Kimetsu 98

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[side] Rule the darkness, walk the night
98: Upper Moon Gathering

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[side] The tidings of the Biwa is the sign of extreme trouble.

Time to find out if No.2 is Douma or Touma, since the gookscans were inconsistent

>12 minutes to upload a single page with minimal text


"Well well"

"Dear me, you seem to be looking swell"
"How've you been after ninety years?"
Upper Moon Five: Gyokko

"The mere possibility of you dying made my heart leap with jo-"
"Cough cough!"
"Made my heart cringe with pain"
"Hyo hyo"

Ganbare, TL user.

"This is quite terrifying"
"Gyokko has forgotten how to count at some point during our long absence"

"We haven't been called here for a hundred thirteen years"
"An indivisible number... an unlucky number"
Upper Moon Four: Hantengu
"An odd number!!"
"Terrifying indeed..."

"Biwa woman"
"Has Muzan-sama arrived yet?"

"He has not arrived yet"

"Then where's upper moon one?"
"There's no way he'd get defeated"

"Hold up, hold up!"
"Hold on a minute Akaza-dono!

"Aren't you gonna show some concern over me?"

"I was super worried about you guys!"

"You're my precious buddies"
"I don't want aaaanyone here to wane out now."

Aw shit, I totally forgot that was a thing. No wonder


"Hey hey, long time [no see] Gyokko"

"That a new pot? Pretty."
"That pot you gave me makes beautiful decor in my room. I'm growing a woman's freshly severed head in it"

"You can't grow severed heads..."
"But I like the idea"

"I know. You should come and visit next time!"
"Move it"

"Move your arm"

Thanks OP

minutes to upload a single page with minimal text
Holy shit user please don't die

Looks like you forgot to translate douma's square with his name and number user-kun



"Hmmm, nice punch there!"
"Did you get a little stronger since we last met, Akaza-dono?"

Missing box in pan 3
>Upper Moon Two: Douma

You know what it is already man.

Yeah, was just pointing it out

"Upper Moon one was the first one who arrived"
"He's been there this whole time"

"Am here..."

Upper Moon One: Kokushibou
"Has arrived..."


"Gyuutarou is dead"
"The upper moons have waned"

Weekly dose of Michael Jackson thread?

I bet is better than mine

Of course he had to be a Samurai... amazing

Ahhh.. is a she... wow

It's not a she, is a he with long hair, I bet he's a breath of the sun user brainwashed by Muzan

The kimono pattern is the same checkered print as the one everyone in the Kamado family wears so I won’t be surprised if he’s an old relative that turned.

I don’t think it’s the same Kamado that became a pillar, though, because Muzan was seriously afraid of that guy. Maybe he’s a different relative.

Well the author used "watashi" instead of "ore" or "boku". As far as I know women use watashi

Muzan goes on panic attacks every time he thinks about the Sun user, so I doubt it.

I’m leaning towards and I think the Kamado that got turned is different from the Kamado that became a Sun user. Maybe he became a Sun user to save the one that turned into an Upper Moon demon.

No, watashi can also be used in formal/business situations.

you know that a lot of japanese don't use "ore" right? most men use boku or watashi irl.

Can't guys use watashi too? Plus it looks like he has an adam's apple on that page. But it'd be nice to have another female big bad.

Aahhh. Well I've learned something today..

>climatic Moon vs Sun battle
Might be cool.

He looks good in a suit, no homo.

Gotouge is hiding that guy's face, most likely to hide the mark that sun breath users have on their foreheads

I agree, also I fucking love his clothes's pattern.

Not denying that he can’t be a Sun user (I’m pretty sure the whole family can be if they tried), just that it’s not the guy we were introduced to.

Yes it could be a fallen breath of the sun user.
But what muzan fears is the hanafuda's earrings besides the mark

That's the same suit gotouge drawed Tanjiro in a color page some chapters ago, the pattern is different though

The other theory is that he is related to Tomioka Gyuu.

>Now it's 30 minutes

"Oh is that so!"

"Well I am very sorry about that!"
"I was the one who introduced Gyuutarou here after all..."

"However can I apologize to you? Will you dig my eyeball out? Or maybe..."

"I don't need your eyeball or whatever"
"I thought Gyuutarou would lose. As I expected, Daki was holding him back."

"Gyuutarou would've won if he was the fighting in the first place"
"He could've just poisoned them in the beginning so they couldn't keep fighting... well"
"It doesn't matter anymore"

I'm not saying tha it's specifically that guy though, it might be another from the same clan

Well Nezuko has the blood of the breath of the sun user too, and she doesn't obey Muzan, so maybe it wont be a user.
But anyway I am expecting to see him fighting agaist Tomioka and Tanjirou

>30 minutes
Damn, hang in there Cred Forumsnon.

"He had too much humanity in him, so he lost"
"But that's fine too"
"I don't expect anything from you guys"

"Oh, you're talking about the sad things again"
"There have been times when I haven't lived up to your expectations, right?"

"The Ubuyashiki family have yet to be entombed."
"What about "Blue Spider Lily"?"

"Why can't we find it after hundreds of years?"
"Have lost track of why I created you all to begin with"

"Please forgive us! Please! Please!"

"Have nothing..."
"To say..."
"Ubuyashiki... cleverly..."
"Hid... himself"

"And I'm not very good at detective work myself"
"So I wonder what..."

"I'm not like them!"

"I have obtained some information so we can get one step closer to achieving your dreams."
"Just a moment ago..."

"The one thing I hate is "change""

"Change of circumstances. Change of body"
"Change of emotion""
"In most cases, every change is "degredation." It is decline"

"The one thing I like is "stability""
"Muzan-sama's hand is on my head! Yes... so good..."

"The perfect state is something that won't change for an eternity"

Blue spider Lily...
Who might that be??

"I am at the height of my displeasure because it's been 113 years since an upper moon got killed"
"Don't joyously give me information that has still yet to be confirmed" [Emphasize 'still yet to be confirmed']

"From now on, you guys should do things with more mortal fanaticism"
"I seem to have been spoiling you guys too much because of the mere fact you're upper moons"

Mayuri wouldn't get along with him.

Supposedly a flower. It could be a person or a place, but it doesn't sounds like that crossed their mind, yet.

Isn't it just a magic flower or something? They showed lots of spider lilies in the background the first time it was mentioned.

"If you can confirm what you have, head over there with Hantengu" [Emphasize 'If you can confirm what you have']

"Understood sir...!!"

"You're kidding...!! I got information..."
"But he didn't take it seriously... but that's the best part..."


Whoops typo in pan 3
>What about the "Blue Spider Lily"?

See, Muzan uses watashi too.

The name was dropped before. We don't know.

"What've you got man?"
"I'd like to go there too!"
"No... well..."

"Can you tell me?"

"As you can see! [Reverse the 'see']

"Did Muzan-sama give you orders?"
"Get lost"
[side] They're making their moves, under "absolute" orders...

Well I want to know because it has the same importance for Muzan as Ubuyashiki..

Yes my guess was wrong

we don't know yet.

I'm gonna nap now. We wait for TS user I guess.

Thanks user for the TL...

This is a 1000000 better than the inbetween arcs of boku no hero chafademia..

Thank you, TL user.

Thread with the Korean scans:

Who cares about that? Express your displeasure in those threads, not here.

Douma is moe! Moe!

Looks like someone beat you to it lol

No need to mention that.

Douma and Gyokko are fun. Kokushibu will provide drama. Dunno about Hantengu.

Hantengo will most likely hang with Gyokko, next upper moon batlle will probably be against those 2

They did. And I should have put kicked kappa look instead.

If this gets an anime adaptation this dudes design is gonna be a nightmare for the animators.

I'd hang out with Douma if I was a demon, dude seems like a bro

Akaza really doesn't care about Douma being his superior.

That's what Muzan ordered, no shit. But who knows what Douma and Akaza think bout that.

Yeah, upper moon 1 kimono's pattern looks like it'll be hard to animate
I think it's more that Akaza has a grudge on him, Douma probably challenged him for the rank and Akaza lost.

Kimetsu no Yaiba seems like it’s been planned all the way to the end. And I’m perfectly fine if the series ends right after Muzan is defeated rather than dragging on.

Probably a flower. Also I think it may be the key to how to make Nezuko human again. Maybe that's why it's so important for Muzan.


KnY not getting an anime is a disguised blessing

I mean, KnY not getting an anime at this point would make it the new Psyren, and we all know what that would lead to

You’re probably worrying too much but WSJ series that had 100+ chapters are guaranteed to have anime

Why make claims that take zero effort to disprove

thank you

Just look at it this way - unlike Psyren, KnY had a consistent high rankings, it’s getting more and more popular, and WSJ wants another shounen manga that would fill the gap for the likes of Bleach. Psyren and Mx0 ranked like shit mid 60-70s chapter and never recovered.

Here's a guess: They're a relative of Tanjirou's ancestor, a brother maybe, who got turned into a demon by Muzan, possibly against his will. That's why his ancestor was screaming at Muzan how he'd never forgive him in the flashbacks we see.

Most of the outfits in this series are nightmares for animators.

On one hand, an anime would be great, especially for popularity. On the other hand, shitposting in these threads and toc threads would be awful.





It is already awful. Oh, you’re done?


yeah went pretty fast, only had difficulty choosing fonts

The only shitposting on KnY is the constant WSJ ToC circlejerk and shitflinging between MHA and BC fans, in which Neverland, Dr. Stone, and KnY are kind of affected colaterally.

pan 1 bub 2: Gyokko has forgotten how to count during our long absence.

pan 3 bub 2: There’s no way he’d get offed. [Defeated is fine too I guess, up to you though]
pqn 5 bub 1: Aren’t you gonna show some concern for me?

pan 3 bub 3: The pot you gave me looks wonderful in my room. I’m growing a girl’s freshly severed head in it.

You just know that this type of character is secretly the biggest sociopath. Especially if he's a villain.


Alt pg 7 pan 3 bub 3 (More accurate, but not sure if it sounds okay)
>The pot you gave me is in my room. I planted a girl’s severed head in it for decoration.






pan 2 bub 1: [Not sure if font is consistent with unless it’s intentionally different]


I used the same, Komiko Boo or something. But if it's different I can change it.

This is Akaza thing is pretty difficult for me to adjust to since he's the first demon in the series to have already done horrible things but not have gotten killed for it and now he's just so cute, it's hard not to like him

And I like Douma as well, it's going to be weird because this story has already proven the bad guys can't be forgiven after what they've done so these new characters I like will still have to get killed for the story to keep its central themes, I wonder if the audience will even be able to handle that

Thank you anons!

>"But he didn't take it seriously... but that's the best part..."
He knows that Muzan can read his mind, right?



At that point Muzan was already gone

Gyokko > Akaza > Hantengu > Douma >>> muh mom's swordsman

He also looks awully similar to the ancient sun breath user from muzans flashback and tanjirous berserk-mode.
The fight with him will be EPIC!

pan 4 bub 2: I figured Gyuutarou would lose. As I expected, Daki was holding him back.

pan 1 bub 4: I’m not expecting anything from you guys.
pan 2 bub 2: Has there ever been a time when I failed to live up to your expectations?
pan 3 bub 1: The Ubuyashiki family has yet to be entombed.
pan 3 bub 2: And what about the “Blue Spider Lily”?


I tried finding a font for Muzan that seemed sophisticated but kinda creepy, dunno if anyone else has better suggestions. I think I used it before for him anyway.

> Kimetsu no Yaiba is better than Boku no Shitdamia.
In other news water is wet.


>that's fine. I don't expect anything from you guys anyway
Muzan being a passive aggressive bitch is pretty funny

At least not as much work as a constantly under-flames being main character.

pan 4 bub 3: don’t really know why you guys exist anymore.

pan 4 bub 2: What can I say...
pan 6 bub 1: I have obtained some information which can get you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

See was supposed to be flipped upside down like the top of his head



Did or didn't?

pan 2 bub 1: Changes in circumstances, changes in body.
pan 2 bub 2: Changes in emotion.
pan 4 bub 1: The one thing I like is “permanence”
pan 5 bub 1: If something doesn’t change for an eternity, it’s in a perfect state.

Did, he's asking a rhetorical question


Akaza’s talking to Douma, not Gyokko.


pan 3 bub 1: How can I apologize to you? Will you gouge my eyeball out? Or will you...
pan 4 bub 1: I don’t need your eyeballs.
pan 5 bub 1: Gyuutarou would’ve won he had been the one fighting to begin with.

By the way, where’s page 17?

Douma's personality more than makes up for his design, the one's with the most unique designs also had the least defined personalities

The first seems so out-of-place with these others, I'm hoping he has a good pay-off and not something too cliched


No page 17

pan 1 bub 2: If you can confirm your information, head over there with Hantengu. [Emphasize “If you can confirm your information”]
pan 4 bub 3: And he blew me off... but that’s his good point...

pan 1 bub 1: What kinda info do you have, man?

oops forgot last panel

>Kimetsu outlived Mx0
I loved both, but it still making me sad to this day

oops, sorry


pan 1 bub 2: Don’t get all excited and give me information if you haven’t even confirmed it yet. [Emphasize “If you haven’t even confirmed it yet”]
pan 5 bub 1: From now on, you guys should be doing this with lethal zeal. [Or suicidal fanaticism. The point is that they should be prepared to die when they do things. Any suggestions welcome]
pan 5 bub 2: I seem to have spoiled you guys too much because of the mere fact you’re all Upper Moons.




>and he blew me off... but that's his good point
What did he mean by this?

Well he means :He didn't take me seriously". Unless that's a better phrase to use.

Okay, I know I'm kind of nitpicking here, but the "See!" should be rotated 180 degrees rather than flipped, it should be readable if you look at it upside down

Maybe this would work? I dunno

pan 4 bub 3: [Does everyone here know what “To blow someone off” means?]

It's a fairly common phrase, I don't think there's a problem

Maybe suicidal fanaticism will work better?


Actually suicidal devotion works never mind

Like this?

pan 5 bub 1: [Is it better to use “had he” or “if he had” at that part]


This one might be easier to read

That one works.

Let me do one final check to make sure there are no errors

Sure, sorry about the erratic posting

Why is Shin Megami Tensei guy so hostile towards Upper 2nd

>The first seems so out-of-place with these others
Both Gyokko and Hantengu have more demon-like designs, gyokko is the djinn in a vase which is pretty cool in itself.

He will not crack

Michael Jackson is good at giving blow jobs

The author really loves to put pristine details on clothing

pan 3 bub 2: [You think “offed” is too obscure a word?]

That's relatively standard with thing like battle aura and the like, patterned clothes on the other hand...

Supposedly, the author is female, so... yeah.

pan 3 bub 1: That a new pot? It’s pretty.

That’s all I have. If you’re still around.

Just in case you didn’t notice

>the author is female

The author is a he

Whichever it is, a definite proof is needed.

It’s just some frog country who addresses the author as ‘she’. We could just ask 2ch if the author is male or female

Then it makes her comments seem real weird (the multiple published references by her and the Samon-author to her cute female assistants for example)

The aauthor also used little sister for the sibling kanji when talking about her relationship with the editor.

It would be easier if s/he had not a weird ass name. I can't find "Koyoharu" anywhere.

Thank you

Because that's her pen.

Authors don't use their real names for a reason

pen name.

But tipically authors do use their real names. What other WSJ author uses a pen name?

We don't even know the identities (gender or name) of several of the biggest all-time Jump authors of the past twenty years

It used to be normal to use your real name, but that trend changed in the modern world with the Internet and shit, it used to be every author used their name and even had their pictures in their series and then it shifted to pennames and drawings

I suspect female authors not wanting the increased attention is a big part of it but guys do it too

Do even half the people in Jump right now use their real name?


Does that work?

That’s fine. Go ahead and upload now.

Unless you see anything else wrong, of course. Were those all the changes I noted?

Are you sure that Mangatemple is a good font choice for Douma's text? I don't think it works for regular dialogue at all. I think something like Ccdavegibbons Regular would be better.

>all upper moons are bros except "nothin personnel kid" Akaza
SoL chapter when?

For this page is there a better way of saying doing this? Maybe like 'acting'? or 'serving me'? It seems a little ambiguous like this.

I just used manga temple because I used it before during his first appearance. If you guys think this fits better, I can change it.

>SoL chapter
>involves torturing and massacring civilians
That said, I wish Gyuutaro and Daki were alive just to see them interact with Doumon and Daki badmouthing Hantengu for being ugly as sin.

or how about 'going about with more...' or 'devoting yourselves with more suicidal fanaticism'?

Don't think anyone would mind a change in fonts, especially since it's his second appearance. You don't have to use my suggestion, it's just that mangatemple is too stylized for this.

Oh shit is that demi fiend from smt:nocturne

Hmm, maybe serving works

Oh so it was Manga Temple? I didn't think people actually use it for typesetting, it looks pretty bad.

I think i'll keep it for pages 5-6 since those are a little different.



It only can be used for sfx, and even then there are better fonts for that.

Hmm then what should I use for 5 and 6?




Nah, it's pretty bad overall, even for SFX.

I would use the same font but with faux bold.




pan 5 bub 1: [Maybe change “should be serving me” to “should serve me”]



Well if nobody has anything else, I can go ahead and upload it

I think it looks okay. Go ahead. ch 98.rar

Thank you.

At least two more pillars are going to die/retire right? Who do you think is the last one, besides Shinobu?

Well the main five trainees will all become pillars so Shinobu and the crying monk have to die to be replaced by their successors, though I have a feeling a lot of that will be done in timeskips.