One Piece

Have they sent anyone to pick him up yet? Is he out for the rest of the arc?

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Who cares? We need to see Brownie in action.

He'll share Bellemere's fate.


She is perfect.

Be honest. How many of you want to see Germa again because you genuinely like them, and not just because you want to know what Oda has planned for them?

Or more canon wise, Jack's fate.

It’s dumb, but I haven’t felt much emotional impact from the Luffy/Katakuri fight ever since he killed those chefs. No matter how cool or based Katakuri is supposed to seem, it’s in the back of my mind despite how inconsequential it may have been.

How much stronger has Luffy gotten during this fight? Like it seems like a lot of development..

I want to know what Reiju's devil fruit is

Best panel of the fight right here.

I like Reiju.

We don't know. There's nothing saying that he took it off, but they've had plenty of time for shonen bruises to heal.

She is just some tsundere cunt with a sob story.

OK, thanks.

>luffy finally reveals a new g4 form
>katakuri manages to steal the spotlight from luffy yet again

He literally can't stop winning

Hey we are practically time twins.


Is there any way to animate Katakuri's power without making them look similar in visual compared to Mr. 3's wax?

who cares about these bozos

That's what I wanted to find out.

I'd say he got some tips which way to improve. CoA and CoO. Not developed really much at this point in this fight. Yeah, he improved his CoO but it seems like he still not fully Kata's level at future vision.

What about

>people think kingbaum survived this

If all of Luffy's potential love interests got into a fight, who would win? Including Katakuri of course.

Will One Piece ever stop dragging out?


>Gear 4th is Kabuki/Nioh-themed
>Wano is One Piece's Japan

I don't think Snakeman is the last form of Gear 4th. Hell, maybe we won't even get Awakening in that arc.

If they killed each other except for Katakuri, because he could easily win, would you fags fuck off and kill yourselves?

It's about a rubber man, dude. Come on.

That's a time abortion, user.

i don't think you'll find many germa fans besides one or two anons going "i love reiju and her dick-sucking lips!"

what more modes do you think he will get

It cannot stop something it never started.

user, I love One Piece, but you'd have to be delusional if you don't think it could be better if it was at least a little bit more concise,

What is Cred Forums's official ship in One Piece?

Yo, that's fucked up, user. He was clearly just adopted, not aborted.


Except it's not dragging out, you retarded piece of shit?

>I'm so fucked up

Everyone x Adventure

One Piece x good arcs

Bao because she envisioned Luffy touching her breasts at her wedding.

What about it isn't concise? Nice buzzword though.

You already know user....

>get in the fucking mirror world katakuri

Kaidou is the leader of Beast pirates, so I think it would fit to have Luffy go Lionman.

Boa x luffy

Who the fuck?

Going Merry

He knows what he did to get that fate. He should've been here instead of blabbing about My Fair Lady.

Thousand Sunny


tsk tsk look at this so-called one piece fan

What is Boa was actually a dude named Bao?

Do you think she bonded with Luffy? Not in a sexual/love way, but in a form of motherly admiration type of way?

Post crying Pudding.

Post human Carrot.


Yes, she bonded with him in the way a damsel in distress bonds with the dragon guarding her tower.

Shippers? More like NIGGERS

I don't know who genuinely likes them since all of them but Reiju literally have no personality on purpose, and 1, 2, and 4 are extremely forgettable.
They're more of a plot device at this point, but it'd be hard to utilize them as something besides a way for the SHs to escape WCI.

I like Reiju rest can die painfully
Sanji gonna get that Reijussy

>Nitoryu Scans haven't posted an update

Man, they're 2 volumes away until they're done with rescanlating One Piece.

Man, I can't wait until Carrot is forgotten like the other girls of the arc and is never spoken of again

I didn't notice until this artist pointed it out but now the way Daifuku says "I'll open this door" really bothers me. In a sexual way.


This arc has good waifus.


What kind of eyes does blue and orange eyes give your kids?
Sanji x Nami

>multiple waifus
Kill yourself from Cred Forums

>Forgetting Pudding

>What kind of eyes does blue and orange eyes give your kids?
That's not how it works

>The annoying little cunt that is SO fucking judgemental and self-absorbed and shallow that even the older brother that loves all of his siblings get angry at her
>good waifu
Fucking Christ, user.

>third eye not secretly looking in the other direction
missed opportunity


He sounds way "cooler" than I imagined he would. Not sure if I like it.

Nigga, it's in plain view.

No, like she’s trying to look like she’s not looking at it but her third eye is

>looking in the other direction
that 's not how eyes work

Oh shit, he seems way cooler than what he is in the manga. That's going to be super disappointing for the animefags.

I don't think that's how eyes work.


>forgetting about Pudding, Galette and Cinnamon
>including the disgusting balloon loli

animefags are gonna stick with him destroying sanji at the tea party for a while so it all balances out



t. Spee D. Reader

>takes several days to remember hancucks name
>remembers katakuri's in less than 1

How can LuHanfags ever recover?

Huh. I knew she was weird but I didn't think she'd be creepy. That shows me.

>That sexy ass voice
>That Djinn animation
It's the someone from the animation team a hardcore Daifuku fan or something because his first appearance is so much better than Katakuri

I don't think the animators choose what they animate.

Is this and Katakuri's entrances all just enforcing how fucking useless Smoothie is? Does Japan just fucking hate Smoothie?

Flampe such a shit that not even Katakuri could love her.

I think it's just a way to pad out episodes. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a reintroduction too.

It's showing more Charlotte children coming to WC Chateau after not being there for everything happening before the Tea Party. Smoothie is already there.

dog, they made the genie fucking massive

t. samefag

I'm just curious about Reiju's devil fruit. Her getting confirmed for having one is too odd of a detail to go unaddressed. We're going to find out what it is or does by the end of this arc.

see pic

No, I know what it actually is, I was just making a joke about how Smoothie just stood in a front of a door and did nothing.


after daifuku's entrance in the latest episode, i was waiting only for you user

Apparently you speedread timestamps too.

She's a zoan monarch butterfly calling it now

Come on, it was kinda funny.

I don't even make Smoothie jokes normally. It only just clicked now when I realised Daifuku and Katakuri got cool door scenes.

No matter who it is, Luffy can always dodge when it's convenient enough.

>calling it now
people have been calling that since the chapter came out

Didn't she say his face would remain looking like shit until the mask came off?

Yes she did. Hackda probably forgot about it

So is Katakuri fully human or not?

>implying you didn't hack the Cred Forums to change your timestamps

So who would be the more beautiful woman canonically if you could only choose one?

I don't want either, one is a crybaby and one is just plain shit.


Shira is too big and I don't know how I would be able to fuck her so its Hancock.


I like Reiju and her dick sucking lips. I also really like Yonji for some reason. He is funny and looks better then the other Vinsmoke bros. Ichiji and Niji are shit (even though Niji did have a cool moment last time).

Katakuri is going to drop Luffy's unconscious body outside of the mirror world next chapter.

Maybe his dad was a pelican eel fishman. Or grandparent.

She's cute! CUTE!

I just wanna FUCK Katakuri

Go Read A Girls' Manga™

Who doesn't?

Me, he's 5,09 meters tall.

do you guys think there's a water devil fruit no mi

That won't be until the end of Wano, at least. So, have fun with that.


Maybe a Rain-Rain Fruit but definitely no pure water


>fruit no mi


there's a water devil fruit and it will belong to the character that has an eyepatch

Wasn't there a female villain from one of the early movies with a water devil fruit?

Now give Sanji black hair and we can call this an AU


Damn. That you so much user!!

>tfw you realize she’s grabbing his butt

>ripping off filler

oda is a hack

What's with Luffy in this chapter?

what an absolute unit
manlets can't compete



I like how dark this arc is.

Size doesn't matter all that much.

He's going insane because he realizes he's going to lose this fight, even with a new power up


is Katakuri our guy?

No, Brownie is

Oven is /ourguy/

mind explaining that

That’s Cred Forums‘s guy

Cred Forums likes OP?

Cred Forums is constantly angry and full of flame wars

Katakuri is My guy then

Killed Pound

Yeah, Pirate Warriors 3 was really good as a Mousou

I fucking hate Chopper.

But Oda’s daughters love him

come now friend, one can say such things but one cannot think them

No. He's mine

Cred Forums simultaneously likes and hates everything.

He's a little boring right now, but I don't think any of the Strawhats are hateable

Is he the most handsome guy in all of One Piece?


Maybe if he didn't have those ugly teeth

mercury probably close?
suigin fruit no mi

Its either Sanji, Zolo or Law.




I really hope we get more order of siblings in this next volume, i managed to figure out a few things but i need more info on this

Will Shirahoshi win the Luffybowl?

His teeth are the cutest thing about him

I will never get over Oda trying to use Kaidou jumping off a sky island as a hype method when this guy already did it years ago.

Oda is a hack

my guess is that the whoe "this sucks, im starving" was actually luffy sensing what katakuri was feeling, just like he felt rayleigh's anger

Who was the MVP of the arc?

Fuckin Daifuku

>Judge robbed everyone of Blonde Reiju

Is this his worst crime?

t. Flamshit

Find a flaw
You literally fucking CAN'T

only thing im disappointed with is that we havent seen his huge uncut mochi cock

Fuck off flampe

Cover stories in general have a lot more "cartoon physics" than the main story. Luffy launching Buggy and Wapol to completely different islands is objectively his most impressive feat of strength.

Bad diet.

He hasn't become a Nakama.

>Cover stories in general have a lot more "cartoon physics" than the main story. Luffy launching Buggy and Wapol to completely different islands is objectively his most impressive feat of strength.

There's those little robots who floated to the moon with fucking balloons even though Enel needed a technologically advanced ship to do the same.

Anyone has the scene with Kata and Luffy stare down? I wanna use it as my phone screen.



Who is the Jar-Jar of One Piece

Daughter confirmed


someone needs to draw a Luffy x Katakuri version of this scene

Where you do get all this fan art?


If they reappear it’ll be to job and I never want them to job.

Is that supposed to be Luffy? He looks like a little kid. Not okay.

He has a shitty voice.

That could mean a lot of things.

>Infamously disliked character

>"Kid appeal" character(s) that alienate adults
The Tontattas

>Comic relief character that isn't funny



What did you say

Momo was supposed to be funny?

Doesn't Momonosuke piss off SaNa fags the most?

Wasn’t Jar Jar a high tier Sith hiding his power level?


>universally disliked
>kid appeal
>not funny
Pretty sure momonosuke fits all these criteria

The kid appeal comic relief character that every single person who isn’t a contrarian hates

No wtf

>annoying mascot character created by out-of-touch older men thinking it will appeal to children and sell toys
time-skip Chopper, specifically Kung-fu point

Go to sleep already Sanafag

That was a fan theory


jar-jar also became a fucking senator in the second movie if i remember correctly, same shit happening with momo acquiring incredible political power in a couple of chapters with his origins reveal

Isn't it late?


It's someones oc

Stop being annoying user. I'm not even posting Sana. Don't provoke me.

>that jojo image with katakuri and caesar
>now hes literall joseph joestar
is meme magic real?

Except Jar-Jar became a less relevant character in the latter prequels. Momo's just going to get more important during Wano

>People expecting Wano to be hype central when a big chunk of it is going to be dedicated to One Piece's Jar-Jar.

This is why I don't want to leave Whole Cake.

>is meme magic real?
Goku Blanco confirmed it is.

Kill the rat
Is not even 10


This needs his real teeth.

>Except Jar-Jar became a less relevant character in the latter prequels. Momo's just going to get more important during Wano
fuuuuuuck you're right
>"hhhurrrrr meesa like big boobs on gurls"

>Is not even 10
I don't believe you, you're probably a European poster.

Assuming that husband 43 didn't had any children, this would give us more or less this order of marriages and children

Husband #42-#36 - Dolce and Dragee, Anglais, Anana plus 2 sons and 2 daughters
Husband #35 - Flampe
Husband #34-#33 - Pudding and 41st son
Husband #32 - Decuplets
Husband #31 - Yuen
Husband #30 - Long neck twins
Husband #29-#26 - 5 daughters and unknown # of sons
Husband #25 (Pound) - Lola and Chiffon
Husband #24-#4 - 20 daughters and unknown # of sons
Husband #3 - Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven
Husband #2-#1 - Perospero and Compote

take your off-topic bullshit to

Find a flaw
You literally fucking CAN'T

I'm honestly suprised no one has said Carrot, and this is coming from a carrotfag.

Not a Carrotfag and I agree.

Why the fuck would you reply? It was one fucking pic, hide it if you don't like it. Now the thread will turn to shit because of human carrot.

No one truly hates Carrot.

Kek, nice one.

so no one is ever supposed to tell him to stop posting? we're supposed to wait until he dumps the entire set to tell him to fuck off?

Why would anyone say that? Her haters are in the minority. In fact, I bet most of them don't even hate her specifically, they just hate obnoxious Carrotfags.

>he doesn't know
memes die. and it was only one pic,
who cares.

>non-humanized Carrot

What’s the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise of One Piece

Carrot haters are the minority and apparently absent at the moment.

>obnoxious carrotfags
Tell me if you've ever seen one, so far it's identical waifuposting and nakama-posting to every other character we've seen. I really don't see a difference.

As a carrotfag, I would think she'd be seen as jarjar because she's new to the series, doesn't have much more depth than comic relief, and talks with a cute/funny voice. They're both basically mascots.

No one gives a fuck about Carrot. Let me discuss my favorite manga in peace.

Post Carrot

Make me

Is it even possible to defeat Luffy?

Just look at how much punishment was dished out in this fight and he's still basically at full power.

>so far it's identical waifuposting and nakama-posting

Which is obnoxious when both happen at the same time.

Luffy has a lot of plot armour, re read the Cracker fight. That was fucking terrible.

yes, mont d'or defeated him easily

>Luffy has a lot of plot armour, re read the Cracker fight. That was fucking fun.


Carrot is one piece related.

reminder that this is canon, and whatever they show in the anime is not

Carrot is the one piece

You know Toei will btfo you dontcha


Objectively speaking Oda showed it is possible.
Big Mom’s Armada utterly defeated Luffy.

Katakuri hasn’t even hit Luffy with a Rokuogan, he has no chance to win, and did less damage than the army.

How can anyone hate Carrot?

You keep using that word...

>hackda thought luffy should fight a swordsman

I like it

The wings are just part of Raid Suit

I have a weird theory that she might have a "zero" fruit that fits into the DF number theory for the crew. If she does, then I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and say she's joining.

It's just really weird to me that she has a DF in the first place. Everyone thought she had a DF, then we found out that the Vinsmoke kids are genetically modified humans.

Flash forward a year later and the 20th anniversary magazine confirms Reiju (and ONLY Reiju) to have a DF. None of the other Vinsmokes have one. Oda worked on the magazine, wrote an omake chapter, an original colorspread, and concept art/notes for Germa.


someone drew this for me and i never get to post it

Remember when Luffyfags thought he will beat BM this arc?

Can someone explain to me why Luffy would ever have reason to fall in love with her when she's a spoiled cunt?


>full chapter of a fight
>arguably the most boring and least content-filled chapter of the arc
Sasuga fightfags

He wouldn't. She should die.

She learned to cook meat for him and no one else likes him. That's as far as it goes. Oh, and also the Goku/Chichi comparison people like to make.

You have a point about least content-filled, but I don't know how you could call it the most boring when shit like the Seducing Woods and Chopper in Mirror World exist.

Oda, where's Luffy's Queen Vivi?

What about these two and Alvida?

They dont like him. The only girl who could be included is Vivi, but I personally don't think that wink she gave was a hint. Now please stop reposing the same shit over and over.

>they don't like him
>clearly want his Monkey D by the end of their arcs compared to Vivi

>She learned to cook meat for him
Learning to cook meat a achievement you retard anyone can learn how to cook it. Even Luffy himself knows how to cook a piece if meat..
>Goku and Chichi
Holy shit fuck off.

The hints for Luha are weak as shit

The only thing that matters is that she is the only one who likes him (alvida doesn't count because she is ugly without her DF). Post proof of someone else being in love with him and if you disagree.
Your "clearly" is just a headcanon imo.

>hey dad how come you and all my brothers get proper full armored uniforms and I have to wear this skimpy mini-dress with an absurd giant cleavage gap and naval hole
>it's good for marketing, now just be quiet and wear it.

Alvida? Besides, just because she's the only one who loves him doesn't mean he will end up with her. Luffy's already rejected her and has shown no sexual attraction towards her at all.

Just because no one loves Zoro, Franky, Sanji (Canonically) doesn't mean they will end up with no one.

It was boring in the sense that it didn’t really feel new or exciting. Luffys g4 forms always feel intense and unexpected but snakeman honestly just did the same kind of thing as Boundman. Perhaps the fight has just gone on a bit too long and it’s not feeling as exciting as it was

when will Oda do a human Carrot/Chopper and mink Stawhat color spread?
Monkey, cat, tiger, ram, and rhino work, but Usopp, Robin, and Brook would need mammals.

>Ringed-tail Lemur - Usopp
>Arctic Fox - Robin
>Skeletal Zebra - Brook

I honestly hope they do something other than job. Oda hyped them up only for them to be useless against people like dog-tooth. What was the point of the wedding if big mam could have invaded them and stolen their tech at any other point in time?

I want them to be useful in fights and not be just plot devices.

>Implying Reiji didn't design it herself
Judge isn't /fa/ enough to design something like that.

Its likely they will end up with no one because Oda said he doesnt want romance. If he changed his mind I would have to see moments that hint at a deeper relationship that isn't nakama like Luffy has with all women in the show. I never said Luffy has to fall in love with Hancock. I gave examples of why Oda could go that route. Unless you want to claim someone else likes Luffy then I dont get the point in all of this desu.

They will fight Smoothie. This is obvious! Also

so far Vivi is still the only non-SH that's in more coverpages than Carrot


You mean just like Vivi being in love with Luffy is headcanon

Which filler?


Yes. I just said Vivi because some people think that wink she gave to her dad was hinting at her wanting Luffy. I personally don't.

Kata is the one piece confirmed

I want more kid Katakuri.


I hope his triplet brothers didn't bully him.

My headcanon isn't that they were the best of bros and Oven, Daifuku and Perospero to him were like was Reiju to Sanji.

She is loyal, strong and pretty much made everything possible for Marinford.

Death to those that bully Katakuri

But why should Luffy fall in love with her for that?

>losing to a kid 31 years younger than you

Who is that in the picture? Been looking for like five minutes and still can't figure it out

how the fuck do you pronounce bege, they said it like 3 different ways in the last episode

Daifuku the bumbling fool.


What do you mean "for that"?

Anyway, I don't know. I'm just pulling random thing and trying to fit, just like every shipper.

Daily reminder Sanafags are lying cunts who use inspect element to make Lunafags look bad and don't post the link

Katakuri joining crew fucking when

What will you give me if I post the link?
Also I don't need to make you fags look bad. You do that yourself

I mean, why should Luffy fall in love with her just for the things she did to help him?

Reminder that Katakuri is NOT for lewd. His twins Oven and Daifuku can be, tho.

There is nothing lewd about appreciating katakuri's beautiful body. Katakuri is a work of art that should be appreciated in all forms


I did not say "just". Anyway, because it showed that she is reliable, she even went out of her way and risked her Shichibukai position for him, which is a plus.



Usopp x Kaya.

Nobody likes the Sana shitposting and you'd just get called a Lunafag for saying anything against it. It's the only ship everyone has no problem with.

Screencap this
>the dust starts to clear in the mirror world, there's a single figure still standing
>zoom in, it's Luffy
>Katakuri lies in a crater opposite him, on his back
>You finally knocked me down, Strawhat, I guess that means you win (coughs blood)
>Luffy coughs blood, gets mad
>It's not over just cos you got knocked down once! Who the hell do you think would accept a victory like that?! I know you have strength left, so get up and FIGHT ME!
>Katakuri rises, smiling now
>You really are something else, Strawhat. Alright, I'll fight you to the very end then.
>Huff... Huff... That's more like it!
>Luffy grins wide, then passes out
>cut away for the rest of the chapter

>In a later chapter Katakuri will carry Luffy out of the mirror world himself, unwilling to kill him in such a petty way when he's unconscious
>Katakuri has learned a few things about pride, and knows that taking the easy way out won't restore it to him or his family, and that's okay
>as he hands Luffy off, he tells the crew to pass on a message
>Get stronger, and fight me again soon, okay!

>meanwhile on Cred Forums
>Luffyfags shitpost that it's Luffy's win because Katakuri verbally conceded
>Katafags shitpost that it's Luffy's loss because he fell while Katakuri could still stand
>this shit goes on until the heat death of the universe

That's already canon so it doesnt count.

His body says otherwise

>nobody likes Sana
Stopped reading there. No thank you LuNa tard

What's your definition of a ship? People like to ship canon couples too. Any other ship is fought over every day in the threads. Usokaya is the only ship which is peaceful.

They are all meant for lewd

But that's boring. Are you gonna say you ship Bege and Chiffon next? Whatever. I dont care desu.

>a body that's just begging to be loved

Fucking disgusting

delete this

Katakuri went from Heathcliff to Kakuzu pretty fast.

God I hope he loses the pants, he must be wearing a thong with a donut picture

I don't want to see them, at all, but they will show up one last time to save the Straw Hats, revealing Reiju's Devil Fruit.

Reminder that LuKa received the most romantic part in the opening


The only canon ship of course

>your voice that hasn't reached me yet, crushes my helpless heart
>I'm wanting you
Can LuKa be any more CANON?


>ArcSys made a handheld Dragon Ball game in 2015
>made FighterZ in 2018
>made a handheld One Piece game in 2016
>if they make a console fighter it'll be full of fan favorite shitters and top tier characters whose abilities we don't even fucking know yet

sentomaru x robin

this, but not joking

sounds like the worst possible solution
for that reason alone I believe it

curse of serial shonen with a character addict like oda

The day your Mom's tits stop dragging on the ground

>I'm Oda and I can confirm this is the case

>LuKafags win yet again


shark toilet

>Luffyfags shitpost that it's Luffy's win because Katakuri verbally conceded
They really would be stupid enough to say this when its Kata's win. That said, this is not gonna happen.

What shitposting is the best to come out of this arc besides Luka?

Gedatsu-san! You've forgot to say what you're thinking in your post! We cant communicate with you if you keep your thoughts in the filename!

Hey anons, i know most of you dont care about what I say but does the shitposting change after wci or will it be the same? I know many things did after zou. I'm mostly a newfag.

but Katakuri literally conceded.
It's Luffy's win

I enjoyed the "Jimbe lost an arm" shitposting while it lasted, "year of Jimbe's death was also cool by me".

Oda has been hitting homerun after homerun with these fucking volume covers. Look at fucking Brook on the newest cover. 10/10.

There are new memes and shitposts every arc.

I kinda like the Luvi posting (not sure if its even shitposting). I found a new ship. Call me a shipfaggot but I would to see them together.

Shitposting evolves with every single chapter user

Jinbe losing an arm.


But they and Aladdin + Praline are the only couples in Big Mom's family who actually love each other.

I liked the BIG NEWS shitposting
>Implying LuKa is shitposting when it's CANON

Worst shitposters so far have been SaNa and the Doffy > Cracker.

>SaNa and Doffy > Cracker
The bad part is they're actually serious and not shitposting.

Stop whining. This arc is important to Sanji shipping so of course we would post. Its almost over with anyways.

>This ship exists
But pretty sure Katakuri would dress his lover with donuts

>big news
Haha nice one reddit
Because they are not? They are both true. At least for SaNa

I mean no offense but ship posting which triggers other shippers is usually bad. Blame Lunafags or Sapufags but it's not really as fun when the entire thread turns into a shipping fest.

>Make arc about Sanji marrying
>Katakuri is shipped the most
Katakuri stole Sanji's year

I think I was the only one who loved SanRo user and I still do. I also liked Ironic Sana/Luna user. Even though he stopped posting like a year ago.

Don't worry. This arc is almost over and sapu or SaNa will die.
So LuNa will lose their last hope if sapu dies so they should go back into hiding

You do know that was the luna nigger and he wasn't being ironic about luna, right?

No, I'm talking about the user before him. The one who always posted terrible art for his ship and claimed it was cute. I loved that guy.

>being a luffyfag/katakurifag
>not being a LuKafag

Why haven't you killed yourselves yet?

It's an arc about Sanji's marriage with Nami being the only Strawhat there. You'd expect some shippers to get riled up though.

I really don't care if Luna dies but I'd rather hope not to see a Lunafag crying in the threads or a Sanafag triggering more. I think we've had enough of shipping on Cred Forums by now. I'd like to hear other user's opinions too. I'm sure even Sana shippers would want the usual one piece discussion threads without ship discussions at one point I suppose.

>all these ship names
>this shipping discussion
>in fucking One Piece of all things

What the fuck happened to this series or these threads?

>What the fuck happened to this series or these threads?
Oda finally gave us something of actual worth to discuss

I guess it started with Sana and Luna fags arguing who the hug belonged to. Nami diving in Luffy's arms or her crying about Sanji. These continued on later arcs and the discussions got more popular with both the sides arguing and eventually some other people getting into the arguments pretending to be a sanafag or lunafag to trigger others.

I honestly hope this isn't the case for frobin and zorobin shippers in wano or if the sana/luna faggotry continues in wano.

They can't

I usually just post shipping when it's a chapter like 892 but for some reason people keep talking about it so I do too.
This week had no shipping but for some reason the luna fag spammed cropped screenshots from the anime with luffy and nami, so that got people to reply

It's been gradually happening. It began with Naruto. When it ended, they shit up Bleach. When that ended, they more or less came here. I'm not sure if any came from Fairy Tail, as I don't read literal garbage.

it's really these threads

>Bleach and Naruto not literal garbage

iirc he didn't post it out of nowhere I guess. Some retard asked about which is your favorite shit and all hell went lose and the thread got derailed.

>sana/luna faggotry continues in wano.
Oh it will trust me, if SaPu doesn't happen(doubt it will) they will just move on to the next -chan in the next arc and claim this is the ONE to save them.
Just like they did with viola and now pudding

A Sanji getting married plot
It'll be done with at the end of the arc unless Oda introduces some shit about Zoro or Luffy. I dont care about their ships so I wont reply.

mfw there's barely any good LuVi fanarts and fujo shitpost ships are getting all the good stuff

Bleach is garbage but naruto is with Dragon ball in the recycling bin. There gonna keep reusing it until its no longer recognizable

Vivi hasn't been relevant in ages and hasn't interacted with Luffy for even longer. You are lucky there are a couple.

I wonder if we'll get some good fanarts come this reverie.

So just like Roger and rogue?

Sorry but LuKa is patrician


We don't know shit about what Roger and Rogue were like together nor anything about Rogue herself. People are retarded if they think she's anything like Nami right away.

That's not LuKa that is some shitty OC user, don't be fooled

Compared to Fairy Tail, they're fucking masterpieces.

She for sure wasn't part of the crew.
So Nami shouldn't even be mentioned.
So like I said vivi

Why would she be anything like Vivi?

They think that because she is a Nami same face. Which is funny because most women are a Nami same. Only stupid people would make the parallel claim anyways.

I know I just imagine is Luffy

In the sense of not being part of the crew and just a girl in a island where Luffy can go and hide. Since no one knows their relationship
Hancock also fits that bit I believe she is too old

Get off your lazy asses and post LuKa

seriously, chill

What is Katakuri's punishment going to be after letting go?

They show up in the incoming super brawl.

They pick cool matchups, but Sanji upstages them all by taking out a commander alone, possibly Smoothie with Okama Kenpo.

They learn to respect his chivalry and honorable masculinity and power that emotion has that they lack and let Reiju have control of Germa.

DB FighterZ has 20+ playable characters so you can't really do more than that. What would the roster be then ?
My picks:
Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe, Carrot, Arlong, Smoker, Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, Hancock, Kizaru, Aokiji, Akainu, Garp, Blackbeard, Doflamingo, Law, Katakuri, Big Mom

Maybe remove BB, and add Kaido guys. Also fan favourites like Mihawk and Fujitora could be in. Carrot is only in if she joins the Straw Hats.

Letting Luffy go*

thank god you are not Oda


I, for one, welcome our LuKa overlords

>OP coming to Japan Netflix
>OP having an american live action
They are going to push OP all they can so I hope ASW makes a fighting game too

Smoothie will be taken out by the Germa. The only victories Sanji will have over Germa is them seeing the cake beat BM and Sanji cucking them with Nami somehow. Prove me wrong.

It does look very similar, someone should just draw Luffy's scar in to make them LuKa

At your beck and call

>tfw entering Wano

How long do you guys think the live action OP series lasts?

I do believe/hope this happens seeing how much they wanted Nami

They probably would adapt till Arlong saga

Let me dream for Smoker. Put Mihawk over him though, but Enel is probably in.

Enel is definitely in. I dont see the hype so I'll still complain about it though.

The arlong arc will probably be the first arc they adapt. I can't see it lasting more then one season. It will be Death Note all over again.

Probably they should stop using the same propaganda over and over again, we get it, whites are bad, blacks are saints and straight couples are boring, but that doesn't mean people want to see the same shit over and over again. This is why anime is doing good in netflix, even normies got tired of the propaganda and are watching more anime

This is exactly what will happen with One piece. It's ridiculous to expect it wont follow his trend. I only hope it fails miserly so that I wont have to see characters I like being shit on for too long.

One Piece Fighters Roster
>25 base game characters
Luffy,Zoro,Sanji,Franky,Robin,Chopper,Nami,Brook,Usopp,Law,Jimbe,Ace, Katakuri, Blackbeard, Hancock, Aokiji,Akainu,Fujitora,Kizaru,Enel,Lucci,Doflamingo,Kid,Buggy,Crocodile

>10 characters
Shanks,Cracker, Big Mom, Kaido,Sabo,Marco,Whitebeard, Sengoku,Garp, Mihawk

Mirroworld is just perfect for a fighting game, also I would expect a lot of Charlottes in there , there are amazing designs such as Amande that wouldnt suffer the Oda's sexism in a fighting game

>Luffy is only one character
>pre-TS and post-TS versions of characters won't happen

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

Can someone post that stupid comic with Luffy VS Katakuri that ends with Morgan taking a picture of Luffy giving Katakuri a naked suplex?

piss off, fag

My roster wouldn't happen. It would only be characters who have shown a decent amount of combat post-timeskip and are either Monster Trio or stronger or have put up a fight against characters like that. Plus the Straw Hats (minus Carrot). So, it would be:
>Big Mom
I'd love to add more characters, but since it would be a 24 character roster, there needs to be limitations. The 8 DLC can be:

...But that's not who would get in. It'd be like fucking Hancock (because fans), Marco, Shanks, Mihawk and other characters we've seen do fucking nothing so they'd have boring ass generic filler-ish movesets.

is this based on something? Or is this just random speculation?

It's based on your ability to read numbers. Do you have that ability?

I believe it's based on the numbering of the children which makes sense

>pink hair female Sanji
>ever joining the crew
are you the same user who posts this shit every time and only answers to shitposting? Cause I've got to recognize that at least you change your post every time, instead of doing a lazy copy-paste like most shitposters

Yeah One Piece has way more characters than DBZ so it's pretty hard to chose. Most don't have a generic fighting style like DBZ characters.

>naval hole
I don't think boats can pass through that hole, it's too small

He's not a shitposter, he's just an idiot.

>Luffy, Nami and their furry friends go to find their chef

Anything over 27 years difference is pathetic

fuck off. Estimating a random number of children per husband is pretty much random speculation.
user could have at least explained his reasoning. Why did he give separate fathers to Compote and Perospero?

I think this website is managed by Greg, that guy who works for Shueisha, and this page contains all of Oda's comments in WSJ until 2013. It's kinda cool to see Oda reacting to various events during past years and it's also a shame they didn't update it anymore. Wanted to share since I find it interesting

Thanks user

Everything in this thread is random speculation, he was just stating a heuristic based on what we do know. We don't know Perospero and Compote have different fathers, but it's reasonable to think that since everyone looks up to Perospero and Compote has done nothing but watch the others.

>takes several days to remember hancucks name
He didn't forget, it's just too difficult for him to pronounce properly. Same as Iceburg or Law

Caesar almost tasted that mochi dick

> People still, to this day, believe Gangster Gastino is Caesar Clown.

Literally everyone forgot that we just got a OP Fighter (because it was basic combo garbage) but a long running series of them would be fucking phenominal.
The Pirate Warriors games were perfect too, and fun as hell. Really any game-style that relies on having a ton of characters (a jrpg maybe) would make fuckloads of money if done right.

Go back to re*dit

OP is an excellent fit for Dynasty Warriors, I'm hoping enough time has passed that we'll see PW4 with WCI characters

I didn't forget about Burning Blood, it's just that DBFZ is the first good anime game and now I want One Piece to get one, too. We might be entering a new era, where anime games don't just get half-assed fanboy-milking garbage, which every single anime game before now (except Capcom's JJBA game) has been.

Poor Law

Why do people feel the need to put a space after the >

OP should get far away from generic musou anime and get closer to ASW, trying to gain BlazBlue/Guilty Gear and Street Fighter audience would be good. Also OP fits way more with ASW than Dragon Ball

>it's just that DBFZ is the first good anime game and now I want One Piece to get one, too.
It's not even the best DBZ game.

>OP fits way more with ASW than Dragon Ball

This is very cute what's being said here?

I agree Dragon Ball has a weak diversity in what its characters are capable of, which is kind of a staple of ASW they like each character to be unique, but it's extremely exciting watching people fly around and explode and shit like that. That really sells to a fighting game audience even if you don't like Dragon Ball. One Piece, I think, would struggle in that regard, but I still hope they do it.

I mean it is reasonable, but one could argue with it. Posting a seemingly random list without explaining the reasoning does not differentiate between what can be inferred by what we know, what seems reasonable and what is just a guess. It doesn't really encourage discussion. That's what bothers me about user's post.

You’re just jealous he gets to fondle Robin’s and Nami’s milk baga every night.

I am too, fuck that kid

Post comfy cover pages.

Because ASW famous sagas are pretty diverse in style , DB is more about pushing and is more generic, meanwhile OP is closer to BlazBlue and Guilty Gear

>Her getting confirmed for having one is too odd of a detail to go unaddressed.
Not even maybe, the series is full of those odd details that never get addressed or if they do it's because some autist like you impersonates a Japanese child when sending Oda a postcard and he replies with a joke answer, while trying to hint he thinks its a dumb question.

He was just putting it into perspective. I would bet you $100 the average user hasn't actually looked at the Charlotte kids in relation to each other like that; I would bet most of them actually forgot Pound's the 25th father, meaning we know Lola and Chiffon's age. Yeah, you can argue against it, you can argue against anything. That doesn't mean there aren't things that are more likely to be true than other things or at least closer to the truth than other things. For example, we don't know Praline's age, but I can look at the info we have and guess she's 29. You can tell me that's sheer speculation, but your guess is going to be fucking close to that, too, because you know she isn't 40 or 20. You're just falling for the continuum fallacy.

It's the best game based on Dragon Ball. As a Dragon Ball fan, you might prefer garbage like Xenoverse, but if you're a gamer first, then DBFZ is possibly the first good game based on an anime/manga you've ever seen.

>second commander of the strongest pirate in the world
>gets beaten by some low-ranked pirate from his own crew
>couldn't even beat smoker in a 1v1
>gets one shot by an admiral

Why was Ace so underwhelming?

Commanders weren't ranked by strength.

Reminder that Blackbeard was offered the position ahead of Ace, but turned it down because of his plans.

>identifying as a "gamer"
Fucking kill yourself. FighterZ is just significantly dumbed down Guilty Gear Xrd anyway

>Commanders weren't ranked by strength

When has it ever been the case that lower ranked guys aren't weaker than their superiors.
I can only think of Spandam

>just a low-ranked pirate
Pic related, speedreader
>held off Smoker and the marines for a minute, had no indication of trying to fight them for real; basically amounted to Oda introducing Ace's power and showing how Logia fruits can interact
>implying most people wouldn't get killed if they took a hit through the chest from Akainu to save someone else, after days of not eating and being imprisoned
I think Oda handled Ace pretty poorly in retrospect because he hadn't thought of Haki yet, so some of it doesn't make sense, but your complaints are just stupid.

Reminder that no new crew members will be added, only alliance members now until the end of the manga.

Requirements for crew:
>must have a tragic backstory
>has to have an emotional tie in with captain luffy

And we weren't introduced to anyone like that in this arc.

I can't see Katakuri verbally conceding a win.

But he did have Haki finalized by that point. Haki users hurt Akainu right after.

Zoro's backstory isn't tragic, it's hilarious. Checkmate

By Marineford yeah. I meant earlier on, certain dialogue in the Blackbeard fight doesn't make sense when you realize that everyone in the New World should have haki, like Ace acting surprised that he was able to be punched.

Maybe it was being shocked that Blackbeard had it or that his fruit took away devil fruit powers outright?


>D: About the Whitebeard Pirates, if there are pirates from the "Whitebeard ally groups", is there a possibility of one of them becoming a commander of the real Whitebeard Pirates itself? Or are the commanders all from the real Whitebeard Pirates from the beginning? P.N. amanuts

>O: Ok, I'll explain a little about the Whitebeard Pirates. First, captain Whitebeard and the 16 commanders. All 16 commanders, despite numbers and ages have the same rank. All the same. Whitebeard Pirates are just split in 16 groups and the division number does not indicate strength. The 43 ally pirate ships are not any part of the Whitebeard Pirates and are usually all just scattered everywhere living their own little lives. Yet they are loyal to Whitebeard, and help him in desperate times. They are like that. In Ace's case, the Spade Pirates were destroyed, and all the members joined the Whitebeard Pirates, so he was able to become a commander.

SBS 59

Marco, Jozu, Vista > Ace

their back story can be hundreds of chapters after they join

No the requirements are
>tragic backstory
>carrying on someone's will
Carrot has both of these. Jinbe doesn't have either.

Just because Shanks thinks he's a threat doesn't mean he wasn't low ranked

>Jinbe doesn't have either
Jesus Christ, not a even a Jinbeifag but wow.

What does ranking matter for if it doesn't account for the fact that you're strong enough to injure a Yonko?

Hancock is undoubtedly the best One Piece wife, even if Nami is the poster girl and Robin is the best developed female

It's fine, he has Zoro.

>tfw I can already feel myself maining Katakuri in OP Warriors 4

What ranking matter?
It doesn't, get over it
Powerlevels aren't decided by promotions or bounties

That's what I'm saying, hello? The guy I'm replaying to is saying Blackbeard being "low ranked" somehow means Ace should have been able to beat him, even though we know that Blackkbeard was much stronger than he ever let on in the Whitebeard crew.

>we get it, whites are bad, blacks are saints and straight couples are boring
Jesus, it must be stressful to feel so attacked by these one in a thousand stories that don't star straight white guys.

>tragic story

Fisher Tiger might not count, but there's still the future ahead.

>carrying on someone's will


I don't feel attacked user, but propaganda is boring

Boa is both a tall, beautiful, domineering, aloof ice queen Hebihime-sama and a doki doki qt3.14 cookfu, cleanfu and cockfu for her Luffy-kun


Except she'll never get her Luffy kun to marry her.

If Oda rarely kills characters, do you think he considers homies to be alive?

>fun is reddit

Wasn't Teach the next in line for the 2nd commander position anyway? He declined and Ace took it.

>the peanut gallery is annoying
>donuts~ delicious, yummy donuts~
God I want this.

>Oda rarely kills characters

What about this arc though? He definitely killed Pound.

Pedro and Pound are dead

No one is dead until the arc ends. See Pell, Bellamy, Sodom and Gommorah, etc. Pound and Pedro might still be alive

Pell was dead too



Ikr haha xD

How cool was this?

That's why I said Rarely
for every character that died from something seemingly fatal there are 10 that survived

Pound is definitely dead. He got hit with a burning sword and the impact was censored, it shouldn't even be a debate.

LuNa is canon cool.

it's just gonna be something like "lol he has a thick neck, it only scratched him"


Pound is definitely dead, though. Convince me otherwise. Hell, just for fun, convince me Pedro isn't hamburger after that explosion.

Why would Oven just give up on killing him, though?

Pell and Sabo.

You failed.

She's 36 ffs why would you draw HS fanart?

I wonder how eager the staff is to animate the fight