Fate Extra: Can They Have Sex in The Virtual World?


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its not a tattoo you fuck head she was stabbed by an arrow

It's a wound not a tattoo

Yeah, alright. That totally looks like a fleshwound, mister totally not a degenerate.

Only Zabiko can have sex with Umu!

> That totally looks like a fleshwound
You haven't even seen the show have you?

She don't have the guts!

fuck off

Not yet.


>dropping a show you haven't seen
Do us a favour and kill yourself along with your shit FranXX and VEG trash

the fuck kind of "wound" is that?

Did she fuck the guy too that made her this tattoo?



>FE is a hentai anime now
How low Fate has fallen

>implying fate wasn't a hentai in the first place

Anyone who knows anything of the series would know that Extra has literally nothing other than Nero.

>How low Fate has fallen

Fire Emblem is a hentai now? For shame!

I just realized because of Hakuno's manner transfer bit. Rin/Rani wasn't the first person to kiss Hakuno

That is a shame, considering out of 15 games, only 3 have girls worth fucking.

>that manic grin on her face at the end

There are way too many forced sexualization scene in F/E. It's like the writer is saying "hey look at this! boobs! like it!". really cheap anime.

Only a ip is keeping form this

No that would be when fate grand order was created

I-is he alright?

Enjoy your ban.

ree subs where

Implying I can't get new one faggot

cool bro come at me you fat neck beard.

Why did we gave these faggots civilication and technology?

implying fate series is not hentai

Go eat a cock bitch

It's just a bit of fanservice nothing wrong with it, sadly they have to do a ton of exposition since extra is a new thing to most of new Fate fans.

beautiful right ?

Why is red saiba's hair made out of honey?


They are Hentai games, but they not showing the obvious cheap sexualization on characters like Fate Extra & onwards.

Still no subs. Where are they. Reee

You didn't give anything senpai.

As long as Nero does


Cred Forums is for people 18 and older
thanks but I already have these webms, do you have the one they gut the christians like cows in the slaughter house?

I'm paying taxes that goes to these savages in one way or another.

if the theme of this anime is revolving around sex like most ecchi harem or even sex metaphor like in darling franxx I wouldn't complain about random sexual stuff, but fanservice moments here are just out of places and forced.


Flaming faggot

She should really get that wound checked out. It's making her right tit much larger than her left, get another for the left side

This art style is shit

>this thread

It's classical style of Shaft

Everyone knows that they had to make Li Shuwen a Berserker Class because there is no way Nero would have been able to beat him if he was running around while invisible and one-punching Masters like he did in the original game.


A thing of majesty. Sasuga Imperator.

>For shame!
It's an improvement from fujo garbage with occasional good gameplay.

Can't wait for redman vs umu fight

Did you watch the first episode?

Just starting watching this, on the second episode:

>Nero giving exposition while nude
>Shinji giving villain exposition while shaft-tilting

They went full SHAFT in this.


stonedman is not redman

Its the only reason to watch it after all

>implying that isn't the most fanservice we're going to get about Redman in the way that Rin's mana fridge isn't the most Tamamo fanservice we're going to get.

I'm surprised we're even gettin Buddha at this point.

>“The pirate laughed gracefully. Farewell to arms, and lay the guns to rest. A festival in the calm of the sea immersed in the past, the remains of the Pied Piper’s dream. The Sea of Stagnation welcomes visitors.”
>“The dead unrevived, the pride unable to be inherited, [his] face gone. The hunter dances on with the ghosts. The ticking of the clock resounds in the stillness. [He] continues to wander the Forest of Regrets”
>“The Garden of Forgetfulness repeats. A scream (fairytale) echoing in thin ink. An examination table, a tea party, and a story left behind.”
>“The sound of rain whittles away memory. Mist clouds the senses. Death blows through the City of Heavy Rainfall. Even now the mad scorpion continues to wait for only one person.”
>“The victorious lost sight of life. The defeated lost sight of death. There are two beats in the coronary world. No one remains to speak of the Unlimited—-”
>“The king reached completion and fell asleep. The knight waited for his awakening, gathering rust. The day breaks at the end of the seven heavens. Onwards, to the Spire of the Sun.“

No one remains to speak of the unlimited sounds like a hint to me

I mean it sounds legit but this show has been pretty disappointing from a fanservice perspective unless your favourite character is Nero.
I just don't have faith that we'll actually get a proper Redman or Miko~n scene.

The problem is in that CM scene they showed Gae Bolg and Lu Bu's Spear, which lines up with the battle in the game depending on whether you save Rin or Rani.

meant for this

It's probably a 2 core anime since robin hood battle will take 2 episodes so I don't doubt we get them even if not now.
I'm umu fan so I don't care much but it would be nice other people get something too.

So whose subs are the best for the show, currently?

the ones that have maestro


>Extra has literally nothing other than Nero.
Not even the best playable servant im her game Nerokek.
Redman > Foxslut > OOMOO

>Nerofags think she can beat Nameless
UBW > Imperial Privilege

So who is Rin's servant?

She will summon Domus Aurea inside of UBW


Old men

Tamamo lancer


Subs are out

Was that supposed to be Neil Armstrong in episode 3?


From the wiki:
>Armstrong is a Servant mentioned by Shinji Matou to be a participant in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, possibly referring to the American astronaut Neil Armstrong.

I wonder what class he is?

Meme subs are out.

I’d advise getting a less used, less STD filled whore.


Makes sense.

Can't wait till she use IP to "borrow" projection magic and beat Archer with K&B

fuck off Gawain


If garbage like Nero is able to do dumb shit like that with IP to meme herself relevant, then if Augustus is ever made he will have to be Gilgamesh tier bullshit using IP.

On a scale of 1-10 how trash is this anime?
Is genderbent, cow-tits Nero the only redeeming quality?

He will, Romulus is able to do shit like this but he doesn't like to be OP I guess

It's pretty decent so far, but still too soon to be able to tell


It take it Caligula does't have IP because he's a berserker and Caesar doesn't have it since he was never technically an emperor.

Why is her tiddie way bigger than the other?

She is holding one up to show her wound

This cow wasn't milked enough.

>Literal virgins that don't know how tits work.
Almost ass bad ass "Ass men" that don't know that regular asses don't bulge out rediculously. when women are standing straight up.


How bad are the memesubs ?


Shit subs are out.

So the most interesting thing that i understand, is that hakuno might have been on the last layers.

Did Nero always have big ass tits

My artist sister disagrees.

According to Wada yes.


For the most part, yeah. Casko is a bit above her though.

Except that there is no indication of a lot of pushing at it looks bad. It would also bludge more. Before accusing others of being a virgin, maybe you should learn how fucking anatomy works, retard

Why a crossbow again?

Which one you recommend?

So what happened last episode?
And no I'm not watching this unless it gets good.


How do you know if you're not watching it

Fuck off

How does Nero compare to Moedred and Artoria?

Might win against Mod red but Artoria is stronger.

I meant in terms of cuteness.

Depends on taste against Mordred. Both beat Arthuria

Nero is cuter, she's shortstacked too.

I don't even know what's going on anymore.
Why is it the year 3000?

way better

Will we get Padoru Padoru?

Also am I meant to know what Se.Ra.PH, etc. is or is it something that'll get explained later in the show?

Suck my Chakravartin bitch


I want to sex the umu!

Fucking idiot that hasn't watched the show.
It's all virtual, and this is what wounds look like after the battles. They can be healed in load screen type shit and mana rest spots.
Not tattoos you cuck.

At some point between getting stabbed by Shinji and traveling to the city Hakuno was put into a coma for 1000 years.

when does the full version of the ED come out

February 28 apparently.


That’s some awful anatomy.

Caligula has it, secondary. Play F/GO or fuck off.
>Caesar doesn't have it since he was never technically an emperor.

Reminder that Nero is canonically a slut used by countless men and women. If you waifu her you are undeniably a cuck.

fuck off

Hey fate lore fags, if it's the year 3020 and the world has gone to shit, why hasn't the timeline been pruned during the previous quantum timelock? Fucking Nasu can't keep his shit consistent.

*hijacks your god-computer*

Psth, nothing personel Master.

She seems a bit too pure for that


It’s ironic to use Tohsaka as your reaction image considering Fate got its start with her getting jackhammered.

Why is Nero so adorably adorable UMU cute?

isnt fate series literally adapted from eroge games?

this, i love the fateverse but could only endure the first episode so far. wtf did they think

because shes literally midged with big racks and tits and always has huge smile and wants to be praised non-stop

She's unbeatable.

I want to get a rimjob from Nero

I want to praise her nonstop

>used by
She used them so it's fine. You're thinking of Drake.

Images like that make me wanna bully her

Just soft bullying or she will cry

Hello newfaggot

Press Circle to Extend Hand

I'm saving this to watch it after it is finished and I heard it has a lot of changes from the game
Please tell me they kept the elevator rides before elimination battles, those were the best part of the game

Does FM have that stupid UMU counter again?

>Please tell me they kept the elevator rides before elimination battles, those were the best part of the game


>shooting at her tits


what a fucking garbage sub group

it's sub groups like FM that make people realize how vital Crunchy is. You don't miss it until you lose it

Can you really blame him for having his eyes on them. You shoot where you're looking that's why you don't look at the goalie's pads but the net

>singlehandedly killed thirty something Masters




It's a new entry of Extra. Not an adaptation
Treating this as an adaptation of Extra is like treating Hollow Ataraxia as an SN adaptation

Crunchy's subs are a lot of times not much better, even if they don't have a meme counter

He's basically shooting at the center mass.

It's not a group but one guy from Cred Forums doing the favor of subbing it since nobody else is doing it. We lost the group that was willing to sub it becuase of shitposting and who knows if we will lose this guy due to the shit that you are saying.

Who want an Anime entirely about red man doing red man things?


You don't even know what are red man things about.

why do you all call aimer redman

crunchysubs are satisfactory and never downright shit, which is more than I can say for most sub groups. Plus no waiting

He should be fucking ashamed for putting garbage in his subs. This isn't even the praetor vs. maestro debate - this is flat-out, undebatable, 100% terrible subs. You're not cute, you're not funny, you're just cringeworthy as fuck, and fuck you for defending a retard.


Include Shinji and I'm on board

Jessu Christ I wish FE was a hentai anime

>J.J. Abrams will never create a masterful nine part adaptation of Fate Extra


Her Master is a he.

This is fate extella zero.

Umu likes women more though

Don't worry, NIKUIman will die and reincarnate as Zabiko again



I can't stand her with Male MC

She still likes women more though

>can they have sex in the virtual world
Pretty sure in extella Tamamo and Hakuno's soul did. It is >implied, though.

B-b-but arrows are supposed to bounce off big boobs.

>"His" pleading eyes
It's a he.

It's just the translation.
In Japanese it is not implied that it's a he.

>I still don't follow

And later in the video, her Master is the male one.

It was just the moment, they needed to have someone with redman too.
There's more official art with Female, also in the opening of Extra, we can see her only with Female MC.


Fucking drppped.

Fate/stay night is now normalfag shit.

It only took 6 years to turn a very closed otaku driven fandom into normalfag central 101.


Hey is that purple star tattoo a JoJo reference?

In the last Fate show we had an Archer whose power turned her into a Berserker
In this one we have an Archer who becomes an assassin

Nasu's diary confirms that Hakuno is male and that his Servant is Saber. His female counterpart was only an NPC that had nameless as her servant. That's the new canon and the basis that Extella Link will be following.

99% of ofical art nowadays it's with a male Hakuno

>complaining about the fact that Robin Hood uses a fucking bow to catch people unawares

No, That's Extella/Zero and that's the script Nasu just wrote. Also, I believe FemMC will have the option to be with Saber or Tamamo in the next game.

In the anime, not in the game though.
The game and the anime are different things

But that's just optional like it was in Extella. Female shouldn't even be there. It's just pandering to yurifags and female players that want to choose the female Hakuno.

Watch the episode retard

A fucking CROSSbow! WHY?!

>well, Master, I tried to shoot at him, but her perfect boobs were in front of me, so...

>charming smile
>cheerful umu personality
>beauriful body
>alluring dress

Nero is olev, would watch this for her alone

So I saw the clip after the ending wtf is the Moon Cell rejecting Dan as the winner.

Can someone answer a question for me.

Is faster than light travel classified in the realms of true magic?

As we all know, true magic is classified as anything that is considered impossible within the current era. Something that cannot be achieved by either science or magic craft of that specific time period.

Creating something from nothing first Magic, second Magic dimensional travel, third magic Soul creation, and 5th Magic time travel related.

All of which currently Impossible by magic craft or science of the current era.

So what I'm thinking is, faster than light should be under the realms of true magic. Because it is something absolutely unachievable in the current era.

Read CCC

holy crap you're a special kind of retarded

What happened?

I will enjoy seeing him have his ass handed to him.

Truly perfect

Which is curious because apparently he couldn't ascend after doing so.

>Fate Extra: Can They Have Sex in The Virtual World?
>Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna.

>he hates it

to be fair i kinda feel this way till tsukihime gets an anime...tired of just fate

Given how the system to ascend is a remnant of the rules of the HGW, it probably won't acnowledge a victory unless it's a proper 1 on 1 duel. Assasinating masters without setttinng the duel up is probably not recognized by the system as a victory


>till tsukihime gets an anime


No need to go to SAO. In Extra itself, Rin or Rani have a good old sex ritual to restore your servant after Li leaves them fucked up

What's with the whole praetor vs maestro thing? Wasn't it always translated as praetor? Not baiting but genuinely asking since I only played the first extra on psp and extella.

Different translators translate things differently. More news at 11

Well, this episode was far superior to the previous ones. At least I understood what was going on and Hakuno wasn't a complete zombie. There's hope after all.

Why would any magus ever want to go to space? They want to go to the root and it's not like it's going to be in space.

Why do you post a blank image?

how do i find a girl like nero?

you don't

she finds me?

You know all this Moon cell shit made me realize something.

Magicians have never tried to go to space before.

Like I've read a lot of type Moon related things, and never once have I saw anything about them going to space or even trying.
Science and magic craft can achieve the same things but with different causes.

The scientific side has succeeded in space Travel and landing on the moon and launching satellites.
what about the Magic side? What have they accomplished in the space industry?
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Likes no one has ever tried to build a magic Workshop in space. And since all the Mana on Earth is getting depleted, why didn't they think of getting space Mana?

and don't mentioned mr. Kaleidoscope, he's a different Beast all together.


Because they don't want to go to space, duh

because you can't use magic outside earth

Who cares, where is Tamamo?

>And since all the Mana on Earth is getting depleted, why didn't they think of getting space Mana?
The Harways won't let anyone, space travel is dead in Extraverse.

Tamamo is in the garbage pile where she belongs. Not a draw, no dimes.

And her voice is ugly

Fuck you.

You too fuck each other like the faggots you are.

>tripfag projecting
As expected

>she hates boobs

Maybe by going to space they can reach the root easier?

No really think about it. As long as any creature remains on planet Earth, the world will forever try to stop them from reaching route. Upon leaving the planet Earth they're completely disconnected from Gaia and to not be affected by the will of the planet.

The moon for example is one place unaffected by Gaya.

May just go through so much trouble to hide from the planet, why not just leave the damnfrom the planet, why not just leave the damn place?

Plus who's the says root cannot be accessed through space and ultimately reaching ultimate source of root that is the Big Bang?

Plus isn't it Gilgamesh's greatest wish for Humanity to fulfill the prophecy of escaping in the planet? And when that happens they absolutely will no longer be affected by gaya

This is leads me. Why not?
Also I think you're misunderstanding what magic is in type Moon. Seeing as how magic pretty much doesn't exist in notes and they're still using ether and the fact that in CCC that use Code cast with spiritron on the moon when magic is pretty much over already on Earth. And finally that there's also two different sources of energy for magic craft, one from the outside world and one purely from the inside of One's Own body

Autism. An Ignoble Phantasm possessed by much of the Fate fanbase.

Very true

Aksys fucked up.
Xseed didn't want to bother fixing that fuck up

>The Harways
>This is leads me
*Eludes me

EXTRA is nothing without Tamamo. NOTHING. Not even worth watching, and I also like Nero but compared to Tamamo, she is shit in comparison.

Don't talk about Extraverse without actually knowing anything about it.

>MC wants to destroy the Moon
>The Moon is the only thing that can save humanity.

I can only see bad ends.

Tamamo is utter garbage in comparison to Nero

>Not even worth watching, and I also like Nero but compared to Tamamo, she is shit in comparison.

how dare you, I have some sympathy for Tamamo fags but you can't talk about umu like that

They're both garbage so this isn't saying much

Not that guy, but I also want to know the answer too. What did these Harways do?

Nero is great. Fuck you, faggot


is she a joestar?

Nero living in your head rent free

the first few scenes of LE contraddict Extella/zero

it's almost as if a goddamn blogpost isn't really all that important canon-wise

Maybe the Moon should’ve thought about being a dick beforehand

Anything > rotting shit > Nero

Nero is garbage. I'm glad she got BTFO in this episode by based Robin.

I want to stab umu in the boob too

>anything>huge piles of rotting shit>your taste


Read And fuck off back to /fgog/ with your irredeemably shit taste

Wait for Chyuu if you want good subs.

>rani gets her 5 seconds of fame
>secondaries don't give a shit
What did she do to deserve this?

nobody gives a shit about Rani

??? no one is talking about that gacha shit here, i think you're projecting here.

Saber explains the intended meaning and rationale for her use of Shousa in episode 2. That explanation is non-sensical if it is translated as Praetor.

spoken like a true secondary

I wonder how far Nasu will make NIKUIman go.

Can cold cast spells be used in the real world? Or to be more precise, can they affect the real world via cyberspace? Or are they cyber space and cyberspace only kind of deal.

Good taste my dude
If they make NIKUIMAN go full AM We'd see some incredible shit. Also makes a good contrast vs Twice and Savor.

Its Code Cast, not cold cast. In Extra timeline there is no mana left so the only magecraft is literally hacking scripts.

But I have fine and refined tastes. You're the barbarian with disguting garbage taste

Own 30% of the Earth's Resources and after Armstrong stopped people from physically travelling to the moon

1000 year timeskip
Humanity to disappear from the universe.
Timeline prune incoming

prepare to get lostbelt

Roll for Mordred

Butthurt yurifag literally seething.

Just imagine it: 100 stars every turn!

If humanity is so fucked it's already a lostbelt, it's going to get pruned unless Hakuno does some Mooncell hax to save humanity.

>In Extra timeline there is no mana left so the only magecraft is literally hacking scripts.
You know since they discovered that the soul was actually just made of quantum particles AKA Spiritrons, is it best to say that the reason they no longer can use magic is because they discovered the truth? And that they just need to figure out how to actually now control their Quantum particles from a scientific perspective. Seeing that the fundamental difference between science and Magic is just the process of cause to reach a certain effect

You know, when you're stabbed like that, the best thing to do is to leave the object in or you'll bleed out

Not when it's literally poisoned

Even if it's poisoned?

Oh, it was a poison arrow? My mistake, I don't watch this, just wondered in on a whim. I'm too secondary for this big ass franchise

Extra is original, you can watch if you want

I hate shaft

Why didn't Sefar destroy everything if 1000 more years passed? Did Saver beat Sefar?

That's a cool theoryand all but lore has it an event in the 1970's in trying to summon the big bad from Tsukihime 2, never ever btw and it went very very wrong.

Fragment of 3020 pretty strong yo

Sefar is still asleep. Never woke up because Hakuno hasn't won so Moon Cell is still in observation/cloaking mode

Neron did not have a scar on her neck?

Well according to fate extra verse. The true true nature of magic is basically things relating toq quantum theory.
The nature of science is to discover the truth after all. And Magic and mystery come from ignorance of the truth.
So I guess magic pretty much stopped working when they discovered the truth, and if they want to rebuild their magic, they have to do in the scientific way. At which point it is no longer Magic but another form of science.

So the whole fate universe is just a bunch of quantum physics going about. And that the soul is made of quantum particles and can directly control Quantum particles. And that the collective will of mankind in the planet is just a quantum network and the loss of magic is based on the cognitive shift of discovering the truth that the soul is just Quantum particles killing the last bit of mystery there is. achieving the ultimate form of science, by disproving the mysterious nature of the soul.
And since the soul is no longer mysterious, there's no longer magic in this world.

Also what this guy said.
But I mean the gradual loss of magic was already going on in the first place even before this sooo

How are there Sakura and Rin knock offs here as well as Saber ones but no Shirous? Wouldn't the fandom throw massive amounts of anger at the creators for not having a shirou for these girls to lust over?

Nameless was just kinda there in the game, as I recall.

There is one actually.
Muramasa Shiro.

Yeah here is his chant, AKA ultimate unlimited blade works
Not the invincible swordsman Jūbei,
neither the highly praised master of espionage Hanzō,
nor the renown Onmyouji Abe no Seimei.
More than anything, just a swordsmith.
But unpreparedness spelt your defeat.

Once seeking for the ultimate blade.
A blade of steel cutting no flesh, nor bones and neither life.
What I seek for is the clearance of resentment.
The cutting of bonds, fate and destiny.

That is, to free onesself from Karma.

Upon ones arrival are countless tools.
Carved over a thousand blades, forming a pile of swords.
This is the place where all paths cross
This is the place where all desires flow
This is the place where all deaths await
My whole life was for this single swing.

The heart of the blade is right here!
Take this, This is my Tsumugari Muramasa!!!

thats another term i guess

Will we see Karna in in this version of Extra? They've pretty much given up on following on the original story or CCC so could they shove him into some part of the new story or some throw-away cameo?


So after reading this, isn't Kaleidoscope man pretty much the most powerful person mean in type Moon universe?(excluding any other existences that can play across space time)

The man himself pretty much has the ability to end a universe if he wishes it

They are still following the original EXTRA's formula and apparently their servants, at least for now. Karna is added upon CCC as Jinako's servant, but considering the anime has stuff that seems from Extella there is a possibiliy.

He would job hard though. In Apocrypha his Vasavi Shakti is EX-ranked, which is why you'd need something like Achilles' shield to block it successfully or a command spell boosted attack to match it like Balmung. In the Mooncell Vasavi Shakti drops to A++ and this drop is so considerable that allowed Gawain to TANK IT with relative small damage. It essentially means Karna would be a weaker servant in this world than his Apocrypha's incarnation

>hakuno and nero about to fuck in extella in nero's bond 30 special myroom event
>tamamo cockblocked again
Fuck you dumb fox



hakuno's cock belongs to tamamo, nero can settle for the female version

Goddamn why is Hakunon so sexy?

In either case, is there really any risk of bleeding out from a wound that size? Seems unlikely to me but I don't know jack shit about wound treatment, so maybe it is big enough.



We need more yuri.

It was poisoned bleeding out would be unlikely but that posion is lethal.

/u/fags need to leave

based apex

Nope, Nero likes men and only men.

Do you even know here character?


Yes and in every piece of media about her, whether it's a manga, game, drama cd, or animation, Nero has only ever expressed interest in men and only shown to like men.

Are you really saying that?
Seriously not a bait?

>There's more official art with Female, also in the opening of Extra, we can see her only with Female MC.
That blatantly wrong. there's only official artwork of her with Make Hakuno and in the game openings she is with Male Hakuno.

Yes, because that's a fact. She's only ever expressed interest in men. She is only ever paired with Male Hakuno and only ever loves men in any fate media that uses her.

That's wrong though.
Search the wiki and see the opening.
I accept the fact there's a reason from MaleMC with Nero but not that.

Have you even played the game and watch the anime though?

No, it's clearly Nero and Male Hakuno.

She bisexual, user.
It's confirmed and canon.
She said it herself both in the anime and both in the game multiple times.

Yes, both Extra, CCC, and I forced myself through Extella. Nero only ever shows love and affection towards men, and she is only ever paired officially with Male Hakuno.

Just check the opening and send me a screenshot where Nero is with MaleMC.

No, she's straight.
Stop trying to force her into /u/ when she's clearly not interested in girls.



Couldn't find the screenshots but here's the proof.

The break really helped this episode.

>Still says she prefers men.
Yeah no, she's straight.

/u/fags BTFO!

That's not what straight means

>1 official art with Male MC

>4 official arts with Female MC

Actually it All official art with Male MC and zero official arts with Femc.


Speaking of which, what's Rani's reason for surviving without a Servant? For Rin, you could explain that she sold her Servant to Shinji (although I doubt that's what she did.)

>Prefers MEN
She prefers women, user.
Nasu just paired her with Male MC so 15 year old kids can self insert with him



She does prefer men.

Try official art next tim-oh wait there is none.


If her breast was peirced, then why didn't her tit deflate?

You need to do your research.


>Likes pretty girls even more
Can't you read?

What you posted was fanart.

It's not it's straight up from the wiki.

I'm sure they'll explain it in the next episode. I'm assuming she's just capable and managed to live against hunter man or whatever.


Loves pretty boys and handsome old men
So when Hakunon grows up Nero would dump her is what this says basically.


Because it's not stated it doesn't mean that she wouldn't like her. Your arguments are weak.

Different user, from the wiki yes but from Wada's Illustration book or something.

No, it's fanart.

What's so fun about rubbing two holes together?
yurifaggot who can't understand the joy of benis in bagina should kill themselves

Why is there even an available Female MC option for the girls if everyone isn't bisexual.

I could have sworn there was a scene of Nero and Rin in bed in a game with awkward dialogue implying they were either having sex or making out. We could only see their legs and I'm pretty sure the Fox is just flat out Hakuno sexual but she likes taking cocks because she tried to give the female version one before

I'm pretty sure that was Redman and Rin in FGO

should I be using FMFansub or APEX

It just me or did Robin sound like Mercurius for a when he was talking to Hakuno?


Ah so you're gonna go off a headcanon she would still lile Hakunon when she's 50+ then


Dude, it's not a headcannon it's just not stated jfc don't be an retard. Is this your only argument?

Simple trick to fix them.

whats with all you fucking autists tonight?

No, it was years before Grand Order was even a thing. I remember because I saw that ugly brown uniform of the fate school of the MC, I think it happened in a nurses office

Because the game wasn't well programmed or designed and they fixed that in CCC by making it so the romance scenes only happen with the opposite gender.

I still don't know what the fuck is going on.
Is it a loop? Was he a girl in the previous loop? Who can remember all that? Did Shinji live for a thousand years? what

That's not true.
I played it as well.

No, that was Rin(or Rani) raping a weakened, drained, and defenseless Nero who did not like or want it one single bit.

You can't satisfy fatefags.

Not the same guy you were arguing with at the beginnong
As i posted here
She has no listings of liking Old Woman only pretty girls. If they wanted to say she would like wold women they easily could have said pretty girls of all ages or something. It's more of an argument than what's being provided from your side.

>Is it a loop?
>Was he a girl in the previous loop?

Even the weakest of servants should be able to easily push off a human,right?


No because powerlevels are bullshit and mages can boost their strength till E~D rank apparently


even a teacher can beat a servant

To be fair he was getting buffed by caster

based we PRAETOR now

So what you're telling me is that there is no magic at all in the nasuverse? And that it's all quantum physics?

I really fucking like the mini jacket Nero's got in Last Encore. Good refinement of her design.

What's wrong with my nigga Dan?
I don't like seeing him like this.

>Is it a loop?
>Who can remember all that? Did Shinji live for a thousand years? what
This is all explained in the fucking show, how bad is your ADHD that you can't even follow an 24 minute episode?


No to all those.

1000 years of solitude

Haven't you noticed that all the true Magics are all actually related to quantum theory?
Denial of nothingness, which create something from nothing
Operation of parallel worlds
Manifestation of the Soul(spiritron Quantum particles)
And time travel.

All of which are different aspects of quantum physics.
So I believe reaching the root is actually achieving control of quantum physics.
Because the root itself isn't really magic, it's the truth. And the truth is pretty damn sciency.

Umu doesn't "like" anybody, Umu LOVES, and Umu loves EVERYBODY, for everybody is Roman when she's done with them.

Don't look at thread for 10 minutes and people go from discussion umu tits to quantum theory

And she only loves men.

Years change a man. To think Dan become the guy that would use anything to win and Robin would become the most chilvarour of the duo by a small margin is actually surprising. Then again, Shinji became the guy that made a safe haven, Rin was alright with killing a bunch of people to ascend and Hakuno became an Avenger.

Basically, Last Encore is the Soviet Russia of EXTRA

What the fuck
That's incorrect, you retard. I proved it to you 30mins ago.

Why can't nerofags accept that she prefers women?

Everybody except senators and christians

>proving anything to anyone
Try again.

Whore of babylon

Same reason Tamamocucks can't accept that their Foxslut isn't a prostitute.

Why Tamamofags doesn't accept she's is a buttslut and a slut who fucks everyone

Why has "Praetor" become haram?

Because she doesn't. Both Nero and Redman are the straight options. Foxgirl is the bi option and Gil is the no romance option.

Dude you are literally retarded. Nero is more bi that Tamamo.

Wrong, Nero is straight only ever with the male Hakuno and Tamao is bi and equally with the male Hakuno and Femc.

Shut the fuck up

Isn't Nero supposed to have a bad personality? This Saber is too nice to be associated with him.

Dude the wiki literally says she is bisexual jfc.

Honestly I think of most Fate characters as bi even in Staynight VN most characters are bi they just want to pander to most people possible.

Nero prefers women
Gil prefers men
Archer prefers women
Tamamo prefers men
You have to be retarded to think otherwise

>Tamamo prefers men


I don't understand how Tamamofags have such cognitive dissonance that they can't even fathom that Tamamo is a slut

Still hate the "Vagina window" skirt design.
Its literally says "Fuck Me"

source please

>Nero prefers women
Wrong, she prefers woman
>Gil prefers men
Wrong, he doesn't give a fuck
>Archer prefers women
Only one that's right
>Tamamo prefers men
Wrong, she likes both.

It doesn't and editing a wiki to win an argument is in poor taste so don't go doing it.

The profile from the official game says she prefers women more than men.

>Tamamo prefers men
>Wrong, she likes both.
I think you need to google definition of word "prefer" brainlet.

look for lazu in sadpanda

Me on the left
My dreams on the right

It's not important to LE. It's still canon for Extella and Extella Link.

IRL Nero was a hedonist, he loved the common people and threw a lot of extravagant parties and public performances for them and they also liked him for it, but he's also bad at politics and made a bunch of bad decisions like openly opposing the Senate and burning Christians as scapegoat for the Fire of Rome (which he didn't actually cause btw).

No, she says she likes men and only men. Young or old but still only men.

I thought I recognized that glorious snek voice.

She also specifies that she only likes old men (like 40+ or something) at one part of the game, so there's that.

After listening to snek babble for hours, his voice became impossible to miss.

Can we finally start getting a timeframe for events yet?

Did Dan go insane 50 years prior and started massacring masters because of the Chakravartin completing then, denying him from being able to advance to the third floor?

So what I gather from this thread is that every other main servants of Extra are bisexuals degenerates and Nameless is the purest?


He's a slut too

He is a manslut though.

You are not living your life correctly.

He's a fucking Chad

>someone post the pic where Emiya needs to confront Rin, Hakunon, and Gudako at the same time for being such a player.

There's no doubt

Jesus, this thread.



This is the face of a manslut

It's too bad there isn't Hakunon



She does. This nero has a horrible personality. I haven't seen the animu yet so dunno how accurate it is, but she's just as shit as you would expect.

What makes SHAFT decide to introduce the impotent Hakuno over the kawaii Hakunon?

>This entire episode
I don't get it

What you don't get user

Toxic masculinity and the male gaze

They need the self insert bucks.

What the fuck did Rani mean by this being the 3000s? I played both Extra and Extella and this shit still confuses me.

Hakuno is retarded

I don't need to hear that from history's greatest monster.

We don't know yet user, but most people think it's because Hakuno/Hakunon failed to kill buddha (unlike the games) you can see that in the first episode, and he has been trying ever since to do that and buddha took over SERAPH for some reason we don't know yet too.

Well you see, she a jobber and noncanon so...

I want cake Aoko to sit on my face with her jeans, and I want to eat her ass.

It means that for some yet unexplained reason, there has been a 1000 year time skip
It obviously has something to do with Twice and Saver, but we don't know what. It's why SE.RA.PH is fucked though

>posting reddit gudako

We don't know.
It's either an Extella/Zero retelling of Extra with things Nasu wish he was able to have in the game originally, and/or a lostbelt from when Hakuno/Hakunon fail to stop Twice at the end of the game.

We just know that for some reason a 1000 year timeskip or time loop has occurred, and now that Savor has the Chakravartin even more deranged shit has started taking place like NUKUIMAN.

APEX is a TM fag that played Extra so he knows to use the right terms unlike FMF and Chyuu

Just get the three to fuck each other. Archer always gets the bisexual bitch masters.

fucking hell I meant Nikui

what he said



APEX is a /fgog/fag who is just editing what he doesn't like about FMF.
Chyuu still has prettier and more accurate subs.

Wow my dude, how heartwarming. All those Servants just for the self-insert!
Better share it with my buddies on /vg/.

he subbed the last 3 or 4 episodes of Apocrypha AND Moonlight/Lostroom when there were no subs whatsoever. There is a reason people like him and want his subs

He did his own this time Chyuu used a lot of innaccurate terms. The only thing that's good from them is they release a netflix version with had no dimming

>>“The victorious lost sight of life. The defeated lost sight of death. There are two beats in the coronary world. No one remains to speak of the Unlimited—-”
>shows both Cu and Lu Bu weapon
I would like the redman to appear but its just not plausible.

Yes, but he's not doing that for Extra.

>Chyuu used a lot of innaccurate terms.
Such as?

He subbed most of Apoc

He fucked up terms regarding magical energy back in EP2

>Yes, but he's not doing that for Extra.
well user?

What terms?
If it's just one conversation in 1 episode I really couldn't care less.

That was already posted.

So are Rin and Rani the same person in this? Are they NPCs? Will each floor have a different girl taking the same place? Are they really Hakunon?

>Yes, but he's not doing that for Extra.
He already released EP4

I'm surprised that the boob didn't deflate

>If it's just one conversation in 1 episode I really couldn't care less.
It's on the same level of mistranslating "Reality Marble" like what nu-UTW did back in apoc.

But not like it wouldn't matter to you if you aren't a TMfag and won't be watching anything TM related after this.

Already watched the livestream, so I'll be waiting for Chyuu like I did with UTW (False) last season, on principle of not using /fgog/ subs.

>It's on the same level of mistranslating "Reality Marble"
Really? You still haven't said what the error was.

God damn you autists and your subgroups

/fgog/ living in your head rent free

I guess so.

>people actually shitting on the UMU counter

Yeah, I forgot we where in the "internet is serious business" era.

Go kill your selves while you are at it.

The "error" was apparently that Chyuu translated maryoku as "Magic Power" rather than "Magical Energy". Which isn't actually an error, it's just different from how it's usually translated.

UMU memers are GO secondaries who don't deserve to live.

I think TM fans should actually be less bothered by slight differences like that, because you understand what they mean with the context and by hearing the japanese word anyway.


Who's subs do I watch?

Wow we truely live in a time where we spend more posts bashing on subs rather than discussing the plot

APEX because the translator actually played the source material

>Fuck you for wanting quality

>I think TM fans should actually be less bothered by slight differences like that
>He doesn't know

APEX or Chyuu
As long as it's not FMF

>check nyaa
>only episodes 3 and 4 subbed by apex
who am I supposed to watch for everything else?

Did APEX do the retarded "names in caps because they're spelled with katakana" thing this episode?

Sensei and her pants.

I know we're generally autistic, but logically speaking, it matters less when you understand what they mean anyway. Stuff like Legendary Souls in Extra didn't bother me in the slightest.

Watch Chyuu subs. You should wait for them for new episodes too.

APEX played the source and a TMfag.

>Did APEX do the retarded "names in caps because they're spelled with katakana" thing this episode?
Yes. Hakuno is spelled as HAKUNO. Mainly because in the website css, there are two writings for Hakuno's names, the one in Katakana and the one in Kanji.


So how much does the cartel pay this guy?

FMF, fuck the haters.

Kind of proving my point there, buddy.

>Mainly because in the website css, there are two writings for Hakuno's names, the one in Katakana and the one in Kanji.
Wow I had no idea you could actually hear the difference between katakana and kanji in spoken Japanese.

You realize with how much cleavage she shows, if she had a tattoo we would've seen it long ago, right?

You missed the point. He did that to distinguish which Hakuno they are talking about.

It's Nasu's fault that they are mindfucking us with why Hakuno's name is suddenly spelt in Katakana while still having a Kanji one.

You know you want her too, user.

But aren't Rin and Shinji's name spelled differently on the site too.

But was there another Rin with her name spelled in Kanji on the website too?

Well, it's not like he's the first to do that.
Remember SHIKI and Shiki? Or Shiki and SHIKI?

I didn't miss the point. I understand using caps for things like written text translations to differentiate katakana and kanji, but with translating spoken text it's retarded.


The VNs have text. Using caps is relevant.
Here you don't have text. All you hear is what the characters say. You don't know how it's written. All the other characters have katakana two, rather than kanji like the game.
ÃPEX is a /fgog/ retard.

I love robin hood's voice

>visual novels
>light novels

Did the love the meme out of her? Has she been cured of her evil?

I like it desu


>You don't know how it's written.
Surely you can't be this retar-

Does all the other characters have a listed separate character for them that's in Kanji like Hakuno?

everything is reddit

Well said, señor

They're clearly meant to differentiate from the original game characters. If he's going to be an autist about that distinction, he should've gone all out. It's not like there have been two Hakunos at the same time on the screen, and if there were, the spoken lines still wouldn't have caps to let you know which one they're talking about.

The official Japanese Netflix subtitles used katakana to write Hakuno.
So we do know how it is written.

>Here you don't have text
What are subtitles if not text, Mr. BR?

holy shit shut the fuck up

Good point, actually.
But did they use them for Rin and Shinji? Because if so, it's the same deal.

The episode doesn't air with subtitles.
>thinking I'm a hue monkey

Ummm this isn't text? Unless you don't know what a Katakana is

Who will win?
Emiya versus EMIYA?

That's written in katakana.
Voiced lines aren't.

The fact is, there are two Hakuno, and only 1 of each rin and shinji

>thinking I'm a hue monkey

pay debts then

Nobody is saying that voice lines are Katakana

What we are arguing is that Hakuno is written as HAKUNO because it's been identified that that Hakuno is the one that's spelled in Katakana.

Nope, the original version of Rin and Shinji still exist.
If you're going to be autistic about the way it's written, you should go all out.

It's called a typo, senpai.

Yes, and RIN and SHINJI are the versions of those characters in this anime.

>It's called a typo, senpai.
How the fuck do you even have that shit on your keyboard so readily that you can get that typo just from attempting to capitalize it if you're not a PT/BR?

>Yes, and RIN and SHINJI are the versions of those characters in this anime.
But there's no reason to distinguish them like that because only 1 rin and shinji was listed

Aoko isn't Sacchin.

Maybe not in practice, but it is incorrect and following inconsistent "rules".


>But did they use them for Rin and Shinji?
Yes. They're in Katakana.

In other words, APEX is wrong and needs to apply himself more.
Thank you for the confirmation.

He's using it because there are two Hakunos though

Still inconsistent.

>no ruby text on NP
I thought Chyuu was good?

If the Netflix jap subs have ruby text, you're right.

>ruby text
>English subtitles

Shit I just downloaded Chyuu. I'm pretty autistic about this. I remember APEX having ruby texts in Apoc, but he doesnt have EP1 and EP2 in extra.

Does FM have ruby texts?

In other words, your original point was retarded and you've moved the goalpost multiple times to save face on an anonymous imageboard.

FM does have ruby texts but I don't remember an NP being activated in 1 and 2 so it doesn't matter what you use.

Chyuu is retarded

My original point is the same, retard.
It's OK to not distinguish the characters in subs at all, because you wouldn't know who they're talking about from what they say in dialogue.
But if you are going to be autistic and make sure subs match the character they're referring to, you should at least be correct and thorough about it, and follow the official JP subs.

I have yet to see a second Hakuno. Come back when there is one.
And IF, that's a big if, but IF another Hakuno appears, refer to that fake Hakuno as HAKUNO. Not the main one.

>refer to that fake Hakuno as HAKUNO
Take that shit back to whatever decade you think you're still in

Not having Ruby texts destroys the chuuni fun of fate to begin with

And take your shit back to whatever franchise do you think you're still in.

The mirror moon VN translation didn't have ruby text outside of the status screen.
It actually only gets in the way in the middle of action scenes.