When did you first realize that Tri was garbage?

When did you first realize that Tri was garbage?

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The minute they decided not to let Sora die in Loss.

Watching the first episode.

I had a feeling in tge first movie, but the third one confirmed it to me.

Almost immediately
I like the abridged series though


Movie 1 with the broken cellphone drama

The first time it made me sleep.

As soon as I saw the new girl.

Vic Mignogna

Matt's old VA looks like this now.
He also said he wanted to come back to reprise the role, but nobody contacted him about it until recording finished.

The fact that it still has basic fucking writing but now the animation is a little bit better looking. So what? Still a lameduck story. Every aspect of it borrows from something else in the series. The new girl's Mon is another cat. I don't understand how it can be hard to write a decent story when you've already got established characters and an established setting. Big disappointment tbqh.

Pretty much this. The complete reversal of all of Taichi's character growth in the original series just left a lingering bad taste in my mouth for the rest of what I watched of Tri.

Halfway through the first one. Kind of a waste of potential

Same thing with Joe and Kari's VAs. The only reason Tai's VA came back wasn't because anyone asked him, but because he was Facebook friends with Jeff Nimoy (Tentomon's VA).

I thought Joe’s VA retired from voice acting? Guess not.

He did, but he got angry on Facebook about Tri, saying that he would have come out of retirement to play Joe again.

>boast about how Tri is aimed at older Digimon fans
>apparently can't show people getting hurt so you have to have Tai angst over a cellphone getting broken

That's one thing, but of all people why fucking Vic? All I hear every time he opens his mouth is Ed, he's not fitting for Matt.

I hoped it would get better and it was just a isolated incident of shit writing
It only kept getting worse

Didn't even get past episode 1. I ain't gonna taint my childhood memories of watching Digimon with this garbage.

gotta say I didn't like it that much due to the new bitch but it wasn't bad. only seen the first three movies so far and it's totally alright albeit nothing special

The moment I saw the hideous art-style and them all in school uniforms

>the animation is a little bit better looking.
The animation and art-style is arguably the biggest downgrade

Once I saw the art for it.

I held my hopes up after the lackluster first moive, but after the borefest that the second one I had to admit this was kinda shit.
I lost all investment after the third and still hasnt watched anything after

I remember arguing about why Tri is shit since the second. Just glad it's become the majority opinion by now

When they first showed fanfic girl.

I don't get why they didn't just release this as a tv suow

Budget is cheap as fuck and maybe it would have been tolerable to have this done weekly instead of months between each movie even if the story is stil shit

>TK and Kari are a couple
That was weird. The only time you see anything between them in 02 was that dark ocean episode and the drama cds

You guys just don't understand the deep symbolism.

I see what are you trying to do.

The moment I found out it was going to be a reboot.

the time they show us that poster

>The new girl's Mon is another cat
Gatomon is a mouse not a cat.

movie 2.

they went from this

Came here to post this

Do you have autism?

How would you have fixed it Cred Forums?

to this

Its like they tried to be "dark and deep" like season 3 but just fall flat on their face

Promote Hikari's oniichan fixation.

I haven't watched since the second movie, so I'd say then.

How would you fix it Cred Forums?

I like the first one better.

Remove Meiko.

Stop it from ever existing.

>mary-sue in the middle

the good thing about the second one is that it shows the train car that was in the digital world is now in the real world, where there are buldings. Otherwise yeah

When they didn't let me see older Daisuke. Fuck that, I know 02 was shit compared to season 1 but I want to see older Daisuke I think he'd look hot.

what if we saw lil taiki? different universe I know

The same face bugs me.

The way they handled 02 was retarded. If you didn't want to use the 02 characters just retcon it. Instead we see the 02 kids die in the beginning and then everyone has forgotten about them.

To be fair, that's how the adventure kids treated ryo in 02.

Do people not get the cellphone scene? Its not there to not show how a person got hurt, but its actually the same (or at least very familiar) cellphone Hikari has, to Tai worries that the same could happen to her or others he loves.

But Tri is still very shit

To bad Meiko still lives

The only shit character in 02 was Miyako. I liked Iori, personally. And he was tied into the plot at the very least. Miyako was just useless and accessory.

02 wasn't great, but I thought it was stomachable.

>steals your onii-chan
>steals your screentime

It was just a letdown when compared to season 1

-Season 1 all kids had to survive in this scary digital world and didn't know how to get home or when they'd see their families again, 02 kids just have afternoon visits and bring picnic lunches or whatever
-Original kids (minus Hikaru/Takeru) are never around, especially Mimi/Joe and I missed them
-The different kids all having a certain virtue was cool, 02 kids just got hand-me-down crests.
-That laughable epilogue where Matt became an astronaut and went to Mars

But yeah the characters were mostly fine, though they could had stronger personal arcs.


The epilogue can be safely ignored as it was clearly the idea of a madman on drugs.

I think the main issue with Digimon as a whole is that it is primarily aimed at kids alone and not kids AND adults. Plus Bandai just wants money and couldn't care less about artistic integrity or anything. Tamers was the closest we ever got to Digikino, and probably ever will get.

The problem is that Digimon is clearly only aimed at the male gender

main problem to digimon is that both toei and bandai are retarded at managing their properties, at least in terms of not making simple investments with obvious pay-offs, meaning everything gets half-assed.

Cyber Sleuth anime when? This is the best thing to come out of the franchise in a long time.

This sadly.

>The epilogue can be safely ignored as it was clearly the idea of a madman on drugs.

I hope the epilogue is removed from canon

As soon as I saw that soyboy art style

I still remember the outrage.

>I think the main issue with Digimon as a whole is that it is primarily aimed at kids alone and not kids AND adults
I get it, but those were all my impressions from when I was a kid. I never saw the core series as an adult (saw the movies as an adult). I saw it as a kid on FOX BOX and me and my little sister ripped on it the whole time..."these kids have it easy!", "where's joe??"

They can retcon whatever, but they better not retcon Matt and Gabuman being the first ones on Mars. That is the most canon event to have ever happened.

I'd sooner them retcon out all of Adventure, 02 and Tri and just have Matt be an astronaut from the beginning. Make Gabumon be his pet alien.

there is only one reason why matt became an austronaut.

Yuuko is so cute

When is omegamon gonna job?

when they announced it, its the same with every "revival" of old series, they are obviously nothing but nostalgia cashgrabs



10 minutes into the first movie. Anything that came after were just more confirmations. I'm amazed at how terrible the production is, even their TV shows look like they got better treatment.

When they didn't show the digitations in the first episode.

Where is my pure love of brothers?

The right is ugly as shit.

I self insert and want to date Tai!

>taiyra 2
There are more than one picture of this you degenerate?

Tri was a mistake

Oh yes.

Tamers is garbage
Nice bait tamersfaggot

I miss the old show.



Right from the start but I was hoping that it would at least be a fun little fanservice type thing but they decided to ruin even that.

When the announce it

>fun little fanservice type thing but they decided to ruin even that
Delete this
Fanservice in Tri is good

Watch them como out of the dark ocean during the credits of the last movie. I bet we won't even get to see specific silhouttes.
It feels like she went through the same character arc for at least 3 movies, worst of all is that it's not complete yet

No kidding. I'd say one of Pokemon's strengths is that they have a weekly commercial with a relatively similar plot to that of the games. Adapting Cyber Sleuth could boost sales and maybe even ride on what's left of the SAO train,
Isn't he unlocking some new form in the last one?

sooo it ended?, what happen to the 02 kids? did they appear? why the patamon/catmon tamers didn't die with them if they are in 02?

Not happening. The best will get is anime version of the new story game for Digimon.
The Digimon anime is meant to shill products. A CS anime cannot do that because Habu said for now CS is on sleepmode.

it's only ending on the 5th of may.

The fifth movie to be honest, I mean, the fourth movie was bad as well but all the build up promised the fifth movie was going to be great, and nope, it wasn't, not even average, it was plain bad.

younger is better.

Just make them younger looking.
Haru doesn't look 13-14.

Reset bullshit.
Kari not going full incest with Taichi

Not yet.

>but I thought it was stomachable.
Your tastes is fucking shit

Also according to kakoudou, digimon when killed can be reborn, but if you kill the human partner to a digimon, the digimon also dies, permanently.

Isn't it sad, oikawa and pipismon?


>Reset bullshit
I alsoready forgot about this.
Wow, it's almost like they did absolutely nothing with it except using it for mild conflict between biyomon and Sora.
The writers probably forgot about it.

Yeah, gayboys want to fuck him.

women are the ones frothing at the mouth at the the thought of pretty boys getting friendly with each other.

daily reminder that this is endgame

And that doesn't goes against what was posted.

You accidentally poster the wrong pic.

It's not

There were so many ways to show
>Hey as an adult maybe letting T-Rexs go nuts in the city isn't the greatest idea
And they completely fucked it up

>Movie 1
They're not even fucking movies
just shitty Toei episodes they released as "movies" for some reason

did every single "movie" need to use the same "end with a cliffhanger" formula?

Yggdrasil chan will be cute in movie 6


>some reason

Meiko is fucking shit

Right here.

Lack of TaiKari ruined Tri.

No there really isn't.

>destroy part of the city fighting or let the entirety of humanity die because ???

It's really that fucking simple.

>listening to Kakudou when he isn't even a part of Tri.'s production.

Fujos don't even care about Tri.
I don't understand how Tri fucked up trying to pander to them but none of them are biting.

The only way to redeem Tri is with a Taichi x Hikari ending.

That won't be enough for me.
They need to fuck on top of either Meimei and/or AIDS Cat's corpse(s) right before the credits pop up.

Is this actually your OC donut steel character? It's cute

I haven't watched Tri, since I wanted to rewatch all of Adventure before starting on it and couldn't find the time. Is it shit enough that it's not even worth the watch? 'cause I saw a youtube clip of Tentomon going mega and that was all I ever wanted from 02.

Wait a fucking minute, Masaru is only 14? I refuse to believe that, he looks way older.

Takato being 10 only serves to show how awesome he is.

He is even as a kid I had a real hard time believing it.
Dude looks atleast 16.

the cellphone symbolized what could happen to human lives if the place hadn't been evacuated

I wouldn't be surprised if Elon Musk brings Digimon to Mars.

Great fan art.

What's ridiculous is Yoshino is 18 but they look the same age.

Certainly not to fucking Dukemon. After Tamers, Dukemon's record has been lackluster.

>Takato being 10 only serves to show how awesome he is.
He's a big whiny bitch in the japanese version.

Also Guilmon managed to evolve on his own while Takato, Lee, and Terriermon were separated from the group. Guilmon doesn't even need Takato.

Takerukeks in suicide watch

Takato fucking created Guilmon, Guilmon wouldn't exist without Takato.

Yeah well dad created me too and he ditched before I was even born, do I need a dad? Of course not FUCK YOU DAD.

I can believe that yoshino is older than Masaru, but what I honestly can not believe is that Touma was fucking 14 as well.
It is like they made characters who were like 16-18, but the corporation thought that having an older MC would make them lose their demographic so they just said lowered their age and changed nothing else.

Masaru looks into his 20s but for some reasons they pass it him off for a14 years old.

Ironically he is like 20 in that specific image you posted, but yeah Masaru looks way older than he should be

Perhaps due to his temperament and attitude

And for some reasons his mom looks younger than him.

>Ironically he is like 20 in that specific image you posted, but yeah Masaru looks way older than he should be

That pic is taken right at the end of the last episode, I watched it subbed and don't remember any named time skip.

Yeah there is like a 5 year timeskip after that, didn't Ikuto and Chiko growing a few feet longer tip you off?

Best mom in the whole series.

I always just assumed that was just a perspective fuck up to be honest.

But in any case this pic is from episode 26, he still looks into his 20s

They are wearing middle school uniforms though. Iit showed everyone in the future. Yoshino and all the other girls became cops. Thomas became a doctor and won a nobel prize for curing his sister.

Official list of digimon movies ranking

1) Our war game (en version)
2) Runaway locomon
3) Hurricane touchdown (jap version)
4) Battle of Adventurers
5) Revenge of Diaboromon
6) Everything else

They aren't even movies edition
9001) All of TRI shit

I never denied he looks way older than a 14 year old, I just pointed out that you actually posted the one image of him where he actually was like 20 which was just kinda funny to me.
Also how did you enjoy Savers since you just finished it? It is in my top 3 digimon series behind tamers and adventures.

I dont know exactly when but it could be either the decision to reboot the Digimon world or when Meicomon started evolving.
Everything before that was average if a bit bland.

>(en version
You what son?