Boku No Hero Academia

How would you all do a "Villain Deku"? How would you all make it work?

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>Shigaraki deploys anti-quirk weapon
>The only way to stop it is to kill Eri
>Eri dies in government custody to uphold current order

You need to make him extremely bitter, and he had the perfect set up for that. Had he not make AM drop the bottled villain thus no chance to show how heroic he is despite having no power, he would be coming home, completely let down by his hero, the only thing that made him go on.

the editors would never allow it

A villain Deku would be Shigaraki without the crusty skin.

>villain deku
It would be pic related.


Since he “defeated” muscular by abusing OFA and sacrificing his arms, I think it’s very probable he will face him off again, if the prison break happens and it involves heroes, yakuza, VA, and Vanguard Action squad, but now with Deku utilizinf a completely different tactic. It would be a very nice contrast between OFA-abuse Deku and technique-reliant Deku

Yuri shipping is bad, do not under any circumstances yuri ship

Nigger they were law enforcement interns gathering intel, not random neighbors.
Protip, if you charge a guy with a gun head-on from a distance you will get shot and fail to save anyone no matter how brave you feel doing it.

He would be a mix between Taskmaster and Lex Luthor

Reminder that Mirio is cute.

Pretty much

Eri stop, he will destroy you

No, deku's not a tech wizz

Look at how gentle he is.

Does the drama cd officially confirm that homobia does not exist in-universe?


Have him rape bakugou

What quirk is that?

I think is really the only option here. The problem with Deku is he's been incredibly idealistic since the start in a world created by an idealist, so him facing a completely different reality would feel very poorly executed.

The cutest! CUTEST!

>no quirk
>hates quirk obssessed society and how he has been shunned for not having a quirk
>hates heroes most of all for representing this quirk obsession
>has studied them extensively, both when he was a kid who desperately wanted to be a hero and as he got older and become bitter towards heroes and society for stopping him from becoming one
>basically knows the weakness of every hero as well as their abilities and has countermeasures devised for all of them
>deep down all he wants is to show everyone that he can be just as good, just as capable as these so called 'heroes' even without a quirk

Deku would be a great villain that could even get a redemption arc in the end once he's realized that his bitterness and anger is misdirected.

Mirio made the wrong decision by not just popping up behind Overhaul and snapping his neck.
But Mirio couldn't have known for sure that that was the right decision at the time.
It's not very heroic to punch out a civilian because the situation seems fishy. On the other hand, if he had tried to put Overhaul under arrest and Overhaul had an OP quirk (which he did), then he would've escalated the situation and risked getting Eri killed, or getting himself and Deku killed and having Overhaul escape with Eri.

Isn't that Kouta though?

I don't think he would ever be a villain.
I think Deku is inherently a very selfless person and would never do anything to hurt someone else.

Deku is already a villain - sorta

Kouta has a quirk he just hates heroes, because his parents died because they were heroes.

Force him to watch as Allmight, Inko, Iida, Ochako, Bakugo, and Shoto lined up and shot in the back of the head. Deku would turn into a neofascist monster who would dominate the entire world

>tsuyu asking eraserhead about Eri

She's the traitor. She's the traitor SO HARD.

He just needs to be pushed a little more.

Or she just has a crush on Aizawa.

Like a dog chasing its tail

Not really, Kouta was angry because his parents died doing hero work. His bitterness was more focused on viewing hero work as pointless and not worth it.

Villain Deku wanted to be a hero and is angry that society stopped him. This anger would be directed at the institution of heroes and how it focuses on flashy quirks and powerful abilities over a person's desire to be a hero and their mental abilities. Basically he would be mad because society dismissed the idea of him becoming a hero out of hand simply because he doesn't have a quirk. In the end his villainous actions would be fueled by the desire to prove society wrong by beating all of the heroes who he sees as only being heroes because they were born with powerful quirks, thereby symbolically proving that he would have been a better hero if society had just let him.

Do you think Hori browses Cred Forums? considering how much of a weastboo he is, I think he'd be interested in western 2ch.

Daily reminder to not lewd Inasa!
He is pure!

Genki+Manly and huge body=best


Nah, seeing the “Yotube comments”, he probably knew that online fanbase is cancer or a push away from cancer so doesn’t want to interact too much

Remainder UA wouldn't allowed a quirkless Deku to enter, they kicked quirkless Mirio out.

Poster if you haven’t seen it

You think Mirio will get his quirk back or he'll go quirkless like Knuckleduster?

Back, one way or the other. There’s the serum

He's not kicked out, he's on academic leave. Just like you'd be on leave from school if you lost a limb


>Eri likes it when I use this


If he can read English, then he definitely reads these threads. If he can't, he might still look at the pictures and auto translate the page.
Honestly, I'd be more surprised if he didn't want to find out what westerners thought of BNHA.

>he's on academic leave
That's what they want everyone to believe.


>UA wouldn't allowed a quirkless Deku to enter
They let him take the entrance exam. And he was quirkless when he registered. He didn't get OFA until the morning before the exam and he didn't register his quirk with the government until afterwards.
So we know quirkless kids can take the exam. What do you think the school would do if one of them managed to pass?

Nothing because U.A.'s entrance exam is U.A.'s business. If it were the license exam, they'd make them a licensed hero because they clearly can cut it.

>What do you think the school would do if one of them managed to pass?
That's why they have Aiwaza for, to kick their asses out without the school getting the actual blame.

What serum? I'm a retarded speedreader.

>Yakuza arc couldn't be fixe-

Read it all again from the beginning, more slowly.

but I don't wanna, I have things to do ;_;

I doubt Hori even has time for this place


Big comeback fight where he'll team up with Shinsou

I want headpats from Mirio too

Either this or make it so that he's disenfranchised with one-for-all when he realizes that everyone expects heroes to sacrifice themselves for others, but not the other way around. So he becomes a villain to teach people that they have to learn how to defend themselves and can't rely on the self-sacrifice of heroes.


If there were any canon Yuri ships in this manga and it were only this one, I don’t know where I was going with this I liked the picture a lot for some inane reason.

>You'll never feel Mirio's hand on your body
Why even live


Has the last chapter literally destroyed the KamiJiroufags out of extinction?

Maybe it’s the similar mad/obsession thing going on


la creatura...

My heart went super doki doki.
Don't stop.


To be fair, what’s the point of posting it when they’ll be drowned in memes?

Well there’s that.
But I really liked the color palette for this whole work. Particularly for La Brava. Some people have taken liberties with her design and I like how subtle this one is.
Yeah the mad/obsession thing draws me in too.

so cute




Kamijiro is under no threat

Bakujiro has about as much chance happening as kit fisto getting his own movie

gay dads

You mean the truth that Kamijiroufags are cucks right?

>Implying Amajiki and Eri won't fight eachother to the death for the Miriobowl

Because it's Heroaca's most Kino ship by far

I dunno but the fags posting about them seem to be undiminished, why are you guys so obsessed with two side characters being in a relationship?

This is stupid. Why would Overhaul punch through Deku when he could more easily explode him like Magne?

>Eri activates her powers to delete Amajiki

My blue brother, care to give a sauce?

man im just glad chadku does't have to worry about anyone stealing his thicc gravity girl

I need more hurt/broken/bloodied Deku pics.


Kaminari did try that one time

Deku would be like Slipknot: he'd develop skills that heroes wouldn't expect to fight against and use those to commit crimes, murders, raping etc.

Like, if Deku knew he had to fight Mt. Lady, he'd find a way to get under her guard and disable her before she could enlarge herself, or not take on Kamui Woods with fire but chainsaw him to cripple status.

He wouldn't want the blood to get all over him. He's a germaphobic.


first day of school and he was already mackin


Thanks, I wouldn’t have found it through twitter since I usually search by her name

He is only measuring the size of his dick.

That's all I have.

How do you think grown up Eri would look like?
Long or short hair?
oppai or flat is justice?
genki or gloomy?

Well All-for-one has the ability to give quirks so

Pretty much the same except minus all the feel good hard with he gets with One-for-all and All Might.

Throw in some shit with Deku desiring to steal the quirks from his fave super heroes and have it be a story about him Vs. class 1-A + Togata

Extra points for drama with Bakugou coming to the realization that he's the one responsible for creating such a monster.

Oh, well thank you for providing the ones you had.

no shit, this is a hypothetical thread

this nigga wants to save a million people to stroke his ego when he should be striving to create a world where he doesn't have to save anyone

stain did nothing wrong

Everyday until canon.

Toga pls
All I have is the edgesquad

>not dekumina
>this of all things instead

as long as he saves millions because of the passion he has against punishing evil there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you make a world without crime, you've effectively saved every single person that would have been killed by criminals or villains, duh. 1 million is way too many people to save individually.

I have some

Proportionally same length hair. Frames her nicely.
Flat is Justice and she’s more genki than gloomy. Head in the clouds at times but you secretly suspect of running a cam show.

>a normie look at you with disgust
what now?

But they're almost all with Toga

Like this hopefully

Kek, pure autism is what he is



is this a Mirio thread?

Beat her with the allmighty power of dick

No, it’s his dad’s

I like to lewd the frog.

but he's based on Lucas

I just can’t hate kacchan. His “enthusiasm” is infectious.

You shouldn't lewd future heroes

Every thread is a Mirio thread if you wish for it hard enough.

Am I the only one who gets Archie vibes from him

future mating projects.

Why the hell are there so many arts of Overwhore and Eri?

she was his loli first

No, that’s not some terrifying blood quirk you have, it’s a heroic boost called one for all

Also you are a guy and have a penis

Don't worry, I will return with my thing the next thread I arrive at. Have a DekuMina to cheer you up.

I don’t know about “so many”, but this one artist definitely loves Overhaul and Eri
And it’s pretty good so I’m not complaining

I don't know, I prefer the cute stuff

Here, will this cheer you up?


I'm not complaining


this thread needs more froppy.

too cute for this tread

Some adult better be supervising them before Mirio gets out of control.

Her froppys are too big there

I agree with that statement.

Here's more cute.

Gentle will make a callout video on Mirio

Izuku Midoriya is best imaginary boy

How many episodes will be in this season ?

That's not cute, he doesn't look very happy

>UA enable lolicons just because they are heroes in training

>ywn walk home together with Izuku
>ywn play games and discuss heroes with Izuku
>ywn go to hero conventions with Izuku

Most likely 2 cours, but who knows, there’s the movie in summer

Not just the students, either.

I'll make sure to draw Erio content. If nips don't give me what I want, I'll have to do it myself.
Look forward to it, anons.

how much will 2 cours adapt? afo fight?

All the heroics of an absolute madwoman, all the calculations of a convincing sociopath

Midnight has actually done nothing wrong, people are mistaking her passion for teaching as something lewd

Nice name

Not him but given the pacing of the previous seasons I can see them wrapping this up in 1

this better user?

If it's two cour, it'll almost definitely end with Deku vs Bakugo


Dekus arms forever fucked?
Why not just passing OFA to someone else then LOL

I'd make him the most pathetic villain ever that accomplishes nothing throughout the story. Like normal Deku, only this time he's a villain.


amajiki should eat a kangaroo to get jacked

>passion for teaching

If it is two cours, expect DvK2 and possibly Overhaul tease/Unleashed. The thing is, a lot of the events following Kamino until DvK2 are directly related to the fall of AM, and the timeslot is usually used by two cour anime

Read the whole shit again, then you can come back.

OFA v AFO will be the midpoint of the season, Deku v Kacchan 2.0 will probably be the finale.

So they'll take place around these season 2 fights:
>Muscular fight = Deku v Todoroki
>OFA v AFO = Stain Fight
>Deku v Kacchan 2.0 = Deku & Kacchan v All Might


That's all I'm seeing here, just a really good teacher


What the fuck? Why's that quirkless little delinquent peeing in that intelligent, talented boy's drink?

What's with the lack of Jirou in this thread?


Please don't lewd Jirou

Don't worry, the nice clown will cheer him up.


I dunno man

she'll be a force to rival the 0 point villain

For the kind user who wanted a frog. I apologize for it not being so good, I just began to draw anime girls recently

She's getting too much focus now, it's not cool to like her anymore

thats a pretty cute pic user.

el mamado...

fucking hipster


thanks man, ill take it.

Fuck you. I've been on this trains for the longest time now and my prayers are finally being answered


all those nips who voted for her in the second popularity poll most be happy too

>A woman denied her apple

Post fat

how about thicc?

JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM! Okay, the main character's mother is a fat fuck but killing her over it?!? FUCCKKKKKK!!!!!!

Fat is cute

>Literally breaks her upper spin to make this pose

Her ribcage is literally two feet from the back of her head.

I want more Team Fat, I thought the three of them played well off of each other

Anyone have fitgum? Hnng

her frog powers let her do that


Wow, so I guess Kiri has been bumped up to main cast member

Bakugo ships aren't ever going to be canon

he didn't did jack shit during the forest attack so that poster is retarded

I might

to bad he gets fat almost immediately

>Some loli shows up and tries to steal your man
Tamaki doesn't deserve this

Kiri went to Kamino. The real question is why Ochako is there instead of Momo.

He's Bakugou's BF, he has to be there.

To be fair, neither did Iida.

Why don't the big 3 wear jackets?

ochako fought toga

That's just the marketing squad.

The main characters are Deku, Baku, and Todo. AM, Ochako, Iida, and Kirishima are secondary. The rest are tertiary.

>Todo more important that AM
Almost had me there.

This made me realize that I genuinely liked the Kamino rescue squad members and their interactions. The gang shopping and working together to rescue Bakugo was nice. Pls swap Ochako for Momo

are we gonna get this moment in the anime or is gonna be BR only?

Would love to see him again.

Of course not. If one ship becomes canon, then Bakugo wouldn't have a harem, now would he?

wait when was this? I read everything and I dont remember. stain?

afo reveal

>Santa Hero
Quite the harem

Tankobon V11. Plenty of redrawn panels

>Midoriya builds a robot that defeats All Might and all of class 1-A, just like Syndrome did in the Incredibles.

Deku gets framed for killing All Might, Deku becomes a vigilante.

Have him disillusioned. He's idealistic to a fault, so the only way to make him a villain at any point in the story is make him realize that the system is inherently flawed, geared towards the glory rather than actual heroism, and that he can only be the hero he wishes to be if he reconstructs the system from the ground up.
In a way, it's a little like Stain, except villain Deku would eventually realize AM did nothing but further the system to the standstill it has become. Also, with his tactics and his empathy, he could easily pull in more followers and be a leader in the shadows.
Bonus points if villain Deku has AFO and not OFA, but OFA Villain Deku could also be really cool.

Defend this mutantfags

Esto es el fin, All for One

>Mirio with a ponytail
No wonder Tamaki fell in love. I would too.

You call these freaks of nature, these mockeries of humanity...heroes?!? I should skewer you for even uttering the word 'hero' in the same sentence as the names of these mongrels. This world is ignorant of the traits that make one a hero.

awkward energy updated, it might finally be done
too scared to read the ending



Are Gilfags also Stainfags?

Have him be kinda like Stain in terms of what he does, but totally different in how and why he does it.
Stain could've been a hero if he wanted to, but he became disillusioned with the whole idea of heroes because everyone else just saw it as a job. He turned to villainy to spread his word. He's driven by autism.
Deku, on the other hand, would be driven by butthurt. He wanted to be a hero and held on to his delusions for 15 years until All Might, the #1 hero, told him he couldn't be a hero without a quirk. Difference being that AM never dropped the sludge villain in this timeline and Deku never had a chance to prove himself.
Instead of sinking into a depression and becoming broken, Deku gets pissed. He sees the heroes constantly fucking up, and keeps telling himself that he could've done better if he'd gotten a chance. So he decides to prove it by fighting pro heroes and showing that if a quirkless nobody can dispatch pro heroes, then why couldn't a quirkless nobody be a pro hero.
The other difference between him and Stain would be that Deku wouldn't just randomly attack heroes that he sees. He'd prepare beforehand and basically cheese them.
Since Deku is a huge hero otaku, he'd know all of the big heroes' weaknesses and how to exploit them. That was kinda his thing before he got the power to punch good.
If he wanted to kill Mt. Lady, he'd do it in a small building full of people. if he wanted to kill Kamui Woods, he'd make a ring of oil beforehand and set it on fire. It would be implied that he does it a lot off screen, and the fights that we would see would be ones where things don't go according to plan and it ends up being interesting.
It's edgy, but I don't think it would be possible for evil Deku not to be edgy.

Aren't you a mongrel, since you're part human and part god?

Gilgamesh is an arrogant bully like you, but he has more class and charisma in his little toe than you do in your entire body.

Oh and you're the last one to talk shit about goldie, blondie.

All Might Calvo???

>Bakugou can't go without annew ship every time he interacts with someone differently.
Well at least that's how a couple fujos drew Camie, Ochako, and Camie doming him!

>confronting 2 of my favorite boys
I feel conflicted

So who'll win the Jiroubowl? Kouda, Kaminari, Bakugou or Momo?

Every girl will artificially inseminate themselves with Bakugou's sperm except Momo cause she's too pure.

I would at least make sure his videos don't get less views than Gentle's.

I really hate this image.

Jirou doesn't notice Kouda, and Bakugou wouldn't fuck a girl unless he was challenged to. Gay marriage isn't legal in Japan and Momo is saving herself for marriage.
Jirou has no choice but to settle for Kaminari.

>lemillion becomes a vigilante
>kills villains via heart squeeze

This guy unfortunately

i doubt bakugo even remembers her name

100 por ciento

My brain says Pikachu, but my heart says Momo

>hand holding


My thoughts exactly.

Hey guys did you know.... *snort* heheh did you guys know.... *can barely contain his laughter* that Todoroki..... hahahahahaha *pisses a little out of laughter* Todoroki hates mutant's?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA *explodes into piss*

My dick says the same.

Funniest meme ever bro!

Anime is real!

I get that he’s a villain, but I don't know why that means he couldn’t take better care of his skin

>that clean Shigaraki going into UA
Reminds me of Yugioh's Byakuya or whatever that was called, also, that's way too cute.


Parallel universes spinoff when?

Quirkless super villain path after .
Would definitely be more interesting than the shitfest right now.

They should have sticked to this for CD drama instead of TodoBaku. Still snorted at it though.

Please noooo

How would you write a parallel universe of the series anyway? Would Deku be the bully and Katsuki the bullied? Shigaraki the hero and AFO the symbol of peace?

I’m surprised Momo hasn’t been a bigger part of this arc. Hagakure has been the one really pushing and supporting Jirou through this process.

Yeah. It's like Hori suddenly forgot they're suppose to be best friends or something. Maybe he's got something planned for invisigirl soon...

Deku becomes the villain because of anti-quirkless bullying and an incident where a quirk user kills his mom, allowing AFO to take advantage of it. He is like proto-shiggy.
Shiggy is bullied because of his dangerous quirk but decides to become a hero anyway. He is a more interesting Shinsou.

>tough exterior
>kind hearted
It's going to be Kirishima isn't it?

Can't you fuckers just wait, this is just the start of the arc who knows maybe Jirou will ask Momo to play the piano or some shit and they are also gonna have some bonding later to pander to the yurifags.

>hey, you know that kid who can decay our flesh and bones?
>what about him?
>lets bully the fuck out of him
>good idea
Man, children are really smart.

Woah, no need to get so angry man. It's not good to get worked so hard it turns into a shoot.

I bet Hagakure is going to be in the band. I’m not expecting any actual development for her yet, theres too much other stuff going on in this arc.

The easiest way to get Bakugou interested it girls would be for Deku to actually hook up with Uraraka
Then Bakugou's natural competitiveness and hateboner for Deku would refuse to let him be one-upped.

True, would be really funny to watch Bakugo trying to get a girl to like him without completely sperging out too.

Well, there's already at least one that isn't completely repulsed by his personality
In fact, didn't he even already get her number?

Realistically, I don’t think he’d care. Anything that wouldn’t help him be a better hero would be considered a distraction. If anything, he’d probably shit on Deku for getting in a relationship.

That was Todoroki

Have him rejected by AM. He's already bullied friendless loser. For maximum drama edge have the mother die in some stupid way involving incompetent heroes and deku quirklessness. That's actually not required and the alternative could offer more interesting options about conflicted mother who finds out her worthless son has become a villain that is actually worth something.

Realistically, yeah, that's probably what would happen. But it's still funny to imagine Bakugou tripping over his own explosive autism trying to get a girl.

user, reread this chapter. He does care about things other than getting stronger. He's competitive at everything.

>hey... uh... Earphone bitch
It'd be kind of magical.

He wasn’t going to do it until Sero tricked him into it. His general demeanor is not giving a shit.

Nah, I think he was gonna say his piece anyway but he also has a desire to prove himself in every possible aspect, so Sero fueled into that.

I wouldn’t have put it past him just fucking off back to his room. He’s done it before when the rest of the kids are doing fun stuff.

damn I really hope this happens. Would be good to show how much Deku has grown (if he has by then)

Considering how easy it was to bait him into it, just imagine when someone implies he is unable to get a girl or isn't attractive enough. He's going to do anything to prove them wrong.

>haha Bakugou can't get a girl
And so starts Bakugou's insane obsession with Mt. Lady.

The guy favors sleep over friends. I can hardly blame him, sleep is the best part of any day.
One of my crackpot theories is that he isn't actually sleeping but training or studying to be honest.

Post best girl

Is there anything Sero couldn’t get him to do?

Say no more famalam.

Kill someone I'm pretty sure.


You got it

Be the number 1 hero.

>Sero secretly has a manipulative character
>dares Bakugou into gay sex with someone
>blackmails him for the rest of his life
He should rename himself as "the Spider" or "the Weaver"


You're an idiot.

Syndrome is a Super, he has super intelligence.

Delet this

well, I DROPPED the series already so i only come around here once in a while

Kamijiroufag, why did you take it so seriously to begin with? Shipping is just side entertainment, not absolute delusion. I don't get you really.

besides being kind of dumb, kaminari is not so bad, but why can't he score? It's not like roasties have never dated dumbass before

>Bakugou actually has a serious illness that has him too tired so he always has to go to bed early
That'd be some twist

i don't want to feel cucked in my 2D entertainment?

>dropping series because of a hint that Jirou might want to consider wanting Bakucock
Shippers are so weird.

Hey, a perpetual state of various degrees of anger and screaming is probably pretty tiresome.

It´s quite fascinating.

Would people stop bitching so much about Bakugou being strong if Hori explicitly showed that the reason he goes to bed early and doesn't participate in group shit is because he's busting his ass training every hour he isn't eating or doing school stuff

That’s kind of pathetic, man. I don’t understand the lack of faith.

el pendejo...

But it wasn't even cucking. It was fucking nothing. Bakugou talked to Jirou. He told her to take music seriously. That's fucking it. You're getting your panties in a twist about nothing.

Maybe he just has some anxiety disorder and is taking pills that make him sleepy.

wow so he's a genius and a hard worker too? what a gary...

but it would make sense of his competence tho

The image or the shippers's retardedness?

Bakugou isn't that strong, he hasn't fought a real battle yet.
Even Kirishima has more actual fighting experience now.

it's the implication

i mean bakugo never had a kirishima vs. rappa or deku vs. muscular yet
just beating jobbers, getting saved, or winning by someone only using half their quirk

He's a hard worker, not necessarily a genius. It seems fairly implied that he busts his ass off at studying and training given at how high he scores at exams and his versatile usage of his quirk. That's not a gary stu. As long as he doesn't do a total 180 in a character he will never be a gary stu.
This is so pathetic, I regret the days where I actually thought you were a chill dude.

You’re right, what is Bakugo’s best win? Is it Deku?


The shippers retardedness. The image itself is pretty good.

Beating Berserk Tokoyami with Todoroki is his best win imo, but solo, yeah his fight against Deku.

Yeah it's 8% Deku.

>Is it Deku?
He also made quirk work of tokoyami, but he hard counters him so I am not sure if that really counts.

Still rangebanned ;-;

8% Deku, and even that caused tons of bitching and moaning for threads afterwards, despite it being in all likelyhood the only decisive win Bakugou will ever get over him, since Deku's % is just going to keep going up and Bakugou's superior technique and battle ability won't keep up with the sheer numbers forever.

>he hasn't fought a real battle yet.
He fought 5 members of the VA together after being tied up to a chair for 3 days and probably barely even had any food/water. He's fine.

They didn't want to kill him. That's like saying Ochako beat Toga, it wasn't a real battle.

compared to rappa and muscular going for the kill its nothing

Said bunch tried to take him unhurt, so that somewhat was both sides handicapped. (They first went "Fuck it, full force." when he got busted out and send Compress as a missile.

i like how you think user!

Also he was more focused on getting away then actually fighting them

>He's a hard worker, not necessarily a genius.
He's both. That's the point of his character.

Pls unban i want to waifupost ;-;

I don't think you evading that ban is helping your case.

>ban evading
fuck off


Here, my latest coloring.

I wish you weren't so annoying on top of ban evading. Guess that's par of the course for tripfags. Don't you have classes to go to or a fucking job?

>Hey...uh...Earphone bitch
I can just imagine Baron of Autismo Kills over here going absolutely turbo while trying to ask a girl out
And then subsequently going into panic when he's turned down by a very uncomfortable anyone who's not Keimi
Do it Hori



School dance arc when?

Are Dabi and Todoroki related?

But he doesn't hate Germans?


I love Jirou.

1. We haven´t seen him interact with any germans to say he doesn´t.
2. That would be Krautsophobic. I think.

.. W--w---wheey...

Everyone hates Germans

It has not been stated that they are related, but there is a high chance they are atleast somewhat related due to their similiar quirks and eye color.
Also Dabi and Kurogiri are the only ones whose real names are still unknown.

group photos with the girls are the best

Where are my delinquent girls

t. austrian

no delinquents here, only good girls

Only got the delinquent gang.


I want Shouji to molest me with all of his hands-penises.

Oh come on, Shouji isn´t for lewd.


>mfw I got to Mineta, sitting like a prince on a fucking throne
>mfw I got to Aoyama 'Draw me like one of your french girls'
>mfw I got to All Might

The best one still is Ochako, Mina and Tooru just loving it.

Sorry bud but Shouji is for todo only.


Why is shouji the only mutant that todo tolerates again, according to the memes atleast?

Self awareness of it.

because Shouji isn't a villain, unlike the others.

too soon

>Bitching out over an implication
Pathetic to think I called you a fellow KamiJirou comrade.

It´s been almost 30 years.


It kinda sucks that Aizawa is going to be forced to job forever now. Hori quickly removed him from the fight against Chisaki because it would have been over fairly quickly if he was allowed to participate. Calling it now, when Gentle breaks in Aizawa will appropriately try to apprehend him, but get taken out immediately.

I'm the last person I would have suspected, but I was looking for me the whole time!

It's the perfect crime

It did not, it's on hiatus until march, good shit btw

Jesus Christ man, you know someone commission this no one would actually draw this them selves

>gangster ojiro
He's still cute as fuck.

FA Released Smash chapter 16 and intends to do it on a weekly basis.
They also say Volume 17 Omake will be coming "most likely" tomorrow.

From the very beginning
>doesn't meet All Might or doesn't get a quirk from him
>he starts resenting the hero business after he fails to enter UA
>AfO approaches him and offers to grant him a quirk

>FA Released Smash chapter 16 and intends to do it on a weekly basis.
They still have 78-ish weeks to go then

When do you think we will get the first trailer/preview for season 3?

Which female character has the most fanart in nipland?

nothing happened since all might fought ofa

pretty much yeah

make a move already kaminari, I'm getting bored of waitining

I doubt they mind. It's 4-koma, it shouldn't be that hard to translate if fujos on tumblr can do it as well.
We already got the first trailer.

I feel like hori can't decide whether this wants to be a SoL series with an ensemble cast of quirky kids doing quirky things an action story about Deku's development as an up and coming hero

>the smash author gave more development to mt. lady than the actual manga is
huh, that's pretty neat.
and yet it's almost certainly not canon so it will never be mentioned in the main manga

Oh yeah your right, I forgot about that preview.


Fucking kill yourself

Kaminari literally couldn't care less, Jiro doesn't even register as a girl to him.
If anything Jiro should make move.

I'm kinda surprised the mods haven't banned you again yet for banevading

>this happens
>at the same time Hori reveals Kaminari doesn't sexualize her because he holds her in too high regard

Yeah, there was no HAPPENINGS since then. If Hori had replaced overhaul arc with something more interesting, we probably wouldnt have been feeling this way.

The only thing that arc served was to introduce a cute loli and an awesome bro

>Shigaraki got his hands on the tools to erase quirks
>Everyone has hero licenses
>Toga has Deku's blood
>We know there's a traitor among the heroes
>All for One had backup plans if Shigaraki failed as successor.
>Kurogiri got arrested
>Mirio and Eri have been introduced into the supporting cast

Hori lately has been planting a lot of seeds for the future.

Hi, I'm from reddit and I love My Hero Academia, it truly is a shonen manga DONE RIGHT, in the same vain as my other favorite mangas One Punch Man and Hunter X Hunter, PLUS ULTRA!

I agree.


BnHA IS shounen manga done right, though

Well, if we completely disregard the Overhaul arc it is.

>BnHA IS shounen manga done right, though

just reset you're router

He's right, though doing a shounen manga right is fairly easy.

Is it cool to hate BnHA now, guys?

It's been cool since the anime came out

Deku Black arc when?

I do wonder why it always come down like this

HAppened to Tokyo ghoul although this was rightfully shit, since the :re and other manga based animes as well. Not sure what happened to OPM but pretty sure that went down the drain too.

After the el tigre arc.

Mezo "Katakuri" Shoji

SHINE (die)

I would love to see Deku be a bitter as fuck antihero who madmans his way out

The worst for Tokyo Ghoul was Root A which might be causing aneurysms of anger to this day. First season was harmless enough by just shortening things. The reason for hate of it after a while? There are way too many people that start hating and searching for flaws once it gets popular. Especially Cred Forums in this regard is with the many opinions more contrarian than Twice.

Would you kindly be a hero, Toga Himiko?

The joke is that Shouji had the Katakuri mouth before Katakuri, the reasons he hides it also are pretty different.

I think the fandom's so used to shonen gone wrong or gone wrong at some point that this series is a "beacon of light" to those who haven't messed with shonen beyond the likes of FT, Naruto or OP.

Probably never. Though Hori is a big fan of western comics, and pretty much ever major superhero has had the "evil clone" storyline happen to them. So who knows? Goku Black while entertaining was just retarded though.

>"Even if I did want to explain everything to you, Kacchan, you wouldn't listen. You never do. Your vanity and ego won't allow you to."

>There are way too many people that start hating and searching for flaws once it gets popular.
Why can't people just enjoy plain old fun
It is like they purposely try to pick shit at it just to curb others enjoyment

>Truth is, Kacchan, I'm not mad at you. I'm really not! After all, why blame you if you are but a cog in the system?
>However... to change the world, you have to start small. You have to start with your friends.
>Don't think ill of me afterwards, okay, Kacchan?
This will never happen and I hate everything.

That is like half his appeal, Black and his entire concept were buttfuck retarded bht he somehow just worked.
He was the peak of super honestly.

I'm glad most of the HxHfags stopped coming here.
One of the reasons I left for a while.
Threads have been surprisingly civil.

Yeah last thread was pretty comfy.

Pretty much this, i mean, anything is flawed. And it is normal to point these out (Thats hilarious in itself sometimes, or in hindsight.), but its when people start only doing that instead of also paying attention to the good parts that it all goes to shit. (Want a example of that? I saw people raging about Eri existing so hard when 170 came out, Gentle and his stuff got completely ignored. And with 171 we had Bakugo rage instead aswell.)

>Threads have been surprisingly civil.
Well right now. Guess you missed the shitshow on saturday when the mods banned a bunch of pedos and shitposters

That is essentially why they are civil right now. We should enjoy that while it lasts.

>shitposters banned
Thank fuck, they were shitting up the chapter threads of 171. The Bakugou "discussions" were horrendous.

closest I keep imagining would be to revel in capeshit cliches and for an "evil-mirror universe to invade"

Thank fucking christ. Shitposters need to get the rope.

The type of that Hori got in mind strikes me more as one hell of a entertaining universe.

Felt that way as well. Gentle is a cool as fuck character but it seemed to get buried pretty easily.

I dont really get the hate for Eri. I mean, I get that her quirk is fucking ridiculous but it cant be overused or abused, right? I believe that Hori will make the right call and let the quirk run as a plot device, not a uberhax OfA 100% machine.

We still dont even have any powercreep or anything like that, so we should be in greenlight. And to be honest; who doesnt want a cute as fuck loli?

>AfO Nezu
Holy kek my sides

On the other hand its kind of hilarious that by putting these things in the same chapter Hori unintentionally caused the same problem for Gentle he got in the story with actually grabbing attention!

>Bakugou is Mirror-verse version of Noumu

I just had a realization with La Brava making her entrance.
Deku is going to end up on herotube by the end of this arc isn't he? I mean his getting famous has been brewing for a while, why else introduce a vigilante/villain team that does broadcasting?

They are so lazy

>why else introduce a vigilante/villain team that does broadcasting?
Bakugo's hero debut

This make me want to see a "villians" academy spinoff, where they put all the young villains in a school for rehabilitation back into society

Like Sucide squad, but not shit.

My favorite part either has to be the villains as students or OfA Kendou.

That is amazing.

I wish I could better repay you for sharing that but most of my BnHA art is shipping shit

I still like Deku x Froppy

That guy doesn't even have a hero license

>Mineta, Hori's suppoused selfinsert character is Shiggy
So is Hori trying to tell us that he selfinserts as Mineta when it comes down to "bodily cravings" but his true selfinsert is really Shiggy?

I can almost bet this will be the credit card for the first opening of Season 3. (Even if it commits the crime of showing the forest arc characters and keeping out Shouji.)

With gang orca as homeroom teacher.

Anyone knows anything about Hori's parents?



He just got it


>kept you waiting
Well, you probably do.

He just finished up remedials till he and Todoroki get to try the next time the License test is being done.

>Toga as Road Kamelot

Oh, got it. I was under the impression that this was the redo for some reason.

Not sharing that is a crime, thats all!

The picture does a whole lot of things right.




let's see how long you feel that way.

>Summer trip is gang orca taking the students to the sea for GUTS training

Are you looking forward to Jirou's arc? What do you expect? Drama? Action? Romance?

Dude, the age where you get retarded about that kind of shit, lmao.

I mean not to say it doesn't get annoying to see in media but, still, existentialism crops up in any teen who hasn't been able to get laid by that age.

Well, meant the character swaps Hori has made. His quirk swap also is pretty fun.

oh, nevermind then.


Todo did

I genuinely think Overhaul would be ton more interesting if he was some delinquent school mastermind, running some systematic street criminal shenanigans.

>Gang Orca chasing most of the VA across the beach to clean the whole place up like Deku did with All Might while tossing and screaming them.

Truly the most entertaining timeline.


You mistake my funposting for disapproval.

TodoShoji is a much better homo ship than Todoinasa.


>Two new straight mha doujins
>both of them are fembakugou doujins.
I am not sure how I am supposed to feel.

I've been wanting her to team up with Deku since the start.
She has high potential as a hero, it sucks seeing her with the underachievers.

I got an idea for a doujin - it's Shinso mindcontrolling Toga disguised as Izuku fucking Ochako

Hopefully soon.


Well Bakugou does love mountain climbing.
I just realized he loves mountain climbing, because he is then literally climbing to the top.
Fucking hori.

Woah, shit

Bakugou is related to mt.lady?

just a fancomic

What about a world where everyone is magical girls instead of super heroes?

Oh Hori....

Fleshing out the Fantasy AU already could have some good stuff instead.

Do you think that when the system is dealing with a dangerous quirks controlled by hands, they do what Shiggy did to Overhaul in a more humane way?

I personally want to see Deku be paired with utility heroes, rather than plain strong heroes like shouto

I mean, it would be cool as fuck to see froppy, spiderman and jirou with mei as the designated mechanic go ham with Deku abusing their utility

Dammit, got my hopes up for nothing

Kurogiri is a good boy. More than Shiggy deserved.

Well, given the latest Endeavor developpement, he wouldn't destroy this gift, I think

literally anything so he's not a copy paste of gon

Let alone he seems like a very loyal man to be basically be Shiggys babysitter.

What if it's Deku, but he was born with a quirk that by necessity made him incapable of being a hero, so he became a villain, and also his family was slaughtered in a horrific way so he has this thing about blood?

Endevour would probably polish his volcano furiously to wearing an Allmight gown

As much as the fucker hate Allmight, he was in love with him as well

Hey, you leave Shiggy out of this. Kurogiri IS amazing though.

>They both got green hair, so it must be a copy.

stop reading into shit that isn't there

He got alot to deal with.

>green hair
>optimistically happy
>become insanely strong
>villain is obsessed with killing them
beyond obvious that hori is just stealing ideas from toga like most manga arists

>quirk is to be a villain
hold up could that work?

There's a reason Bakugo refers to All Might as the "Tallest Mountain in the World" during Deku & Kacchan v All Might. We might be reading into shit, but it's definitely there.

He isn´t wrong when even Endeavor compares it to mountain climbing.

Deku is not a copy and paste of Gon because Gon is an actually interesting and likeable protagonist

If its a purely destructive quirk not suited in anyway for rescue either and people are afraid of? Definitely.

it's not fucking there, tired of shitheads reading into this shitting fucking normie shonen like it's anything except shit

even if that was something of a bare bones symbol that's way to fucking obvious
>"oh he's like a mountain let me paint a literal mountain"
fucking retard writing

Well, you can read "greatest" literally.

In fact "greatest" hero can mean a whole bunch of things.

Gon is a sociopath though.

no no no I mean a quirk that destines you to become a villian. Like your quirk is to bring harm and disrupt society

2/3 you descriped are such basic things its hard to call it that. And Shiggy doesn´t precisely seem obsessed with wanting him dead, he just told him the next time they meet he will kill him. If he 100% wanted him dead the Forest Raid would have been about the VA hunting Deku down for him.

>what is trope subversion
exactly, can't wait for it to come back and show up everything

>Gon is an actually interesting and likeable protagonist
Come on now, gon was as gary as fucking stu.
The only part that made a lasting impression on him was him becoming bara as fuck.

character development and maybe a few cute moments

So...basically a psychological quirk? I mean, basically anything should be possible with quirks, but its not the most interesting idea ever.

Gon isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept. It should be obvious to anyone that Deku is inspired by Gon in a basic level but they have unique motivations to each other and different pursuits of these goals.

Like for instance Gon isn't about thinking too far ahead, and isn't so concerned with saving literally everyone he can like Deku. Gon would find the simplest route to success and cut through the bullshit. Deku has to find the thread that advances him at the least risk to anybody.

They're clearly similar. But they approach things differently enough to be respectably distinct.

And even that looked kinda goofy thanks to the booty shorts if it wasn´t for the brutal beatdown following it.

eh more like a fate quirk. Like imagine if no matter what deku does he's destined to fail. He's destined NEVER to become the symbol of peace. But then when he gives in and goes villain, like maybe going for vigilante justice at one point, and it works. He succeeds. He feels amazing. Then he starts to question whether the laws in place are fit for society. Whether they are flawed and need to be replaced.

He would become an incredibly successful vigilante and the best part is that he wouldn't even need to know that's his quirk

Jirou ends up becoming the most popular 1A student to the masses.

>Like for instance Gon isn't about thinking too far ahead
>t. never read the manga
gon is a literal fucking genius who could run circles around you with his mind

Finally, my button cute punk girl will get the love she deserves!

those breasts are waaaaaay too big

More Deku and Ochako, because I love me some spaghetti

This better?

Most of his strategy is done on the fly and reactively. In comparison it would be like saying Gon is Feeling where Deku is Thinking. Gon is much more pliable in these situations because his character gets to know the full extent of his own ability. Associatively, Deku by the rules of his narrative can't.

You aren't proving anything so I'd recommend just moving along.

yes, good job user

>You aren't proving anything so I'd recommend just moving along.
you and this thread is a waste of time anyway so yeah bye

>It's not there, stop reading into shit!
>It's barebones and too obvious!

make up your mind dumbass, is the symbolism there or not? either way I'm sure you'll still hate on it, but at least be consistent in your faggotry

>It's all about All Might...

The only way Deku becoming a villain could work is if Shigaraki drops a huge reveal about his/nana's/all might's past, and invalidates Deku's idolization of Toshinori.

Once Deku is more concerned with redeeming Shiggy than defeating him, it'll only take a hero like Endeavor or Bakugo BTFOing Shigaraki and getting enormous praise from the public for it, while Deku quietly rages for not being able to save him. It's at this point that he starts to see the corruption of hero society. All Might could brutalize villains all he liked, but it was covered by a seemingly sincere desire to do good. The hero praised for taking down Shigaraki however doesn't wear the same fake smile All Might used to: instead, he revels in grinding his foe to the ground.

It's here that Deku realizes that even if he doesn't agree with Shigaraki's reasons, he agrees with his goal: reinventing hero society to wipe away the fakes and frauds, to expose the villany of the heroic, and to show the world that counting on heroes will only inevitably let you down, just like they did to him.

could involve losing his mom maybe. Like say he uses his quirk to try to save him mom and fails and is punished under the law for using it without a license. And maybe one or a few others don't assist either because of not wanting to lose their ability to be a hero.

Like imagine if he loses his mom because self proclaimed heroes don't act like heroes lest they lose the ability to be heroes later, and then Deku himself is punished and they are not.

I think that would absolutely shatter his world view and make him really fucking hate the current system in place and want to tear it down.

So....Basically this?

>Kaminari helps her get over her stage fright
>they're seen holding hands after the show

Not him, but basically.

GT himself said that Deku could become a monster with proper training. He did gain full cowling in a week.

Not quite, although very similar.

It's not that Deku sees himself as the monster, it's that he becomes more concerned with redeeming the people society wants him to defeat. It would be a natural progression of the Save/Win dichotomy established during Deku v Kacchan 2.0 and could develop not only Deku and Shigaraki, but more violent heroes like Bakugo and Endeavor as well.

Of course not full Garou, but the guy got it pretty similiar in what he wants to cause. (oddly enough if you compare it with his "Symbol of Fear" he kind of is aiming for what would work just as good for Shiggy.)

>tfw Deku redeemed Bakugou through Deku vs Kacchan 2
It's interesting if you put it that way to be honest. Even though he lost (thus reinforcing the Save/Win dichotomy), he "saved" Bakugou from the guilt by letting him vent.

That would be brutal. I hope Inko doesn't get killed, but it could definitely catalyze some huge character development.

The only worry I'd have with that kind of plotline is that it could become really derivative. If it twists the Spider-Man plot where Aunt May dies to fit HeroAca it could be really interesting though.

Deku is pretty much at his best when fighting to save someone instead of just winning. The same was with Todoroki before.

The one fight where he both won and saved someone was with Muscular, that is probably why it also had him at his most confident yet. Overhaul had him doubt himself since he couldn't save Mirio and was basically saved by Eri himself.

The only fights where Deku really shines are when he's got someone to save: fighting for the sake of winning just isn't something he's able to do.

This goes all the way back to when he used a 100% Smash on Shiggy at the USJ and didn't break his arm, cause Tsu was about to be disintegrated and he was about to hit a real person.

Yeah, fighting for the sake of winning is instead covered by Bakugo. In Dekus case it just fits too well considering the reason why All Might did choose him was because he goes all out without hesistation when its about saving someone.

I might go gay for Deku one of these days, holy fuck

>why the hell'd you lose?
oh, but he didn't Kacchan.

I'm pretty sure Deku didn't break his arm because he hit Noumu. And Noumu's shock absorption probably makes it easier for the person punching too.

Deku lost because he held back

That is why I liked the conclusion of AM saying both need to embrace what the other is good in. Bakugou will never be able to truly be a hero if all he cares about is the "state" of winning. He'll never be able to get over his perfectionism if he never stops seeking validation.
And Deku, while he's great at heroism, would eventually die if he continues neglecting himself. It's interesting the first time he truly won without much damage was also the first time he doubted his own power and was down about it.

Exactly this. The two pretty much have to learn from each other to be the very best. That part is so often forgotten that they together got basically the qualities to ever live up to the hole that was left behind by AM.
And yeah, with Overhaul it was pretty much self doubt additionally to Deku having been somewhat set back due to the injuries from his fight with Muscular, ever since that he stagnated a bit in trying to make OfA his own in fear of breaking himself. At that point he pretty much keeps himself back.

It's definitely this difference that makes Deku and Bakugo such interesting rivals. I really hope we get to see Bakugo in a villain fight soon; Deku's gotten 3-4 and Bakugo's only beaten canon fodder at USJ and played keep away from Moonfish and the LOV in Kamino.

>At that point he pretty much keeps himself back.
Yeah, I love this. By all rights he should be the most unstoppable force on earth: he's got OFA and it's more powerful than when All Might had it. But all Deku's shortcomings lie squarely on his own shoulders.

Well, there is the problem of not being able to handle it at full power yet. (It being even stronger than All Mights actually serves as a problem ironically, making it harder to master.) But its pretty much the insecurity about his arms combined with the fact he slowly has to work himself to 100% that is hindering him. Can´t wait for the day we get far enough that he found a way around the problem further and kicks more ass.