What does Cred Forums think of this bratty little monster?

What does Cred Forums think of this bratty little monster?

I still can't understand why she accepted chase magical cards.

Because a talking cat fairy said if she didn’t, the world would be destroyed

Forgot that.
Sakura is pretty naive.

Sakura kaijuu ja nai mon!

I'd fuck her.

Get a load of this guy. He'd fuck her.

She's so naive it's actually a plot device.

How does her hat stay on?

Clear Card is getting worse and worse. It's fucking boring.


"No fanservice" they said.
"You're dick won't get hard" they said.
Fucking dropped

I like her because she's dislikeable.

She listens to Yamazaki after all

Are you saying you wouldn't?

sakura is cute and always has been

I need to cuddle.

I love her.



Cutest scream.


>Miki Ito continues her insane screaming as Tomoyo's mom

Timeskip when? College Sakura when?

>Want to watch this
>Would need to watch all the older stuff too
There's so fucking much

Pleb, you're missing out. The older stuff is much better.
I really didn't have any reasons for dropping it after 35 episodes. It was consistently good.

You literally had 20 years to watch it all.

No excuses.

I know but I'm a wageslave so don't have a lot of time to put aside for watching all that stuff.
I loved it when I was younger when it was on TV.

Cutest kaiju ever!

Watch 1 episode every morning. It's really easy to watch.

Why does she keep calling people Hoes? Doesn't she know she's being rude?

She's a monster, what did you expect

I love a cute kaiju

she's a slut

Can you post proof of that statement?

Look on Exhentai.

I think my first fap after generic hentai was Sakura.

all i see is a panda

Can you describe to Panda to us please?
Perhaps he's displaying some emotion of sorts.

You would be so lucky if you watch it. I want to relive the series with my mind wiped. I got so hooked when I watched years ago. Burned through 10 episodes a day and never got tired of it.

But it's good on a rewatch too

he seems sad

I would marry her and take responsibility.