I'm confused, how do I choose a waifu?

I'm confused, how do I choose a waifu?

your waifu chooses you, dummy

Just follow your heart, user


If you force yourself, it's not genuine. It's just "trying hard to fit in". You are fine without one too if you don't like it.

Watching over 100 anime. Also this

Why would someone want something as stupid as a waifu? Just to fit it?

This you newfag



It's like a cat. You don't adopt a cat, a cat adopts you

You'll know.

Watch all the anime and read all the doujin.
You will have your answer then.

choose a husbando

Don’t believe any of the above lies, they’re all wrong
Just pick the most popular girl from the most popular anime of the season and you’re all set

Friendly reminder that the only people who ask this question are:
1) Feds
2) Journalists
3) underage

Lol this!! It's how I get all the upboats


You don't

02 is mine, fuck off.


t. Toxoplasmosis

advice worthy of a great sage (in the original and common meaning of the word) there.

You don't "choose" one
you just know when you find her

I'm sad that I still haven't found a true waifu. There have been some where I thought she was my waifu, but it just never lasted.

On the plus side I've got two daughterus to make up for it.

Posted it because I knew some Cred Forumsutist would give me shit for it.

>implying I ever asked for this