What's the most unrealistic pairing in anime/manga

What's the most unrealistic pairing in anime/manga

not that one. Krillin is ltierally the strongest human on the planet.

Yamcha begs to differ.


How is that unrealisic? Dude is ripped as shit, holds a steady job, and is friends with the strongest beings in the world. And he dresses well too.

Sakura and Sasuke

Pic related

Krillin is in the top 3 strongest beings on his planet. It makes sense she'd see something in him.

you and your waifu


Kaoru and Kenshin
Sagara and Kaname
Erika and Kyouya

He was a broke manlet


>dr.Gero fucked her everyday while she was deactivated
>Gero ofcourse is impotent, but he created a huge cyborg dick for himself, just to plow 18.
>Krillin sticks his dick in it and 18, her body being used to Gero's humongous cock, doesn't feel anything

Yeah but he's strong

He can beg all he wants because he'll never get anything done on his own with that power.

He has a stable job and is a service to the community. If 18 really wanted money she could literally just take it from Bulma or just rob an armored truck.

After the things they implied Roshi did with Puar, I'm really not sure what Yamacha's intentions were right there.

>not designing android pussy to always be as tight as possible for the pleasure of both parties

Naruto x Hinata, the most forced shit i've ever seen

Sagara and kaname is great you turbo-faggot

I misread the OP.

fight my champions

>being racist


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Sasuke sakura
Inb4 gets called a naruto shill


This fucking anime. It was funny for a few episodes but then the humor wore off and it was just painful. There's no reason for them to like each other. Worse, they don't even act like they like each other.

Last episode kind of made up for it.

>muh forced

Till episode 6, or whenever the confession was it was great.
Literally the love triangle is shit and everyone knows he should REALLY end up with the pink haired bitch.

Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin

last shouldn't be last
the penultimate episode was concluding it all in great way

Either the pink haired girl or the one with blue hair (not her sister) would be decent pairings. Staying with the blonde is a meme-tier choice though.

i came to this thread exclusively to post this
at least krillin deserved 18


He did just dump Maron for once.

>Has an okay job
>Knows how to fight
>Small but not a dwarf
>Friends with Goku and other super strong beings


Who else she would date?
Yamcha is a fucking joke
Tien is a virgin monk with a boner for training for nothing
Vegeta is taken
Goku is taken
Piccolo has no dick
Buu probably has no idea what sex is
Roshi is way too old and a pervert
Gohan is also taken

Krillin is the only choice, not to mention he did save her fucking life and wished her back to life

She wasn't even the hottest woman Krillin was with. And if you are 18 and won't settle for a not-super powered man, your options are really limited.

>3 eyed freak
>no job
>probably gay

>no dick
>green alien
>no job

>good job
>beta as fuck
>scarred up face
>sloppy seconds for the other prominent woman of the group

Goku and Vegeta are taken and too autistic to leave their women. Krillin is the only option left.

Have you considered that: 18 just has particular taste? She thought Krillin was cute when they first met. There's nothing unrealistic about people out there having taste outside the norm. See: This website.

Hey look, a picture of Asuka being an out of character moeblob

Good example, user

This is correct.

Tien and Launch lived together in the mountains with the tiny vampire.

Toei Filler. And even in the filler, Tien pretty plainly wanted her to leave but was way too polite to say anything.

Pretty sure it's in the manga though.

It's not. Last mention of Launch in the manga is that she went off looking for Tien and was never seen again. She MIGHT appear briefly at the end.

Fuck you this shit is cute

No fuck you. The main character is so garbage that him pairing with anybody makes no sense.

I've seen worse in anime but I will say he's better in the manga
Also I was mostly protesting the filename. Numales don't try to get laid or want to get laid at all. And she's a pure.

>not a dwarf
lmao legally he is probably considered a dwarf

He's not, he's above for 5 cm or something like that

She is a pure whore.

Whores do it for money.
She's a pure slut. She wants to slut it up, but only for her true love.

There's Uub
Yajirobe is pretty strong for a human but ultimately he isn't shit

I don’t think 18 wanted Krillin for being the strongest (human).

i just wish it was more developed thats all


The anime's ending is the best thing to ever happen in this garbage series.


Tightness isn't pleasurable for women

she loves him for his mind

is it because his dick is inversely proportional to his height?

Hes strong but not stronger than a her. a girl could never respect a man she could beat in a fucking fight, jesus christ.

How do you think women get vaginal orgasms? It needs to be tight enough to get the friction going.

good thing the ntrbros save them from it

have they even TALKED once in shippuden? Seriously?

Krillin lookin' snazzy

He was drunk one night and on the way home he ate her out becasue she looked like a giant brownie and that's how I met your mother.

He literally doesn't even like her
I'm not even an NTR fag and I wish Sarada had been Karin's bastard child


everyone in boruto, everyone at the end of every digimon


maybe she likes shotas

She more than likely is though.

There's plenty of fucking weirdos who want to fuck midgets out there. That's a pretty believable one.

>vaginal orgasms
Just rub the fucking clit.

It's not the same at all.

Didn't Gamers flop?

These two

Hundreds of years later and narusakufags are still mad.

A good proportion of women can’t cum from piv at all. Stop taking tips from porn and just rub the fucking clit.

me with anyone

For the ones who can, it's a totally different experience from clitoral orgasms.

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based jin

On the other hand, he's like 4 feet tall, bald and doesn't have a nose.

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Nana and Kaoru. At least Krillin doesn't have greasy hair and a frog face.

Who had a mini Lee with Rock Lee? Was it 1010?

>>Small but not a dwarf

That just makes it worse. At least Dwarfism is an acceptable reason for being short, Krillin is just a turbo manlet.

Android 17.

Just made the mistake of calling them siblings, but they were right for each-other.

The abridged series actually did their romance better.


>krillin is the strongest human on the planet

Maybe was because krillin was the only one in all the series that see her like a person and not like a monster.

Airi >>>>>>>>>>> Kayo

Deal with it

He's at the perfect height to eat her pussy.

>Three eyes

Guys like that get friendzoned the fastest.

Almost any harem anime
>mc has the charisma of a plate of broccoli and completely average looks
>4+ girls head-over-heels about him for no reason

>no nose
>wife is a robot

18 is human though. Just a cyborg dude.

Man, that guy hit jackpot.

She was turned into an android at a cellular level. She's barely human anymore.

user, do you know what Android means?

she's literally called artificial human in japanese

Winky face.

But that's a misnomer since she's actually a cyborg.

cyborg in the sense that she was a human that became a machine

she's not a mech cyborg like gero, toriyama said she was turned into one at a cellular level

pretty much every Naruto pairing besides Hinata and Naruto

>toriyama said she was turned into one at a cellular level

Source? That wouldn't make sense unless Marron's half cyborg.

Tori said it in an interview before DBS.
In Super Gohan even says they 17 and 18 are machine on a cellular level

I thought they just had nanomachines in them. Not that it turned them into literal robot androids.

>Fat Amuro x Cake Lina Inverse
So much unrealistic.

Sailor Moon and anyone who isn't a fucking retard.

Stop with this meme, I even like tien but we've known Krillin is stronger for ages.

No. The japanese term means "artificial human" which applies to both cyborgs (17,18,20) and androids (16,19). The fucked up translations are what caused all the autism behind the naming.

So she is a cyborg like I said and not and android.
Android = human looking robot
Cyborg = human with robot parts

I was backing that up, but "artificial human" is not a misnomer like you were saying.

>not Shikamaru and Temari
come the FUCK on

She was never romantically involved with her baby.

A shapeshifting cat is fine too.
Better, even.

>Women who embrace men are moeblobs
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>tien fights fucking cell
>krillin scared of the ghosts of tambourine and nappa
lol nah


Fucking this, get your shit straight.

You are all fapping to 18s new AV right?

Wait, who are these two? I'm kinda interested how this even happens.

>Not calling Cyborg 18 Lapis

>"Lucky for you I'm a cat lover!!"

She only had a single worry about money after having a kid. Her plan was to blackmail Satan into making her rich to keep his World's Strongest title.

Dwarfism is a genetic thing, and genetic dwarves rarely make world class fighters. Dude's just short.

>societal standards of beauty are BS anyway

Literally nobody calls her that, not even in universe.

>for no reason
He was nice to them.

This. Fuck fatsos.

get out

I'm serious. Never seen this before, and image search pulls up nothing.

Probably the best fitting pair from that series

This pairing exists

Surprised this hasnt been posted yet

literally nothing to do with race. they just had no connection at all.

its paprika. the reason that guy said get out is probably because its made by a respected and now dead director satoshi kon. the guy is basically a genius that acts like a child.

This. Fucking this.
>and then his childhood friend.

Paprika is overrated, faggot

when i said that guy is basically a genius that acts like a child i was refering to the fat guy btw not kon. incase there was a misunderstanding.