Sakura is the ideal wife for Shirou. Why...

Sakura is the ideal wife for Shirou. Why? She's the only one of the main heroines who doesn't stand by and watch as he goes off to kill himself by proxy in some wartorn desert hellhole.



Yeah, she stood by and watched him kill himself in an undergound cave hellhole.

The last Taiga dojo says the possibility about that happening is the same with Rin around. People die if they want to die, and heroines can do nothing about it sadly.

If Shirou tried to skip town on Sakura to go fight for justice until he died, Rider would catch him and tie him to a chair until he gave up

Why is Saber so cute in this pic

because she is cute

Its better to die doing what you believe is right than live a life filled with regrets and abandoned dreams.

The moment Shirou abandoned his ideals. He stopped being Shirou.

The moment Shirou stopped being defined by other men's borrowed ideals and thus filled the hollow void that was his soul, he became Shirou again.

The same could be said for Rin and Saber in Sunny Days, but more importantly, there's no way Rin would let Shirou get so deep into shit that his life is at risk that she wouldn't rush over and cause a humongous mess via Kaleidoscope abuse or something similar. Lacking the cold-hearted nature of a magus and fucking up when it counts are basically her key traits so the end result would be absolutely phenomenal and drive the Magus Association up a wall or two.

In the end of HF, Rin wants to do a competition again since They are basically Invincible (Sakura : Infinite Mana, Shirou : Puppet Body, Rin : Great Magus) but she dropped the idea because quiet & peaceful life is better.

Rin is set to inherit the 2nd magic from Zelretch?

How does a puppet body make you invincible? Shirou's still a scrub, all he's got going for him is UBW

No words on it but she sure is the number one abuser of it outside of old Zel himself. She'll eventually forge the Jewel Sword regardless of route, owns the Kaleidostick, and her being out of town during HA is due to fucking around with the 2nd and getting the Association's panties all in a knot.

Sounds like she's wandering around trying to meet Archer again

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I kinda forget, but Emiya soul lives because of Heaven Feel, right ?

Yes, but all Illya does is put it in the puppet body, which makes him the exact same as he was before he got btfo

Why is saber so cute in this pic

She's trying to distract you from her awful leadership