Most underrated fight in tokyo ghoul

most underrated fight in tokyo ghoul.

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This better not be the spoiler thread

sure, but it's far from the best. Ayato vs Ken was my favorite

Touka is best girl.

I've seen 3 :re threads dying from inactivity today. This thread too will be archived in no time.

Back when Ishida still gave a fuck about detail. Not only the plot got worse but the art as well.

what's up with mangakas from the past years doing the scribbly thin line art. like hxh is aka lazy.

what are you even talking about

compare this to early tg


ill stop here, point proven

For me the art peaked in the second half of original TG. It was still good in :re for the most part but ever since Cochlea/Rue Island ended I had the feeling that it got sketchier and scribbly with less detail in it.

His art became shit again after chapter 100 we don't get stuff this good anymore

I believe it's mostly the scan quality. Take the "be the become" page for instance, you couldn't see anything in the scan, but in the digital version it's like a completely different manga.

A lot of detail gets lost in scanning it, and when you look at old chapters, they have been updated to use the digital release.

Even in the digital scans the art isn't as good as it was back then.

Where can i find these chapters? I dropped this a long time ago and plan to read in the future.

I can agree with that except for a few outliers

the recent ones have been getting better, like that wedding page, and the scenes with Dragon

you can find the digital raws on young jump or google if thats what you mean

Will you read part 3?

I strongly believe there won’t be. If there is, it depends on how :re ends.

there are better manga to read and i barely check in on this shit anymore. judging by the state of the threads other people feel the same way too.


I'm only obligated to finish :re because I actively followed it up until the Reaper arc. If I don't make the same mistake for the hypothetical third part, I won't be compelled to see it through.

Reddit apparently still loves this shit and praises Ishida for every chapter as if he does no wrong

What a shocker.

I just want femtoneki to save the manga.

Will this thread survive 5 hours?

user... spoilers....

Why doesn't anyone care about this anymore?
Also I called it weeks ago but that 1 guy girl will try to kill Taco next chapter.

Oh wait this is a spoiler thread? I forgot.

Talker had baby

Wow, spiler night and the threads are dying because the shitposters finally left.

Wasn't last week the double issue?


No, i read that chapter in 1 minute

do you know what a double issue is user?

>Why doesn't anyone care about this anymore?
Because it went to shit.

I feel bad for Ishida.

TG will be remembered for it's terrible ending and not the decent content beforehand.

His own fucking fault.

>Kanou got away with everything
>didn't even suffer

Man that ticked me off

Why is Ishida so shit at developing Kaneki and Touka’s relationship? With Touka there’s no chemistry, they both seem awkward and emotionless around each other and even their relationship is rushed as hell. They had sex, got together, got pregnant, and got married all within 10 chapters. Kaneki has more chemistry with fucking Rize in these past few chapters than he’s ever had with Touka. I just don’t understand why Ishida can’t write the main pairing.

I miss when the ghouls were actually portrayed as being a bunch of monsters. RE: is so fucking horrible compared to the first series.

>Kaneki and Touka were coworkers for a month before Re
>love story treated like an epic

>Kaneki has more chemistry with Rize
Good one, Rizefag

People read TG for the fights?
I’ll give you Kaneki vs Arima, Kaneki vs Yamori, and Kaneki vs Eto but nothing else was even that good.

I kind of miss Fratata and his super peace. It's so boring now. Where is amonds dad and the guy with the neck tattoo?

>More than Touka
>In the past few chapters
I don’t even like Rize, but her interactions with Kaneki are more interesting than Touka and Kaneki’s entire relationship.

Kaneki vs Ayato was pretty good.

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If I were to post lewds I drew for us how far can I go without getting banned

toukatoukatoukatoukatoutoukatouka aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

Isn’t it sad that everything you said is still more interesting than Kaneki and Touka’s relationship?

Isn't it sad that you're such a fucking child that you can't bear to see Kaneki happy?

New anime visual looks alright.

I want Kaneki to be happy when it’s believable.

Are you the same guy that did that Rize doujin? Post them on /ic/.


I’d prefer Hinami actually.

The 72 hours are over and Dragon awakens. The Qs are ambushed by Dragon-ghouls. Mutsuki is killed by an armored ghoul. Touka is swallowed by Dragon together with Kaneki.
In Kaneki's inner world he manages to swim to shore and reaches the city. He walks enters a department store building and meets Eto, who is holding a book signing event. She asks him if he would like her to sign the book of the story of his life.

Post it on a thread or make one on /h/ or /e/. You it for us

No I'm a different one, but I wanted to contribute too. Where on /ic/? It's not doujin length like the other guy's, but some fun pinup shots for the holidays

vancouver battle

I think the point that the other user is trying to make is that it was badly written. In the early days of part one Touka and Kaneki did have some chemistry and the relationship had potential to be good but along with everything else in :re the writing for the relationship got bullshitted. It felt rushed and empty because it happened after many years of the characters not seeing each other. Touka's growth also felt superficial and it came at the cost of other characters' development. Add to that that Kaneki is stuck on a loop. Their relationship didn't grow after a certain point in part one and they as characters got developed in unconvincing ways that made their getting together feel juvenile and like it was a mistake similar to the kind people their ages do, out of desperation and for the sake of clinging to an illusion. However it is obvious that's not the way Ishida is trying to portrait their relationship, since all the other characters celebrate it.

>can't bear to see Kaneki happy
Kaneki was happy but also kept on dismissing his own health and not relying on anyone, not even his beloved wife. They have a lot of growing to do and that's good but the writing isn't portraying this properly and thus his happiness felt like an act.

crunched nuts

Thanks I will post when I can scan them

Who are the drawing’s of?


>Kaneki still in dream land
How long is this going to drag out


who tf cares about //oucuck anymore?

>didn't say a word last chapter

>Kaneki is already dead
Rice told the truth

>kanucki is dead


>Touka dug up Kaneki’s corpse
>dragon woke up and crashed into the ccg building and killed a bunch of investigators
>Urine, Fatcow, and Psycho Thot tried to get Touka to abandon Kaneki’s corpse and run because of dragon minions swarming
>Kaneki is swimming toward an island with a mass of bodies on it, losing his consciousness as he climbs up
>Clowns are watching from their sex dungeon

I hope this series ends soon and I hope it has a sad ending to justify this slog of dreams and crap fights.

>K-Kaneki is dead g-guys, i promise!
Yeah he's comng back next chapter, fuck off Ishida.

Will the clowns ever be relevant?

>slog of dreams and crap fights

Yea dude I wanna see eeepix fights lol like boku no hero and one punch manxddd what’s the deal with all this boring stuff I wanna see punch and kick! Xddd

If you're reading a psychological seinen for the fights then you're a fucking tool

Is this coming true?


Ishida doesn't have the balls.

Fuck off with “but muh seinen is demographic not a genre” people are using it to say it’s not a shounen battleshit

>Reads seinen
>Because the series has a few fights expects it to end with epic fights
>Butthurt about the Juuzou vs Kaneki fight because Ishida took a more philosophical aproach rather than a fight
It's ur own fault


After telling Rize Tulpa he’d try to fix things, Kaneki willingly transferred his conscious to Dragon, letting his body die as he reaches the island.

Kaneki aims dragon at the CCG so it’s in an easily accessible spot for investigators/Ghouls to fuck it up

Maybe Kaneki uses the last of it’s RC cells to make himself a new body, or maybe he dies with dragon.

If you're reading Tokyo Ghoul for it's psychological and seinen aspects you should have stopped 100 chapters ago

Ishida is truly a genius.

user I.......

Why? That’s still what we have now. “You’re strong, now what? Just make everyone do what you want?” There’s a theme of continually questioning his motives and what he even wants to do,

I would die laughing if it came true though. So much time following this series just to have the mc die. I think laughing would be the only appropriate response.

I think everybody just has lingering resentment over the OEK personality so they take out on the entire story. I still like what Ishida was trying to do with it but he really couldn’ve done it in a better way.

What if the body Touka found is a Kaneki clone?

It feels like the most fitting way to end the series.

Having Kaneki and Talker live happily ever after with Kaneki’s secret buttlover Hide helping raise their kid would be too boring.

Make him fucking die and have dragon wreck Tokyo in a blind rage till it runs out of RC cells and dies.


There's no way Kaneki's dying without seeing Hide at least one more time.

Kaneki has died, all that remains of him is inside Dragon, fighting for control.

If he gains control of Dragon he can easily create a new body. Furuta even said that this thing has the ability to create life.

>Mangastream moved TG to medium priority
It's over. We had a good run.

Irrelevant. Kaneki will choose to bring back as many of the humans he killed back to life and forgo his own body. Kaneki has an extremely low sense of self worth. If Kaneki comes out of Dragon it won't be our Kaneki, it'll be body a controlled by the Dragon alter-ego.

Femtoneki soon.

You know they've been releasing them usually on Tuesday ever since that scan bust right?

오라, 그대 달콤한 죽음의 시간이여라(来たれ, 汝甘き死の時よ) : 161 후루타 등장, 복장은 와슈 국장 의복에서 V의 요원 복장으로 갈아입은 듯. 리제는 용으로부터 새로운 육체를 얻고 부활. 의식은 없다. 카네키가 용으로부터 나오려고 하자, 용은 발작하며 카네키를 체내에 보존하려고 한다. 사이코가 카구네로 용의 공격을 막으려고 하나, 침식되어 역으로 행동불능 상태가 됨. 카네키가 용으로부터 해방되자, 용의 눈들이 일제히 터지며 카구네는 붕괴. 카네키의 생사를 알 수 없다. 얼굴에 하얀 천이 덮힌 채, 축 늘어진 상태로 우리에에게 안겨온다. V기관 집결 후루타 "안녕 리제, 나의 귀여운 「용」."



>V does something other than job

If we do get Femtoneki as the result of the enraged Dragon personality that would be interesting.

I seriously doubt we’re getting that though.


The fuck is that?

Aura, the time of your sweet death (Come on, when you die): 161 Furuta appeared, and the dress seemed to have changed from the Washu Director's Apparel to the V Agent's Apparel. Riese gets a new flesh from the dragon and resurrection. There is no consciousness. When Kaneki tries to get out of the dragon, the dragon seizures and tries to keep Kaneki in the body. Psycho tries to stop the attack of Kagunero, but is eroded and becomes inoperable. When Kaneki was released from the dragon, the dragon eyes burst at once, and Kagune collapsed. I can not tell the life and death of Kaneki. It is covered with a white cloth on the face, and it comes to us with a lollipop. V agency gathering furuta "Hi Rize, my cute" dragon "

According to google there are now 2 Dragons.
Rize, who is being brought back to life by V and Furuta. And Kaneki who it is impossible to tell if he's still alive, but Dragon shuts down when Kaneki is pulled away.

>They revived Rize through her kakuhou

>Rize was the actual final boss

>Two Dragons
>Rize and Kaneki
>Kaneki might actually be dead

Spoilers might have been sort of right. Wow.

Wait I thought Rize was in a test tube?



Oh man. Rize had actually died. The Rize inside Kaneki's consciousness may have been real. Impossible to tell if this Rize is built from Kaneki's version of Rize, or if this is the old Rize brought back to life.

No, she was cut up into pieces and put inside the Oggai.

This is ridiculous.What is Ishida thinking?

>It was real Rize bullying Kaneki in their shared subconscious
Rize has an actual personality now

Collective consiousness. We Tokyo buddhist now.

It was Dragonized Rize, possibly influenced by Kaneki's tulpa Rize. But yes, Rize was megadead and now she's alive again.

>literally O MY RIZE KAKUHOU

Can Kaneki bring Eto back to life as well please while he's at it?

i get the reddit hate but maybe we're just too bitter and cynical. I don't know if I'm not enjoying it as much because there was a moment where I started speed reading instead of really digesting what was happening. Now I barely know some of these side characters being shown as important

Spoiler says that is Hairu in the bulb.
Arima and Rize are being brought back too.
Dragon's body stops moving when Kaneki is pulled out. Rize wakes up as the chapter ends.

I just can't

how does ishida do it????

Apparently all you need to revive someone is the head with the brain intact.

We went through a long shock period of getting used to the new spoiler night and release dates while dealing with heavy doses of shitposting. Having spoilers move to late Sunday night definitely caused a reduction in activity since most people frequenting this site are either in school or work a regular job. The shitposting didn’t help either. Why hang around here with these lousy shits when you can deal with the more upbeat reddit garbage or just lurk the Tumblr of the girl who translates the series for Jaimini


>V's goal is to become immortal
Hahaha oh wow

>T-The story turning to shit had nothing to do with the decrease in activity


>That Rize

You've definitely seen better days, Rize.

What is up with Furuta's face?

The story hasn’t suffered as badly as you make it seem. I’d rather deal with these quiet threads than the insanity of Vancouver/Clownposting that was nearly as bad as SnK threads.

>Furuta's left eye
He is the Joker now




He’s still regenerating. Looks like they’re gonna make a big deal out of it. You can still see some regrowth happening. It took Eto how long to actually fully heal her damage after Kaneki launched her off a roof with her bottom half missing?

I'm glad eto died.

So was the Nucleus Dr Kanou gave to Furuta a part of Rize?

I have no idea what shit was about.
I don't know what the fuck is going on.

Ishida better delivers a good explanation for all this soon but since Kanou offed himself I doubt that's gonna happen. Maybe Uta knows something.

You can see his creepy fucking eye

>The dragon The Q's are going to fight isn't Kaneki but Rize
>And they'll do it in Kaneki's stead just like they took care of Hairu for Shirazu

I tried.

>Furuta tipped his Fedora
I've seen it all

I can't tell if that's just weird shading or his face is really scarred under the hair

What is his plan now? Kill Rize and himself? Get out of the country with her in a suitcase? Eat her? Have her eat him? I was hoping his story was coming to an end but that face and the fact that it's the last page of the chapter makes me think otherwise.

>Furuta's Keikaku was reviving his waifu all along

It is scarred ever since he got fucked up by Dragon.

>the revived ghouls are all white haired
oh no

I took a closer look and tried my best with what brief downtime at work I have to go over what I think his eye looks like,

I can’t see much of the scar tissue through his hair tho.

oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo
RE Anime better have another LTS OP

>Kaneki's corpse was gouged out for organs and Rize's kagune is gone.
Yeah no. Kaneki is not coming back from this.

>The Kaijuu arc was a giant sex change

>No bleeding at the back
R.I.P. kaneki ben 2017-2018

Who the FUCK still follows Tokyo Ghoul?

Kaneki Ben is alive and well. Watch this turn into a prelude to part 3 with Ben in the lead.


chapter's out:

>best boy is back
Thank god

I can't believe Rize was fuckin dead

The one you should be blaming is "best boy" Furuta who sacrificed her to make the Oggai.

Is there literally any reason for him to come back? Why would he do this? He got out. Everyone's gonna murder him now

lmao the plot isn't making senser anymore.
Ishida completly lost it.

Wait is Rize dead or not?

atleast post a believable link

So Kaneki was innocent all this time.

TG will be remembered fondly, :Re is a train wreck in slow motion

No he still killed all those people, Rize was just created in some weird ass way from him

Fuck you
Ishida is a piece of shit writer

Why is Touka so perfect?

>Kaneki is dead
>Touka miscarried
>Rize lives

I don't get why everyone is angry. Isn't it time to celebrate?

The destination may be nice, but the road here was fucking awful.

Implying anyone except fodder dies in this.

Kaneklets are alive, they'll be the protags for part 3

Yes that's fine
But for how long?
They're going to kill Rize

Her hair

Best Boy Furuta-kun's plan is to make Kaneki job to Rize again and kill Rize again with steel beams.

Well fuck him

Confirmation that Kaneki is dead. Upon pulling him out Touka notices that Kaneki's body is full of holes, likely from his kagune piercing it and destroying his internal organs. In the dream world Kaneki falls unconscious and sinks to the bottom of the sea. In the manor Rize says it's about time for her to wake up and we switch to V and Furuta reviving her. Announcement: Tokyo Ghoul ends in 8 chapters.

>best boy

You mean shitty Joker rip off and wannabe Aizen who managed to make TG into shit it is with his Gary Stuness?

How someone could fuck up a story this easily..fuck..

This chapter is going to bring those fucking clown posters back from the dead now ain't it.

>tfw just waiting for re to end so I can read it all in one weekend like I did for the original
>never once have to deal with these cancerous threads

Chapter is out you niggers

yeah, Kaneki is dead

I wish ishida would just confirm it so I can stop reading already.

He's dead. His internal organs are all gone. Same shit that happened with the Oggai.

Tune in for part 3, starring Ben and Bouka

Fucking dropped

100% sure its not his real body and this shit ends with him being literally reborn

>B-but famtoneki

It's his real body. Even has his fucking gimpsuit. He's dead and gone. Look forward to part 3.

>yfw Kaneklet is Femtoneki

This is just retarded. Ishida is worse than Kubo, dropped.

Fuck this shit Ishida just killed Rize
Piece of shit

I warned you niggers. I TOLD YOU KANEKI WOULD DIE.

>If you’re thinking of someone and the tearless nights come,

>The things that you love, they will know them.
>That child will know, she will know, he will know.

>It’s fine to show your weakness. 

>Isn’t that more than enough?

This was Touka talking all along. Ishida traded baby miscarriage drama for dead daddy drama.

What was the point of his last conversation with Rize and taking responsibility/looking to bear his sins? Death is noth bearing them or taking responsibility, it's a cop out.


This user's right. Ishida is far too much of a hack not to have a cop out planned.

Rize is coming back and she's going to be haunted by a Kaneki specter.

Rip ishida twitter

So in the end Kaneki wasnt the Tokyo ghoul?

He's not aware that he's dead yet. He suspects it, but denies it.
Also with Kaneki now being dead and Dragon still alive and kicking he is now indisputably a victim of Furata's schemes.

There are two options:
1)New part with a new main character, what is absolute shit.
2)Kaneki will be resurrected and beat up bad guys.

This manga's become fucking pathetic and shitty. Fuckin' Ishida. I hope you're gonna burn in hell.

What's his twitter?

So in the end tumblr gender swap theory came true.

RizexKaneki end in dreamworld please

No, Kaneki is dead. Rize is not him.

Implying Kanaki won’t be reborn through Fucking Rize’s womb. I’ll give 5 chapters top until he comes back


Dreamworld 125 please.

Kaneki is fucking dead. Time to kill myself.

Rize's female based regeneration overpowering Kaneki's male and forcing her consciousness on to his would have made sense and might have been a good supporting lead in

>Rize was dragon all along

sssshh no tears, only dreams now

Migrate to this thread faggots

>People think Kaneki is dead
Literally what would the point of that be after the last couple of chapters

So if Rize was the Dragon what was with all the mommy, milk, Juuzou shit?

Cockneki is dead?

My guess is they're probably just saying he's dead because he'd be held responsible for all this but they know that he's retarded and it's not really his fault. No way he'd just die like that

Well if you think about, if there is a chance that somehow Kaneki is still alive (By cloning himself a new body or something), this could be the perfect opportunity for him to finally be from the CCG and V. Since everybody would think he is dead.

thank you professor kimi you save my hus-

>1)New part with a new main character, what is absolute shit.
That's what :re should've been from the beginning. Kaneki should've just died at his battle with Arima.

>Kaneki is dead
Yeah, just like last time when Arima killed him, right?

Cockneki is dead?

This time we have his corpse and confirmation from several characters. Kaneki died when all his organs and his kakuhou were pulled out.

Is he gonna kill himself? or go on a rampage?

How will he ever recover from this?

>Kaneki has no dick

He's still in the gimp suit

He will probably be reborn from dragon or something. His adventures in purgatory would be meaningless if he was 100% gone. I mean, dragon was supposedly capable of rebirth, it might start rebirthing everyone it consumed, ending or starting with kaneki.


Look at his mid section it's shriveled and hollowed out. Now look at his chest, it's full of holes.

>lol dude it was all a prank
>but it's not funny anymore so I'll just fuck off
>lol sike! You got pranked again

I fucking hate this character.

Cockneki is dead?

How many times has Kaneki "died." I doubt Ishida has the balls to actually kill him off.


Cockneki is dead?

In the end, I guess Kaneki was a Tokyo fool

>The story hasn’t suffered as badly as you make it seem.

How much per hour?

He is reborn as transsexual Kaneki (Neo-Rize)

New Rize is literally Kaneki's internal organs + Rize's breast tissues (from Oggai) + Furuta's core (for extra edge). The brain is probably Kanekis as well (turning into a STRONK female must have been his wish all along).

Cockneki is dead?

Cockneki is dead?

Cockneki is dead??

He turned into Rize.

So.. he is now evil?

Chapters out

What killed the hype?

Ishidas constant bad writing perhaps?

Attention usually dies off during drawn out arcs.
Was the same with Rue/Cochlea.