I will teach you to respect small girls

I will teach you to respect small girls.

Please give me a small girl so I can practise.


Example of respect: letting them bath at your place.

There's no need to teach me anything

I am proud of you.

Stop bullying Komari.

When's the next season coming already?

>throws her out of the window

I need more small girl screenshots.
That's right, not one where I'm directly told that this girl is short, or is x cm below average, but ones where there's a noticeably shorter girl compared with others in the frame, despite being of about the same age.

You want your own small girl collection?


Yes, and?



This is an honorable path. But collection of small girls requires dedication and patience. They are like hidden treasures in a king's palace. I hope you will become a great collector.

How long until Hotarun rapes Sempai?


I want to be a small 2d girl


>there is many lolis like this but this one is mine

My loli is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Respect small girls or you will regret.

How does one respect them?

Example: you see a small girl trying to reach for the book on the shelf but she can't. Your actions?

Disrespect her

You will regret this.

Molest, whilst calling her ojou sama.

How does small girl make one regret?

I will. I will make you respect small girls.


I want to disrespect small girls with my penis if you know what I mean

Why is she trying to hurt our baby?

shes just trying to toughen it up and build up its calluses so it can survive life in the sticks

How rude. She's not respecting that young gentleman.