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Evil universe jumping Jaco needs to be real, who will bring him to justice for murdering Jiren's parents?

Will DBS have an ending like this? youtube.com/watch?v=s2OwAkdZ64w




Glad to see Clownman lost his smug

Things that I don't understand:

- At first Jiren was the guy stronger than gods.
- Royal blue Vegeta can defeat a god.
- Ultra instinct Goku can't defeat Jiren.
- Goku el Blanco, can defeat Jiren??
- Goku el Blanco is at angels level
- Jiren is at angels level??

>Super winds up retconning itself via the Super Dragon Balls
>the last scene is a glimpse at the Black Star Dragon Balls on the Lookout

Why is their GoD a fucking clown?

What did he mean by this?

>7 dragons balls in total
>7 dragons balls series



Kale=Super Buu
Caulifla=Kid buu
Cabba= Babidi

It's probably no coincidence that Kale has a very berserker style of fighting like Kid Buu does.

DBS will end with Gohan, Goten and Pan visiting Goku's grave.

>still believes Zeno is free to acts as he likes and not controlled by the Great Daikanshin aka the Father of all the Angels


Even with AF you'd still be two short?

>voice over the flashbacks


Nah. The epilogue will be about Jaco and his true nature as a universe jumping murderer, he probably took over someone's body like Ginyu did so he could easily avoid detection.

Did Toyo do this specifically to mock Toei's version?

>Goku and friends need to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls if they want to restore all the universes
>Due to a series of hilarious mishaps Goku's team is made up of Caulifla, Hit and Frieza
>Due to yet another hilarious mishap during his resurrection, Frieza is the one stuck with a shota body

Fotos version is even shittier and even more of a fodder fest

SSJ4 Gogeta vs Angel Mode Goku

Who wins

I lived long enough to see Goku go Weiß

Now that we have goku blanco, how far is he from the angels?
also beerus BTFO

Mystic Ghost White Gohan vs Magenta Jiren

>Blanco is actually real

Look at their lips. That's how you can tell they're black. Based Toriyama parting his race realism on Toyo.

Yes. The manga has repeatedly corrected some of the dumber bits of writing in the anime.

he still doesn't have the crown (or halo) and cannot control time

What does a fight between two people with mastered UI look like? Stalemate?

Probably. The way Goku picks him up and throws him is even reminiscent of how 18 does it.

Did Black kill Jiren's parents?


Lord Zeno voices Popuko this week.

Why did Jaco murder Jiren's parents, shits or giggles or did they have some universe hopping tech they weren't supposed to have and he wanted it?

Imagine high level chess, they'd stand there for about 5 seconds and then one of them would admit defeat in 282 moves or something like that.

they're red people

Why were these guys alive and talking in this episode? Weren't their respective universes already deleted? Am I missing something?

>goku learns, uses and masters a new form in less than 20 minutes
>it took him years to fully master super saiya-jin and use all its power
I fucking hate Super


Why does Gohan keep jobbing to furries nowadays? What happened to him?

Both lose to the cierto Goku Blanco

4 non participating universes

>Final Chapters(?)

Doubt he would come back to U11 if the kai died.

>that pic
I'd rather use what Cauli is using here.

>Focusing down the spellcaster first
#1 Bun.

Who will bring Jaco to justice?

That's ssj5 you dumbass! Haven't you watched AF?

What's GT?

4 universes had get out of tournament cards because their respective GoDs and Kaioshin actually did their fucking jobs

final chapters does not count.
It was all Dragon Ball Kai in japanese

Serious question...
Is wrong if a big company do what fans want??

Welcome to the Grand Tour


>"lel SSJ is all about rage"

>meanwhile SSG happens
>whis training happens
>caulifla happens
>goku finally understands there is something more than rage

honestly I like super

Gohan, the Great Space Saiyaman is about to begin his patrol of the Multiverse.




Dragon Box the Movies?
Reincarnated as Yamcha?

They're vegetables user, like Vegeta (vegeta-ble)

They combine to form a salad, like how Kale and Caulifla combined with fusion



I wasn't complain about 'muh saiya-jin rage'. Caulifla getting 2 right away is bullshit, but Ultra Instinct is even more bullshit, as the manga confirms even Beerus hasn't mastered it, and Goku's mastered it in 20 minutes.

I think the Gohan Blanco fans and Cellfags and Buufags aren’t satisfied.


When goku was upside down and fired three nameless energy balls at Jiren in this episode they had a completely unique sound effect

It was fucking distracting

Exactly my thoughts all the fucking time.

cuck circle

I'm actually pretty okay with Cell not being dragged back fifty times

Was Beerus ever hit by a spirit bomb?

do you know who is Goku supposed to be?

Goku seems to have gotten used to it because he forced himself to UI.
I doubt Beerus had the chance to have someone force him to master UI.
It's still weird though, they shouldn't have mentioned any time regarding how long the ToP would be, just make it as long as it needs to be until there's only one universe left.

>god of destructions fear ultra instinct
>zeno or whatever the midget's name is doesn't know anything about ultra instinct
>angels seem aware of it

what the fuck is ultra instinct



Stronger than "a" god.

Here's what the epilogue will be:
>Goku's universe somehow manage to win or Jiren just forfits and claims he had a good match
>Victory party celebration, Goku invites them all back to his Earth for celebration
>Everyone is eating and drinking then suddenly remember Bulma is no where to be found
>Vegeta goes to look for her and discovers her dead or dying
>They find a message with the words "JACO" written on it
>Bulma discovered Jaco's true nature by accident and he had to put her down

So begins the hunt for Jaco.

This episode had a lot of unique sound effects for some reason.

This is the 2nd time I've heard it.



Whis literally told Vegeta and Goku about it while he was trolling them during their training on Beerus' planet.

Zeno doesn't know anything, he's an autistic child with an autistic twin now who destroys universes because he's bored of looking after them all

Roshi is only biding his time on last minutes of no fap
Krillin is awaiting 18's marraige combo

You will make it easier on yourself if you don't mix the anime and manga versions.
Beerus hasn't mastered UI as you said, Caulifla didn't get SS2 (yet), Goku will probably master UI in the tournament and rival Beerus in power (as foretold by the prophet fish, ans the same goes for Vegeta too)
Nothing was ever shown about Beerus doing anything with UI seeing as he has not fought anyone in like 100 episodes. Caulifla did get SS2 and Goku is nearly mastering UI as we speak.

Beerus knows how to use it. He hasn't mastered it for some reason though.
Literally only used for the first arc as a basis for a joke and only referenced in chapter covers.
Why didn't Goku master Super Saiya-jin when when was dying from heart problems and #19 was kicking his ass?

Sicker than your average Saiyan killer

Must feel good to be these guys

Well. Number 2 maybe.

nah, I hope the ultra instinct is just a desperate attack/mode not something he can use now everytime he wants...

Whis seemed unusually serious there. Like he bet against U7 and now he's realised he dun goofed.

I'm glad I got to watch that special along with Cred Forums, I remember the sticky hitting a ridiculous number of replies.

>Why didn't Goku master Super Saiya-jin when when was dying from heart problems and #19 was kicking his ass?
It kinda took him a lot more hyperbolic time chamber time.

Carrot is Yonkou lvl so its not fair to Sorrel

>Literally only used for the first arc as a basis for a joke and only referenced in chapter covers.

probably the next enemy Goku will face will be Buddha or the Jaded King

Zeno doesn't know anything about fighting.
UI is just a glorified version of something that actually exists.

Because he wasn't nearly strong enough to handle UI.
Even now he gets exhausted after using it for a couple of minutes.

He has mastered it according to the preview and the title.

>bring Krillen and Tien
>not Cell and King Yemma

Why is Goku such a tard?

Hmm... so Itachi really killed Jiren's parents after all

patrician taste

What if Hakai is the God mode and Ultra Instinct is the Angel mode

How come we don't have tense moments anymore like Krillin being murdered by Tambourine?

The one with the sharpest instinct wins, that's Ultra Instinct.

It means he can now attack instinctively.
No clue about whether he can now just transform into it.

sauce please face fucking is the shit

based bruce

Death is meaningless when they can gather the dragonballs in like an hour

That was the gayest shit in the whole series

Because death became meaningless with the introduction of the Namekian dragon balls?

>Cabba= Babidi
is it because he is a manlet?

goku can't create a universe


I wish Toriyama would do an arc where the dragons or Gods just get pissed at humans being corrupt and using the balls for their own personal desires like the myth Roshi told. I guess the Black Star Dragons will come close but if pulled off correctly I think it would be a decent arc.

Yo quero derrotar lo gran Padre

Are there live watch threads of any kind or do the episodes drop all at once?

Because he accomplishes nothing but gets a disproportionate amount of screen time