Is there anything we can do about that Aioi girl?


You can let her marry me.

But I want to marry her.

Post-birth abortion

Inseminate x1000

Sic Mai on her.

I was under the impression that when I go to Japan there would be a lot of happy go lucky ditzy girls like her.
They ended up being very cold, reserved and no fun at all.

What was her fucking problem?

Friendship the Aioi girl!

Mai's an irredeemable prankster who just happens to enjoy stuff like buddhist scripture (hey to each their own).
She just happens to be one of those people whose faces aren't very expressive - you could say it can't keep up with the rest of her. Just something she has no talent for, just like people who trip over their own feet or people who are tone-deaf.
Although being able to keep a poker-face like that can make for a good career in certain forms of entertainment.

>They ended up being very cold, reserved and no fun at all.

Yeah, most Japanese girls are like that. No wonder Japan has the lowest birth rate in the world.


Have you been to a highschool? Or harajuku

American television does appropriately reflect the fact of their women being huge sluts, I just assumed it would be the same with other countries

That's what happens when your education forces you to study every moment of your life to prepare yourself to wageslave for the rest of your life.

Mio is better.

Very, very much this. People over there no longer have the time or money to have relationships - that also means they can't put any effort into a relationship they do obtain, which is fucking fatal.

Humans aren't cogs to be worn out and replaced through 3d-printing no matter how much management wants to eviscerate all overhead. The japanese aren't making more replacement japanese, and it's destroying their fucking country.

She needs to experience a good dicking

As does Sakurai. And Takasaki is just the man to give it to her.

>People over there no longer have the time or money to have relationships

havent the japanese had essentially the same mindset and approach for centuries?
when did they change?

They didn't change, but the problem is, the economy and industries did.
So what used to be "work on your farm/business all day" gradually became "work 16 hours in an office for much less purchasing power than your great-grandpa had from doing 10 hours on his farm" as the cost of living and benefits from work went down and down and down.
Then you toss in shit like "salaried = no need to pay overtime", the standardized mass-production education system which has been designed and redesigned over multiple decades of refinement by Corporate HR committees, the increasingly accelerated pace of life, advancement and production in general meaning it's harder to stay on top of your trade, and so on and so forth.

Japan is basically an extreme example of where many other countries are headed; it got there first because its culture was ALREADY damn close to "sacrifice yourself with overwork" as a default mindset, but we're slowly being dragged that way in most of the rest of the world as well. Japan's the dead canary, and our mine managers are telling us it's dead of old age and get the fuck back to work.

back when they worked the fields or pottery shops or whatever the man would do probably mid-morning to sundown, and then walk into the back where his wife that his parents got him was waiting with the younger kids. they didn't work as long, they didn't work as hard, and the women had the time to handle the family.

Today the women are working 9-9, the men are working 9-9, there's nobody at home, what kids are left won't be able to get into a shitty college if they don't do 4 hours of cram-school memorization a day of shit that'll never do fuck-all for them in the future and spend their one day off a week cramming as well. Nobody has time left for anybody else, the whole place is cutthroat and corp-culture as fuck. There's a reason so much of Cyberpunk drags half of japan into the setting even when it's set in the US and written by the british or something.

>and people wonder why Japan and China has problems with their kids not coming back home after attending college in the US

>Japan is basically an extreme example of where many other countries are headed

True, as advanced technologically as Japan is it is also the "cancer" that is killing them slowly. South Korea is gonna be the same way soon enough. The way technology is advancing America and Europe are not far from heading that future too.

In a way eradicating the need for relationships could be good for humanity. There's way too many fucking people in this world.

Why don't we just not work, it's lame.

Nuh-uh goy, rich people have to get richer.


You could not work if you wanted to but you still need somebody to pay for your shit.

>There's way too many fucking people in this world.

too many niggers, pajeets and chinks, they aren't affected by problems such as Japan or Europe and they can multiple themselves just as well and slowly devouring the resources

You can just go live in the woods and hunt/gather like humans are supposed to.

because billionaires need more power and more toys

user, where did you get this picture form?

is this the part where you try to apply some community loyalty test to me that im not passing.

She's a massive troll and I love it.

reminder that all nichijous are best nichijou

生 is the most retarded kanji, you can pronounce it however you like and there's probably a compound it would be correct in

>implying not all kanji is retarded

Most kanji are beautiful and rewarding but this one is dumb

>Hakase will never be your daughter


Season 2 when?


When Kyoto Animation gets their thumbs out of their asses
>Muh Purple EverTerrace
>Has Grafics out the ass
>we can't afford Nichijou S2 cause fuck you
The earthquake fucked up Kyoto Ani forever.

Hakase is cute!

>People saying you need to be japanese to fully understand the simple jokes in Nichijou posts have finally stopped