ITT: scenes that made you cry

ITT: scenes that made you cry

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Explain further.

He was cucked, why wouldn't he cry.

Serious answer

>When an awesome old man joins the stars, leaving his family behind.


Taiga is the biggest cuckqueen but I love this scene

The whole okusann thing was extremely depressing



First legit one.


>tfw still can't get myself to rewatch this even after buying the Blu-Ray



sauce my friend, google return nothing

Stop lying.


by the power of my first dub, give me the sauce

mfw im about to rewatch the movie


every blue ray copy i download have the fucking song in english
it really pisses me off

This fucking show messed me up for a week.

>>Happiest girl in the world


rewatched it again this christmas season and this final sequence was what got me out of everything

her was a good girl

The faggot..

Man that fucking scream especially fucked me up.



Are you going to Scarborough Fair?


Why? She was a shit girl through and through, she didn't even die in the end, she was just replaced by a better girl in the same body. It's a huge improvement.

The only thing that can move my heart is epic sport moment.


This scene always hit me hard. Fuck Hohenheim for walking away from them.

I didn't cry but damn that's accurate


what fucks me up is that the author went back to being a hikkimori and now I'm sad because I thought he changed for the better.

Pls no bully

>Several years have passed since I wrote, “I still will do my best after this.” I have not done my best. Proof of that is in the fact that I haven’t written a single new story. I’ve been reduced to a NEET, living as a parasite on the royalties from this book.


>implying all moms are the same
>implying all moms would do this
Mine only usurped me and fucked up my life.


stop it Cred Forums i didn't ask for these feels

i cry every time and im serious too


It was probably the music.




>one piece
Go back to plebbit

I cry at the drop of the hat. Any moderately emotive scene might make me cry. I'm getting sad thinking of all these Anons crying right now.


Make me.


>implying more than 5 anons have watch this

and I am one of those 5, fuck you user for making me remember.

I hate this fucking movie

Sorry user.

just a sweet moment (Hope restored) need more like this instead of deaths

tfw no cuckqueen gf

This one, its impossible not to cry at this fucking scene and if you say that you didn't you are just lying.


This was fairly popular when it aired what are you smoking?

How do you think I feel? I get an erection.

Also don't forget, scans never

please dont reopen old wounds like this.

AIR by kyoani

back when kioani adapted a lot of KEY

Every time

I refuse to suffer alone.

It's ok

You cried? I didn't shed a whole tear. It did make me very angry though, angry at that dumb boy.





Clannad, a lot of scenes.

But the first one was the 4th or so episode, with her parents protecting that bear she said she wanted.

Omg that hit me like a truck.


Aw jeez even without any context leading up to it, this webm got me a little watery.

I'm also drunk which turns me into a big softy.

>Le Cool 4chin Club xD

One of the saddest moments in the whole animu history

Damn, he was totally fine with dying, he lived a great life.

You're soft user, not a bad thing, but there's loads sadder.

Nice projection, Rem.

Curry Kuma scene from lovely complex.
I cried so damn hard, even though I knew it was going to get better.

Who's Rem?

This was the beginning of the end. The first time watching this series, how Spike and Jet felt is how I genuinely felt at the time. Somber is what they call it, not sad or mad, just a feeling that I lost something special.

Manga hit harder.

Is it raining?

The moment you realise your childhood is over and it's all downhill from there onward. It's relatable to pretty much everyone, especially if you had a great group of friends at school, it really took me back to my school days. Plus it's sad to see cute girls cry

I still can't believe she died...

I never cry when human babies are involved. I don't know why but just looking at them piss me off. Like even if the scene was built up perfectly and was emotional I stop caring when a baby enters the frame.

Seconding this, still gets me every time.


OH no, the emotional wound.

Why? That wasn't particularly cool, it's just your typical shitty jump kusomanga plot.

He had things he had to do.....(plus things)

They're just sleeping, user.

You find something different to connect with every watch.
I love this show.
Get off Cred Forums, Anno

I'm super fucking happy that high school and middle school are over. Even elementary was shitty. I do miss college though.

I really wished to see Ed hijacking a plane and save the day on the last episode

I kept believing in it until that last end card



I still can't even watch it without pausing to compose myself.

I heard about this show
I heard that it is an emotional trainwreck
Is it worth it to see it just to be destroyed by seeing someone too good for this world be delivered complete injustice upon them?

We have a winner.

Is wanpiss even good now?

I completely lost track since mermaid island, it couldnt catch my interest

watch it and stop reading from here on

The pacing in this show was totally fucked, but this and the Yui episode still rip me to pieces.

this right here. even like the 5th time I've seen it.

fuuuuuuuuck. . .


Fuck it

Im blaming you if I undergo existental crisis

I didn't really cry, but it made me feel like shit for the whole day.



I watched 5 seconds and I am crying already



Didnt cry because it was sad, cried because it was fucking beautiful

oh fuck me

Memes aside, the current arc is great.

This and Azumanga Daioh's ending as well as Chiyo's farewell to the school made me feel the same. Despite Chiyo's cheerful outlook in the future, we all knew that life would not be the same anymore. We're more than likely to lose very good friends we had during highschool along the way.


It's fucking terrible desu

evry tiem

I still haven't brought myself to watch any of the anime for fear they'll fuck it up.



Anything from Your Lie in April.

Every fucking time.
>I can't remember you with this...

In the same vein,
>mou sukoshi dake na ii, ato sukoshi dake na ii~

It's been years since I last watched/read Chrono Crusade and that still makes me tear up.


I've unofficially added the song to my Little Busters music collection.


First thing from daddy


"Nano-chan, you're just Nano-chan. Does that sound about right? I just came here to tell you that."

this is literally the most depressing piece of media i have ever experienced


the music was fucking cool in this scene

still haven't gotten over this scene and STILL can't watch it 2bh


Piano part got me more, unless you were just referring to the whole episode.

Am I autistic? I literally felt nothing watching this movie.

Stupid. Should've just written his/her name.

its pretty ok now. Adventure is still there but some things are dragged out longer than they should be

How much of a brainlet do you have to be to miss the point of such a simple movie?

Came here to post this. Shit fucked me up good.

I was referring to episode 3 as a whole, it was just the screencap I had on hand.

fuck u i just broke in tears



Watching the show makes it much, much, much more agonizing. The show fucked me up for weeks. I was promised fan service and edge not having my heart torn out of my beating chest

When it showed Meruem and Komugi again in the last episode of Hunter x Hunter


my heart fucking dropped

fuck man, Bernie's death was one of the first animes to punch me right in the feels.