Was this scene really necessary?

Was this scene really necessary?

It's necessary because it illustrates Akira's change into an instinct driven beast

Is that spit or something worse?

It's cum.


No but Eva references are supposedly always good.

Of course.


Sorry that you're so sensitive user. I'm sure in the American dub it'll get replaced with mayonnaise.

It already has a dub, silly.

You should have seen the ceiling.

Do you also get offended when someone wipes the crust from their eyes in anime? Is it problematic?

bird poop

>Two Evangelion references for the price of one in a single scene
truly kino

Hoe deep does it go?

Just imagine the smell


You need to be over 18 to post on this site, little buddy.

really makes you think
but seriously it's funny it went full circle

>Only two drops
Low test after desu ne


>reducing Asuka into purely an object of sexual gratification while she's helpless to stop being treated like a Kleenex


I want to lick that hand.

>Devil May Cum
My sides.

Ryo, go to bed.

What would Akira's cum taste like?

He spat on his hand gently

He's so fucked up

No. It's was western-audience pandering, courtesy of having Netflix in the production committee.

Netflix was not on the production committee here.

Yes, it was. Dig deeper.

Source or fuck off.

I'm off to bed. 00:21 here and have to work tomorrow. If the thread is up in ~6 hours I'll dig it up.

if you care enough to ask about it but not google and get your answer in 5 seconds you need to fuck yourself. You're the type of person to consume netflix for your anime like the CR retards that think they're helping the industry more then someone pirating everything and buying a figurine once or twice a year.

Fuck off then.

Lies and fuck off as well.

nuubei alert!

Beyond being asked to adapt Devilman, all the creative decisions were left to Yuasa. It's pretty obvious considering how divisive it is among weebs.

>implying i didn't pirate it