becoming more and more scarred every time he rides with 02
>cumulates with becoming punished hiro, growing a horn
>yfw they didn't do this

It's not fucking fair, Cred Forums.

I see a lot of star driver and aquarion in this, more than eva or ttgl

>Implying that Cred Forums know mecha aside Eva and TTGL.

You are fucking dumb.

For superior handling.

now that's a word only a genuine faggot would say

Someone is joining his 9 squad and will be the tenth(iota) member in it.

it feels a lot more like Diebuster to me

Literally shitposting pasta now as well given its word to word regurgitated and they fuck off when giving a reason.

that sounds very stupid user

404 argument not found please try again

The filename gave it away, sorry

Yes, they may not be of exactly the same opinion at first. At this point however Hiro said he's fighting for 02 (to be her wings) so they'll probably reach some understanding.

I don't get it, what do you doubt? 9 Alpha/blondie boy is probably the squad leader, he's #1. 02 is probably nowhere near a leadership position since everyone hates her, she doesn't care about people and is a berserker, hardly leadership material. As pure speculation I'd guess she is 9 Theta (9 9) to Hiro's 9 Iota.

Calm down ichigo, your edge is showing

because theres a gigantic difference between introducing a threat and nulifying said threat out of nowhere. if your goal is to get rid of a threat in the blink of an eye then why introduce it in the first place? its cheap tension, fake stakes, the same reason why most of made in abyss was so bloody horrible. you can pull this shit after a bunch of episodes, after the threat had been lingering in the background for a while, but not one episode later. its horrible writing.

user please try harder. Then I will.


Oh well, I'll take a (you)

running away so soon? well have a good one

That's cause Strelitzia looks like a genderbent Tauburn and the pilot interface is just one big sex metaphor like in Aquarion. The series is definitely playing a lot of homages to mecha shows even if the major focus are the Gainax ones.

I wonder, does this show have the potential to cause a Rapezaku-class shitstorm that detonates Cred Forums's garbage servers?

i want to see 02 slowly be tortured to death while on aphrodisiacs while also knowing she wasn't as hot as she thought she was as she has to also be next to hiro's rotting corpse!!!


But the threat isn't gone, silly.

I doubt oni blood is completely resolved.

> if your goal is to get rid of a threat in the blink of an eye then why introduce it in the first place?
Who said it was rid of in the first place though? Who? There's literally no horrible writing, it's you jumping to conclusions in the first place and assuming its done. There's nothing to indicate it outside of him absorbing him, it was also heavily implied with episode 5 that his body was adapting to it in the first place, even if Zero Two didn't know herself, her motivating him to keep pushing through was also basically saying it's something he needed to push through till his body fully accepted it. We still don't know if its gone and nothing implies it is given they're fucking mixing in the first place.

how is it horrible? is an enemy appearing for the mc to face terrible because there wasn't 2 episodes of filler leading up to it?

James stares into a camera...


It's already out in the usual places user. I love it.

I care and no.

What about "Worried Strawberry"?

I barely managed to go through the first ep of this derivative garbage.

becuase it shows that you write the story with literally no foresight you fucking mongrel. you work day to day, episode to episode. its poorly scripted, plain and simple. cheap suspense to keep the retards entertained because else theyd spam "NOTHING HAPPENING" on twitter.

>Episode 1: Hey guys, Hiro was special.
>Episode 2: Hiro doesn't get hurt while other people do, he must be special.
>Episode 3: See, Hiro isn't more special than mBLRGHRGHR
>Episode 5: Check it out, Hiro is super special.
>Episode 6 PV: Don't worry you're special.
>Episode 6: Turns out Hiro was special!
>Episode 6 epilogue: Check it out, it's that lost member of our special squad.
This is what happens when you only watch for plot.

I've no time for dates unfortunately.

>yfw ichigo gets raped by blondy but halfway through starts calling out hiro's name and climaxes hard

All I see is you're writing a post with no foresight and just going sperging with no fucking focus. Calm the fuck down and use your own head.


didn't floweranon say he hated this episode

You sound super special.

What did user mean by this


>sperg this hard about one word
>"everyone thinks you're a retard"


worst part is that your autistic post actually misses the most important aspect.

>he doesn't know
>he doesn't know? pump eet.


Thanks, sempai!

Which is?

Oh yeah, summarizing every episode of a show in one sentence will totally not make it sound dumber than it already is. Great point user.
(Not even saying it's a good show or anything)

Surely her suffering will matter, right?

>ywn hug your beserker dinosaur gf

It summarizes how retarded people are and some of the complaints pretty easily for those paying attention.

she will die in a grandiose way to save Hiro

but it turns out 02 and Hiro actually were fine so her death was meaningless and is shortly forgotten afterwards, with her ashes put in a coffee can

But I'm not. It's the brainlets that can't tell what's going to happen when they're told beforehand every episode that are doing that. Complaining about there being no tension doesn't make sense because the only tension that mattered was the one between the characters. It was never supposed to be surprising.

I want to gently caress her enraged form and soothe her mind and body.

Hiro was such a badass. Zero Two is lucky, too. Not just the other way around.

How do I watch this without being labeled a speedwatcher?

Pay attention.

Step 1: Watch it
Step 2: Don't say stupid shit

Pay attention. Be humble when you ask question.


>power of love cured his AIDS
I couldn't stop laughing like the last 10 minutes of this episode.

Don't listen to these faggots:
The key is to make stupid theories regardless of how quickly you've watched the show

What every episode a minimum of 3 times and take notes.

Nice I didn't notice his name.

We clone wars now.

>Keraia (Greek κεραία), which literally means "horn", is a rare Greek word that may mean:
>In modern Greek print, the keraia ( ʹ ) is used to distinguish numerals from letters.

> another fucking teenager is trying to fit in by saying smart sounding words
In what fucking way does it deconstruct Eva? It can't even be classified as a response to it.

I watch it 4 times to be honest.


Post every line of dialogue as a new thread and ask "What did they mean by this?"
Only after that level of discussion can you really understand a show.

Are you falling for the bait or am I falling for the bait by replying to you?


1-6 were the introduction arc. The real story begins now.

>this will never happen to you

why live

Please can someone die already this show is so dumb. Klaxosaurs>everyone else

Which is Eva.

Yeah, Fukushima P already confirmed that since at the time of 3, they had mainly worked towards assembling staff up to 6.

DarliFra twitter also posted comments from the Music Team and based Tachibana who said they're recording for the Second half.

yes that's typically how 2 cour anime work

I wouldn't know, bait works in mysterious ways.

>show is about the power of love
>wtf the power of love saved the day


>watching anime
>owning a body pillow
>while having 002 as a girlfriend
anta baka

Eva as in have you eva been here before newfag?

It's time, Darling.

Is this 2cour or split cour?

Why is everyone comparing this to Evangelion?

This is basically Eureka Seven at this point

You say that like 002 would be a special case.

Straight 2 cour. Aniplex has to work their ass off to get SAO going in the Summer after all.

>Please can someone die already this show is so dumb
simply killing someone off won't make it better, since like half of the cast is barely developed, the show just started Give it some time, at some point the show will make a tone shift and people will start dying like flies

I thought it was Valvrave but not total shit?

Not really. The pairs are male and female for a reason. Their bots shut down when they are mentally unstable and not in sync. It's not a stretch to say that oni has a more aggressive and very physical way of this. Hiro was not understanding her enough until he saw her panicking when alone in the mech and understood he was copping out and not getting her. Once he did that it receded.

GT got the general idea:
>Episode 1 to 6 story will be the position of the first part. After the sixth episode, the second part begins. The emotions and growth that mean fighting and seemingly fighting in the fleeting daily life and fighting of the reasons for fighting existence reasons. Elements of constructing this work such as Zero Two, Shoutragon and Otona will gradually glimpse and we will have a great excitement over the middle stage, so I hope you will look forward to it.

because if it's not MAL famous no one on nu/a/ has seen it
>it even starts off with a monologue
those three kids made the show unwatchable everytime they were on the screen


>the ride has only just begun

>other shows uses the power of love
>Cred Forums hates it
>Darling in the Eva uses the power of love
>Cred Forums loves it
can Cred Forums stop being this retarded? are we going to protect this asspull like the rubber nen?

Eureka Seven is actually good though

I thought Zero Two was just going to be waifubait with some dumb unexplained quirks, but I really like her. The main duo is carrying a dumb premise.

The main duo is the premise you turd.

Power couple of the next 18 weeks.

>Will be airing until the middle of June
Strap in, dudes.

I knew pretty well what I was getting into here after that first episode though. It's not like the show is trying to hide it.

This show is better than eva

you should rewatch episode 1. Renten is the son of the man who saved the world and optimistic that he can be just as good as Holland. He's also bored with life and it's a different type of coming of age story.
they both have mechs and robots so you're not completely wrong

Eureka Seven has really good music though

Eva isn't that good.

actually fat this. Spiders been milked out of everything it can be from 02 to Ichigo to just a spider. what do I do for a week now. nothing to think about.

>this solid turd is better than diarrhea


reminder that everyone was bitching because they are speed watching retards who can't follow the plot we actually got a good surprise and
>he dosen't know
survived the battle despite everyone thinking he was going to die for sure.

Eva has better directing and art, but it can't save a show that relied on shock value and blowing the budget 8 episodes before the end

currently watching E7
can confirm
off all the people she chose to save

No, then it'd be a SoL/RomCom that just focuses on their interactions. Instead we have all this badly written sci-fi horseshit as the real plot driver. I always know it's going to be retarded when they feel the need to rename every normal mecha term (like pilot) into something else.



I thought that guy was dead for sure. I wonder if p26 fags will show up again or if that was it for them.

Nope. Those two literally are the premise, that's not what we'd get and there's nothing indicating it's badly written when we've barely touched the surface so give me more than buzzwords.

all I remember was

dan na na na na somethingjapanese na na na na

too much got """resolved""" this episode
something fucking bad is going to happen.

The music that plays when Strelizia joins the fight is pretty bad ass.

sometimes i try to imagine a faggot from 15 years ago complaining about how bad bleach is because
>yuyu hakusho already did spirits shinigami and soul society

All will be daijoubu.


funny because Bleach was dogshit

Fukushima: Each and every staff of A1 & Trigger are doing their utmost best after the viewers enjoy themselves. It's an original work so it would be great if you can look forward to future developments and see this story and the Children's fate.

Looks like he said it will get hype again around the midway point in Part 2 and we'll see a bit more on Zero Two, Klaxosaurs and the "Adult"


what are the other 13?

>Hiro willing to die for 02
>02 literally dont give a fuck about Hiro
Poor boy

>user literally can't understand Zero Two
poor user

I hope this fag isnt after 02 or some crap that stirs more NTR posting

At least he doesn't pretend he can like 02fags.

>user lies for attention yet again

please I just want to see 02 talk about Hiro when nobody is watching her.
I just want a monologue.
fucking show us her unfiltered thoughts PLEASE

it's going to be netori not netorare

Watch episode 6 preview.


>Hoping that NTR posting will ever stop

>He doesn't KNOW???
Yes. He DOESN'T know.

>Please can someone die already this show is so dumb

Reminder that Eva only killed off Rei (kinda), Kaji and Kawarou through the entire show.

i hope so, they gave the main cast a good dose of reality and rightfully shat on them for being fucking babied and bad

Maybe it's because you're ugly.

Lets hope its stops being bland shonen shit with average art and animation starting next week.

i pride myself in my accurate analogies
now if only i could talk to actual people who are watching this about the structure of the 30+ 'plantations', where the frontline is, why the council were pushing 0ni to go back, how much power Dr Franxx has to stop that request or Hiro from getting court martialed, why plantation 26 knew about Hiro, did 0ni know about Hiro before she was 'sent' to plantation 13, why Dr. Franxx would also be there if he is that important, how groups are formed, and who decides the mech designs for the team.

1. Be humble.
2. Know you're place.

She's clearly very attached to him.

Look at how she acts with literally every other person we've seen, including her previous partner. She's cold and dismissive, she ignores them or runs away from them.

She spends all her time running TO Hiro. She clings to him, she takes support from him (it was important to her that he didn't see her as a monster), she feeds him and whenever she's not with him, she's complaining about it.

When the military came to drag her away from him you can see her eyes shining with tears.

About the only thing you can say against her is that she doesn't coddle him. She doesn't hold him back and she doesn't try baby him.

We haven't had any monologue from her (save ep6 PV) so it's hard to say for sure exactly what she feels, but I think you're severely underestimating her affection.

Hell, look at her in Ep6 She thought she'd killed him.

She has a scene where she rears back fully and she directly looks at his broken body. Right after that she's screaming "You're nothing but a monster!"

Maybe she's talking to the Klaxx. Maybe. But one thing we know for sure about 02 is how much she hates being treated like a monster. She doesn't like herself, she doesn't like her taste, and she doesn't like being a monster.

Just compare it to EVA

we just don't know

I listened to the song that Onifags raved about so much and it is the worst crap I've ever heard.

>She doesn't like herself, she doesn't like her taste, and she doesn't like being a monster.
>02 is the Shinji

There is nothing to fear.

The only people who would bully Ichigo are actual manlets.

>Looks like he said it will get hype again around the midway point in Part 2
So that means he considers 6-12 to be part 2?

pay attention to the story, if you don't understand something rewatch it

Hiro is Mario!

>fucking show us her unfiltered thoughts PLEASE

user, she literally thinks he can control the weather. She thinks so highly of him that it's just natural to assume he can do anything.

02, who never shows any weakness or regard for anyone, was almost in tears when she was being pulled away from him in Ep4.

I think they're breaking it into that so yep. Not like there's some internal break or anything but they just split it production wise and is just indicating whats to come in the next bit.


Goro is the furthest from a manlet in the show and he doesnt bully Ichigo

Coincidence? I think now

I'm only on episode 10 so I haven't had a chance to hear the later ones

Shouldn't Zorome bully her then?

>he doesnt bully Ichigo
He probably doesn't know.

>not butthurt, just cringe
Perhaps you're quite cringe yourself. After all, you're the one nitpicking some other autist's choice in verbiage. It's a mongolian sous chef recipe forum, not real life.

I've just finished watching the first 6 episodes of EVA. Now if only I could talk to someone about what the EVAs actually are, why they can move by themselves, what makes Shinji so special, why NERV has so much power, what the Human Instrumentality Project is, or how they knew the Angels were coming. That'd be great. Instead, this fucking show doesn't explain ANYTHING!

See that? That's how dumb you sound.

this has been discussed already. the children have never experienced weather like we have so it's wrong to assume they believe it's a force of nature.
it would be idiotic and out of character for 02 to believe Hiro could do something on such a grand scale as that.
It's likely that all the kids see the rain as something like a showerhead. Something someone has to turn off and on.
She thought Hiro turned the tap on.

They got it all wrong, the people who bully Ichigo are roasties.

This show makes me want to eat pussy and I don't got no pussy to eat.

this show is good at making me feel stupid for not getting it

>actually good

This is adorable, the strawberry was made for bulli

The “frontline” thing is very interesting because that could mean there’s an ongoing constant war against the klaxxons, and as it stands, we don’t really know what “they” are, and how 002 can even have “klaxon blood” even though they look completely mechanical. I suspect shady shit going on with Dr Franxx, something like The Klaxons and the Franxx basically based off the same tech (and why they’re attracted to magma power) and why Dr Franxx is very chill even when they’re being attacked directly, in front of their faces, by them.
The “plantation” thing is also a curious information, since the plant 26 kids seems to imply that they know they are disposable and the whole “surface” kids in all plantations exist simply to pilot a franxx and die

Is the manga worth anything other than more fanservice?

>it would be idiotic and out of character for 02 to believe Hiro could do something on such a grand scale as that.
02 states she hasn't seen rain before since she has not lived in a garden/plantation, so she demands that Hiro show her rain immediately. Hiro tells her that he can't, it's controlled by Papa and the others.
Then at the end, he says it might be a possibility that he could someday make it rain.

What’s that

Will ichigo ever gain a character beyond wanting to be hiro's cock sleeve?

>Strap in

Humble by Kendrick Lamar, it's the Onifags favorite song and it's pure garbage.

Eva literally only had the first meaningful interaction between Rei and Shinji in Ep6. Nothing had been explained, we knew almost nothing about any of the characters and it'd mostly been """"filler"""" episodes of monster of the week stuff.

Looking at how people are reacting to DitF, I can only imagine how badly Cred Forums would shit itself if EVA was released now.

The 1 cour format that currently plagues the industry has bred a generation of ADD speedwatching brainlets.

It said that Oni and Hiro came together in a franxx, which, as far as I can remember, was never said (or not said yet) in the anime

yes ignore everything else I said please.
they think it's akin to a showerhead.
a big showerhead. she doesn't think he's a weather controlling god. she thinks he turned on the showerhead.

none of them have experienced natural rain.

>Implying Papa-tachi aren't Gods
You degenerate

why do you guys bully Ichigo so much?

What more do you want?

Because she's so cute when she cries.


because the show is

It takes my mind off of the fact I'll never eat her ass.

Saito Soma is the Seiyu for 9 α
>if NTR hentai have taught me one thing, it's that the man who is the most effeminate loses
that doesn't mean we won't have to deal with speed watches and NTR baiters. pic related

Wait. What do you mean "came together"?

because they need to get it out of their system. its pretty obvious that ichigo will win in the end. everybody knows it, but you gotta make fun of her for the 20+X episodes you can because by 24 itll be too late.

>still unironically believing he'll go for 02 and not Hiro

thats good to know

god I hated that shit

Give me your opinions on this man.

>still being this delusional
Jesus christ. This is why you get bullied.

looks like he could be a good pianist

>this fucking show doesn't explain ANYTHING!
t. brainlet
i never said it will never be explained, and please reply if you already know the answers to the questions i asked, but the point of my post was to point out that most of nu/a/ would rather talk about who should fuck who instead of actual story elements
>please continue to think you are smart


It's funny how I haven't seen Eva in years yet I can totally remember all the early episodes set up and precisely how Cred Forums would miss it.

>This fucking kid won't stop bitching
>What the fuck there wasn't a even a fight in episode one
>lol Shinji getting bullied at school
>lol hedgehogs metaphors
>When is the bitch in the OP showing up

200% Chad

It's good that he's been manning up ever since episode 3

He got in the fucking Franxx

Cute, Base and needs to be raped

enjoy the ride user because the ending will hit you pretty hard.

fucking finally he can fly

What piano song would they play together?

He's a good kid.

He's a grower not a shower.

he could stand to be more interesting.

the klaxx resembled a demon. her calling it a monster was literally her fighting her inner self hatred

they would play "The Game of Pretend"

For you.

It's just how it is

>fucking finally he can fly

>only 6 episodes in

now that you mention it there could be a possibility of the Klax being failed experiments by DR Franxx that became sentient when he Jurassic parked some machines to harvest magma

God its weird how they look alike

after breaking the 3deaths curse, why wouldn't he fly

Because the show bullies here and it's funny as hell.

He's pretty good but he should really punch Mitsuru in the face

I'm sorry, but at this point its practically an addiction.

Best mecha protagonist since Watase Aoba.

Because I like her.

she was literally made to be bullied
her role in the show is to be bullied
thus, she shall be bullied


This show is so fucking bad.
>Predictable love triangle bullshit with Ichigo; somehow Hiro is fucking oblivious.

>Absolutely contrived technical jargon "GUTENBERG CLASS" "NINE IOTA"

>Mysterious forced edgy white-haired character showing up at the last second of the episode.

>Bullshit generic music

>Mech design lacks any sense of scale or weight; they just jump around and it looks stupid.

Is it explained why they get hurt inside the fucking mechs? Why was 02 like dying when the stupidly named KLAXOSAUR was hitting them while in STAMPEDE mode?

At least eva naturally explained the fictional mechanics as the story progressed. And besides, it focused on the interpersonal relationships between the characters. Whoever wrote this show is an absolute brainlet.

It's just such a shit eva clone it's kind of a joke.
Does no one else think this is so bad to the point of it almost seeming like parody?

I'm mad because I've wanted to like a new mecha show for a long time and I'm stuck going through ffucking oldschool gundam (which is actually excellent)

mitsuru is by far the least like-able character. even his franxx looks like a bitch.


Absolute sick cunt.

>Is it explained why they get hurt inside the fucking mechs? Why was 02 like dying when the stupidly named KLAXOSAUR was hitting them while in STAMPEDE mode?
I thought speedwatching was just a meme

I blame the meme magic that made it miraculously start happening in the anime.

Gets better every episode. Will end the season as the best protagonist.

Would 02 classify as a yandere?

That opinion sounds like a lie. What do you actually hate on the show?

Except he had blonde hair speedwatcher-kun.


>Is it explained why they get hurt inside the fucking mechs?
Is it ever explained why you space your posts like a fucking redditor?

>This show is so fucking bad.
Want to know how I know your post is bait?

She looks cute crying.

I’m retarded, it was from Ichigo’s PoV

>>Absolutely contrived technical jargon "GUTENBERG CLASS" "NINE IOTA"

hoo-boy, if you think FranXX is bad, never watch Eureka Seven then

Can't tell if pasta or not.

> man face
this artwork is disgusting

>never watch any mecha anime then

>just a meme
You're giving Cred Forums too much credit

No. She's more of a kuudere.

Different user, what am I getting into?


Ichigo needs to win to prevent a large scale Reddit takeover.

No, she doesn't go out of her way to harm people who might take Hiro's attention away from her.

Once again, we are 6 episodes in. In Eva that brings us literally to the first part of the mission Rei and Shinji work together on. In TTGL that's literally up to the Hot Springs episode.

I would LOVE to see ADHD retards like you sperging out while either of those shows were airing. I can only imagine how pissed you would have been when GL had both an Onsen episode AND a beach episode! Nevermind a whole episode dedicated to Shinji running away after his second fight.


mfw this is official art

>show specifically calls Hiro nine iota instead of nine ten, to avoid retards thinking it's 910
>retards think it's 910 anyway

The 6 episodes of Franxx stretched into 50. Most of nu/a/ wouldn't even last past the worldbuilding/characters arc which was the first 25 episodes.

But Ichigo is gonna lose reddit boogeyman-san

People only watch this for doggystyle (for no reason) cockpits and 02.

He got in the fucking robot and tamed a wild Oni. 10/10 alpha male.

fucking kek

pretty sure mitsuru would agree with you, mate

How do we know next week is a zorome/miku episode?

Easily one of the top 5 anime of all time, however the overarching story makes you feel like some particle physicist trying to understand all this technical jargon that's being thrown at you and you're suffering trying to put all the pieces in place to ultimately understand what the FUCK is going on.

Some fantastic mecha fights and character development though. I love it. People say it goes on way too long (it's 52 episodes) but I found the length to be perfect without it being overly way too long like fucking Bleach and Naruto, but still long enough so they don't have to cram EVERYTHING in only 12 episodes like most anime. Though I will say a good 10 or so episodes are nothing but pure filler.

Did the Hiro/002 OTP get confirmed this episode?

I love 02.

I can already see the

4 cour mecha used to be very standard and I wish it would come back.

>IBO got 4 cours but not G-Reco
I'm still mad.

nothing is confirmed until 02 monologues about Hiro or something.
we never saw into her point of view once this episode.

An attempt at making a huge franchise like Gundam, but fails and falls back on two feels good romances that carry the show.

>people hating on the power of love that's the only true power in the world

I want to _hug this cinnamon roll


Because one of their VAs said so in an interview.

Do you think Hiro would enjoy Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

>people are actually defending the blue cancer magically receding due to the power of love

Are you niggers serious? That was the most cliche boring shit they could have pulled. Ep5 set up a dilemma brilliantly and then this last episode just decided to say "lol nevermind" to any tension or consequences. I'm not even saying that someone had to die but the resolution had zero cleverness outside of "he loves her therefore he's ok." I really hope this is the lowest point in the series writing rest of the show blows my tits off, otherwise I'm going to call this the disappointment of the season.

This. Anons will dropped this anime if the cockpit was not dogstyle

Legitimately the greatest romance in anime of all time

Dr. will explain it you fucking nog.
they even had him come out and say
just so you faggots would notice this

Was I supposed to be turned on when 02 went feral?

a monster that kept hitting the MC mecha and is destroyed after MC mech's power awakes.


I don't know about Hiro, but I would, although my wallet wouldn't, I'll definitely snag it after working up some pocket money though.

They're rebooting it aren't they? Hopefully it isn't shit now.


>shows emotion
is this bait or reddit tier word salads

I want him to be my Darling

It's supposed to get a few movies. I'm assuming they'll be just recaps with some new footage sprinkled in, but maybe I'll be wrong.

Maybe a little. I had a strong desire to cuddle her.

>even his franxx looks like a bitch.
You shut your dirty mouth about about my wife and her mech, Chlorophytum is cool looking franxx that resembles bird, and Ikuno is a good girl.

>Wow Shinji's done literally nothing and keeps being a pussy
>Rei is super boring and barely a character, the only thing this show is doing right is the artwork and atmosphere, the story is going nowhere in 6 whole episodes

ikuno's fine. she deserves better than mitsuru.

>Dont worry they'll explain later :^)

It still makes episode 6 anticlimactic shit


>not knowing what a kuudere is
the reddit is you.

God bless user, if you stick through the entire thing you're in for the ride of your life

Fear but also an erection

So next week is supposed to be Zorome / Miku focused?

So what, is 02's gonna be all extra lovey-dovey with Hiro, and Zorome's gonna be flustered over all the lewdness like he was in episode 5?

He's already taken, you slut.

>What the fuck was that lazy wrap up episode

I agree with your point but it could easily be explained with whatever shit they meant when they said Hiro's body was having the opposite reaction to other people who rode with 02. So I am just hoping they at least say something about it sometime.

If you can't even pick up the obvious hints the show has thrown at you, you're a speedwatcher.

I'd be okay with Ichigo having a daki of me, lucky hiro.

>neo-Cred Forums immediately defending shitty writing
You can't make this shit up.

She's more dere than anything else.




>Easily one of the top 5 anime of all time
This level of delusion. It's not even top 5 in mecha.


>not knowing what a kuudere is
the reddit is you.


In terms of 'power of love' mecha, E7 is definitely top tier. I can see why it would be someone's favorite if they like that kind of thing.

Only to Hiro. Everyone else gets the Kuu.

Strawberries don't cry silly.

its because people think that poor writing is limited to plotholes. i mean, shouldnt have expected the audience of this show to be particularly bright and/or have high standards. it was pretty clear from the getgo that this wont be anymore than a "fun ride", considering its poor production values and lackluster scripting/storyboarding. there will be some very interesting revelations, i am sure, but at this point i highly doubt that the show will be able to redeem itself. its another very poorly made "mecha" show and will probably end up being the same sort of shite as cpatain planet or stardriver, with the only major difference being that both of those looked better and franxx has by far the best ED of them all.

>he thinks kuudere means emotionless

Shouldn't she be more like a blueberry since her hair is blue?


When is Oni going to break down crying? She hiding and layering over her loneliness so much it must inevitably come crashing down

cold and harsh at first glance, apathetic, and awfully pragmatic with delicate feelings deep underneath the facade, waiting for someone to melt the snow away
>name one kuudere with a personality like 0ni
I'll wait a few more minutes to realize the bait i fell for is here



the next papa

But user, she isn't alone anymore.

jesus fucking christ nu/a/


She is a sociopathic monster, she has no feelings.

>ESL storyboarding autist again

Episode 11

>He is not informed


das a cute borb

i dont even get what youre trying to say.

Do you know what a Scub Coral is?

What's gonna be the episode 12 TWEEST?

>Top 5 in an entire medium
>Top tier in a specific kind of story in one genre
It's my personal, subjective opinion that these two things might be slightly kinda different.

>5 days until the next episode

>deconstruction of the deconstruction genre
Is this the one that will save anime?

Just because she's emotionally retarded does not mean she's devoid of feelings. I don't think people like you are even speedwatchers at this point, just really stupid and unobservant.

have you caught any boogeymen tonight?

oni dies hopefully

>Dont worry they'll explain later :^)
>It still makes episode 6 anticlimactic shit

By that logic, EVA is unwatchable because literally everything is explained much, much, later.

Stop treating 2 cour anime like 1/2 cour.

See above.

>Doesn't explain everything in Episode 6 of a 2 cour anime
>Shitty writing

Real talk

G-reco was awful tho.

>5 days until more ichigo bully

> episode 13
she comes back via the POWER OF LOVE

Not happening, Strawberry.


If you're partial to that kind of story, I can see why E7 would be one of your favorite shows. I think it's a reasonable opinion.

Stick to A/Z.

>In terms of 'power of love' mecha
which shows fight over that spot? e7 and rahxephon? the latter is the vastly superior product. it comes in second out of two? i guess we can count macross and escaflowne, although the former doesnt really focus all that much on love. its politics and music, the love doesnt give any power. e7 isnt even much better than escaflowne so itd be tied with that, if anything.

I've seen you complain about storyboarding and the like in multiple threads now, but you've never elaborated on why it was so bad.

Setting up a threat that was immediately nullified and having the logic of the nullification being explained later is not something that ever happened in Eva.

APE are actually Klaxosaurs

>which shows fight over that spot? e7 and rahxephon? the latter is the vastly superior product
Opinion discarded.

APE are actually cute oni girls using voice changers

>If you're partial to that kind of story
I am and I thought it sucked. I was unnecessarily long, it had almost no new ideas, things were straight out ripped off from Eva and Tomino, the only fun characters in the show barely had any screentime and the world building came way too late.

Also Godannar.

A/Z at least made a little sense at the beginning. G-reco was completely fucking random.

Is it PV day yet?

>talks about taking a bath
>runs away to a lake for skinny dip
>calls Hiro a pervert and laughs at him
>Daaa~ling 30 secs after meeting hiro
so you didn't even watch the first episode

Is this size scale based on something or are the japanese just picking random words they think sound cool?

APE are actually apes

t. brainlet

>G-reco was completely fucking random.
Speedwatcher detected.

Literally almost every mecha pulls something from Tomino and/or Eva. I don't feel like arguing tastes, but the world building in E7 was one of my favorite aspects of it.

>Setting up a threat that was immediately nullified and having the logic of the nullification being explained later is not something that ever happened in Eva.
>Shinji going Berserk (Every time)
>EVA01 eating an S2 Engine
>Shinji being absorbed into the Eva
>Rei's death, kind'a
>Angel Touching """Adam""" doesn't cause 2nd Impact
>Shinji starting Third Impact

That's just off the top of my head. You're being retarded. Stop treating 2cour Anime like 1/2 cour.

And for fucks sake, nothing about the DinoAIDS is implied to be immediately nullified. It's been absorbed into him, THAT'S IMPORTANT.

Lemme lay something down for you

>Everyone watched Ep 5 and thought him having the tumor was because he was special
>Ep 6 implies the tumour wasn't what made him special his ability to absorb it, as he did, was


I can't get enough of her crying face. I really hope we get more bullying and NTR in the next episode.

do you really think that the opinion ofsomeone who considers e7 a top5 anime of all time matters? e7 should have had 25 episodes and they should have used those other 25 episodes on xamd, since that was a significantly more inspired universe that actually required more elaborate explanation.



Lehmann WHEN

So Lehmann's gonna be bigger than a plantation, right?

The Ichigo bullying has official gone too far. It needs to stop NOW!

Zero Two confirmed as a semen demon.

>google is hard


Why google when Cred Forums will answer for me.

>they already beat the second strongest klaxx type
okay whos the real villain




He's had more development in 6 episodes than most get in 12.

>fight against bad guys
>get kidnapped by them
>suddenly join them for no reason and fight against your people
>people claim this is perfectly coherent storytelling

Ichigo is gross, that's why. Even Goro knows it.

what about him changed?

You don't say much which makes it shallow and you sound extremely overbearing and unreal with shit like "poor production values and lackluster scripting/storyboarding"

The Apes

>episode 6
>Lehmann class is the only thing bigger than what they've fought so far
What the fuck come after?

well, that particular plotpoint was "explained". he never really gave much of a shit about the forces of the army. he even said that his mother (and therefore him) got screwed over by them.

>getting confused over faction switching and character motivations
Tomino anime is too complex for you.


They pull out crazy words like Earth core or someshit

>Literally almost every mecha pulls something from Tomino and/or Eva.
Except for Mazinger, and Getter, and Braves, Patlabor, Escaflowne... And being influenced by Tomino never stopped VOTOMS or Macross from being their own thing. Ripping the hell out of Miyazaki didn't stop Anno in Nausicaa and Eva. One of E7's only interesting fights (not like there were many of them) was straight up taken from the Eva going berserk.

I wanted to have fun with this show and all I got was Bones being halfassed as usual.

>not posting the normal pic

The inevitable human enemies (well, human enemies piloting robots) for when the inevitable conspiracy by the inevitably revealed evil organization shows itself.

Plantation 13 revolution against the APE Franxx

*in Nadia and Eva

it's okay if you've never watched EVA and you want to look cool, but at least speed watch the first episode before you say it was perfect and every mecha anime should copy it scene for scene. oh, wait anime has to be original or you call it a clone and say it's not worth watching.
>you don't know what you fucking want do you?


He grew a pair, realised what he wanted, put his life on the line and grabbed it. From being a listless waste of space in the first episode.

He found a real purpose for living beyond just surviving.

>Depressed and being a contrarian because he couldn't pilot
>Finally was able to, but was unsure and afraid and doubted his ability
>Cleared up his doubts and finally piloted and exceeded, fulfilled his goal
>Told himself that if he died it was fine, because he had gotten what he wanted to do
>Realized that dying would leave his partner all alone, didn't give up and found a new ideal
It's not particularly "deep" or complex, but he actually went through a decent amount of change of his thought process and goals instead of moping for several episodes or having someone solve his problems for him.

Ichigo is so pathetic that I want to headpat her

There's no guarantee that they didn't just fight a weak gutenburg. Also, they barely managed to fight off one gutenburg, two might be too much.

post like this make it worth scrolling through brainlet complaining and bait post

What do the pilots actually do? It feels like the girls do all the driving.

dont know whats overbearing about pointing out the truth. the show looks lackluster as hell considering its budget and the acoustics arent anything worth note. in fact, theres a lot of fairly misplaced insert songs and dialogue that completely ruin mood and tension. i mean, if you think that this looks good then be my guest, but it really doesnt. it looks worse than shows that had a way lower budget. and i am not just talking about the scarce animation, but the visuals as a whole including many of the stil-frames. and i am someone who generally likes triggers art direction.

theres also not much of a point in arguing anything related to the narrative or script, since its pretty clear that the only thing people consider to be "poor writing" are plothole. franxx doesnt have any as of yet, which means an actual debate is impossible, see this very thread. so i dont really get what it is you want me to say or how my comment is "overbearing".

I honestly dropped it right there. It's not like I dislike Tomino's writing, and I like Gundam enough to have sat through Seed Destiny in a state of extreme loathing, but I just couldn't take to G-reco because it made no sense. And that's not an uncommon criticism. Maybe I should take the time to slog through it?

Just name one specific example of a single thing you complained about in this post.

The girls technically do less than the pilots, though. Girls are the interface, power the robot, etc. The stamen control and move the robot.

In the case of 02, she's so strong that she outclasses the others and can function more independently.

>watching Seed Destiny but dropping G-Reco
The ultimate shit taste.

The girls became the mecha or are connected directly to it or something, the boys control the mecha through the girls

I don't want more "My opinion is the truth and let me list the same shit for subjective things" I want an example so I can understand where you're coming from.

I never said EVA was perfect. I'm saying it did plenty of exactly what you're complaining DitF did.

Are you actually unable to read?

>considering its budget

There are two Lehmann discontinuities?

0ni after her darling with the number 4 headband dies

Lehmann class aren't that big. They're actually quite small, but far more dangerous than any other kind of Klaxosaur, and that's because they control the financial system.

you have got to be shitting me
have you even been watching or do you just come to these threads to shitpost?

But Ichigo controlled the robot on her own that one time she tried piloting with Hiro, she just got all tired and hurt while trying. Clearly the girls can also control things just fine.

Honestly I doubt it'll ever be fully explained.

>APE is composed of Lehmann class Klaxosaurs

then you should ask for something specific.
i am sure the national advertisement campaigns and the prime time saturday television spot simply were handed to them.

APE are jews.
Everything make sense now.

GSD taught me an important lesson: never continue watching trash in the hopes it'll improve. I applied that lesson to G-reco. Cope.

So (jokes aside) they'll be like hollows in bleach. Grow larger and larger until their final stage they become human sized.

Is it just me or was the animation shit this episode?

The action would have looked great if it wasn't so choppy and not smooth.

>Zero Two is an Arrancar

If you have such an opinion, there are surely things you have in mind that support those. Show them otherwise its a puff of air. I have plenty that support its fantastic, but I want to see why you keep shitting that out.
>i am sure the national advertisement campaigns and the prime time saturday television spot simply were handed to them.
No bearing on the actual show.


Action was pretty good though. The smears and moves from Strelizia, P26 and what not was quite well done. Limited Animation done right for impact.

>mfw NUMBAH ONE plays during the big reveal that Dr Franxxx is 001

Hiro is 000

Im Expecting Humanoid monsters piloting their own Mechs

Will this meme die? The animation was great.


Give me an example of poor storyboarding please.

If you wanna see some action
Gotta be the centre of attraction
Make sure that they got their eyes on you, like the face that you see on every magazine

Ichigo is Ichigo

the animation has been shit since episode 1. no clue what youre on about. see this webm. theres nothing well animated about this. in fact, it hardly can even be considered to be animated.

so you decide to write a two liner instead of asking for something specific.
>No bearing on the actual show.
strong financial support actually has bearing, whether you like it or not. a show with such strong commercial support has more funds at its disaposal than some shitty niche, gimmick show that airs half past 1am on a tuesday. i mean, even if we dismiss the budget, the show looks worse than captain earth, stardriver, greco, fafner etc. all mecha shows that primarily use 2d mechs. there are cgi elements here and there, but the same applies to franxx. its poorly animated and has lackluster overall art and thats doesnt mean that i dislike the art direction.


Monkeys disguised as aliens. Want to merge people into one.

Aliens disguised as monkeys. Want to keep people separate.

Anyone else think that Zorome might be Nine Iota? Next episode is supposed to be a Zorome/Miku focus, so its possible.

But who is the spider?

Your webm is the exact opposite of bad animation though. Sushio did a fantastic job here and is known for that. This was praised on a general consensus.

(You) were the spider all along

The spider is a red herring

>This was praised on a general consensus.
can you provide a list of cites of respectable individuals who claim that this sequences was well animated? so please not reddit, twitter or some random chinese blogger.

>strong financial support actually has bearing, whether you like it or not
No it does not. Budget meme is a myth. Yes the production committee pools money into a project, but staffing and such is largely on networking. That is why the animator problem exists. By the way, this show looks absolutely fantastic and better than most of those and the key animators and AD's have done a banger of a job keeping it that way, your webm only supports that. You're not elaborating at all here.

No that's stupid. It's clearly going to be Fatty.

Darling in the FILTHY FRANXX

>badly animated

>can you provide a list of cites of respectable individuals who claim that this sequences was well animated?

>and better than most of those
you really shouldnt comment on shows that you clearly havent watched.

Most said individuals do have a twitter and where it's posted though. It's also posted on sakugabooru. You want me to go back all the way to when Episode 1 was aired? I'm not doing that and given you don't seem to be any better than most, then those praises should be enough. I said general consensus after all.

I hate the Sakuga Cartel and all but they have been doing columns pretty much for each episode and consistently praising it and those affiliated with them have done screenshot by screenshot watches praising the animation and identifying each KA. This is one of the strongest things about the show despite them disliking the content.

015 not returning best boy's love confirmed
>Goro deserves better

I have watched those though. You really shouldn't comment at all if you can't explain. You seem to not even understand what makes impact frames even happen in the first place and why that qualifies as animation. It's something Imaishi does as well and has been praised for plenty of times.

I wish the horned blueberry box was as cool as Zeruel.
Or any of the Klaxosauros for that matter. Its all been downhill design-wise since the first one was introduced.

>that being bad
Literally need to go through sushio's profile.

>I wish the horned blueberry box was as cool as Zeruel.
It's episode 6. Episode 6 of Eva had a flying tetrahedron for motw.

It's dangerous for the girls to do it normally. It's like trying to play a game on your intel-integrated graphics, it's going to blow the CPU because it's using both parts.

That's not amazing animation, but it's more than good enough. There were some cool flips from Ichigo and stuff in the last episode. I didn't save the webm but that was nice.

Because they can go berserk and enter Stampede Mode. Nana literally pointed it out and that was such a quick move nothing bad would ever happen.

Consider this
The cancer was never required to utilize "power of love" just like how TTGL didn't need cancer to show off power of sheer determination. That is cause introducing dino cancer adds aboslutely fuckcing nothing over just doing muh power of emotions.

>ichirukifag gets btfo again

But how do you know it adds nothing? First of all we don't even know if its gone but yes it does add something. It's incredibly obvious, if this struggle in general is necessary to be Zero Two's partner then Zero Two and her stamens have always been suffering, Hiro who's body was attempting to adapt to it literally also couldn't handle the pain. But he powered through not only for his goal but ultimately because he wants to be with her and be happy. That is why the episode title was Your thorn, my badge last time. There is huge significance from a character level and the implications of what happens with Zero Two's partners and her as a person.

*make her happy

>Guy is willing to stay with girl for a short time even if it kills him, rather than turn tail and live
>It adds nothing

They managed to make that flying tetrahedron fucking scary though. And all with just sound effects. Ramiel was fucking boss.

Dont get me wrong the show is very entertaining but the monsters just dont do it for me. I dont know if its because of their design or the way they are animated but I just dont feel any threat from them.
The first word that comes to my mind when I see them is "budget".

But really the focus of this show isnt the monsters but the characters so they serve their purpose. Juts wish they were more interesting to look at.

This board makes me sad sometimes.

Dont. There are way better things to invest yourself in.

Did you forget that every other pilot couldn't handle piloting the robot either and died after 3 times with no sign of cancer ever? He had a strain after the first time too and the other dude straight up almost died on his first attempt. They didn't need cancer to shit this.

>general consensus
general consensus of the average consumer is irrelevant though.
>been doing columns pretty much for each episode
yet nothing got published since e3 and an overly extensive analysis of sequences is nowhere to be found
>impact frames even happen
nothing makes them happen. they are an artistic choice. the problem with that sequence arent even the added stils, its the lack of overall movement that focuses on very convenient angles to get past simple things like turning. this particularly stands out during the last final seconds. theres also a severe lack of overall fluidity for a climax scene like this. while lifting the klaxosaur at 0:06, strelezia is being animated with no more than 4 frames to turn by 180 degrees. and no, this clearly isnt trigger typical slapstick animation as can be observed in klk or lwa. in those it actually was artistic choice. here the clear goal was to mimic fluidity of movement which apparently wasnt possible.

I wholly agree, and Ramiel is my favorite Angel along with Leliel. I'm just saying we shouldn't expect the best things yet.

Also, I think the first one looked threatening and the pound cube and the worm weren't uninteresting to look at. I think a lot of the lack of impact has to do with the color scheme.

You guys are getting way too hung up on your entertainment cartoon consumption discussion.

lmao except evangelion hints heavily in the first fucking episode that the robot might have will of it's own when it moved without as much as an entry plug to protect Shiro and then first angel knocks Shiro out of it so we don't see how the fight went down until second episode where they show that Eva started acting on it's own after contact with the pilot was severed.

The cancer was good if only for impact. Part of the reason people were disappointed was because it set up the stakes high. You can't say it wasn't necessary when it played its purpose perfectly.

Klaxosaurs are the weakest component, to be honest.

The 13 squad hasn't gotten a ton of development outside of 02, Hiro and Ichigo, but they're all at least interesting.
The FranXX designs have started to grow on me and they're c-u-t-e
And for once, I'm actually enjoying teenage romance drama with a bunch of autists

But the Klaxos are just kind of boring and unimpressive so far, mindless and just focused on feeding off of magma.

Part of the problem is that in Eva, the stakes were high, and the threat was otherworldly. In DitF, the world is already destroyed, humanity is possibly already extinct, and the threat is a bunch of trash mobs from Australia or some shit. It's like Independence Day vs. the fucking Emu War. It seems like the show wants to be more like Battlestar Galactica or something, but it fails at that. Like, if both of the plantations get wiped, so fucking what?

I'm in a hotel room far away from home and my booty call was cancelled so I don't got fuck else to do than get mad about cartoons. Thanks for reading my blog.

General consensus is relevant though.
>yet nothing got published since e3 and an overly extensive analysis of sequences is nowhere to be found
There's plenty in it that has praise for the animation, they also do it on twitter, I'm not pulling it up for you when you can go look.

Not that user but:
Impact frames are not an artistic choice, just as limited animation isn't which makes certain things more effective in a cut. That aside, the lack of overall movement is not the problem because it benefits from that, its not always necessary to have such movement or be smooth and the angles are convenient because they help, that is part of sushio's style this was one of them where it absolutely works. Yes, that is Trigger/Gainax style and it's generally been praised as they are also trademarks of certain animators much like Amemiya's got his cartoony style. None of these are bad things and is an example of good animation. Additionally, it is blended with their trademark henshin which also adds to it. This is also very much an artistic choice if I would be using your terms. There is no need for fluidity in the first place to make it work. It still got the message across so sorry, not sure I can agree with it.

>humanity is possibly already extinct
i dont like the shows scripting but its clearly implied that this isnt the case. otherwise why would they bother to have all these underground structures and cities? so house who exactly?

cheers to the plan


>Did you forget that every other pilot couldn't handle piloting the robot either and died after 3 times with no sign of cancer ever?

His whole body was covered up, he could easily have had the tumor spread all over him. His eyes were also completely bloodshot, just the same as Hiro's when he was in the final stages of the Cancer.

The point of the Cancer as far as I can discern is to show Hiro being able to fully accept 02.

He has to acknowledge that she won't be fine if he dies and leaves her alone, that she'll suffer and that he can and wants to support her. As soon as he accepts this and he accepts 02, his body is able to stop fighting the cancer and absorb it.

I'd be very, very surprised if that's not going to be a key moment moving forwards.

What impact? It appeared out of nowhere in episode 4 was it? And I didn't care okay he's sick I guess let's see where it leads maybe it will be interesting.
He keeps clutching his chest now and then but otherwise acts normal until Strelitzia goes apeshit and cancer starts spreading quick, ok let's see what happens now.
Then he keep thinking how he's dead and shit only to see 02 suffer so he has to pull through so cancer politely recedes and he's a healthy boy again.
I thought maybe someone will spot his cancer and detain him for tests or something or maybe he'll start mutating in some horrible way cause boy those lumps were big but without any meaningful development to the whole problem he just overcomes it through sheer will. Kinda boring honestly.

Klaxosaurs are perfectly fine. Their names alone and designs and being a mix of organic and mechanical already instill intrigue for me. Their designs are fun because they can be cute yet deadly, and I like that.

It's time to procreate.

See, if cancer is universal it's not something you just keep under wraps where you're 25% done with the story, but alongside yellow cells it's just some gibberish we can do nothing but assume and speculate on cause there's not enough meat to any of the episode to make any concrete conclusion either way.


There were some theories that they're in a situation where the "adults" don't really exist and the cities are empty. Those theories are based on the holographic adults and how we haven't seen any scenes inside the plantations.

>Impact frames are not an artistic choice
go ahead, tell me what forces an animator to use an impact frame. whos holding the gun?
>its not always necessary to have such movement or be smooth
no one said its necessary, but its lazy. this isnt trademark trigger animatino you fucking retard. its an attempt at mimicking actual fluidity, not slapstick animation and jumping frames, and its a poorly animated sequence for what it tries to accomplish that also cuts corners as often as it can.
>that is Trigger/Gainax
guess it sucks for you that the direction and bulk of the animation production of the first episode was done by a1 then
>It still got the message across so sorry
a picture book gets the message accross as well. this has nothing to do with actually process of animating a sequence.

It appeared out of nowhere but it was always alluded to that he might still have difficulty on the whole 3 ride thing despite being a special specimen. He was already worn out at the end of 4 and his monologue alluded to it. We got more than enough information teased by Nana and Hachi about his opposite reaction, but the whole point was that he will continue on because he wants to be with her regardless of Zero Two's prerequisite to be her partner which is this tumor and we in turn learn that this is likely what was happening to other stamens and why she can never have a straight partner.
>to the whole problem he just overcomes it through sheer will. Kinda boring honestly.
There is nothing to say its gone, but it was always alluded and hinted at times to be an issue that his body had to adapt to and accept. That was literally the opposite of all stamens. It's there in the show so it perfectly fits, the reason he went limp is likely because he was absolutely fucking worn out and his body hit a peak. Of course the will to live is important at this point or you gonna just sit your ass worn out? It was perfectly fine considering its still a mystery in how it happened.

It probably is the color scheme yeah. The first Klaxo was cool but the rest haven't been interesting to me. I was half expecting Monster Hunter designs after the first one but all I got was bugs instead of dinosaurs.

I dont think the stakes are lacking though. Eva also had its world destroyed.
The thing is that Eva took time establishing that, world building.
In Franxx everything is still left mysterious. So we dont know the stakes.
But how big the stakes are worldwide is irrelevant. In Eva it mattered as it served to compound the feeling of dreadand put more pressure on Shinji.
In Franxx the worldwide stakes dont matter at this point. Its focus is in the characters and what they care about.
Different scales. Each are apropiate to their focus.
Both shows are about relationships only each approaches it differently within its "robots beat monster of the week" shell. Ill say that Eva was way more focused on that shell than Franxx is.

>What impact? It appeared out of nowhere in episode 4 was it?
It appeared on episode 5. The whole episode was about Hiro hiding it from the rest and how Zero Two was perceived by others. From a narrative perspective it fits right in with what the episode was going for.

Yeah except most irl girls aren't like 02.
>tfw no loyal dominant emotionally vacant gf

>See, if cancer is universal it's not something you just keep under wraps where you're 25% done with the story, but alongside yellow cells it's just some gibberish we can do nothing but assume and speculate on cause there's not enough meat to any of the episode to make any concrete conclusion either way.

Yeah. Because it's Episode 6.

In Evangelion we had an idea something was fucked up with the Evangelions from Episode 1, but that's kept under wraps until the final part of the series. We learned about the ominous council and the human instrumentality plan in the first few episodes, but no more than that for a long, long time.

etc etc

It's a 2 cour Anime, except things to be explained over time.

I doubt it's completely gone cause if it is then it would be the biggest fucking joke in the show but I also think if it's actually important to the narrative it would be useful to have some basic hints as to what it is while it's relevant instead of getting an exposition dump somewhere down the line. As is it's just a bad thing that happened we know nothing about that was overcome shortly after becoming a problem.

>go ahead, tell me what forces an animator to use an impact frame. whos holding the gun?
Just because there is no force doesn't suddenly mean its an artistic choice sorry. But in that sense, it was an artistic choice here too and you've done nothing to convince me otherwise.
>this isnt trademark trigger animatino you fucking retard
Sperging won't help you convince me. It clearly is and given what's been shown in the past and what these animators like sushio have done. You keep saying how its trying to mimick actual fluidity but what I see points it to the direction of my point and its a perfectly good animated sequence.
>guess it sucks for you that the direction and bulk of the animation production of the first episode was done by a1 then
Action scenes were under Imashi's supervision and as I said sushio had done those scenes and Fukushima has confirmed it was a joint job in that sense for Episode 1.
>a picture book gets the message accross as well. this has nothing to do with actually process of animating a sequence.
Correct. And it was much like a perfectly good one.

Most irl girls arent like any depicted in most media, particularly anime.

Which anime has had the most realistic girls even? And Im not talking in the stupid meme "lmao sluts" way Im talking in the actual person way.

It really wasn't, I ended up laughing. Klaxosaurs on the other hand, thanks to P13's inexperience as well have been entertaining for me. I like the contrast between the designs and how dangerous they can be. Especially in Episode 3 and 6. I don't just want cool, I like those designs that are out there.

>Which anime has had the most realistic girls even?
School Days

Eeeeuuuuuhh nah, NGE was a lot better at establishing what will be understood later and what we know nothing about. SELEE was mysterious but their position as unknown party with a lot of power can be taken for granted initially as it's not questionable to have some illuminati secret council controlling an important project from the shadows.

Episode 1 and 2 also gave a lot of hints that something's not right with robots when characters lose their shit over it moving on its own. Darlifa is nowhere near this elegant about establishing mysteries.

Thats great that its working for you Darling, move along now.

>SELEE was mysterious
Was SEELE even mentioned during the first six episodes? The only thing I remember showing up was the international council.

Don't forget that we're given no reason to care about the plantations at all

02 is a cute!

Ami from Toradora. I went to school with that bitch.

you don't even know what it is or if it's gone you dunce

Nah it seems you're bothered that someone likes it so I'll keep mentioning it.


it summarizes perfectly well that people who claim it was an asspull are total brainlets who did not pay attention at all

Frustrated strawberry give me hurty bonor

I bet the cancer thing will have something to do with Zero Two being part dino but lacking a core, so Hiro gets a core, and they now have to share one heart or something corny like that.

No one claimed that it was an asspull, though. In fact, those same people even pointed out that "bad writing" only means "asspull" to most Cred Forumsnons, which is an opinion they dont share.

Nah I disagree. DarliFra has done more than enough to establish certain things and mysteries on those of what we know that we'll find out later about.
>Darlifa is nowhere near this elegant about establishing mysteries.
I'd say it's done just as good if not better. It does not need to follow the same reactions or anything, it incorporates it in its dialogue and through visual representation or Hiro's eyes and it's done really well. Rewatching it is always a pleasure because you pick up something new since there is attention to detail.

>hiro's horn is between his legs

It doesn't seem you actually like it though, otherwise you wouldn't be so dismissive about whatever you think the "other side" is. Being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian doesn't contribute anything.
If you do enjoy it though Im glad and hope you continue to enjoy it.
Which is your favorite Klaxo?



I do actually like it and I'm not sure why you would think otherwise. But I apologize if I did so regardless.
Personally, I like the Conrad class back in Episode 3, where they had a nest and ended up with what looked like Queen Klaxo. They looked like cute little headcrab variants at first but then overwhelmed them pretty easily. That close up shot of the Queen about to consume Delphinium was especially nice.

*to elaborate on why I gave you a snarky remark, I thought you were dismissing me because I actually liked that aspect and didn't want to bother with someone who disagrees. If that wasn't the case, my bad. I'm always interested in reading either or opinion for what its worth which is why I replied.

I don't think you will find a realistically depicted human in anime period, especially female centric ones because they tend to give characters unchanging personality traits. In reality people aren't a character, they have a range of emotions and develop as people all the time. That said, Only Yesterday (it's a movie though) probably has one of the most realistic portrayals of a woman in anime. In terms of t.v. shows, my sister really likes Nichijou but I haven't seen much of it, from what I have seen it seems pretty accurate in how it shows friendship and stuff. You're probably better off asking a girl though.

Is it possible for a human to be as purely evil as Momoka?

Underrated post. Any half-competent show won't require you to think up excuses or make excessive assumptions as to why something happening in one way and no another and it won't leave you second guessing if the questions you have will be answered or if the writers don't even consider those to be questions. People instantly have a knee jerk reaction "HURR RETARD U WANT EVERYTHING SPELLED OUT IN EPISOD UNO????" but that's not how any of this works. It's just that if writers don't indicate their intention to develop something then there's no actual way to tell if something is legit supposed to be a mystery or just something you're supposed to take for granted. We can assume that the blue virus will get some explanation down the road but we assume it at most cause this is how fiction works, you can't just drop a random thing and then remove it later without even telling the viewer what the actual fuck that was. However since they don't actually at any point pose questions about it or drop hints it's as much of a mystery as why Klaxosauruses have blue blood or why 02 likes honey or why did she grow up into a person who swims in a pond naked to catch a fish or why mechs have butt controls or how magma fuel works or how society in this show operates or why APE dudes actually feel the need to wear ape themed masks or what exactly causes such strain on the pilots or how klaxosauruses spend their days on the planet etc etc etc.
I'm not saying all of these questions must be answered or that none of them should answered, just that the writers are doing a bad job of creating any sort of mystery and all arguments in these threads are based off of assumptions that the show will have a satisfying explanation to any question you might have so far cause that's how we're used to think when it comes to these things but we are used to this because of all the shows that did it better.

No, Momoka is an ascended being.

I think you have a different interpretation of "realsitic" then.
It doesnt mean it has to be 1/1 a real woman but it does have to be close enough than even as a character you are able to believe she can exist in the real world.

A good example of this are the characters in Summer Wars. They ARE characters some more than others but their interactions with one another are human and empathetic enough that you can believe they can exist.

Its all make-believe in the end but it matter how much work is put into making you believe.

is this pasta

No it's text

My eyes. Fix this shit.

Sum it up in 20 words or less

>670 posts

So it's pasta.

I think you're confusing mysteries with world building. APE, Zero Two's nature, the klaxosaurs -- none of these are mysteries, they are parts of the setting which have yet to be expanded upon. Hiro being Nine Iota is a mystery.

Writer should structure plot in a way that would allow viewer to understand what he should expect to learn later

Not really. That's just one way of doing things.

But I'm able to understand what we'll be expecting to learn later, at least the major stuff which is important. I don't need to and want to know what order. It's just another method to it anyway, there's no tried or success method nor should be. That's bad.