Was Anzu the worst heroine in all of Shonen Jump?

Was Anzu the worst heroine in all of Shonen Jump?

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She's bad enough that I completely forgot anything she ever did.

>using dub names when the manga didn't have them


>Tea before
>pure and innocent looking
>Tea after
>dressed as the major whore in the universe

She was hot, though. Easily one of my earliest faps.

Yes. The love triangle thing was a disaster.

Shes a woman

She has great hard tits.

No. Sakura is still way worse. Anzu is more forgettable because she just doesn't do anything note worthy.

It's not her fault that she loved chad atem an only consider beta manlet yugi a friend.

So was sakura.

>she's fucking gajins because beta yugi can't man up
I hate it.

This is a common trope. For god's sake they even use it in Batman Forever of all things. .

she has no personality outside of "girl"

she didn't do anything tho

Best girl is Kisara

Ishizu (would be a great ship with Kaiba, but everyone knows Kaiba would just cheat on her with BEWD)

Mia is meh.

TEA/anzu a generically bad shounen female aka fap bait, crying, and being generally useless.

No, because Sakura was offensively bad

The only valid complaint about Anzu is she was irrelevant but then there's Jump manga where the heroine was even more irrelevant (or straight up non-existent), like the only girl in Hikaru no Go appeared in like five chapters (and that was written by a woman)

Not anymore, there's a new queen

The fuck kind of outfit is that?

you need to get out of your basement every now and then user.

Anzu was a heroine? I think she was just there for fanservice.

>Yugi wanna play with me
>Yea sure, *unzips deck*


The best kind.

She btfo Kaiba that one time for gloating after winning a duel by threatening to kill himself like a bitch.

In another few hours the sun will rise

I would say Sakura from Naruto. She could fight and be a support. Too bad, Kishimoto never tried to make her more useful.

She was always a whore

>Kaiba for one time in his life puts his brother over cards games
>Tea bitches at him for it
Women, not even once

She didn't know that. She saw a faggot too scared to lose a card game.

That episode where she was about to get molested. I think that's where my rape fetish started

Kaz can't write women for shit.

No, at least she was fap material
Sakura on the other hand...

Good lord her tits are bigger than ever

The worst heroine in all of Shonen Jump is Nami from One Piece. Although Téa/Anzu is up there, what a bitch.

Yugi's dick isn't big enough to satisfy her.

Who gives a shit about women in a fucking shonen manga...let alone a JUMP one?
Besides fucking americunts that is.

100% win rate.

The outfit that whores like her use nowday, she's fucking nigger in the us now.

women are just walking blank spaces that pretend to be alive.

if anything giving them any personality at all is a compliment

At this point watching the state of this site these last 3 years I'm inclined to believe that thia post is 100% without a shred of irony in it, and that makes me sad.

She played DDR.

Literally made for bbc.

I would have taken your post more seriously if you had said said 30 instead of 3

Read more WSJ manga if you ever think so.

>Who gives a shit about women in a fucking shonen manga
Fairy Tail, Medaka Box and Akame ga KIll would like to have a word wihth you.

She was always pretty stacked.

Holy shit, i don't remember her being that hot

Nobody cares about how women are written on those series. They just like fapping to them retard.


Is this an edit? It looks like she has a dick here.

Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho is way worse. At least Anzu is nice to look at and doesn't make everyone waste time on stupid shit

Accurate list of the worst Jump Heriones

This. I expected Botan to win, not the annoying bitchy childhood friend. Who would want such a shitty girl when you have a hot demon with you?

Active-minded love interests who end up with the shounen MC are the best. Even better when they have small chests.

That list is trash since it has Kagura on it

>Tsurara at 6th
There's no day it passes and I'm not amazed at Japan's shit taste.

>That list is trash since it has Erina on it

user I dropped SnS because of her, she's such a shitty character if only she were a side character it would be more bearable.

Why Himeko? She is good girl, i want her as my wife

>she's such a shitty character
Pish posh

But she has the best ass.

Nope. It's the real deal.

It is absolutely her fault for not settling for beta yugi after chad atem fucked off into heaven

Saya was infinitely better but lost from the outfit simply because of her side character status.

>Sakura not number 1
I feel trolled.

It's hard to forget how much of a cunt Sakura was
>Emotionally manipulates Naruto to do what she wants but can't do
>Gets a living treasure of the Sand Village killed by a guy WHO WANTED TO DIE because she's that bad
>Drugged entire team to try and go off by herself to kill Sasuke
>Can't even go through with it because how much she wuvs him and nearly gets herself killed
>Jobs all throughout the war arc

I didn't even think she was that bad, she was just boring, ugly and forgettable...like most characters in that series.

Chitoge should have taken 1st place

No, Chitoge was one of the best Jump heroines.
Go back to your cave and cry Doormatfag.

This list just smells of fujoshit

i want nisekoi erased from existence

>Dakki 17
None of the other losers killed countless people and made a father eat his own son, why the fuck is she so low?

Why is this a thing?

>An Atypical Tsundere
>Best Jump Heroine
I don't like Doormat-chan either but you're full of it.

Because why not?

I said one of the best not "the best"
>judging characters based on "muh archetypes"
grow up retard

I love your tears Onoderacuck

This is bait right?

Maybe if the archetype in question was absolute dog shit that's usually done for the sole purpose of extending a series beyond it's natural run or because modern Japan is so beta they can't have the MC and winning girl simply go on a date to bond they have to argue and bicker like elementary school students.

>Moshikashite ... Dieto?!

The worst? No.
The most pointless? Maybe.

Nobody has read Houshin Engi.

Sad world we live in

>Chitoge was one of the best Jump heroines.

>Chitoge was one of the best Jump heroines
The fuck?

Sakura takes the cake. She's too useless for a main character.

Anzu confirmed for futa?

No, that’s fucking easy,
Asuna from SAO,
Went from 10/10 female badass to princess peach tier of helpless

lol jealous?

Fucking this.

>500 people, 250 men, 250 women
>6.7% said Uraraka
>6.7% of 500 is 33.5
>6.6% is 33 and 6.8% is 34
What sort of retarded rounding convention are they using?

Because Japan.

Nami, One Piece (2.4%)

she is literally the best crewmate

She’s eye candy, take Elie from RaveMaster, she actually does shit

Yeah, she's indirectly responsible for the best death on a shounen.

>The question was technically worded "Which heroine in Jump's history makes you the angriest?"

>Fairy Tail


nothing comes close to this obnoxious disappointment

Physically strong women who do useful shit in combats most of the time exists in battle shounen.

Fuck, I need to watch whatever YGO series this is now

Motherfucking Erza

Tsugumi was better.

The Dark Side of Dimensions, it's a recent movie of the original series.

America for what?

Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun Deku-kun

My dick


Because you'll realize there are better main girls in Yu-Gi-Oh! like Asuka and Aki who are actually good at dueling.
Asuka plays Cyber Angels which are fun with venus and they had their run in Duel Links.
Aki had her ace actually limited once and a mass of her cards being outright banned or hit with Plant Synchros.
Kotori was cute but mostly a cheerleader.
Yuzu was great early on until they shafted her.

Wtf why Ochako? Not a fan of hers but not like she is 100% useless like for example Sakura.

Yuzu and Kotori are worse than Anzu.

I feel bad for Aki since she got friendzoned hard.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Kallen is still based and had her cute moments like summoning the MC ace monster.
At least she scored far with the garage talk with Yusei.

Which got her to nothing since Yusei is an Autist at GS's levels.

She did less than Tristan.

5D's has the best girls that actually do things like Carly and Aki
Zexal has good girls too but they do nothing and are only good for fap bait
DM is meh and GX's best girl is a demon futa

Aki it's the correctly and pure girl.

didnt ochako top this list because of some japanese pun about puking?
shitposters will always leave out the context, of course

I thought she was a tertiary character

I will cut you motherfucker

She also had a lot of duels, and won most of them too.

Anzu enjoyed dueling with friends and she wasn't awful, she simply existed at a point in the series where card games weren't everything. In that context, she was a perfectly good girl.

Rukia is the worst. ended up with monkey boy

Anzu wasn't even the worst in Yugioh. That would be Miho.

How can she be the worst if she doesn't exist?