"Ass-pull" Darling in the FRANXX

He got "blue cancer" from MIND linking, he got cured with MIND power. And you think it's an ass-pull out of nowhere. How can you be this dumb?

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You tell em boss

Shit writing all around.

You're mistakenly implying that getting blue cancer from mind linking made sense in the first place.

And gigantic Klaxon mecha monsters made sense in the first place?

>That picture
He must have stuck it in the wrong hole.

Makes just as much sense as floating cities, giant robots, and monster girls with horns. They've established that mind linking manifests physically as well from the very start.

At least wait next episode...

>When he tried anal for the first time

Why, because there is going to be some more down to earth explanation? I expect it, but clearly will power and mind linking are part of the equation and have been from the start.

How can YOU be this dumb? It wasn't cured, it became a part of him. Hiro is a half Human/Klaxo hybrid like 02 now. You'll get told this straight up next episode, like everything else you've failed to pick up on for the past six.

user... Cured as in he is alright for now. Came back from near death and isn't suffering. And I shoudn't have to explain this like to a child.

Fuck off retard.

You're right. The entire show is garbage.

Not as bad as OP ass cancer after this episode

He's already a demon.

Why wasn't it a MIND disease then?

user doesn't understand the power of code kyu-iota(9-10 for plebs like you)

Because it's science fiction. Whatever the FRANXX technology is there is a physical feedback. That's why they report that "it's like your insides being stirred" or something like that and why every partner of Zero Two took physical damage.

>got red eyes just as he got revived
>retards still think he actually got cured

And what the fuck difference does it make to the fact that nothing was fixed on its own until Hiro used his will?

What did theory autists say about 9-10? I missed the good thread

910 is inverted 016. Iota means ten so "Nine Iota" is 910.


Why does 02 get physically hurt when Strelizia is hit?

The same reason people get hurt in car crashes: she is being jostled around inside a small compartment of a machine. Stamens have a little more space, which is why they usually don't get hurt.
You can get bruised from a car crash. You can't catch chlamydia.

>Show about piloting robots by pulling on asses
>Complain about ass pulls.

For all we know the handles transfer blood, so all the pairs have the same blood type.

Didn't the big wigs even say that they didn't want 02s blood to be tainted? Maybe she gets more human like with more rides. There has to be a reason why she doesn't have red skin and longer horns anymore.

Typical japanese, real diseases are a myth, not real, everything can be cured by will power.

He got cures in the sense that he doesn't have a disease that's killing him anymore. The disease succeeded and transformed him into a dino


> Episode 1: "Your potential lies still dormant. I can awaken it for you"

come again?

Can I ask what might sound like a dumb question?

What tone is this series going for? What is it trying to be?

To put it simply I feel like they want us to take things seriously but at the same time everything is so fucking goofy and dumb.

That's actually her reaction upon him pulling out.

Did people actually expect the main character to die in episode 6 after it has already been established he and 02 have good compatibility?

Apparently some people were honestly expecting a bait and switch after the story has gone out of it's way to point out Hiro and 02 are basically soul mates on a show where relationships serve as the main premise. Of course a large part of it are just shitposters but it just goes to show how retarded people can be.

It's an ominous post-apocalyptic sci-fi show where a shadow of mystery hangs over teenage pilots who were raised only to put their life on the line to protect adults and their society
But also a super fun mecha anime with: neon monsters, kuudere girl, tsundere girl, butt controls in doggy position, barebones teenage romance, horny dominant girl who will ride incel user's dick, sexy uniform change scenes, girl robots with boobs, shonen powerups and more to come.
Honestly the juxtaposition just makes the complex and subtle nature of the show more sublime and the message all the more poignant. Perhaps it won't be the new NGE but this will be a new standard for masterful writing in anime and mecha shows in particular.

have you ever considered that maybe there is a parallel universe where you only hear stories of complete and utter failures and Hiro dying on his third ride is both the most predictable and least predictable thing that can happen at the same time, causing a rift in reality where your observable consciousness split based on what direction you most wanted to observe
>he doesn't understand why Schrödinger is important
pic related i'm from a universe where illya is the main girl in HF and sakura is not important while taiga ending is canon in the original fate/stay and confirmed by nasu himself

you two dumb asses have it all wrong. no one expected him to die. They just think the way the show went about it was stupid. you fucking morons.

t. wasn't here for last week's threads

Is this your first gateway anime or something?


>Since the second episode it's been mentioned that hiro is "special" because he has a different reaction to riding with 02 than anyone else
>5th episode it's said that he has a "complete opposite reaction" to it
>6th episode, Hiro is the only person who was able to ride 3 times with her and not die, presumably because of this opposite reaction. (We still don't exactly know what this blue shit was and why it went away, this will most likely get explained later on since it was hinted that the doctor knows what's going on)
"n-n-no, this was an ass-pull out of nowhere! totally not foreshadowed! wtf mang!"
darling haters genocide when?

>TRIGGER episodes look flat and shit with shitty 5fps CGI mixed with mediocre 2d
>A1 episodes are kino with great atmosphere, pacing and direction
What went wrong bros

People can like what they want. Literally fuck off dude.

You posting the same thing.

When does Ichigo cuck that shitty Oni.

>think you'll get Kill la Kill and TTGL combined
>think MC might actually be useful and die so the plot can advance in a way it would never possibly advance
>nope, you can have A-1 writing with shitty gary stu instead

Ok then.

>foreshadow MC is resistant to whatever is inside Naruto's pussy
>he gets klaxosaur cancer anyway
>only for it to get cured at the most convenient time
Man, I'm really enjoying this Kirito meets Eva anime.

Never. Enjoy your ride, strawberry fag.

Man I'm really enjoying you anons go full retard.

Never. Masayoshi Tanaka himself joked about his blue haired heroines losing after someone made a tweet collecting them.

In the very end, when 02 dies


Best pair coming

this part was so fucking cheesy

He's really shoving his oni dick in her


Ah yes, the always classic "I don't like this show but I have no good reason why" shield.

This whole show is a massive cheeseball.

These two dorks are the only thing that will keep me watching if the shitty writing keeps up.

This makes sense. OP and that idiot running that RMC forum don't like paying attention, I guess.

It's shit writing but not an asspull.

> wrong hole
No such thing
>Implying the butthole is the wrong hole

Cred Forums is hands down the most autistic pseudo-intellectual board on the entire site, it has been since Madoka stopped airing, and it disgusts me that in return it spawned autists like TAS and Digibro.

We oni now.

are you aware of the concept of vaccines? think of the blue AIDS as a vaccine gone horrible wrong but that didn't kill the subject, his body got adapted to it in some way

O shit I thought those were horns coming out of her head at first.

Could it still happen?

Thoughts on this guy?


He'll probably have a hard-on for Hiro

He screams Kaworu ripoff but he's cute.

Idiots who didn't realize this is a SUPER ROBOT show like TTGL and not some shitty reals like muh muvluv and gundumbs

Except there robots are powered by good old fashioned love instead of "gar" meme.

He better not be a homo vampire fuccboi

Well, he's definitely going to be used to cuck someone.

Is love Gar?

preferably the strawberry

Why compare it to Gurren at this point? Because of the artstyle? The power of love + mecha was Eureka Seven's department.

it's GARomance

Goro? More like GAYro.

Yes. Nothing says love like a hotblooded couple attack.

A man's romance indeed....

I can't wait for Ichigo's jealousy to be the reason their world ends.

fucks senpai didn't notice me. better kill everyone.

>Soma Saito
Well, going by his recent track record, he's homo something.


Is this your first /m/ series?

everyone must be destroyed, senpai noticed another girl and not me.

A smile I want to protect


It's like they're riding off of Rem's insane popularity but they didn't want to pass her off as a ripoff, so they made her a total bitch instead.

she isn't a bitch, she is just wishy washy


I can just feel it. I can feel her going total bitch mode later. She'll fuck everything up, beat the shit out of a FranXX she mistakes for a Klaxosaur out of hallucinating through her sheer anger, accidentally kill a married man, vomit into her own lap, and then we have an entire half-arc dedicated to learning about how much of an asshole she's been acting lately.

lol teenage girls and jealousy, ruins another show.

E7 was something of a hybrid, the grunt units were more real robots though the protag's was a actually a super.

>penis poo poo stinky time
fuck off you degenerate faggot.

Gundam always about space magic shit.

Another one of Yoshida's characters. She lusts over MC's dick but gets cucked because she's a childhood friend.

Every episode my strawberry will cry, and all will be right in the world.



Episodes 1-6 are the "first cour"
The "second cour" begins after episode 6


>that half assed smile
This is why you won't the MCbowl like Rem did Ichigo

That's not how it works you little poopoo

New OP for cour 2? Current one sucks dick.

I'm warming up to it.

I like it, the complete song is nice too

I'm having fun. You can't stop me.

shitto taste

Wait, what?

Is this what they are actually saying or are they talking about story arcs? Because I thought this show has 24 episodes.

I've learned to live it, personally.

I think Hiro got cured because his mentality for riding changed from doing it for himself to doing it for 02.

Because there minds are linked, if Hiro is only wanting to ride for himself then he could be unconsciously blocking certain aspects of 02s link to him, which could lead to an imbalance that ended up poisoning him. But once he accepted that he wanted to ride for her sake as well, that unconscious restriction may have lifted and a balance could form.

All the other riders 02 has had probably had a non accepting mentality towards her because of he being a klaxosour, and even more so once the partners started being killed.

I would put money on me being completely wrong, but this would make sense as to why he was healed so fast after accepting her as his reason for riding.

It's grown on me, especially after some user posted the translation for the lyrics.

The complaints are fucking retarded.
>blue aids is shown to crawl across his face within a matter of seconds when he goes for the first attack against the Gutenberg-class
>this is okay and we can wait a bit longer for the explanation

>blue aids recedes just as quickly
>suddenly it's shit writing that wasn't foreshadowed at any point and they'll totally never explain it later on reeee show is ruined
People just wanted some retarded shit instead so they could spam the threads for a week. Now they'd actually have to discuss the content of the show rather than their headcanon so they are upset.

I wonder if episode 5 was the Ichigo eruption the seiyuus were talking about.

Seemed like in episode 6 Ichigo is trying to mend the bridge with 02. I mean, she's finally started referring to 02 instead of just Hiro in Strelitzia at the end of the episode. I'm also curious about whether 02 is going to make an effort to get to know the 13th squad now that she knows Hiro is here to stay.

that's not what cured means you retard. cured means it is actually gone.

I think episode 7 were going to get Dr. Franxx talking about Hiro's situation.

Who knows, maybe he'll give Hiro some wristband or something to keep his Yellow Blood Cells from overwhelming him.

But his yellow blood cells were what was causing him to be sick in the first place and now he looks to be normal? Maybe his acceptance of 02 brought his cell count down or lead to an introduction of a balancing cell that hasn't been introduced yet.

I want shopping filler.

They're saying arcs, user is just shit at Japanese

or he just developed some resistance just like people get used to caffeine in their bodies

Can't wait for the seeds episode.

I especially liked the part where the MCs achievements were amazing and unprecedented because literally no pilots, in all the history of this setting, have ever fallen in love before.

I don't think a resistance would make it recede the way it did, but that sure is a possibility.

It is gone numbnuts. The blue shit that was killing him is gone. Whatever else is part of him or always was is not making him sick. At least for now.

Ichigo isn't even in the same universe


I would have preferred it if Hiro just struggled against it and survived. To then gradually get better afterwards as Oni would nurse him back to health as whatever internal process was happening would complete without killing him. As opposed to instafix. But mind power having an effect on it is perfectly consistent with the show.

What is that over-saturated garbage?

Correction. Episode 1 to 6 is the First Part, he said Part 2 is 6 onwards and went onto say we'll learn a little bit more about Zero Two, Adults, and the Klaxosaurs and once again it will hit another high when we reach the middle. Also seems we'll get some on the lives of the children and their purpose of fighting.

I love it. Shit taste. The lyrics are great too.

Luluco S2 is gonna be a wild ride

Do the Japanese really dislike it despite the above-average sales and 02 fanart or is that fake news?



What was the symbolism for this scene?

Fake news on all fronts. If you want to look through live reactions you can with each episode, but its always been generally positive. People loved the last episode 5, 4, 3, etc. The nico episode ratings have only been going up but even its start was generally high.

On a SM level, Aniplex can barely keep up with the rise and the Theatrical Screening of Episode 1 to 6 registration was hammered so hard that it caused an error. It's generally been nothing but good for them. There's no point in putting faith in Stalker right now really.

The earth is round.

His symptoms are very different from the physical reality of his body.

Some magical psychosomatic reason might explain why his body stopped reacting so adversely to the Yellow Blood Cells, having his Yellow Blood Cell count recede would make the plot thread pointless- and so far the show's writing has been consistently good.

By dint of the fact his elevated yellow blood cell count got so much focus I think it's very safe to say this plot thread will be revisited in the future, if not next episode.

Thanks user.

I want to hold Goro!

before primitive man looked at breasts, he looked at asses

>we'll learn a little bit more about Zero Two, Adults, and the Klaxosaurs and once again it will hit another high when we reach the middle

I wonder if the second climax might concern whatever is happening to Hiro?

>that dick


It's worth noting that this is an original property from Aniplex and inturn its main studio is their subsidiary. A majority of the revenue will be going to them regardless as they are naturally ontop of the Production Committee. That of course includes all Aniplex+ merchandise and whatnot.

That's good. I knew that faggot who kept spamming that "Degraded Eva" 2ch post was full of crap.

Fujos will get their gay fill after him and 012 discover they're compatible, and Strawberries gets cucked yet again.

>Believes a guy with zero proof over real proof because he agrees with you


It was posted before in previous threads. There are people who frequent most threads enough and have seen that info before with links. There's no reason to play that game again.

2ch has shitposters just like Cred Forums.

So since its so commonplace, care to share?

>One 2ch post vs 2,000 preorders, an active pixiv tag, etc.
Lol yourself, I'm sure that one guy prefers Toilet Everfarted and speaks for all of Japan.

>This plot of our new mecha anime, we need to add some DEEP shit to make it sound more intellectual then it actually is
Shit I guess we need to copy some random words out of some book on Gnosticism, quantum mechanics, classic science fiction novels or good old Norse bullshit?
>how about these botany and geology textbooks?

Here, I'll just fetch the same links so give me a bit.

Anons who liked the episode, can you tell me what you like about it?

There was awesome action!

This is what American education gets you.

To cuck Hiro

Well paced, good tempo, sleek choreography, increasing stakes, character growth, and hints at what is to come.

For the bullet point version.

Sucking the oniAIDS creep veins back into his boner was kind of a lame exaggeration but this "ass-pull' really was face fuckingly foreshadowed since episode 1.


Great action, I loved the emotional scenes with Zero Two and Hiro and him finding his reason to fight and live, fun stakes, Gutenberg was a blast with its transformations, completely invested.

It is a children show with most cliche and shallow writing. Don't question it. Naruto fans will defend it.

Felt like her meltdown could've been better animated though, like A-1 could've done it instead of Trigger and they could've used leftover SAO money to make it prettier.

What percent of posters about this show are from outside Cred Forums?

Yes, it is called asspull. Convenient and cliche development akin to "power of friendship" or "SEED awakening".

I've give it a decent 30%. The damage was already done long ago.

It was fun.

Watching the latest episode felt like watching the run of the mill One Piece episode. It is clearly show aimed at kids. Not bad, but not one would have expected.

>fake news

>You're mistakenly implying that getting blue cancer from mind linking made sense in the first place.

I don't think that he "getting it" though the mind is the logical assumption. I think it's far more likely that it was a part of his physiology being affected by the mind meld with 02, if I'd guess it's klaxosaur parts being activated and enforced by the contact with a more klaxo-like mind. Deciding to defend her balanced the connection.

All of these kids are produced in labs, user. I don't think a normal human can drive those robots at all. It's not just 02, I think she might just be an earlier model so that's why she's wilder.

Franxx is Chome Shelled Regious rip off story and setting wirse. Except CSR managed to make the story and dramatic moments in it appear serious, with real consequences - as opposed to no suspence cartoon that is Franxx.

>What was the symbolism for this scene?

Female asses are God's gift to men.
Nothing beats a sexy female tight round ass that you can burry your head into.

The urethra is most definitely the wrong hole though.

Okay, I'll just make a similar post:
The theatrical screening is their present for hitting 40K followers, they are now at 70K and that hit really fast given the time frame. They are fairly unable to keep up with the demand,
Here's the tweet for the screening, and the following replies shortly after they opened up registration citing the mentioned factors.
Them announcing a new milestone:
Alternatively they are doing a Nico Nico one and that's gotten a lot of attraction:
Outside of that, the figures are already getting a lot of attractoin, you merely need to click on its hashtag since people are still seeing the new episode and you can see their reactions. I'm not translating them all but majority of people are talking about how they loved it or literally labeling it as God tier. I think the Nico episode for 6 is in some hours and you can see the ratings posted.

The manga is doing well, people are also picking it up due to the anime which you can see them posting every now and then and amazon reviews are consistently about comparing it to the anime. Jump had announced few weeks back they had to do a 2nd printing and it's already almost at 100k.
11. *42,540 *94,466 Darling in the FrankXX Vol.1

Lot of other little things but that's the main stuff.

>MC is about to die
>MC is ok now.

Fuck this was the lamest shit ever.
Actually when watching that scene I expected something like
>Oni Im still alive put me back into seat
>Oni drags whats left of him into the seat
>He manages to pull througb and survive
>Now he"s a special stamen and gets better

But that shit was even lamer than what I expected to see. Im greatly disappointed.

those screencaps are always worthless. of course the person will pick whatever supports their viewpoint. any thread that reaches a sizable amount of replies will have enough posts agreeing with you that you can easily create the impression that it's the majority view

Just turn your brain off and enjoy the ride bro. It's supposed to be a generic show

He's part klaxo now too, that's what that was, but sure, create pseudo issues because you want to look cool.

No point putting stock into 2ch much like here.

At least he did not get new Gear Power/Bankai on the spot.

i miss karlingposter already

But getting Klaxo cancer was the opposite reaction, everyone else started haemorrhaging and rapidly ageing.

Watching Strelitzia mob up the smaller Klaxxos was fun. Also Hiro's continued character development. We went from
>I want to pilot a Franxx
>I want to pilot with 02
>I want to be with 02

Ichigo is also finally starting to warm up a little bit to 02, at least that's how I interpreted her shouting for 02 and not just for Hiro before the final attack on the Gutenberg-class.

02's reaction to Hiro apparently dying also once more showed that she actually does care about him.


Maybe yeah. I think they were going for like a grunge, loose look for it? It at least got the point across with her expressions and the direction like that twisted neck Zero Two from Hiro's view and the lighting.

Don't forget to call him by his real name, Digibrony, never let him forget he's a horse fucker.

Flower user always wins.

Fixed it for you

its nothing like them, baka

Will Hiro be a good boyfriend now?

So 002 is going to die

How in the hell are Ichigo and Rei even remotely like each other you literal shit eating faggot? Holy fuck.

>implying they aren't

>Franxx is Chome Shelled Regious rip off story and setting wirse. Except CSR managed to make the story and dramatic moments in it appear serious, with real consequences - as opposed to no suspence cartoon that is Franxx.

We get it, FranXX is the shittiest anime ever. Guess what dickhead we don't give a shit. And a lot of people don't give a shit either and continue watching this great show.
Now go bother KyoAnturds for a change.

No, just return to her planet.


Oh no

its a meme you dip

Dude stop replying to people like those, there's no point they're in the same group as the "fucking power of love". Just ignore.

Really getting sick of these weak comparisons to Evangelion.

Can someone please post the expanding brain meme associated with this show?


Chill the fuck out

So how long until we get blue Oni for real?

Anywhere in-between last episode and literally next episode.

You are envious the Franxx shit will never be remotely as good


Probably end of the show maybe? or maybe in the 2nd half? if you think about it, Strelizia's blue horn probably means that FranXX had already known the conditions of being Zero Two's Stamen so he incorporated something of the Stamen as well maybe?

There is no such thing as shitty writing or plotholes its all subjective.

I just watched all 6 episodes

Is the robot piloting some kind of metaphor for something?

No, of course not. Stop over-analysing things.

If we're going to do this stupid shit, we're going to be realistic about it.

I mean really, is it to be unexpected the mecha MC gets away with some nonsense in the show? It happens in every mecha show.

Now for the point where Franxx copies CSR... it is everywhere


Idiots still pretend its NGE clone, while the reality is obvious.

t. Nishigori
Go back writing Idolm@ster hack


Postmodernism, not even once

Unironically, for relationships, not just physical intimacy. After 6 episodes I'd say that.



I want to kill someone everytime Karling in the Franks shows up.

>Dr. Kenshiro performs gynecology

>Charlemagne could have ruled Lombardy as well
>We never got a Germany/France/North Italy super empire that went on to conquer the world
Shame, really.

>Strelizia are associated with the 9th anniversary of a married couple
Hiro transforming into an Oni on their 10th ride confirmed?

is it that time again?

I like the charlemagne theory. But
>what we see here are the other three girls in the back of this image
Can someone post that image?

I have this one

Welcome in the world of Trigger animes.

Like TTGL and Kill la kill. If you are awesome and have a great willpower an GAR you can get a sudden power up an instant.

>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The symbolism generally associated with bird-of-paradise is freedom and good perspective. When a woman gives it to a man it symbolises faithfulness.
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight (note similarities with the bird monologue in episode 1)
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future
>Hiro and 02 are metaphorically Jian, a mythical one-winged bird
>Strelitzia does not release airborne pollen, and has no insect pollinators. It instead relies entirely on birds for pollination.

>hiro has the exact opposite reaction compared to everyone else
>adults make note of this
>are worried with hiro infecting 02
>Jian analogy stuff down your throats
>Shot shows aids going back into his body and not just disapating into the air
>Hurr durr ass pull

Its amazing how some people still call it an asspull. This show has its faults as well as ep6, but asspull is not one of them. Did people legit think he would have died in episode fucking 6?

none of the other pilots wanted to live?
ahahahah what a fucking stupid anime

Oni transformation and Hiro being a clone are canon, I'm calling it now.

How did you come to this conclusion?

>9th anniversary.
Hiro is number 016. Flip that around you get 910. Hiro really might be related to the nines.

ahahahah what a fucking stupid user

None of them wanted to live FOR 02, you fucking faggot. Also, no one ever got the tumor, otherwise Hiro wouldn't be having "the opposite reaction".
At least watch the episode before shitposting.

>tfw always loved it.

I feel alone.

It didn't disappear, it went inside of him because he accepted her and said he would become her wings. Every time he rides with her she's turning him more and more into a monster like her (hence the blue monster growth on his chest). I reckon he'll eventually grow horns like her in the end and it will be the ultimate cucking for ichigo

How will people's reaction be when Hiro is Charlemagne gets proven wrong?

Also the yellow blood cells they were talking about, and the fact 02s blood had that blue colour as well

>>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>The ninth
>The nines
>They all pilot a Strelitzia

Don't worry user, plenty of us love it.

Just wow

They didn't even have the same reaction in the first place (remember Hiro has the opposite reaction to everyone else).
No one else had klaxo-cancer, they all had rapid ageing and mass haemorrhaging.
This is likely a result of them viewing 02 with contempt or disgust, and seeing piloting with her as a means to an end.

t. mad the show has shit writting
the fact you defend hiro coming back to life because he feels like living is priceless.


You morons are responding to the most basic shitposting. Cmon.

stupid speedwatcher

Oh my God, Cred Forums is as unoriginal as ever. I still love Twelve even years after the fact and I'm more than comfortable with saying I like this show, Zero Two, Hiro, Miku, the works.

I don't think he was ever strictly speaking dead, he was just having near death hallucinations.

It's not an asspull if it's consistent with the rules of the series' universe, you asshat.

It's the same regurgitated shitposts or wanting to be edgy. I don't give two fucks, I love it and the characters. This is my good stuff.

>people that don't even remember what happened 2 episodes ago
>having valuable opinions
The entire week of retarded "theories" should have clued you in

Doesn't help those salty their "theories" were wrong complained about exactly that. When you are too invested in shitposting, man.

Get your mind out of the gutter

Well good thing you pulled those rules out of your ass then. Do share them in detail so that we can see for ourselves if there are any inconsistencies in the plot that could be considered shit writing.

I didn't think IRC was still around after all these years, but fuck me man.

>episode is practically self contained with all symbolism used relating to specific events and acts
>people think its foreshadowing the entire series
DitF 5 was KLK 5 all over again


He got a different reaction than all of her other partners
i'd guess this isn't the last we'll see of the blue plague

>people can't accept the writing is shit and just enjoy it anyway
i like the show but don't feel the need to defend stupid writing, its not that deep guys just enjoy it for what it is a mecha about love.

You mean the scub?

>Watching Strelitzia mob up the smaller Klaxxos was fun. Also Hiro's continued character development. We went from
>I want to pilot a Franxx
>I want to pilot with 02
>I want to be with 02
He now wants to do it for her and as well as for himself. From the beginning she always encouraged him and made him comfortable. And he referred to being with her as "finding my wings" and now he wants to be her wings in turn.

The writing is not shit though. Stop watching at 2.5x

If they do that they can't shitpost when their theory falls through and call it the biggest disaster ever. People want to build it up to fail so their is something to shout about. Alternatively if they guess right they can post XFAG BTFO etc



why this episode look so ugly. specifically when the glasses bitch's franxx shot some weird arm missile thing. please post crying ichigo as well she got my dick hard

Sick freak

change last one to "Piloting IS sex"

The animation in this episode was glorious as fuck. Too bad the music didn't manage to keep up with it.

Tachibana needs to step up her game if she wants to get to Sawano's level. Even with all the idiotic repetition the guy has in most of his work.

Because you need to visualize it


>Mechs are activated by a pair of pistil and stamen
You need two partners trusting each other
>They have to synchronize or it doesn't work
Meaning you have to get along or you're on the ground
>Higher sync scores lead to a more stable and deep mindmeld
Better understanding between pilots makes the whole thing better/more powerful
>You must have similar wavelengths or you don't connect
Ikuno and Mitsuru often fail because of it, Kokoro has difficulties with Futoshi
>Goro says Delphinium is too heavy when Ichigo worries about Hiro in episode 3
If your partner is not focues on you even moving the mech gets harder
>Kokoro wants her friends to stop quarreling or "it will affect your numbers!"
Again, clashing gets you nowhere and actively hurts you
It's pretty clear to me that this mechs are powered by something more than just fuel, and love - clearly being rated higher than just trust - is more effective. How it will be justified in-universe is a different matter, but this is what's been hammered since the first episode.

i'm a sick freak for being aroused? ok.

It needed a little extra something. Please feel free to use this to bully Ichigo/fags.

Hiro's near death revelation led him to become a symbiotic partner rather than a parasitic one

It'd make sense for 002's weird immune system shenanigans to stop rejecting him once he absolved to work alongside her rather than use her selfishly like all the other chumps for some short term power or recognition

That was basically my interpretation, too.

If we want a relationship allegory, he was only with her because of a teenage peer pressure to have a girlfriend.


I'm bad at hunting for fanart but I want to see more pic like these. someone help me get by? Tumblr only has art of 02.

You should never be on Tumblr for any reason other than fanart, so I hope that's all you're doing.

I hope they don't ruin strawberry...she's stupid and annoying with her unrequited crush on Hiro that cripples her in battle, but i want goro to doggystyle her on delphinium's cockpit

So much forced "excitement".
This show is boring garbage.

Not him, but I occasionally use Tumblr as a shit posting outlet; 17 year old tankies are really fun to bait.


Saying "only two genders" sets them off like nothing else.

I'm guessing this is the orphanage

>You need two partners trusting each other
>Meaning you have to get along or you're on the ground
But that is not the case for Mitsuru and Ikuno. Mitsuru thinks she is holding him back and would gladly switch (which he did in ep3). Ikuno is a forgiving type but she doesn't enjoy riding with him. She even mentions that. Plus, it was Ichigo's support that helped her to kickstart Franxx in episode 4.
And yet despite all that, they had decent performance during these last two fights in ep4 and 6. They even have better sync rate numbers than Genista pair. There's clearly something else going on about the whole process of syncing and operating Franxx. We don't have a full picture yet.

Space arc when

This needs to be a little more spacious for it to be /w/ material. Smaller 02, more detailed background. But it is a nice start.

Thanks. Do you use pixiv?

I find art there but I don't have an account, no.

There's a difference between not being fully on board with each other and being unable to pilot. Nana says that Ikuno has always been unstable, so them not being able to synchronize is nothing new. If I remember correctly Chloro's problem is that they can't get it going, but once they do they're alright-ish.


I'd go there but how do I bypass the shitty art and find quality stuff like your Miki and Zorome pic?
Plus there's gotta be so much 02 art and I don't want that. The side characters in this show are so cute it's too bad if they get overshadowed.

>ichigo will never flash her ass for you


Did they perhaps mean "Born", you know how japs are with their katakana English?
They are talking about a "nursery lab", it would make more sense.

Because this plane of existence is hell. Only reason we have imagination is to make the punishment even worse.



Why do the Nines look so much like the main cast?
White-haired faggot is literally a recoloured, slightly younger Hiro.

It fucking better be, if it's anyone other than him I'm going to lose it.

He's Aryan blonde.

enough bullying

wouldn't surprise me if they actually were cloned.

There is no real physical contact between the parasites, despite the innuendo.
Whatever happened to Hiro it came from his mental link with 02, so it makes sense for it to get worse or better depending on his mental state.
As for the cancer itself it's likely that was inside him to begin with, he his a special specimen after all.
To call this an ass-pull means you did not pay attention at all.

They probably do mean born. However, born in a lab? Awfully suspicious.

Stay there

Why are the pilots in those position in the cockpit? It looks like doggystyle fucking.

Gay piano noises


Or what if they harvested the dna used to clone them from their bones? And Hiro's original bone is in the third nursery lab? It's in line with the archaelogical theme, at least.

when I was on pixiv i used to copy a name in moonrunes of one character and paste into searchbar, then just use this character tag (in moonrunes)
If you are stupid like me, and don't speak moonrunes, just check all of the tags on fanart with your character, the couples usually have their own tag

It's a pity tho that you can't filter it by popularity (premium opt) but you can see how many japs favourited each gallery, so just click into these with lots of stars, so you won't waste time for deviantart like poor man art

Made up chinese cartoon characters and story = asspull. Sasuga. Is this really the state of today's Cred Forums?

>Hiro is clearly holding 02 in that picture
>02 has kissed Hiro
What is your definition of physical contact?

That makes sense actually.

Then it should be birthplace, not born

Except I liked the show until episode 6. Everything in it was done like crap. The actions scenes were garbage, and the climax was a misfire. The episode did a lousy job at justifying itself.

What do you know. we had a Lab origin proof all along.

If japs knew english they wouldn't make that mistake in the first place.

White blood cells, which fight infection, are generated in the BONE marrow. Makes sense* that the labs that produce these little fuckers are called bones.

* nothing in this cartoon makes sense

Sure thing, and everyone else died from riding with 02 and suffered accelerated aging did so through autosuggestion or some shit. Sure.

You're fucking stupid.

Straight Ferris noises, because his code is 012, I can't explain but please explain why they need to renew certain people with the western license holder.

Look man, if 012 turns this show around for me like I think he will, then things NEED to stay the same.

Are you really this butthurt he likes the show? Really?

What do you mean?

The Aryan straight kid that showed up at the tail end of this episode. I assumed they bleached his hair.

Wait, there are people who browse only 1 (ONE) board?

This, it's a stupid idea.

What. I'm sorry, I have to ask this again: what?

Did you reply to the wrong guy?

So why the fuck are those supposedly very experienced Plantation 26 guys taking out the klaxosaurs one by one when the klaxosaurs are attacking in swarms?

is there any subs for this show that isn't americanized shit?

So does this mean I'm gonna get my motherfucking super menage-a-bot or what?

They only start off taking them on one at a time, by the end they're taking them on 5-6 at a time.

Well, contrary to squad 13 they were also taking them out reliably. Only Delphinium and Strelitzia were really killing their share.

His snapping out of it was a bit underwhelming. I was hoping he'd get horns and become the Blue Oni.

I must say, I'm really interested in whatever the fuck is going on with the world of this show. Especially the whole deal with the klaxosaurs, why they're even a thing, and what their endgame is (if they have one).

The word Birth is literally there

Blue Oni will yet happen, the blue tumor has now begun to integrate with his body.

Also I think the Klaxosaurs are part sand worms of Arrakis (that's why there's no water) and part rogue self replicating mining equipment.

Hi Hiro, i'm going to fuck and steal your 02 and use her for my goals

Trigger you sly dogs.

The OP is hard to find a dubable song for.
But I tried.

>Hi 02, i'm going to fuck and steal your Darling and use him for my goals, and my piano.

>the best place you're going to get DNA samples from a multi-millennia old corpse is the bones
Hiro confirmed for literally a clone of Charlemagne.

I doubt that, he and 02 are both part of Nines for some time now and fagboi ddint have balls to ride Strelizia himself. Even if its because hes valuable enough to not be wasted as temporary starter button, it means he cant do it without dying as well. There is 18 eps left for Hiro to punch him in the face, but I hope we wont have to wait long.


Next episode he's gonna be sleeping in the infirmary and wake up with horns or he's just gonna randomly break down in public and grow em. I'm calling it

Please take Ichigo instead.

Well, if
>The 3rd Nursery Lab
Then the answer would be on the FP40.

shut up Goro

Why are you guys calling him 012?
Isn't his name Nine Alpha?

If they're going to make a romantic rival arc in the next episodes I'm gonna drop this shit

They WERE killing more than one though?

What in the hell could FP stand for? and then there's the 40 bit.

F-something Plantation 40?

>All displays have honeycomb pattern
What did they mean by this?

Hexagons make anything look futuristic.

The Franxx are all warrior bees that protect the hives.


>Especially the whole deal with the klaxosaurs, why they're even a thing, and what their endgame is (if they have one).
I am sure they're controlled by some people. Probably other humanoid klaxosaurs similar to 02 yet without being partially human.

Yes, later on. They still took forever to do it. Gathering them up into a pile and all. What the fuck are the other klaxosaurs doing while those 5 or 6 are tied up? There's supposed to be well over 100 of those little guys. The whole battle was so stupid.

I have a theory that there may be sentient species underground who look like 02 from flashback at the beginning. They never encountered surface humanity(or maybe used to in the past and influenced mythology about red horned demons in hell underground) until one day these faggots dug through their ceiling and started stealing their geothermal energy, and now they send their war machines(klaxos look like ones - some sophisticated mechanisms, fuel cell with magma energy that looks distinctive from rest of body, one even had a gun) to wreck surface dwellers' shit so they stop.

Standard futuristic fanfare

it's obvious that Klaxosaurs are being manipulated by something, probably a smart civilization, the Gutenberg is proof of it

oh god no

It's not really obvious, if klaxos are some automated earth management that acts on instinct, then they will simply search for the sources of the machines that use magma energy, the larger they are the bigger they come
>mining equipment draws in small Conrads
>Plantation active for ceremony - Mohorovic
>kissing brings a big guy Gutenberg for them

Don't worry, he's 02's rival, not Hiro's :^)

The small ones seemed fairly irrelevant to be honest. None of them would have been able to breach the pipeline, it was just a diligent but routine piece of work. The crucial part was always taking the Klaxxochad down before he pounded the wall into submission.

I don't think they will. It's been thoroughly established that 02 and Darling belong together by now, questioning that again would go directly against everything that happened in the last episodes.

> parasites are Nazi footsoldiers
> klaxos are free humanity's last line of defence
> 02 wants Hiro to help her defect

You know it makes sense.

This is going to be proven wrong and it saddens me.

When's Miku going to get an episode? I love her design and personality but she hasn't done much so far.

>02 and Hiro escape to the dino capital
>Ichigo hunts them riding together with the blonde guy

Literally next episode.


are wa dareda dareda dareda
are wa debiru debiruman

Cross Ange!
Sort of

Even in unlikely fantasies Goro keeps getting cucked. I will forgive bullying the strawberry, but Goro doesn't deserve this.

Klaxxosaurs are the good guys they're trying to find something important inside the plantation

it's just collateral damage, it can't be helped

I wonder if Ichigo will eventually realize what a great guy he is and stop running after Hiro instead.

I think that the government is interested in the military power of the two and they will not be scrupulous in achieving any pre-established results. Surely they will add more drama

holy fucking shit

The government already okay'd 02 piloting with Hiro for now. And they know that he's a special case, I doubt they'll risk any of their other top pilots in a ride with 02 if they already have a perfectly well working stamen for her.

Negative ???? ???? Pulse
>Positive ???? ???? Pulse

Positive Pulse
>30sec 60sec 90sec 120sec 150?sec 180sec
>NO NO 0.12 15.81 67?.34 83.07

Negative Pulse
>30sec 60sec 90sec 120sec 150?sec 180sec
>85.46 91.27 97.55 99.08 99?.71 99.08
I think 02's last numbers actually are

That shows that her numbers were dropping too.
Whatever was killing Hiro, was also killing her, but on a way slower pace.
After Hiro's numbers completely dropped, it sped up.

they could still try to test some other shit, but in any case he is the first to survive 3 rides and he is willing to keep riding with her and she only feels comfortable enough with him, so after all is said and done they will end up being a permanent couple

>they could still try to test some other shit
I don't know man, look at what happened to Mitsuru after just one ride. It's not like they only have to worry about the third one, even the first time can already ruin a pilot pretty strongly. There's just no real gain for taking such a large risk.

Hiro is 02's supressor tiara/headband.
Thar blue cancer is not some kind of curse that only goes away if you accept 02, neither she gives it to her partners to the point of spawning a fucking massive blue mass on their chests (I do know that it might still be possible though, since that big dude from ep1 was covered), it is just that inside Strelitzia, both the pistil and the stemen share and mix blood.
The catch here is that 02, being (a big) part dino, has a lot of dino cells (YBC?) on her, when absord by the stemen, it causes a big rejection by the stemen's body, which is harmful and potentially lethal.
Looking at Mitsuru after piloting, and assume part of his bleeding comes from this, we can see that only on his first ride he was a lot more strained than Hiro ever was after his first ride (Hiro was fine and had no tumor on his chest during the bath scene).
So the catch here is: Hiro is a special speciment that was modified to "absorb" and "process" YBC.
If we check his blood tests again (and ignore a bit of its discrepancies, pretending it to be legit), we can see that his body is not actually trying to fight this mutation, he also has no external or internal injuries like the other two pilots and is usually just lacking oxigen (heavy breath, body temperature).
This is also why APE didn't want 02 to "mix" with Hiro:
>he can absorb and process her YBC
>thus, he eases and controls her Dino side to normal levels
>which causes her performance as superpilot to drop
Hiro's body accepting her dino cells while the other pilots don't is also part of
>opposite reaction

The symbolism is on his left hand holding her head here Check Hiro become 02's "headband". He's the one that can naturally supress and accept all of her, not only on a romantic sense, but on a genetic one too.

I’d fuck-pilot my waifu for the glory of the Godfather of mankind.
How about you?

Everything can be overcome by sheer willpower, user. Haven't Cantonese cartoons taught you anything?

Problem with that theory is that they already mentioned his reaction is directly opposite to that of all others, and in that context they mentioned the yellow blood cells. So we can safely assume that none of the other pilots showed an increase in them.

It's stamen, not stemen.

Dear leader may not be human.

I'd fuckpilot any of those waifu-tier pistils for whatever I have to swear loyalty to to be allowed to do so.

You're implying Anime is suppose to make sense.

>The catch here is that 02, being (a big) part dino, has a lot of dino cells (YBC?) on her, when absord by the stemen, it causes a big rejection by the stemen's body, which is harmful and potentially lethal.
Seems to contradict Mitsuru's account, he explicitly states that 02 tried to devour him completely. It seems to imply that unless you have "pure" intention you're getting the futa treatment
>ordinary stamens want 02 for power and glory -> 02 forcibly takes theirs
>Hiro want 02 for who she is -> 02 freely gives all she has to him
This would be reasonable considering that his tumor subsided when he accepted 02 wholeheartedly, and how she calls it "beautiful" and alludes to it being a love badge.
The "tainted" bit might be that APE thinks that 02 is losing her own yellow blood cells and giving them to Hiro, or this bit is unrelated and hints at something else.

Do you think she will be this wild on the bed?

>those chompers
I sure hope she is

>Do you think she will be this wild on the bed?

Not a chance.

Darling is for tender loving only in the missionary position while holding hands and being locked firmly in place with powerful legs until all her eggs are fertilized and then be cuddled in the afterglow.

But if they mix/merge together, then that would imply there a flux in and out.
If Hiro process the blood, then he would be receiving her blood (thus increasing his) but not giving any back.
Considering the part about Mitsuru and other pilots, since they can't process the blood, they'd also "give" part of their blood (thus losing/lower numbers).
If we consider that 02 can forcibly take those, that would explain why they would feel like being "devoured": she's taking their blood, which causes their numbers to drop, as opposite of Hiro, that can take and absorb/process.

Something like
>pistil -> stamen/he takes and she gives
>pistil 02 -> stamen/gives

I bet she is completely submissive in the sheets. She seems like the type that would surprise you.

Blue bills are not lost on land, boreholes and patients, just forget about work, just like Mtsorsor Shinglei, but in the end it's that there is no gem on a huge station that can not keep it. Thousands of forgotten attacks are some of these traction elements

>half dino
Probably other eggs than you meant.

I'm not sure if there's any physical exchange going on at all, it seems to be entirely psychological.
Papa might have been referring to actual sex rather than piloting when he spoke about her blood being diluted (i.e. in the next generation).

That is extremely lewd.

>read it the first time
>"man, that's super lewd"
>read it a second time
>realize it will never happen

>suddenly out of gas when none of the others did
Is the symbolism here that the pistil pissed herself?

Most likely not, I'm just thinking too much.
Realistically is probably that piloting with 02 activated his "special" something, that she said she would activate.

How does the madman keep getting away with it?

By being her Darling.

Even IkuNO?

She has the lowest priority, but yes, even her.

>bite the pillow Honey

How long until on screen cuddling?
Hopefully they are both sharing a hospital bed next episode.

With his resolve and a dick made of steel.

they'd be going through a lot of pillows with those fangs of hers

I mean, they already kinda are at the breakfast table.

I keep thinking this is the VEG chick from the thumbnails.

By being a fucking madman
talk between Doc and Hiro FUCKING WHEN


I'm glad I'm not the only one.

>Only stupid demons sit at this table

It's Saturday already in japan?

wash your girl's hole next time nigger.

I want more lovey dovey girlfriend mode Zero Two, her lunch room antics have so far gotten cuter every ride, and you'd think the third ride would be the biggest deal of all. Or maybe she'll be upset that Darling saw her scary monster mode

There should be some opportunity for that if this is going to be cool down episode. I would love to see Dr Franxx give a debrief with both of them together.

he already said he wants to be with her why would she be angry ?

He still went to hug her and calm her down while telling her he's her Darling. So she probably knows he doesn't mind.

"You better take proper care of my daughteru, boyscout!"
>hands him first print of "Oni mating rituals or How to live to tell the tale"
>02 blush a plenty

how to tame an wild oni

that's Mitsuru 2.0

>MC got magically cured because asspull, timing is so fucking convenient when getting bullied by braindead retarded enemy
>Dr. FRANXX doesn't even know about it maybe
>next episode is gonna be some infodump and shiet

Nah ED is the good shit

He has only been cured temporarily. His Oni aids will be a re-occurring thing.

Zero Two puts honey on everything, she's a bee.

>''The Jockey and her mare'' is the best metaphor to describe the relationship between the Stamen boy and the Pistil girl.

>Pistil girls are mares who need a jockey to ride them and tame them.

>Zero Two is a wild mare like Alexander's horse and Hiro a skilled jockey like Alexander.

It is no use having a great wild mare, if you do not have a great jockey to ride and tame her.

>Oni has no shame mainly because she's emotionally very detached from other people due to how her life is and just doesnt gives a shit
>Starts acting very shy and embarrassed with a man who's really close to her


Nah, Hiro' will make her ahegho


this power of love bullshit was predictable as fuck and equally cheesy
and I wouldn't want to have it any other way

Imagine not wanting POWER OF LOVE in a very obvious POWER OF LOVE story? I feel like a lot of people missed a shit ton of signals.

I've got a horrible week ahead of me before I can finally watch episode 7
this just isn't fair

Oh no, that's too cute

I just really want to see the old Doc embarrass 02 in front her Darling. It would be so cute.

>ITT; Most likely didn't watch the show or if people did they weren't paying attention and were just looking shitpost fuel like EP3 with the Cuck posting

like how? old pictures of her wearing diapers?

What would it take to embarrass 02 like this? Her wall of smug seems impenetrable.

too out of character

Imagine being this upset that other people are having fun

she is so fucking adorable


a lot of the people working on this brought us gurren lagann, where willpower literally chnages the universe

They had sex

Hiro declaring loud and clear in public that he loves her weird quirks preferably if they involve sleeping to reassure her after she gets a little insecure because of people seeing her more demonic side.

you clip off her horns, kill dr. franxx and hiro abandons her for ichigo



literally the "he just came inside me" expression


my favorite 4koma yet

Translate it, weebos!

C U T E !

Thats super cute

100% lewd

I'm not sure if it's a clever idea to try that when she can fling adult men around like it's nothing.

Too cute. And based Franxx always cheering on Strelitzia.

>Hiro: Zero Two! More!
>002: *has no idea what he's doing*

I hope he will show up more frequently from now on. He's great.

>tfw darling gives me the strong thick hiro dick

>4-Koma 02 looks like Princess Suyaris from Oyasumi
It also kind of fits, like the Ichigo-02 one, where she acts like a rebellious brat.

My darling is too cute!


Pretty sure that says pudding.

Nah, doesn't have the circle accent.
Subsequently, I want to breed 02.

anyone else grossed out by the appropriation of all this eva iconography in such a lame setting


if you steal something, might as well be from something great

>Aside: Hiro back to life
>Zero two, you can't do it alone !

>it's going to be fine! Zero two you are not alone, it's ok it's ok it's ok

>Zero two!(she recovered)

>Hiro: I probably suitable to be a breeder
>Zero two: What's a breeder?

fun chapter, E7


>Zero two: What's a breeder?

>>Zero two: What's a breeder?


>Hiro: I probably suitable to be a breeder
>Zero two: What's a breeder
That's some kind of metaphor, right?

>"dated" guys but always dropped them before 3rd base
>doesn't even know what breeding is
pure dino angel


>>Hiro: I probably suitable to be a breeder
>>Zero two: What's a breeder?
That's mistranslation, right? There is no way that's actually what it says, RIGHT?!

stop worrying so much ichigo

02 says it in hiragana, but probably.


How are you even sure that was cancer? Have you ever heard of blue skinned cancer.Only thing that's been told is that he have higher WBC production than usual. For all we know it much just be a harmless mutation that's going on.

it's something like animal trainer
don't think it too much lol


that makes more sense because of the headpatting, fuck you

end yourself right now

>tfw Hiro is now an inhuman monster too

Good, I'm a massive sucker for this kind of shit.

You should have let them have their fun, user.
Remember condom merchandise!

why does she get ten times cuter when she's crying?

>tfw Zero Tsu is a little bit more human now

I don't hate it, it's just kind of mediocre.
They better keep the ED though.

It's probably gonna be another Gargantia situation.

This one is great

>mildly lecherous elderly science man whose first appearance has him grabbing his work-minded aide's butt and telling her to lighten up
It's a classic character type that still works really well. Yeah Nana isn't his aide, but that's what she looked like at the point in time.

>02: but i'm a monster!
>cut to hiro with blue skin, a wooden club, and tiger pelt loincloth

Franxx pilot/parasite.

Need your ears checked. The music has continued to keep up and she's been doing a fantastic job unlike the hack Sawano.


You have a legitimate problem.

Klaxosaurs represent the unknown and are a huge part of the mystery, they same to refer to them as a "person" so they must be sentient.

Just because they're travelling together doesn't mean a few can't soldier on a head or they change to an irregular pattern of movement.

But was it worse than this ass pull?

Not really because it's not a lame setting and its their own work.

What are the chances of them going to space to battle a super mecha dino?

Nah I love it and always have. Lyrics make it amazing and yes they are important to a song.