Dropped this fag show so fast

dropped this fag show so fast

omg what a cutie

>6 episodes

Ichigofags back on eternal suicide watch where they belong.

Ichigo might be on suicide watch, but she's cuter than ever.

>fag show
It is literally the most heterosexual anime currently airing.

They are going to pull some fujoshit with the bad guys I hope.

>3 twos
3 twos for the amount of times Ichigo has been denied the Hirocock.
Lets give her another try just to watch her suffer again.

I wish they would just kill her already. She doesn't deserve to suffer this much.

You don't have to lie.

Blue means loss

Reminder that Ichigo is a cuck and Zero Two is easily the best girl.


She deserves it


Stop cuckposting. Ichigo hasn't been cucked in a few episodes and likely won't get cucked again.




See you next week.

This bullying is going to fucking far


Let go of her

>dropping an anime
Wow, it's like you hate anime. Only people who have 0 dropped shows on their MyAnimeList (trademark, copyright, all rights reserved) deserve to call themselves true anime fans.

I wish every beaner on this joke of a planet was dead or at least permabanned from Cred Forums.